3 Decades of Dedication

Leader In World Class Architectural Model Making

When it comes to RJ Models, not only do we have a reputation for being specialists within our industry, but also experts when it comes to model building, ranking us as the largest model making company in the world.

With over 700 architectural models being created every year, we therive on maintaining consistency of delivering high quality scale models.

Our priorities include distributing our installations exclusively and worldwide, such as the USthe UKJapan.

RJ Models works closely with all of our clients to achieve the best possible quality display and presentation for all types of model.

9999+ Projects

With over 700 models being created every year, we thrive on maintaining consistency in delivering high-quality architectural models.

29 Years of Experience

RJ Models is a world-renowned A-list ship model-making company,founded in 1995.

765 Staffs

Our architectural model makers have broad range of experience, with a high reputation for being specialists within our industry.

98 Countries

RJ Models has an extensive team of shipping professionals in place used to meet the tightest deadlines.

Contact RJ Models & we can help you to grow your business.

    Our aim is to provide a top-quality model-making service anywhere in the world.
    Ray Cheung RJ Models
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