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The Airport model that assists the architectural designers to present their airport design in 3D can be used for airport architecture competition, design discussion, exhibitions, and tendering etc.

For the newcomers of one city, the airport is almost their first impression of that city. Because, rather than the most famous scenic spots, airports, terminal and stations may be their first contact with the city.

Airport model terminal can be structured in different scale according to its various display purposes. When it displays the geographical location of the airport, the ariport model scale is often from 1:1000-1:5000.

Yet, the scale should be normally from 1:100 to 1:1000 for airport architecture competition, presentation of its design, appearance and structure.

But to display its interior, airport model terminal should be made hierarchically.

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    Beijing Capital International Terminal 3 Airport Model

    Scale:1 : 500 | Size: 2500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 3 Weeks

    Invited by a British master architect, Foster + Partners, RJ Models made one airport model symbolized in the Chinese dragon.

    With two planar Ys and one “I” shape, the Airport Model Terminal 3 is a clean and elegant reflection of the high-tech structural aesthetics of Norman Foster.

    RJ Models formed a team of 20. With their endeavor to abstract the key design elements of Terminal 3 building and craft the components, the final airport model terminal was sent to display in Beijing, Britain, and Switzerland etc.

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    Beijing Airport Model Terminal 4

    Scale:1:600, 1:2000 | Size: 2500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 3 Weeks

    RJ Models cooperated with Zaha Hadid Architects to construct the Beijing Airport Model T4 for the Beijing Airport Architecture Competition in 2011.

    In order to effectively achieve the design-required streamline, multiple CNC engraving and milling machines and 3D printing technologies have been utilized by RJ Models to accomplish the manufacture of components.

    After the airport model terminal 4 had been sent to Beijing airport architecture competition site for the final presentation and statement, Zaha Hadid got the winner.

    Such project would ease the current pressure faced by Beijing Capital International Airport and make the airport become the biggest airport terminal in the world, as the key anchor for the ever-growing Beijing traffic network system and the regional economic development.

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    Stansted Airport Model

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 3000mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Stansted Airport Terminal marks the start of Norman Foster’s series of airport designs during his remarkable career and one of RJ Models earliest airport model terminal, which formed a long and stable relationship between the two companies.

    To recapture the simplicity of the earliest airport, architect Norman Foster’s design included tall columns that support a continuous roof canopy.

    Passengers will have a clear sense of direction and movement will be straightforward and fluid. As a result, the artistic design of this broad span of single roof structure became the focal point.

    RJ Models completed Stansted Airport model in 1:100, showcasing details of the airport model interior with the exterior structure and facade.

    The airport model explicitly displays the architect's idea and the feasibility to create a single level terminal with a broad span of continuous roof canopy.

    Building Stansted Airport requires the co-operation of many parties as well as the investors' trust in the project.

    A good airport model is one that facilitates architect, airport authority and airport developers to communicate their ideas across effortlessly and efficiently. RJ Models shows the British architect team their superior professionalism.

    Finally, in 1991, Stansted Airport stood completed some distance northeast of London and became one of the most remarkable airport buildings while setting the standard for today's airport.

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    HongKong Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1:5000 | Size: 2030mm x 1280mm x 900mm | Production Time: 3 weeks

    After several invitations from the Airport Authority Hong Kong, RJ Models engaged in designing and making the Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 3 that could visually presents citizens and government officials with the Hong Kong Airport in airport architecture competition and the different functions of airport zone connections.

    The third runway model of Hong Kong International Airport Model was mostly featured with its lighting display where the lamp hole grooves couldn’t be noticed even if the light was turned off. That meant, the whole model was its maximum beauty.

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    Istanbul Grand Airport Model

    Scale:1:800 | Size: 2000mm x 1900mm | Production Time: 20 days

    Covering an area of 1,000,000 m2, the Istanbul Grand Airport was co-designed by Grimshaw, Nordic Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects.

    This airport, with €12 billion budget, has been divided into 4 construction phases, which has a capacity of 15 million passengers every year after it officially operates in 2018.

    To optimize the architecture presentation, the biggest challenge of this airport model terminal is its internal lifting modeling, through which the details in the bottom floor could be displayed better.

    Again, RJ Models provides the professional model making service for Turkey.

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    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Model Terminal 2

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 2000mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The airport model, designed by SOM, covers an area of 410,000 square meters.

    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 serves not only as an airport building, but it is also a beautiful piece of art and a treasure of India.

    The completed airport is a breakthrough in the industry's stereotypical design of a city hub facility, from the columns that extend up to the coffered ceilings embracing a sacred and beautiful interior.

    The coffered roof was created with 3D engraving machine, using GFRG for material. GFRG is a type of reinforced fiberglass material that is naturally white and can be seamlessly pieced together to create a complete structure.

    Using the same measure of craftsmanship, RJ Models use 3D software to draw the roof skylight windows before producing the airport model.

    Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machine tool and 3D printing technology make it possible to accurately process the 3D model data to produce the airport model components.

    The use of these professional tools also satisfies the rigorous quality control of the model and deliver a structure that meets the architect's requirements while shortening the production lifecycle.

    The designers at RJ Models also fitted LED lights to the interior of the airport model.

    Lights scattered through the coffered roof creating a realistic scene of the airport.

    Due to the delicate overall impression, the airport model itself has become an artwork worth collecting.

    RJ Models has once again created a masterpiece in the airport model industry for India only this time it is an airport worthy of being dubbed a palace.

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    Kunming Changshui International Airport Model Terminal

    Scale:1:500 | Size: | Production Time: 30 days

    Kunming Changshui International Airport Model, jointly completed by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design and ARUP, officially opened in the year 2012.

    The economic strategy of Kunming Changshui International Airport aims at providing global connectivity while also serving as a gateway to the South and South East Asia.

    The curvy double-slope rooftop and the wavy ribbon-like steel superstructure is a reflection of the unique ethnic culture of Yunnan Province.

    The designer strives for a perfectly smooth surface on the roof with simple geometrical shape giving the structure a sense of lightness and gracefulness. Such is a structure inspired by the beauty of traditional architecture.

    During the design of the airport lightings, ARUP, the field experts in the industry request that the experience of the tourists visiting the airport drives the lighting plan.

    They install intelligent lighting system in large public areas that at nightfall 200,000 LED lights will illuminate the sky of Yunnan.

    RJ Models assign 15 airport model designers to this project striving to bring out the design idea of the airport to the highest standard.

    The LED fitted building, when illuminated resembles the brilliance of an ocean creature resting on land. Such effects are not achievable with just image rendering. Such is the purpose of an airport model, to allow us to imagine how a building would look like after completion.

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    Incheon International Airport Model Terminal

    Scale:1:1500 | Size: 1000mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ Models took an original approach in the building of Incheon International Airport Model Terminal.

    The designers use different shades of light colors to differentiate the airport building from the model base.

    The two entity blends harmoniously while allowing the design of the building to stand out.

    Gensler and HGMY jointly design Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 with an area twice that of Terminal 1. The building structure is inspired by the Asian Phoenix, which symbolizes authority, longevity, strength, and balance.

    There are no fancy colors, and the deliverance of the landscape is kept low-key, locking the viewers' visual focus to the airport building model in Korea.

    The airport model resembles an artwork produced by CNC engraving machine, clearly tracing out the twisted lines and patterns texture of the roof.

    Also, the airport model designers arranged the model airplanes in an orderly manner, showing the public the maximum number of airplane parking bays, presenting them with the sheer scale of the airport.

    The use of pure colors resulted in an airport model with subtle aesthetic beauty.

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    New Hamad International Airport Model Terminal in Doha

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 3000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    The 1:1000 New Hamad International Airport Model is a one that presents the symmetrical design concept of the airport building with runways on either side.

    A thin metal roof covers the terminal building, giving a sci-fi feel to the entire building.

    Constructing the airport model at 1:1000 requires simplifying the airport structural expression while still able to bring out the focal point of the design which is the undulating roof that separates the inside from the outside. The airport model terminal gives a sense of hierarchy.

    That is due to the arrangement of the primary and secondary elements that made up the airport, resulting in a solemn and neat structure.

    On top of that, the undulating roof structure mirrors the waves in the nearby sea. So through the use of the airport model, viewers can have an intuitive understanding of the regional and location design inspiration.

    New Hamad International Airport covers a ground area of 2,200 hectares. It is the first airport to be able to handle takeoffs and landing simultaneously of any aircraft, including the Airbus A380, with 24-hour operational parallel runways either side of the terminal building.

    HOK concluded the design concept of the terminal building with: "Our design of the main passenger terminal emphasizes Qatari hospitality and its Gulf-side location. The terminal gives visitors a spectacular and lasting impression of the country while providing them with a five-star travel experience."

    In fact, New Hamad International Airport was named world's best airport in the year 2015 for two consecutive years running.

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    Abu Dhabi International Airport Model – Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC)

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 1800mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The aerial view of Abu Dhabi International Airport Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC) model resembles the letter "X."

    The terminal of airport model has metal roof structure, design like dunes and surrounded by lush greeneries.

    The structure that looks like a low-rise building, in fact, houses a 50 meters high departure hall.

    Skylight filtering into the internal space creates a vast horizon, while the base of the undulating roof provides essential shades for the airport visitors.

    Midfield Terminal Complex Airport Model is KPF's second project in Abu Dhabi.

    Their first project is the head quarter of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority completed in 2006.

    Working with KPF, RJ Models choose to use a brown base for the Midfield Terminal Complex airport model.

    The choice reflects the geographical surroundings of the airport model while allowing contrast between the model building and the model base.

    This desert effect base together with the green light diffusing from the terminal building create a airport model that looks like a space station producing a dramatic scene similar to that of the comedy "Burning Man."

    With the aid of Computer Numerical Control software and excellent machine tools, RJ Models effortlessly transform the 2D design and 3D drawings into a physical airport model.

    The intricate surface design of the terminal represents the massive release of the architect's creativity. Using building as a medium, we once again present the wonder that we humans have and can achieve in the history of architecture.

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    Abu Dhabi International Airport Model – the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC) in scale 1:5000.

    Scale:1:5000 | Size: 1600mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    To demonstrate Abu Dhabi International Airport Model on a grander scale, RJ Models also created the model in 1:5000 for KPF.

    The airport model display includes the external infrastructures such as the road, traffic, layout of the airport city and landscaping. That gives the viewers a deeper understanding of the airport city design concept as a whole.

    Due to the scale of the airport model at 1:5000, simplifying the actual design of the airport building became a necessary process.

    The challenge for a airport model making company is to maintain the design integrity through stringent material selection and keeping of specific design details in the simplification process.

    Midfield Terminal Complex sits between Abu Dhabi International Airport 2 runways and covers an area of more than 700, 000 square meters.

    That is 1.5 times the size of Dubai International Airport and London Heathrow Terminal 5.

    Through the airport model, it is easy to see the architect's intention to shorten the airplane taxiing distance to the runways while maximizing aircrafts parking capacity through the design of the "X" shaped building.

    Abu Dhabi International Airport estimates that by the year 2025 it will handle up to 45 million passengers.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model, Terminal 1/Chek Lap Kok Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 1800mm x 1300mm x 900mm | Production Time: 45 days

    Just as Stansted Airport, Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 design concept share the same emphasis on providing passenger the ease of navigating through the airport.

    The terminal has an open plan layout with the airport facilities on the ground level and modular vaulted ceiling to give passengers a sense of direction.

    The design of the ceiling in the terminal is clean-cut with nothing overhanging, giving a non-obstructed view through the terminal.

    Passengers will find it easy to find their bearings, and they will also be able to enjoy the view of the sea and the parked airplanes, enjoying the feeling of excitement of departure and return.

    To create an airport model that closely simulates a real airport, RJ Models included features such as vehicles, pedestrians, and other airport scenarios.

    The basic airport model became alive with the added features allowing viewers to vividly imagine the different functionalities of the airport and the chain of events that occurs.

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    Hong Kong International Airport Model, Terminal 2

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2600mm x 1500mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    At 1:200, Terminal 2 of the Hong Kong International Airport Model construction involves creating an airport model that displays Terminal 1 in an anatomical view showing a vertical cross-section of the airport terminal.

    Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 1 divides into 3-levels, including Departure Zone level, Arrival Zone level, and Passenger Transit Zone level. Each level comes with passageways to allow smooth movement in the terminal building. Terminal 1 also has more than 150 retail outlets offering a wide range of facilities and services.

    An airport terminal is an integration of various functionalities such as passenger transport, freight, commerce and ground support. In comparison to a drawing or an article description, an airport model is the only medium that can vividly and accurately convey the architect's design concept and building layout.

    Airport Model acts as a communication bridge between airport architecture competition, developers, designers, and users.

    Moreover, for a sophisticated building structure such as an airport terminal, a model proves a more superior medium to convey a designer's idea.

    The display of the airport model inherits the traditional use of cross-section models to reveal the complexity of the airport interior anatomy and their relationship to the overall design.

    European Classical buildings, theatre or churches very often use cross-section models to display the airport’s interior as well as its artistic aspect.

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    Shenzhen Bao‘an International Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1700mm x 1500mm mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Light gives a building life.

    Indeed, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport Terminal 3 utilizes natural light to create a series of unique patterns in the internal space, and an airport model easily and instantly demonstrated this unique feature.

    CNC technology creates the honeycombed "skin" that wraps around the building as well as line the roof of the internal space.

    With the use of this technology, the production not only generates less wastage but also easily allows a seamless join between separate pieces.

    The lights coming through the roof shows the effects of its transition from the honeycomb perforated concrete external shell onto the oblique supporting columns.

    In a 1:200 model, an airport model readily demonstrates and conveys the effect of this artistry feature and its varying facade thickness.

    This beautiful and futuristic Terminal 3 is the work of Studio Fuksa and Aedas, who design Shenzhen Airport Satellite Concourse.

    The architect hopes to use the traditional material innovatively through advanced methodology, large-scale prefabricated components and customize stencils.

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    Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport Model Terminal 2 in India

    Scale:1:600 | Size: 1750mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Using Garden City as a theme in the design concept of Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2, SOM’s aim is to design an airport as a natural extension to Bangalore green lush.

    The design is unlike the other SOM project, Singapore Changi Airport where they bring the garden into the airport terminal.

    The airport design has an appearance of being stretched; the airport model is in glossy white.

    Soft lighting diffused from the base of the airport model onto the airplane parking bay. The light also clearly defines the outline of the airport building structure, while bringing out the graceful contour of the airport roof.

    Such airport model building skills are the result of many years of experience. RJ Models strives for utmost accuracy in their airport model design in airport architecture competition.

    They aim for consistencies with the building specifications while still able to bring out the artistic appeal of the airport model with their imagination.

    When it comes creating an airport model with a high level of detail, a 1:600 scale provides the designers relative freedom with the use of model making techniques to demonstrate the airport design concept and to maintain a high delivery standard.

    Terminal 2 airport model uses material and building form as the focal point without surplus details, creating a concise model display that put across the design concept of the airport effortlessly.

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    New Domestic Terminal Building at NSCBI Airport Model, Kolkata

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1750mm x 1450mm x 900mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RMJM is the most sizeable architectural design firm as well as an industry leader. Established in 1956, RMJM is a stronghold in the construction field of airport facilities.

    The India Airport Authority commissioned RMJM in 2008 to airport design the New Domestic Terminal Building at NSCBI International Airport, in Kolkata, supported by Dehli's Sikka Associates.

    Stepping away from the current slim line and curvy trend adopted by so many modern airports design, RMJM uses square boxes and pixelized roof lightings as its design concept.

    The master airport model makers took a new and bold approach with the lightings of the airport model.

    They fit different LED color lights on every level of the airport model to mirror the enthusiasm and hospitality of India, just like its myths, dance and the colorful costumes with their beautiful patterns.

    The vibrant colors give the box airport model some life, bringing excitement to what is otherwise a straightforward and strictly geometrical structure.

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    Wuhan Tianhe Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 1800mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 36 days

    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Terminal 3 is the biggest terminal complex in Central China and is one of the eight regional airport hubs in China.

    The airport is a Chinese design and made intelligent terminal complex. Zhongnan Architectural Institute chooses creamy white as the primary color tone for Terminal 3.

    The outline of the airport model is simplistic and clean cut while the interior of the complex is bright and spacious.

    The skylight designs based on bionic principle open and close automatically, depending on the internal temperature of the terminal and adjust it to a comfortable level.

    The direction at which the skylight windows open and the gap between each window are both displayed on the airport model.

    The completed airport model was the best tool for the architect's presentation material.

    To cope with Wuhan summer heat and reduce solar radiation, landscape designers; surround the terminal complex with greenery which RJ Models also added to the airport model.

    However, to ensure that the visual focus of the audience remains on the terminal building, RJ Model painted the floral with a color similar to that of the airport model base while still displaying the designer's ideas to the audience.

    Wuhan Tianhe International Airport Terminal 3 opens in 2017 and become one of Wuhan's famous landmark buildings.

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    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Model Terminal 1 at 1:2000

    Scale:1:2000 | Size: 1700mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Model Terminal 1 exhibits the overall structure and internal details understandably and elegantly in both 1:2000 and 1:200.

    The lack of fancy colors allows the visitors to naturally focus on the structure of the terminal and the layout of the airport model.

    Visitors can easily see a ground plane based design with traffic connection to and from the departure hall covered under a curved roof structure.

    From the departure hall, passengers route through a long corridor before continuing in their separate ways to the octagon satellite waiting area.

    To conform to the original aestheticism of the building design, RJ Models put in the utmost effort in the selections of materials, colors and the choice of the primary and secondary elements that leads to a suitable style of displaying the airport characteristics.

    An airport model allows vivid imagination of how a building will look like after completion.

    It will enable us to truly appreciate the aesthetic sense of the architect's design, where professional drawings alone are not enough.

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    Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Model at 1:200

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1500mm x 880mm x 500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    At 1:200, the airport model can display the use of the interior space of the airport at human scale.

    The airport model's display focus is not on how different parts of the building connect nor does it focus on the airport's overall structure.

    At 1:200, the airport model focuses on playing out scenes on the various airport usages.

    The glass-surrounded departure hall has high ceilings supported by columns.

    In the interior space, RJ Models designers created the airport scene with check-in desks, baggage conveyor belts, the wooden strip suspended ceilings and the ceiling lights.

    With the lights, visitors feel as though they see a real airport scene.

    A good airport model provides support for one's imagination. It is the tool that can convince and win over the trust of investors and developers on a project.

    A good airport model is also one that can demonstrate the architect's design idea in a near realistic setting.

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    Pulkovo Airport Model, St. Petersburg

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 1750mm x 1300mm x 900mm | Production Time: 3 weeks.

    St. Petersburg Pulkovo International Airport, the biggest airport in the northeast of Russia inspired by the landscape of St. Petersburg with its islands and connecting bridges, consists of distinct interconnected zones.

    RJ Models took an abstract approach to the airport model build just like an architectural model makers in Russia.

    The airport model designers use a mirror as the model base.

    This approach obscures the interconnected plates and walkways of the airport while the reflection elongates the heights of the airport model.

    Ingeniously, RJ Models uses frosted resin material to make a general expression of the block building structure that will allow an uninterrupted view of the airport model and divert all visual focus onto the undulated exterior design of the model.

    The experience of RJ Models designers enables the delivery of an airport model that heightens both the primary and secondary elements that made up the airport.

    That allows visitors to quickly grasp the core meaning of the architect's design ideas.

    A well-completed airport model is the result of multiple screening of information, communications between various parties, and the designer's emotion that is involved in the making of the airport model.

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    Mexico City Replacement Airport Model

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2200mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The construction of Mexico City’s New International Airport(NAICM) has finally been put into practice in 2014 despite many early stage difficulties.

    The airport master plan model was proposed by TEN Arquitectos, SOM, and SENER, which indicates that the new airport will consist of one main terminal building of 560,000㎡ and is scheduled for completion by 2018.

    The new airport displays a symmetrical layout featuring minimalistic and metallic style buildings.

    Numerous connecting triangle skylights were installed in most of the terminal buildings forming their rooftop, while glass curtain walls spread along the eaves defining the space.

    RJ Models was tasked to build a conceptual model 1/600 of the new airport.

    By using digital engraving machines, the original design was actualized with absolute accuracy and precision.

    The skylight units allowed lights travel through the building, making the entire space effortlessly bright and airy as if the rooftops are floating above the building.

    The model also consists of the installations of runway lights and greeneries in geometric shapes.

    All these fun little elements and the main terminal building interacts and completes each other, carries an efficient visual impact allowing the audience to get a direct understanding of the airport construction.

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    Shanghai Pudong Airport Satellite Model Terminal

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    In response to China’s rapid growth in air travel, the Shanghai Pudong Airport Authority has planned a future mid-field satellite terminal to increase its airport capacity.

    Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners’ proposal implements a petal-like modular roof system inspired by the Magnolia flower forming an open, symmetrical 3D rooftop.

    The material used in the architecture model is rich in its saturation and brightness.

    The airbrush effect on the surface has also brought a sci-fi touch to it. By using only grey tones in the colour palette, the model looked like a classic black and white movie on display.

    Almost feels like an art experience, the modern architecture style brings such strong visual impacts to the audience creating an inspiring visual communication.

    A well-established model making company often masters the art of setting the undertone of a model.

    Only with the right theme and style, all the design highlights of a model can be featured to a great extent.

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    Singapore Airport Model Terminal 4

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 4800mm x 1500mm | Production Time:

    Just like in the movie « Love Actually », where the beginning and the ending of 6 love stories took place, airports are never just places where flights take off and land in.

    They are also witnessing all the sentimental moments of our emotional departures and heartful reunions.

    In the world of 1/50 scale models, the airport model of Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 building is just like the life-size Lilliput in « Gulliver's Travels ».

    You see people of different skin tones, coming from different culture chatting with one another, some are shopping while some are checking in; some are getting ready to get through custom while some are passing the security check.

    By using an architecture model, one may clearly understand all the function of the space because the scenes are being visually actualized.

    When passengers arrive at T4, not only they could see the dazzling glass surface of the building, but also to feel the vibrant greenery from inside out.

    By going further and bringing out the small details such as the floral mosaic flooring, the travelling taxis outside the airport, vivid billboards and road signs, the airport model became alive.

    All the underlying stories and emotions behind the model has also shown the sentimental contents RJ Models has to offer.

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    Bangalore Airport Model Terminal

    Scale:1:2000 | Size: 2000mm x 2100mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Using Garden City as the design concept, SOM led the development of Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2.

    The airport model looked especially neat and precise with the standard symmetrical layout.

    Spreading perpendicularly from the white terminal building is the boulevard arcade, showing the depth and multiple features of the airport at a glance.

    Because of the broad base size and the different functions in each section, the making of a 1/2000 scale model requires seamless teamwork and accurate work distribution.

    The nonlinearity road structure plays a vital, however ofter neglected role in large-scale architecture or city development model making.

    RJ Models has done an excellent job of featuring the city roads and boulevards on the building of Bangaluru Kempegowda International Airport model.

    It has completed the full look of the model without losing focus on the main terminal building.

    The original design concept of the project has then be conveyed with completion.

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    Interior of Mumbai Airport Model

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1600mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The new GVK high-tech integrated Terminal 2 building in Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport was inaugurated and opened for international operations on 12 February 2014.

    It features elegant ivory statue-like column designs which were inspired by the national bird- the peacock.

    This 1/200 scale model incorporated a coffered ceiling design which was made possible by 3D printing technology. RJ Models also made it sure that all the segments were pieced seamlessly to achieve a smoother transaction look from the ceiling down to the columns.

    Lit by the built-in LED, the bright interior coffered ceiling stood out from the dark surrounding exterior.

    The mini human figures had also made it more realistic and sentimental. The interior of this airport is diffused of statue-like artistic details. With a height of 45 meters, and referencing from the size of the mini human figures, one could quickly feel the grand hall as if they are stepping into a holy palace.

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    Kunming International Airport Model

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 4500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    World famous architectural firm SOM participated in the design competition of the 548,000 square meters Kunming Changshui International Airport, which was expected to be severed as a national level transportation hub that links China with the world, and fabricating the airport model for this “Green” airport was an unusual job as it was mainly made of wood.

    Although Arup won the competition of this controversial project, SOM’s design is indubitably stunning as it brilliantly incorporating Kunming’s local culture into the design of the airport, and to generate the unique ‘ribbon’ structure of the airport roof, RJ Models used high accuracy and precision laser cutting and digital engraving machines to replica the ethereal belt rooftop of this airport model to satisfy the client’s aesthetic requirements.

    Internal LED lights were applied to this airport model to illuminate the terminal building while the green runway lights were arranged in the line to capture the great looking of the whole site including its surroundings.

    The completed airport model is a spectacular show for viewers to appreciate the extraordinary design idea as well as to make itself a competitive entry item.

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    Shanghai Pudong Airport Satellite Terminal Model

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 1500mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This 1:300 scale airport model express the excitement of the future mid-field Shanghai Pudong Airport Satellite Terminal, which was jointly designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners and Chinese partner IPPR, and it was planned to become the biggest single satellite terminal concourse in China and make Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) one of the three largest airports in the world.

    RJ Models used metal spray-painted acrylic to make the unique undulating petal-like modular roof structure of this airport model while the terminal building façade was made of transparent Plexiglas to allow viewers to see the fantastic internal space.

    With the use of advanced CNC technology and 3D printers, the shell-formed rooftop pieces were seamlessly joined, and the built-in LED lights give this airport model a feeling of realism.

    The final airport model is remarkable as it explicitly presents a combination of art, architecture design, and construction techniques, and the viewers were able to visualize how the building would look like before it is actually constructed.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 1

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 3500mm x 1700mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world-leading high-class airports, and this symmetrical airport model of Terminal 1 comprehensively showcases the unprecedented undulate building shape that the design master- Sir Norman Foster have dreamt of, as he intended to split the roof into vaulted modules to lead the future passenger flow.

    The metal roof canopy gives the terminal building a modern and futuristic appearance, and RJ Models chose a gray pedestal for this airport model to give it a conciseness and neat appearance.

    Although this airport model has a minimalist design, it has a number of aircraft and shuttle buses placed on either side to display the traffic routes and the movement as well as to create a very realistic airport impression.

    This airport model was initially built to help the clients with the flexibility to review the feasibilities during design and construction process, and it is also an ideal presentation tool to show the public what they can expect once the terminal building is complete.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 2

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 2500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    RJ Models has done an outstanding job in creating the airport model of the Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2, which would feature a wide array of functions such as retailing and entertaining, and it was expected to accommodate the increasing passenger flows of the Hong Kong International Airport.

    This airport model was produced mostly from Balsa wood and acrylic with different surfaces textures and backed by a group of skilled RJ modelers, this model is competent to cater to the specific requirements of the client as it looks quite alive and charming.

    Upon receipt of the blueprints and other related information which could be utilized by cutting-edge laser cutters, 3D printers, and CNC machines, RJ Models mimicked approximately all the design elements both inside and outside the terminal building with an extremely high level of detail and accuracy.

    The final airport model was accomplished with numerous tiny people, miniature vehicles and a series of pre-made accessories. The undulating building roof is removable, and together with the lifting function, the astounding interior design details can be viewed.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 800mm x 600mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Known as the main hub of international air travel and transport in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport would construct a brand new terminal 3 building which was determined to a great extent by its function, and this 1:200 cross-section airport model was built to reveal the various terminal building usages.

    RJ Models used a good deal transparent Plexiglas and high-quality composite plastics to fabricate the airport model building façade and the rooftop without any missing of the external building textures, and at the same time, allows the light to travel through the model building naturally.

    The beautiful atrium garden gives the building its sustainable identity and architectural distinction, and this exhibition airport model was created in exhausting detail, such as moving air-bridges and airplanes parked at the gates, and with individual white LED aerobridge lights, floor and ceiling lights and another feature lighting to highlight the overall design of the terminal building, RJ Models created a spectacular airport night scene.

    The finished airport model is a perfect engage tool to bring public awareness to this new planned terminal building, and it was transited to Hong Kong by air freight and the final installation was completed by RJ Models professional assemblers.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1: 3000 | Size: 7000mm x 2300mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    For years RJ Models has delivered a rich range of high-performance airport models to valued clients all over the world, this is one of the few vertical models that RJ Models has successfully manufactured in the model making history.

    This 1:3000 small-scale airport model was requested to focus on the architectural design of “Y” shape-form Hong Kong International Airport Terminal 3, which is located to the north of the completed Terminal 1 and adjacent Terminal 2, and more important, this scale model reveals the new proposed three-runway system.

    The Terminal 3 has a very geometric composition and this airport model highlights this unique structure by illuminating it with gentle white lights, while the recently designed runways are displayed with blue, green and yellow LED lights.

    To achieve the desired look required by the client, the surrounding structures were darkened while the two existing terminal buildings were lit up to evoke the feeling of the overall site, and this airport model was wall-mounted for public display as well as to ease the project interpretation.

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    Hangzhou Airport Terminal Section Model

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 600mm x 550mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Located 27 kilometers east of downtown Hangzhou, the new proposed Hang Zhou Airport would hold the potential to promote the existing air and ground activity and to attract future leisure business to transform it into a world-class multifunctional airport, and this section airport model was manufactured with a removable function to make sure the internal layouts of different areas could be explicitly demonstrated, and it would assist the passengers to orient themselves in a beautifully subtle way.

    This airport model is surely the most fascinating representation of HangZhou Airport Terminal from an aesthetic and practical point of view, as the soft undulating roof canopy was flawlessly emulated to exude a dynamic vision of the ‘scrolls of silk’ design concept to the public.

    In order to provide a welcoming and authentic experience for the viewers, interior design details such as featured flooring were replicated in this airport model to create a comfortable, convenient and elegant airport environment.

    Having an airport model on public display allows travelers to better understand the project, and it is also an excellent way to attract donors and investors in the fundraising stages.

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    Namling International Airport Model

    Scale:1: 400 | Size: 3500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    NamLing Airport is designed to be the newest gateway to handle the rapidly increasing passenger numbers of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Autonomous Region of China, and this airport model vividly simulates the sinuous building form, which was inspired by the bird's wings and mechanical airplane wings.

    As it can be seen from the model that to the airside, the roof closes down nearly approach the ground and linear undulating panoramic window were created by transparent Plexiglas.

    RJ Models primary used 3D printing technology to generate this airport model, which shorten the model making time and thus helped to speed up client’s design process.

    This airport model incorporates yellow dotted LED lighting that illumines through colored filters underneath slots in the stabilized base, and the miniature aircrafts put the ensemble into perspective and highlight the terminal building.

    As the client has requested an airport model what would be practical, straightforward and elegant, RJ Models worked seamlessly and tightly with the architects to keep being informed through-out the design process with updated information and photos.

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    Chongqing Airport Model in China

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 4500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Situated 19 kilometers north of the Chongqing city centre, the Chongqing Airport is a main aviation gateway in western China, and due to its functionality demanded, RJ Models has been proud to be invited to produce this detailed and fully textured airport model with all important architectural elements represented, to showcase the public that the new airport would be able to accommodate the dramatically increasing number of passengers and aircraft traffic.

    The material palette for this airport model only has the grass green and charcoal grey, and the terminal building roof is well painted in accordance with the request of the client, while the building façade glazing was made of semi-opaque Plexiglas.

    And the outstanding lighting system gives the airport model an attractive and amusing look while best fitting model making materials were carefully chosen to ensure its aesthetic property and the building quality.

    This ‘Green’ airport model allows the viewers to experience the future contemporary airport through cutting-edge rhetoric and artistic demonstrations.

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    Manila International Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1: 3500 | Size: 3500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    Malia International airport was expected to be constructed as one of the leading international traffic hubs in Metro Manila Area in the Philippines, and the new planned terminal 3 is the answer to the rapidly growing air traffic, which was anticipated to hold 13 million passengers annually and to compensate for the current commercial and retailing functions of the airport, and this airport model is a straightforward representation to convey the development intention.

    Aecom was one of the architectural firms that submitted master plan bids as part of the design competition held by the Manila airport authority, and as they require a conceptual scaled model to represent the general design ideas and airport layout rather than a full-detailed subtle airport model to assist the process of negotiations for conflict resolution.

    For example, to test how many airplanes can be parked and fitted into the overall design, this airport model was fabricated mainly using 3D printing technique which does not require tedious assembly and is both time and cost saving.

    The building rooftop of this airport model was painted in a white finish color to achieve the same effect that was shown in the client’s architectural design drawings and reference images, and at the same time, contrast well with the rest of the models.

    In order to make sure the final airport model would be confident in its simplicity, amount of model grass sheet was used to showcase the green areas and pavement to make an intuitive expression.

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    Manila International Airport Model Terminal 3 in 1:15000

    Scale:1: 15000 | Size: 3500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    For the purpose to illustrate how the new proposed airport would incorporate the city’s dramatic development, RJ Models built this airport model to emphasize how the new airport would be integrated into the current future transportation fabric by amplifying the simultaneous development of a new road network to service the airport.

    This airport model features the city’s urban geomorphic environment which is displayed by a high-resolution digital satellite map, and been controlled by the touchscreen, the viewers are able to acquire abundant information of the project that will help to promote the city development.

    It is obvious that the Manila International Airport is the center element of this airport model, and the interactive lighting system represents a living proof that the new airport would be convenient to reach from almost every corner of the city.

    The finished airport model is a perfect physical manifestation of how the city will turn into and look like as new airport and developments are given the go-ahead, and it was used in the future planning of the city’s overall transportation networks as well.

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    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Model in 1:600

    Scale:1: 600 | Size: 2500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 35 Days

    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is a not only a transit center to facilitate a growing passenger volume, but also a momentous endeavor to demonstrate that Chongqing is a modern metropolis full of creativity and artistic creation.

    Despite the remarkable success of making outstanding airport models, RJ Models completed this breath-taking scale model to help the client to win the design for the airport.

    The grand airport is an artistic infrastructure which comprising two symmetric terminal buildings that are connected by a central green axis, and these structures are clearly defined by the golden glowing lights fitted inside the airport model.

    Using the advanced 3D printer and CNC machine tool, and backed by decades of experience in making airport models, RJ Models accomplished this 1:600 airport model to bring the viewers an impressive modern airport scenario while celebrating the stunning architectural design of the airport.

    The interactive lightings system of this airport model is controlled via a mobile device, and this helps the client to ensure that the general vibe of the scale model emits a modern and vivid atmosphere to excite the passengers once they arrive in Chengdu.

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    Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Model in 1:2000

    Scale:1: 2000 | Size: 4500mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 35 Days

    The Chengdu Tianfu International Airport was envisioned to become a crucial celebrated gateway to the burgeoning Chong Qing city, and due to the sprawling nature of the airport design.

    RJ Models were commissioned to build this small-scale airport model to provide a compact version of this award-winning airport design to satisfy the client’s demand.

    Comparing to the airport model RJ Models produced previously, this scale model features a more complete airport display as it highlights both two symmetrical terminal buildings with discreet zenithal LED lighting slit across the building roofs, while green-painted PVC was used for the green space surrounded.

    But more importantly, as small airport model was intended to depict the entire airport site, the surrounding runways, and other structures were represented concisely to scale but without intricate detail, and 1:2000 scale is obviously particular appropriate for conveying a comprehensive impression of the overall master plan.

    At its essence, this airport model is a great interpretation of the designer’s expectation, and it presents a new face of modern Chengdu to the world since the new airport is a statement of Chengdu’s trust in its glorious future.

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    Chengdu Airport Model by KPF in 1:600

    Scale:1: 600 | Size: 2500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    As the Chengdu Airport is expected to serve as both the main air travel hub and the new landmark that offering pleasant and welcoming experience to domestic and international travelers, and KPF, another design competitor, invited RJ Model to produce a detailed airport model to demonstrate various functions of the terminal building, which would support the airport’s development ambition to transfer the existing airport into a world-class air gateway.

    Using the state-of-the-art model making technologies, this 1:600 scale airport model distinctly indicates the visually unique multi-layered steel roof structure, which was initially designed to recall Chengdu’s rolling landscape, with the building façade was elegantly fabricated by translucence Plexiglas to showcase the rational layout and design of the internal space.

    RJ Models has tried to find a middle ground between a life-like look and the miniaturized airport model, and even with a short timeframe of only 3 weeks, RJ Models were able to go to a high level of detail with striking selectable lighting systems.

    7 world famous architectural design firms participated in the design competition, and although KPF was lost in the design competition, they are extremely satisfied with the completed airport model, and it is definitely one of the masterpieces collected by the firm as it received plenty of praise of the overall displaying effect.

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    Chengdu Airport Model by KPF in 1:2000

    Scale:1: 2000 | Size: 2500mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    In line with the design intention which was guided by three principles - humanity, effectiveness, and success, put forward by the Chengdu Airport Authority, this small-scale airport model echoes the overall design of the Chengdu airport, showcasing unparalleled excellence and ambitious development prospect to the public.

    This airport model has a strong emphasis on the terminal building which was painted metallic to marry the unparalleled airport design with modern comfort, and the surrounded tarmac and other area have a smoother surface which was made of a bunch of linoleum tiles and painted dark and light gray.

    Without various colors, the entire airport model was manufactured in a comfortable looking grey tone, and this allows the viewers to focus on the architectural design and the layout of the airport but not other superfluous details.

    RJ Models worked closely with the client to deliver the airport development blueprint, and with an innovative model making solution, this airport model ideally illustrates and accentuates the bold design ideas.

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    Model of Dubai Police Pull A380 Airport Story

    Model of Dubai Police Pull A380 Aircraft Story

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 600mm x 400mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    The Dubai Police set a Guinness Record during the 30-day Dubai Fitness Challenge, and RJ Models has been awarded the commission to build an airport model in regards to tell this story, and to make a significant positive contribution to express the local culture of sportiveness and health in the UAE community.

    This innovative sporting activity involving 56 police officers who pulled 302.68 tonnes s Airbus A380 for a distance of 100 meters, which beat the previous record of 100 people teamed up to drag a 218.56 tonnes airplane in Hong Kong in 2011.

    This airport model introduced all the accurate details such as 56 miniature policemen, 9 police cars, and the logos and colors of the miniature aircraft were mimicked exactly matched the corporate identity for the real airplane.

    RJ Models did a brilliant job in making this story-telling airport model to celebrate the record-breaking achievement, and this scale model is a definitely a memorable collection for model collectors.

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    Bermuda Airport Model Terminal

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1300mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 14 Days

    Bermuda International Airport, which is also known as the ‘L.F. Wade International Airport’, is the only operational airport in Bermuda.

    For the purpose to increase the airport’s aircraft movement capacity, as well as to turn the airport into one of the world's leading air hubs, Bermuda airport authority has decided to renovate the existing airport.

    RJ Models was very privileged to be invited to produce an airport model to give the new terminal building a strong visual identity.

    The simple and yet modern form of the new terminal building features classical Bermudian architecture characters like triangles and sloping roof angles, which were made of high-quality white acrylic in this airport model.

    On the aesthetic and artistic side, local marine elements were integrated into this airport model through reproducing the glazed external façade, which was made of lake blue translucent Plexiglas, with a touch of green and red colors acrylic to highlight the terminal entrance.

    Built to 1:200 scale, this airport model comprises an astounding level of details like lifelike miniatures of passengers, vehicles, aircraft, etc.

    Moreover, considering the lush green landscaping is a significant design feature of the airport, as the designers expected to minimize the environmental impact while providing a pleasant and welcoming environment for the travelers, RJ Models incorporated various mini vegetations and emulated nature trail to give the model an invigorating impression.

    Accomplished with a stunning precision of detail and incredible maximum realism, this airport model is now placed in the Departure Lounge at the Bermuda Airport, to help every passenger who walking past get a lively visual experience of what the redesigned airport will look like when the construction work is finished.

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    Hong Kong Airport Model Terminal 2

    Scale:1:125 | Size: 1600mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    As one of the world’s busiest and most highly-standard airports, Hong Kong International Airport is constantly in progress in improving passenger traveling experience.

    This airport model is a fully detailed and realistically illuminated diorama of the terminal airport lobby, which perfectly reveals the enhancement project of Terminal 1.

    Transparent Plexiglas materials were used to make the glazed curtain wall of the terminal building façade.

    This optimizes the use of the natural light and allows the passengers to admire the expansive views of the airport surroundings at the same time.

    Airport lobby is a sensational place where the passenger can spend hours there without feeling bored.

    Manufacturing with functionality in mind, this airport model was equipped with a remote-controlled lift up and down function, which helps the client to display both the interior layout and intricate design elements with a high level of detail.

    As the design expected to change the current airport lobby into an environmentally sustainable space, this airport model features an atrium garden replica.

    RJ Models selected various pre-made miniature vegetations and accessories patiently, to allow the visitors to get in touch with nature and gives the airport ‘a fresh look and feel’.

    Tiniest details of this airport model even extend to commuter stairs, belt loaders, luggage carts, outdoor drop-off area lamps and automobiles, and tiny people inside the building, etc.

    These inserted elements together form a complete terminal building display and provide a warm and welcoming ambiance.

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    Section of Dubai International Airport Model Terminal 3

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 4000mm x 1500mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    Dubai International Airport Model Terminal 3, which is also termed as ‘Fly Emirates Terminal’, was designed to be one of the world’s largest terminal buildings.

    The terminal building involves several different areas such as stylish lounges, restaurants, children's recreation area, a movie theater, a VIP pavilion and a huge shopping mall, etc.

    Each has been designed specifically to fulfill the passengers’ needs.

    This cross-sectional airport model was produced to depict the entire terminal building as a complete airport scenario.

    Considering that the terminal 3 would encompass a new high-speed rail line which links the airport to every corner of the city, this airport model includes a model train to respond to the city’s development plan.

    Luxurious airport decorations, bespoke lounge furniture, and other exquisite airport supporting facilities and infrastructures were added to this airport model to put a great emphasis on contemporary architecture and modern comforts, what’s more, lend the terminal building an elegant yet luxurious feel.

    More like an artwork, this beautifully crafted airport model was placed on the terminal’s primary roundabout to provide the viewers a busy and flourishing airport scenario, in addition, making this masterpiece a valuable advertising property.

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    Lisbon Portela Airport Model by SOM

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 1350mm x 1350mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    Located 7km north of the capital Lisbon, the Lisbon Airport requires renovation and upgrades due to the increase in passenger traffic.

    This partial airport model was built based on the recently proposed architectural and functional design of the new Lisbon Airport, which was planned to be served as a world-class international airport to hold the ever-increasing aviation traffic growth.

    Designed by world-famous architectural firm SOM, the Lisbon Airport terminal building features a smooth canopy and a number of spacious plinths, which in this airport model, were made out of white acrylic to give the structure a cleaner look, and adds a capacious touch to the airport lobby.

    RJ Models fabricated multi-level arrivals and departures landside area with grey painted vehicles and scaled figures to create a lively and vibrant public area in front of the terminal building.

    The lightings of the airport model create an unexpected effect.

    Moreover, the warm tone floor lights evoke a sense of comfort and ensure the passengers have a stress free travel experience.

    The finished airport model is mainly about simplification, selection, representation of the overall design idea, and it was put on display during fundraising events.

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