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Top Architectural Design Companies cooperated with RJ Models

Introduction of Top Architectural Design Companies cooperated with RJ Models

With the booming economy, world-renowned iconic architects emerged in large numbers.

The landmarks are the creative expressions of those genius architects.

We have collected a part of talented designers and their architectural firms. You can browse them to realize more about the industry.

You can also find the exquisite architectural models made by RJ Models for those well-known buildings. People use these models in exhibitions, bidding, marketing, or other purposes.

RJ Models is delighted to involved in those masterpieces over the past 26 years. And RJ Models will always provide the best quality craftsmanship of architectural model making to our clients.


Aedas is one of the world’s leading architectural firms. It creates top-class design solutions, are tailored to the needs of cities and communities around the world.

Aedas believe good design can only be delivered by those who have a deep understanding of local society and culture.

Adeas won hundreds of awards, including IDA, CTBUH, REARD, HKIA, and other prominent prizes.

With the rapid development of Asia, Aedas has finished quantities of products. Such as, the Hengqin International Financial Center in Zhuhai, West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong.

Keith Griffiths

Keith Griffiths is the founder, chairman, and global design principle of Aedas.

He has a deep understanding of the growth of major cities. Besides, he is passionate to create unique architectures to meet the requirements of change.

Keith’s experience includes high-rise, mixed commercial, retail, and master planning as well as airport and civic buildings.

Among those masterpieces designed by Keith, high-rise official buildings take a large part. Such as, the Commercial Band Headquarters in Taichung, Founder International Financial Center in Wuhan and Jiefangbei Book City in Chongqing.

Featured Architectural Model:

 Medina Mosque Model

Scale: 1:500       Size: 2000 mm x 1600 mm     Production Time : 30 days

The vision of Medina Mosque is to establish a multi-ethnic and vibrant Islamic center. The purpose is to caters the religious, educational, and social needs of the Muslim communities.

Our architectural model maker adopt strong wooden materials to give you a deep impression of what to expect from the actual mosque.

This mosque model comes with a lavish modern look but still has all the essential features of the traditional mosque.

Such as the ornamental niche set into the wall that indicates the direction of Mecca, ablution facilities, and minarets.

Our lighting experts installed Hundreds of lamps and constitute a complex and harmonious system. Thus, it can catch the attention of viewers at the first glance.


Arup founded in the UK 1946, after 70 years of development. It has become one of the world’s most successful, largest, and most professional engineering consulting organizations.

The principal of company is to assist the clients to achieve their business goals through excellent technology, efficient organization and high-quality services. So as to maximize the value of construction project.

Nowadays, there are more than 90 branches and offices in 40 countries around the world, with approximately 16,000 employees.

Arup has undertaken hundreds of breath-taking projects’ engineer consultant services. For example, the world’s longest sea crossing bridge – Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the Olympic National Aquatics Center.

Sir Ove Arup

Arup has undertaken hundreds of breath-taking projects’ engineer consultant services. For example, the world’s longest sea crossing bridge – Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the Olympic National Aquatics Center.

Maintaining Sir Ove’s individuality and spirit, Arup today is a place where talented people can pose difficult questions and chart a better course.

The chairman of Arup is drawn from within the organization, selected by a vote of trustees. And they can only run the firm for a 3-5-year term.

Nowadays, Alan Belfield is the chairman of Arup since 2019. Before that, he was the Group COO. And he built the firm’s consulting business with specialists in Management Consulting, Planning and Technology.

Featured Architectural Model:

Hong Kong -Shen Zhen, Single Cable-stayed Bridge Model

Scale: 1:400            Size: 2000 mm x 800 mm        Production Time: 21 days

Even though RJ Models only represented a portion of the magnificent bridge in the model. It nevertheless displayed the exemplary detailing a project this impressive entails.

Our architectural model makers ensure that the arrangement of steel cables is as precise as the real bridge itself. And those steel cables stretching all across the length of the bridge act as supporting elements.

RJ Models installed lines of lamps on both sides of the bridge lanes.

Some yachts are scattered across the sea surface made of acrylic for the richness of the scene.

The edges of the bridge are cleverly supported by the transparent piece of glass. It could help viewers’ attention focus on the main body of the bridge model.


Benoy established in the UK in the last century. And it has become a global firm with talented specialists and committed to delivering world-class solutions for the built environment.

As written on their official website “Changing the world by designing spaces and places that promote social, economic and environmental prosperity”. Benoy pays lots of attention to greenery and people’s feeling.

Over the past years, Benoy has kept close relationships with its clients in the Asia market.

The design teams have finished large amounts of landmarks in China. Such as, the most high-end shopping mall IAPM in Shanghai, headquarters for the Chinese e-commerce magnate Alibaba in Jiangsu, and the first-class office building IFC in Chengdu.

Graham Cartledge

The design teams have finished large amounts of landmarks in China. Such as, the most high-end shopping mall IAPM in Shanghai, headquarters for the Chinese e-commerce magnate Alibaba in Jiangsu, and the first-class office building IFC in Chengdu.

Graham Cartledge took the chairman ever since 1992.

Under his leadership, Benoy has experienced phenomenal growth. And  it is now a truly international, award-winning firm of Architects, Master planners, Graphic and Interior Designers.

Tom Cartledge has been appointed as the CEO of Benoy since 2016. And he plays a key role in diversifying the company’s portfolio with new projects around the world.

Hong Chen Plaza set in the heart of Guangzhou’s new CBD area.Benoy designed it. has introduced a new typology to the burgeoning city.

The architecture references the ‘Double fish’ in the form of a steel monocoque roof structure. It draws on the symbol for peace, harmony, and fortune in the Chinese culture.

Benoy uses low-E glass façades and an EFTE roof for energy saving and better environmental performance.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Shopping Mall Model of Guangzhou Hong Chen Plaza

Scale: 1:200          Size: 1650 mm x 1600 mm      Production Time : 30 Days

RJ Models adopt 3D printed model making technology and hollow method to accurately represent the monocoque structure of the roof.

The fish-shaped canopy can be lit up with installed LED lights. This gives the streamlined frame a floating effect during the night sky.

Through carefully observation and tightly communication with design team, main features of this commercial block have all been captured and precisely demonstrated by shopping mall model specialists.

By introducing various model trees, model experts from RJ Models help the client and local residents know about how Benoy will introduce green to the site. And it also shows Benoy’s vision of contributing social and spatial development.

Foster + Partners 

Norman Foster is one of the world’s most famous and productive architects.

He has won the Pritzker Prize. The ward is the top international award in architecture and known as the “Nobel Prize in Architecture”.

The HSBC Building Model in Hong Kong

The HSBC Building in Hong Kong is one of Norman’s masterpieces and the embodiment of his High-tech architectural style.

In addition to the big success in business, Norman also set up a foundation that focuses on promoting interdisciplinary thinking and researching. The purpose is to help new generations of architects.

Lord Norman Foster

In 1967, he established Foster Associates in London with his wife Wendy, which is the processor of Foster + Partners.

Over the past 50 years’ development, Foster+ Partners undertook various types of architectures. Such as, cultural, government, sport, office, sometimes even bridges and master plans.

F+P has been paying close attention to social responsibility and value orientation. As the value of environmental protection has become increasingly recognized, team members innovatively explore new technologies for architectural design.

For example, in the renovation project of the Ret parliament building in Berlin, Germany, designers used the mirroring principle and cleverly introduce natural light into space below to decrease energy consumption.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Swiss Re Tower Office Building Model

Scale: 1: 100     Size: 500 mm x 500 mm x 1500 mm     Production Time: 30 days

Unlike the traditional box shape office building, 30 St. Mary Axe is in the shape of a bullet. And each floor has a diameter that changes with the curved facade of the bullet-shaped building.

The model glass curtain clearly distinguishes the upwards spiraling atrium and the office spaces.

To display the structural concept of the interval between the internal and external curtain wall, model experts stick the glass panels individually, tolerating no errors between each gap.

Model experts also attentively fitted the interior of the building with careful details and internal lightings. This creates a vivid display of the entire model.

This office building model is exhibited at F+P “The Art of Architecture” world tour exhibition.

This shows the endorsement of our model quality.

Frank Gehry

Gehry Partners a full-service architectural firm. It has extensive international experience in the design and construction of academic, museum, theater, performance, and commercial projects.

Every project undertaken by Gehry Partners is designed personally and directly by its founder, Frank Gehry.

Involving their clients fully into the design process is the principle of Gehry Partners. And they always begin a project by conducting an extensive meeting with the client.

Their architectural design process is based on extensive physical modeling at multiple scale.

In the process, people can observed in which both the functional and formal aspects of a project in detail.

Forma Condos East Tower

Forma Condos East Tower , Scale in 1: 150

Walt Disney Concert Hall is one of their famous projects and the design team took 15 years to finish. The structure’s exterior features expanses of stainless steel and reflects differentiate effect under the sun.

Frank Owen Ghery

Frank Owen Gehry is a well-known contemporary deconstructionist architect. And he is famous for designing buildings with a sculptural appearance with peculiar irregular curves.

Gehry’s design style is derived from late modernism. And his most famous building is the Museo Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain, with a titanium roof and broken geometry shape.

To some extent, Gehry treats architectural design as sculpture, applies polygonal planes, inclined structures, and inverted forms.

Except for architecture, Frank Gehry also displays his talent in other areas. Such as, the “Twisted Box” for Louis Vuitton and the “Rock” for Tiffany.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Opus Hong Kong Residential Model

Scale: 1: 100          Size: 1200 mm x 1200 mm       Production Time : 30 days

Opus residential building is inspired by the scenery of reed swaying in the wind

The unique helical configuration gives a great challenge to model making process.

And the building facade is composed almost entirely of glass and the building structure is supported by glass-encased columns. The material used to make this residential building model has been carefully selected and after completely replicated the color and texture of the building.

Because of its twisted structures, each piece of the residential model is tailored and labeled with numbers during the making process.

After finish the making process, we takes photos of the model under the blue sky, showing the scene of this luxurious building.


KPF is a unified architectural firm focused on the design of buildings of all types in every geographic region.

The firm consists of over 700 staff led by 30 principals, with offices in America, Europe, Asia and even the Mille East.

With awareness of social responsibility, KFP dedicates to create healthy environments, both inside and out. The purpose is to enhance physical, cognitive and social well-being.

As one of the world-leading architectural firms, KPF works closely with its clients. It optimizing programmatic functions, strengthening the urban context and advancing the commercial success of development strategies.

In the past 20 years, KPF has accomplished splendid projects around the world. Such as, the CITIC Tower in Beijing and Unilever Headquarters in London.

Sheldon Fox, William Pederse and A. Eugene Kohn

Like other American companies, KPF is the abbreviation of its founders’ names, i.e., Eugene Kohn, Pedersen and Fox.

Eugene Kohn served as Founder and the original President of KPF. He developing its global strategy, shaping it into a world leader in all aspects of architectural practice.

Pedersen is the founding design partner of KPF. Over the past years he has led the team win countless awards in architecture and devise impressive landmark buildings, including the well-known Shanghai World Financial Center.

Unfortunately, Fox has passed away in 2006, but his spirits still influence and encourage the development of KPF.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

30 Hudson Yard Office Space Model

Scale: 1: 100          Size: 1050 mm x 1350 mm       Production Time: 30 days

RJ Models always provide the top-quality models for our clients. Thus, KPF has commissioned our team for many projects around the world.

The Hudson Yard designed by Pederson, is the iconic symbol of Manhattan. Animated with miniature plants, RJ Models successfully create a distinctive silhouette of new Manhattan.

Our architectural model experts adopt laser cutting technique to guarantee clean edges and hand-paint them with unique materials. The purpose is to create glittering metal appearances.

During the process of model-making, distinctive materials were tested and selected to portray the metallic texture of the outer shells.

To make sure the final effect can accurately reflect the design idea, RJ Models arrange our architectural model building team to the US and communicate with KPF at the site.


Founded in 1943, NBBJ is an industry leader in healthcare and corporate facilities. And  it has a strong presence in the commercial, civic, science, education, and sports markets.

NBBJ is a different kind of design practice. It helps the clients drive innovation by creating highly productive, sustainable spaces that free people to live, learn, work and play.

NBBJ creates innovative places and experiences for organizations worldwide and designs environments, communities, and buildings. The purpose is to enhance people’s lives. As they say, they design for life.

The firm has won numerous awards. And it has been recognized as one of the world’s “Top Ten Most Innovative Architecture Firms” by Fast Company magazine.

Steve McConnell

1990, Steve McConnell joined NBBJ and used to be responsible for the oversees strategy, marketing, design, and operations.

Currently, he is the managing partner of NBBJ and serves in the firm’s Board of Directors.

His project has received more than 30 major awards from real estate, industry, interior, and others.

Unlike other famous architects, Steve McConnell has designed many state courthouse in America.

And he pay attention to sustainability, which might reflect his pursuit of justice and environmental protection.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Tencent Seafront Towers Model

Scale: 1: 150    Size: 2000 mm x 2000 mm x 1300 mm   Production Time: 20 days

NBBJ was commissioned to design headquarters building for Tencent, one of the internet’s mega in China. And RJ Models cooperated with the design team tightly to present a perfect model.

The building has incorporated an uneven 3D geometric shape design on its external walls and a horizontal sawtooth structure on the glass curtains.

It requires our model makers’ absolute dedication and exquisite craftsmanship.

Around 20 model experts involved in the model-making process. That’s because thousands of unique panels need to be glued and sealed piece by piece.

Thank to the accumulated experiences over past years, and with non-stop brainstorm and hard-working, model making team manage to accomplish the model in a very tight time under the consistent high-quality standard.


OMA is an international practice operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture and urbanism.

Like other world-leading design firms, OMA has finished amounts renowned projects in various areas.That’s including master plan, office building, museum, landscape, and infrastructure.

The Seattle Central Library is one of their representative works. It creates a civic space for the circulation of knowledge in all media.

But uniquely, they have a special research team, which is named AMO. It uses architecture as an observation perspective, thinking about media, politics, technology, art, and planning outside of design.

CCTV building in Beijing

Except for the famous architectures, like CCTV building in Beijing, Casa da Musica in Porto and Norra Tornen in Stockholm.

OMA also hosts exhibitions with fashion brand Prada and explores the possible boundary of buildings.

Rem Koolhas

Both OMA and AMO are under the lead of Rem Koolhaas. He founded with OMA with Elia Zenghelis,Zoe Zenghelis and Madelon Vriesendorp in London in 1975.

As a theorist and architect, Rem Koolhas has completely changed the way architects interact with space and design solutions.

And he has always been committed to exploring the design and development ideas of architecture in different environments.

“Delirious New York”, written by him, which regarded as an architectural classic book. It is interpreted as an urban planner’s manifesto, which outlines how architecture can become a part of future urban construction.

Because of his cutting-edge and pioneering ideas, he is sometimes called by the media as “the most controversial architect”

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Taipei Performing Art Center Model in Taiwan

Scale: 1:100            Size: 1500 mm x 1400 mm     Production Time : 30 Days

Rem Koolhaas and his team design this Taipei Performing Art Center Museum under the concept of “a machine for everything to take place”. And RJ Models precisely present their ideas and concepts.

This museum model is laser cut and hand attached to create a metallic appearance.

Bright white indoor LED lighting is equipped to accentuate the museum’s functionalism and futurism.

The “ball” is painted with gray material. However, the central core tube is illuminated with red, other parts are surrounded by the grilles.

Rem Koolhaas and Taipei Performing Arts Center

Pre-made model trees and scaled model people are installed in the model surround the museum. This give a balance of the cold feeling conveyed by the architecture.


Snøhetta began as a collaborative architectural and landscape workshop.

And it has remained true to its trans-disciplinary way of thinking since its inception.

Their work strives to enhance the sense of surroundings, identity and relationship to others and the physical spaces inhabited.

They believe that museums, products, reindeer observatories, graphics, landscapes and dollhouses should get the same care and attention to purpose.

For more than 30 years, Snøhetta has designed some of the world’s most notable public and cultural projects.

For example, the World Trade Center in New York City and National Opera in Norwegian.

Today, Snøhetta has grown to become an internationally renowned design firm with 280 employees around the world.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen and Craig Dykers

In 1985, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen co-founded the office Snøhetta with his founding partners Craig Dykers and Christoph Kapeller.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen designed the Europe’s first underwater restaurant Under which has a 34 meters long structure. And this megalithic structure extends directly from the land to the seabed and extends to a seabed five meters below the sea level.

Kjetil Trædal Thorsen wants to provide a different perspective of sea for people.

A fact cannot be neglected is that Snøhetta is now under the leadership of Isabella Alveberg. She used to have vast experience from being a leader at Microsoft and within the tech industry.

She did not have any experience from either architecture or design.

However, she believes that the most important thing while working in a team is to have respect for each other by acknowledging that people have different disciplines that are their expertise.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Shanghai Grand Opera House Model

Scale: 1:300         Size: 1500 mm x 1200 mm         Production Time: 21 days

Snøhetta has been commissioned to design the Shanghai Grand Opera House. It is an important part of a new urban master plan for Shanghai.

The helical roof surface evokes an unfolding fan, capturing the dynamism of dance and the human body.

Our architectural model makers in China rebuild the architecture in the model system.

And they label the exact dimensions of each component of the two “fans”, then use the laser cut machine to neatly cut each piece.

Model experts use wooden panels to make the spiraling fans and transparent acrylic panels. The purpose is to mimic the glass curtains, presenting a “floating” effect of the roof.

Through the “glass walls”, viewers can find that the interior is decorated with red silk-like plastic materials. This precisely shows the dramatic contrast with outer structures.


With a portfolio spanning thousands of projects across 50 countries, SOM is one of the most significant architectural firms in the world.

The style of SOM’s early works was greatly influenced by Mies van der Rohe. And buildings always maintain clean, concise, and novel characteristics, even the structural system is diversified in the past decades.

SOM’s achievements and techniques in the design of high-rise and super high-rise buildings have been universally recognized.

In every famous CBD area around the world, at least one well-known office building is designed by SOM.

Louis Skidmore, John O. Merrill and Natha-niel Owings

In 1936, designer Louis Skidmore and engineer John O. Merrill began to cooperate in Chicago, with the join of experienced organizer Natha-niel Owings. The SOM officially founded in 1939.

For each project, three collaborates separately responsible for communicating with the owner, dealing with specific affairs, and supporting the designer team to make the most complete design possible.

Development so far, SOM has become a global leading architectural firm, and continues to absorb the industry elites to become its partner.

Mustafa k. Abadan has joined SOM since the last century and is the chairman of the SOM Foundation.

Javier Arizmendi is the design director of SOM’s San Francisco office.

And he leads the team to complete various projects in Asia-Pacific, such as the Poly Real Estate Headquarters in China.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

One World Trade Center Scale Model

Scale: 1:500             Size: 800 mm x 800 mm       Production Time: 2 Weeks

This bold and avant-garde office building is designed by SOM and named the One World Trade Center in New York.

As can be seen from the name, SOM has the ambition to design a new landmark for New York.

Model experts from RJ Models kept close connections with SOM designers to concisely reproduce the building.

It forms eight triangles as the faces of the structure, which produces an overall effect similar to a crystal.

This displaying refracted light at different times of the day.

RJ Models also lit this tower from its inside to simulate the bright and reflective facade of the tower.

Terry Farrell

Over the past 50 years of practice, Farrells that founded by Terry Farrell has always paid attention to blended history with the present.

Many of Farrells’ recent works in London are dedicated to perfecting the existing urban fabric.

Every piece of Farrell’s work is based on in-depth research on the environment and history of the site.

Under the main theme of large-scale demolition and redevelopment, such a method for the existing urban texture appears to be unique and cherish.

The Peak Model in Hong Kong

For the project in Hong Kong, designers inherit and extend the “involving” concept. And they conceive the whole project with fully respect of local culture and lifestyle.

Terry Farrell

Terry Farrell is a prominent voice in British architecture and planning.

And he garners a strong reputation for contextual urban design schemes, as well as exuberant works of postmodernism such as the MI6 building.

In 1980, Sir Terry Farrell founded the architectural firm, Farrells.

After the 1990s, he expanded his practice internationally, opening an office in Hong Kong and undertook projects in China.

The Guangzhou South Railway Station designed under his leadership was once the largest railway station in the world.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model

Scale: 1: 300           Size: 1250 mm x 850 mm      Production Time : 30 days

The Chelsea Waterfront designed by Sir Terry Farrell used to be one of the most desirable waterside residential blocks in London.

RJ Models is very proud of being appointed to make the model and involved in presenting this landmark project for London with Farrells.

Our architectural model building team in UK add amounts of pre-made miniature trees and bushes to create the outdoor spaces.

The existed surrounding structures are fabricated with fewer details to contrast with the project and show how the residential buildings blend in with the local environment.

Model lighting experts also install a series of subtle exterior LED street lights, together with the other lamps set along the riverside.

This illustrate a tranquil waterside living environment and bring the future life scene into the model.

Zaha Hadid Architect 

She was the first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, in 2004.

Zaha Hadid

She received the UK’s most prestigious architectural award, the Stirling Prize, in 2010 and 2011.

In 2016, Zaha Hadid became the first woman to be individually awarded the Royal Gold Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

Zaha Hadid was described by The Guardian as the “Queen of the curve”. And she designed hundreds of streamlined masterpieces.

During the early times Zaha Hadid Architects had a strong tendency of deconstructionism.

With the technology was integrating into the design, their design is more likely to be described as an example of neo-futurist and pragmaticism.

There are more than 900 projects designed by Zaha Hadid Architects spread in 44 countries.

The projects designed by Zaha Hadid Architects have strong characteristics and can be recognized even at one glance.

City of Dream Hotel Model

No matter the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan, or Morpheus Hotel at City of Dreams, Macau, China.

The design team all successfully created a new landmark for local residents and inspired the surrounding economics.

Featured Architectural Model Project:

Beijing Airport Model Terminal 4

Scale: 1:600, 1:2000      Size: 2500 mm x 2500 mm     Production Time: 3 Weeks

Zaha Hadid brings her iconic streamline design to the new Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 4. It is the largest airport in the world and can provide services for 100 million passengers per year.

Its functional layout of the airport is flexible and can be modified according to requirements in the future.

RJ Models adopt CNC engraving machines and 3D printing techniques to present those curves and streamlines.

Whereas the base of the airport model is wooden material.

It gives viewers a sense of nature and contrasts with the modernism design.

Nowadays, this new airport is famous around the world and attracts numerous people to go there simply for taking pictures.


It is RJ Model’s consummate craftsmanship, responsible architectural model building  team, and thoughtful service that make our clients willing to cooperate with us for a long time.

Whether the model is used for a bidding contest, a significant touring exhibition, or a marketing display for sale.

RJ Models will always meticulously complete it.

With the experience accumulated over the past years, RJ Models can handle all types of architectural model-making tasks handily.

From the fancy headquarters office building, the fashionable commercial district, to the most avant-garde buildings.

Thanks to clients for their continued trust in our team. We will continue to provide the most exquisite works with the most considerate service.

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