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5 Steps to know
How to Produce an Architectural Model Making

Architectural models can display architectural design scheme visually and be facilitated to discuss the designing scheme.

The process of every architectural model made by RJ Models is different, but usually, it includes 5 steps.

Step 1. Enquiry

To provide a quotation, RJ Models would need the information below:

  • Model boundary, dimensions and scale.
  • The final design of drawing of the buildings in PDF, JPD or CAD.
  • Rendering for reference (if any)
  • Delivery and installation destinations.
  • Expected completion date.
  • You might also select similar architectural model photos from our website below for your expected model detail standard and style.
Once we received the above information, we will prepare a scale model diagram (see right side) to offer the quotation within 48 hours.
Architectural Model Making Diagram 3D

Step 2. Receiving the project information

After the quotation is confirmed, we need you to resend the latest documents. It can ensure that our model makers can produce the model according to the latest design.

  • Updated master plan in CAD with dimensions and range, model restricts /boundary/scope.


  • Elevations, Plan and section of all the buildings in CAD.(if any).
  • Rhino, Sketchup, 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD (if any).
  • Building material sample or Panton (CU Matte)/RAL Color code.


  • Landscaping drawing with level marking.
  • Landscaping drawing with material and color.
  • Landscape plan with tree location.
  • 3D file in Rhino, 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD, Sketch-up.
  • Landscape material sample or Panton (CU Matte)/RAL Color code.
  • Renderings for reference. (if any )

Color Scheme:

  • Select the colored transparent glass code from the sample.
  • Select the reflective glass code from the sample.
  • Select the grass/turf code from the sample.
RJ Models will communicate the architectural model effect with customers and produce model strictly based on your design drawings.
Drawings of model making

Step 3. Architectural Model Sample Preparation and Confirmation

RJ Models will produce a portion of the sample during the model production to determine the display effect of the entire model.

Such as structure details, color match, texture, and lighting effect of the model to ensure the sample is consistent with your design philosophy.

Then continue the overall model production.

Step 4. Model production and progress report

When the model starts making, we will provide professional architectural model progress photos at regular intervals for you.

It is good for you to understand the latest situation of the model and the expected completion time, and to make sure the project goes well.

At the same time, depending on your needs, we can arrange customers to make on-site visits in our company.

Therefore, you can see your architectural model with your own eyes and comment it directly.

Step 5. Model Transportation and Installation

After getting your permission, the ship models will be packing and shipping to your address you designated.

RJ Models will confirm with you to the model’s position and direction, and install and test it on the spot to ensure that the model completed under your satisfaction.

If you need to travel with the model or show it in different countries multiple times, RJ Models can be customized design and make a suitable flight case.

We have a number of cases that confirm the availability of the suitcase.

RJ Models has completed more than 10000 building model projects and trusted by the world famous architecture design companies, real estate, developer, the government and so on.

We provide the high productivity and high-end quality architectural model production services for you to display design idea, market, sell and so on.

Contact RJ Models & we can help you to grow your business.

    Our aim is to provide a top-quality model-making service anywhere in the world.
    Ray Cheung RJ Models
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