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Master Plan Models

The master plan models, giving a focus on architectural scale and space setting between zones, presents the first impression of one urban planning and its design to the visitors.

The miniature city models should comply with what the clients want to present.

For instance, we will make the given urban in detail, such as blocks, landmarks, and key zones that the government values highly to display the grand blueprint of this miniature city planning.

In this case, the scale of the miniature city model is normally from 1:500 to 1:2000.

For real estate investment and sales, property developers more want the master plan model to reflect the region’s relations to its surroundings’ future development, infrastructure, traffic, and facilities etc. by presenting its future urban planning.

Herein, a scale from 1:200-1:500 is often utilized.

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    Doha City Planning Model

    Scale:1 : 1000 | Size: 26000mm x 26000mm | Production Time: 6 months

    This is the biggest miniature city model RJ Models has ever built, which would be used to display the future development blueprint, the new landmarks, and the relations between the city’s districts of Doha (the Capital of Qatar) in 2020.

    RJ Models arranged 300 professional architectural model makers for model making.

    And from information material collecting to model installation, there were supervisors in charge of every process.

    In addition, the city planning model had to be built in 131 sections for air freighting to Doha.

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    Istanbul Urban Planning Models

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 12000mm x 9000mm | Production Time: 3 Months

    This was a splendid urban planning model made by RJ Models to present Istanbul (Turkey) including its view, it's current and future infrastructure, and its traffic.

    The attraction was that the urban planning model can adjust to the projector to give a wonderful impression video of Istanbul urban city model that visitors may never forget.

    By promoting the international image of Istanbul in public, the property developer, a winner indeed, got several awards in this competition.

    Our team sent the urban planning model from Shenzhen to the cities of France, Turkey, and Dubai for display.

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    Architectural model maker in Dubai

    Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel Master Plan Model in UAE

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 9000mm x 8000mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    As a 9.8 billion RMB investment project, the Blue waters Island of Dubai had the world biggest Ferris wheel, the Ain Dubai.

    Located on the beautiful coast of Jumeirah, the Ain Dubai with 210 meters in diameter owns 48 independent pods to embrace 1,400 visitors.

    And visitors can overlook the whole Dubai from every angle in the pod, so the unprecedented experience of the Ain Dubai makes the Bluewaters Island of scale model Dubai Project become globally eye-catching.

    Due to more than 200 professional architectural scale model’s endeavor, the biggest Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel Master Plan Model that was accomplished by RJ Models let Dubai shock the world again.

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    Hong Kong West Kowloon Cultural District Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 6800mm x 2450mm | Production Time: 3 Weeks

    Many world-class architectural designers such as Foster + Partners and OMA was attracted to participate in Hong Kong Master Plan design competition when Hong Kong, the international metropolis, divided one lot from one central area of high land price as the city’s cultural zone.

    In the end, invited by Foster + Partners, the cooperated Master Plan Model of RJ Models and Foster + Partners won the West Kowloon Cultural Zone Project after a final presentation in a competition held by Hong Kong government.

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    Emirates Business Park Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 4000mm x 3200mm | Production Time: 21 days

    RJ Models teams, model makers in Dubai continuously surmount the challenges encountered.

    The entire Business Park model is built to 1:200.

    This ratio generated difficulties during the making of Emirates Tower surroundings.

    To overcome this difficulty, RJ Models illustrator experts used Google Earth to do a site survey of Emirates Towers and its surroundings.

    This allowed them to see the height differences between buildings and their details, to accurately construct a model that retains the proportion of the actual site.

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    Dubai Lighthouse Harbour Urban Planning Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:350 | Size: 5000mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    This masterplan model for Lighthouse Harbour project, which is an iconic waterfront development in the Middle East, represents Dubai's largest maritime center vividly.

    It contains an unprecedented level of lifelike details, including thousands of model yachts.

    Located on King Salman Street and covers over 20 million square feet, the Dubai Harbour, with the 135-meter high Dubai Lighthouse constructed as the landmark tower, will become a catalyst to promote the entire region’s tourism development.

    RJ Models has a team of architectural model makers in UAE, employed a wide range of model making materials, mainly used resin ABS, acrylic and wood materials, to create this masterplan model as it consisted with a great many structures, cruise ship port, marina, and public open areas, etc.

    In order to perfectly embody the charming features of this leading tourism destination, real-life details such as tourists wandering along the pier, together with LED lightings, were fitted to this masterplan model to mirror the hospitality and enthusiasm of Dubai Harbour.

    The completed master plan model in Dubai is a functional work of art.

    It helps to prove that the Dubai Habour will become an ideal choice for both local and international buyers and visitors, who desire a variety of entertaining, working and living delights.

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    Dubai Beach Project Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 4500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    The 3dr Beach Project is an enormous mixed-use development which aims to create a world-class vocational destination for both residents and tourists all over the world.

    This masterplan model was mainly laser cut, then hand finished and painted, with a particular emphasis on the construction of landmark structures.

    And it is worth mentioning that all the structures of this masterplan model were made accurate within an inch.

    For the reason that the water features would cover a large part of the masterplan model, RJ Models simulated the texture and depth of ocean, rivers, lagoons, and pools, with the assistance of high-tech model making technologies and equipment.

    RJ Models' architectural model makers in Dubai gave the sand a little altitude and kept the beach a litter higher than the sea level to avoid the scene looking bland and flat.

    Special water effect like waves was created to give the ocean some life.

    In addition, pre-made entourage elements such as sun bathers, swimmers, and sand castles were added to bring this masterplan model to reality.

    This masterplan model has a light and breezy appearance and it is an indispensable tool for the developers to sell and market their real estate.

    The entire masterplan model was split into a few modules for packaging and delivery.

    And a team of RJ technicians was appointed to install and complete the final model on site.

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    Master plan Model in Porto model by Dubai

    Master plan model in porto model by Dubai

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 12500mm x 10500mm | Production Time: 2 months

    RJ Models always dedicated to helping our clients present their concepts in every scene.

    This masterplan model will eventually display in the exhibition, considering the relatively dim atmosphere in the pavilion, our model makers design a very appealing lighting system for it.

    The waters in the city are decorated with white strip lights as the dam; while the marina and its plank road are decorated with warm yellow lights.

    Inside the urban, there is a distinct lighting system for buildings, roads, and greeneries; even the roadside dining cars are all illuminated and show the busy traders in it.

    Taking into account the cultural characteristics and custom of the Porto, model makers from RJ Models specially arranged some green plants on the balcony of the building, and the buildings are painted with local traditional colors.

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    Master plan Model in Red sea island

    Master plan model in Red sea island

    Scale:1: 2500 | Size: 4200mm x 2300mm | Production Time: 45 days

    When receiving the client's task of making a masterplan model for a planning island in the Red Sea region, our model makers combine the acreage of the island and client's fineness demand of the model, finally using the impressive 1:2500 scale to make it.

    Different from the accustomed models, this one is based on the planning island, which means its topography might change.

    Our architectural model makers in Egypt communicate with the client's architect in advance, including the hydrological, geomorphic features around the island and possible reclamation in the future, to restore the landform and seabed topographic features to the greatest extent.

    There are also abounding futuristic-style buildings in this model, in which you can see the streamlined silver-gray exhibition hall and the abstract-style buildings around the circular waters, these details are worthy of appreciating.

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    Master plan Model in Mediterranean Gate by Tunis

    Master plan Model in Mediterranean Gate by Tunis

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 3600mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 45 days

    The Mediterranean Gate is a mega landmark project that has residential districts, commercial and leisure segments, central business district (CBD), premium luxury hotels, marinas with a capacity of 1,300 to 1,500 boats, and shopping malls.

    The mission of this project is to bear the needs of Tunisia's future development.

    Therefore, the planned buildings are mostly futuristic; our model experts use parametric design and 3D printing technology to precisely restore the design.

    After the model has been basically completed, model specialists take pictures of it under natural light several times, especially during the dawn and twilight, to debug the lighting system and adjust the model lighting performance to the optimal level.

    In this model, our model makers chose orange and red lights to complement the white lights of the landmark buildings, demonstrating an excellent night scene.

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    Master plan Model in Mediterranean Gate by Tunis

    City planning model of Hengqin Wanxiang World

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 5800mm x 3200mm | Production Time: 2 months

    The partner of 10 DESIGN says, “This project takes advantage of the natural environment of the project to create a "central experience plaza" that blends mountains and rivers. "

    Therefore, the project not only includes shopping malls, office buildings, apartments, exhibitions but also riverside promenade, and central landscape avenue.

    Apartment buildings and office buildings are lit from indoors with white lights; in order to simulate the real scene at night, our model makers deliberately choose to randomly light up the floors and units.

    The podium of the high-rise buildings is designed as shopping malls, and model experts use dotted warm yellow lights for decoration.

    In order to highlight the environmental characteristics of the project, such as the nearby Tianmu River, blue lights are selected to outline the shape of them.

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    5. Master plan Model in Saigon Port Project by SOM,Vietnam

    Master plan model in Saigon Port Project by SOM, Vietnam

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 6300mm x 2200mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This Saigo Port model is commissioned by our established customers, and our architectural model makers in Vietnam fully embody the elegant, classic, and efficient architectural concept of SOM.

    Tens of high-rise buildings and low-rise buildings are all made of white PVC materials engraved by laser cutting machines; even after completion, all of them are not painted with any color, only white lights are installed in some of them.

    Pure white buildings and blue rivers constitute the main body of the model, while trees and street lights are installed on both sides of the road to adore.

    This time, our model experts abandon the resin technique and use the method of pressing blue cardboard under the glass to make the river, the advantage of which is that it can distinctly reflect the riverside architecture and match the overall design style.

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    Master plan model in residential development by Abu Dhabi

    Master plan model in residential development by Abu Dhabi

    Scale:1: 750 | Size: 3200mm x 3050mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This masterplan model shows a town in Abu Dhabi, which includes an affluent area with a number of luxury villas, a marina with abundant luxury yachts, and an ordinary civilian area with mosque and markets.

    Affected by the cultural customs and natural environment of the Middle East, you can see in the model that the exterior walls of architects are yellow-toned, making the whole city seems to blend into the magnificent, stunning golden world

    Our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi pave massive simulated lawns and vegetation landscapes in the affluent area, which subtly distinguished from the civilian residential areas on the other side of the river.

    In the production of the model river water, model experts specially blend the blue pigments with green material to make the final color identical with the river color in Arabia.

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    Master plan model in China Resource City by CR

    Master plan model in China Resource City by CR

    Scale:1: 250 | Size: 4200mm x 3200mm | Production Time: 45 days

    As the largest urban renewal project in Shenzhen and even Guangdong Province, this China Resources City project has been divided into several phases to develop.

    To reflect its renovation mission, the exhibition hall is designed with a futuristic and modernistic style, and our masterplan model adopts a round base to present.

    It can be seen in the model that although the overall architectural style is modernism, there are still design differences between buildings on each plot, which shows the phases of the entire project development.

    The project is predominated by residential buildings and complemented with the shopping mall The MIXC under China Resources Land; our architectural model makers in China install an electronic display billboard in the commercial center and illuminate its facade with yellow lights to attract attention.

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    Master plan model in Hangzhou model by Foster and Partners

    Master plan model in Hangzhou model by Foster and Partners

    Scale:1: 140 | Size: 6200mm x 4800mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Wooden boards are used to make roads, bridges, and low-rise buildings outside the project plot to minimize visual interference and attract viewers’ attention to the project.

    In order to harmonize with the wood color, green materials with lower saturation are chosen to make lawn and vegetation.

    The white light illuminates the entire high-rise residential buildings, through the lights, you can even vaguely see the upward stairs.

    The location of this project is extremely superior, facing the river on two sides, our model makers use the blue light belt to outline the river, presenting a splendid scene with the wood-colored road and pale green landscape.

    There is even a small marina at the confluence of the rivers, which the model experts use to subtly highlight the high-end nature of the project.

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    Master plan model in Beijing by ASD

    Master plan model in Beijing by ASD

    Scale:1: 1000 | Size: 280000mm x 70000mm | Production Time: 3 months

    This mega model wall is made by RJ Models for the Hong Kong Garden in the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition.

    Vertically placed model not only saves precious space in the exhibition, but also makes the viewer seem to be overlooking Hong Kong from a high altitude.

    Our model experts use white materials to make architectures, roads, mountains, use gray-blue materials to make the water of Victoria Harbor; except for these, there is no extra color in the model.

    This model is solemn, elegant, and modern.

    The gigantic model is made in RJ Models' Shenzhen factory, separated into 42 parts, and shipped to Beijing; at the same time, a professional model assembly team is sent to the site for installation and debugging to ensure the flawless of the model.

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    Master plan model in MJL by Dubai

    Master plan model in MJL by Dubai

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 80000mm x 55000mm | Production Time: 2 months

    This masterplan model is commissioned by a client in the Middle East and be displayed at an exhibition about Dubai.

    The shape of the model is irregular similar to the outline of the African continent; the sea and coastline cut cross the wider side and urban areas compose the narrower part.

    A perfect fusion of tradition and modernity embodied in this model.

    The modern part is reflected in the luxurious yacht club, landmark Burj Al Arab Hotel, exquisite seaside plank road, and pier and model yachts.

    While traditional three-story flat-topped houses, fortress-like towers, and arch-shaped corridors all convey a profound Arab culture.

    Our model makers are quite prudent in the material selection--modern buildings are made of industrial materials such as plastic and steel, whereas traditional buildings are created by materials that mimic the texture of yellow mud.

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    Dubai Moon Island Master Planning Model in UAE

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 3500mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    Home to rows of Maldivian-style coastal villas and a wide range of entertaining facilities like exclusive private beach, lap pools, and numbers of births, etc, this moon island has put into practical all the themes of leisure, luxury and comfort in the built environment, and was expected to become an international tourist destination for sustainable living, working and vocation.

    Based on the actual topography, this masterplan model has a moon-shaped pedestal, which was gradually cutting and clipping in line with the shape of the island.

    RJ Models fabricated a great many mock-up exclusive villa models.

    Each unit was carved with fascinating details.

    Windows, dormers, and courtyards were all reproduced in accordance with the client's architectural plan.

    In this way, the finished masterplan model helps invite prospective residents to choose between various architectural styles in terms of personal preference and desires.

    In addition, as one of the design purposes is to develop an inviting and family-friendly island where residents and tourists can interact with diverse beach activities, and be harmonized with the surrounding landscape, RJ Models expended substantial effort and time to mimic the real natural environment.

    A large proportion of the landscaping part of this masterplan model like the water surface and the sand beach was completed by handcrafted techniques.

    Additional elements were also included, for example, on the left half of this masterplan model, a group of model swans flying over the water was added to provide viewers a much vivid park-like experience.

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    Dubai Godolphin City Planning Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 4000mm x 2800mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    Godolphin is a prestigious mix-use complex for office, luxurious hotels and residence, which comprises a cluster of residential skyscrapers, some commercial towers, and luxury retail areas.

    And this masterplan model in itself is a replica in miniature.

    RJ Models, has a team of architectural model making in Dubai,  modeled most building towers in acrylic with laser cut details and painted with realistic colors.

    Infrastructures like suspension bridge and underpasses were also included to reveal the traffic plan for upgrading the road network, bridges, and tunnels to ease overlapping traffic, especially during peak hours.

    This masterplan model involves a stunning lighting system, which was programming by the integrated circuit, and easily controlled by the mobile device to generate changing lighting effects.

    By this mean, delightful riverfront areas for tourists and residents to explore on foot were highlighted.

    For landscaping parts, various kinds of miniature plants were selected.

    With a particular use of well-selected palms, this masterplan model highlights Dubai's indigenous natural environment subtly.

    Functioned as a real estate marketing product, this masterplan model allows the potential buyers to view their future home, as well as understand how this new development will harmonize with the surrounding environments.

    The finished masterplan model is a realistic preview of the ambitious development plan, for RJ Models perfectly capture the planning nuances and bring the project to life.

    And it was packaged in made-to-order shipping cases to ensure transportation safety.

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    Zhongtian Future Ark Urban Planning Model by SOM

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2000mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 25 Days

    This conceptual urban planning model is small in scale and scope for its only showcases a part of the mountainous Guiyang.

    This district was newly designed by SOM and developed by Zhongtian Urban Investment Group, which is one of the largest development companies in China. The Future Ark project features both residential and commercial development components, and it will become one of the architectural icons on Guiyang’s splendid city skyline.

    The landmark structures were uniquely designed and formed not only to keep the modern style of the contemporary architecture, but also harmonize with the existing surroundings.

    Using white PLA, RJ Models adopted innovative 3D printing model making technology to produce most of the structure of this urban planning model, especially four iconic skyscrapers, mainly for office use and hotel, to save the cost and model making time.

    The glass curtain walls of the buildings were made of high-quality Plexiglas. With magic LED lighting illuminated from inside, these terraced building towers, together with a simply manufactured surrounding, create a good business and commercial atmosphere, meanwhile, appear the modern style of this urban planning model.

    Only the multifaceted riverfront park in the front area of the planning block has unitary miniature trees placed to celebrate the beauty of the elegant surrounding environment.

    Generally speaking, the final urban planning model is simple but straightforward, as it recalls the essence of the planning concept and offers a grand view of the site, and it won high praise from the clients.

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    Danaat Hawar Urban Planning Model in Bahrain by HOK

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 1500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    As the client has required a detailed scale model to study aspects of the architectural design of the Danaat Hawar Urban development project and to communicate with the real estate developers, RJ Models has been privileged to be invited to produce this urban planning model for this highest standard luxury residence.

    Considering the planner expected to build an exclusive and luxury residence for those who seeking a marine-oriented lifestyle, this urban planning model comprises all the designed resort village and apartment buildings, high-end hotels, extensive retail and leisure facilities and spectacular landscapes, particular the borderless ocean and fascinating beaches.

    RJ Models spent 30 days elaborately crafting this urban planning model using various model making materials, with different intensity colors and finishes, to avoid the model being boring and prosaic.

    For example, architectural model makers in Bahrain opted for a flat finish on the beach sand and semi-gloss on the water surface to create a peaceful sense.

    Filled with charming details, this finished urban planning model is certainly an outstanding showpiece in between architecture scale model and appealing artwork.

    It well combined exalted residence with the atmosphere of the marine environment, so the future residents and tourists could re-connect their emotion with nature and enjoy fresh island life.

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    Algeria Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2200mm x 2100mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    This highly detailed scale model of the Algiers metropolitan area master plan is definitely one of the most marvelous masterplan models that RJ Models has built, as it includes a wealth of photorealistic detail and showcases the modelers' quality craftsmanship.

    After taken into account Algiers’ strategic planning strategy, the urban designers and local authorities planned to give this district an identity of ultimate luxury harbor destination, which integrates the vibe of beach with sophisticated urban lifestyle.

    In order to represent the amenities and comfort of this upbeat dwelling district, as well as to capture the spirit of Algerian luxurious coastal characteristic, our architectural model makers paid special attention to creating the generous sand beach and crystal blue seas-water. Not surprisingly, the display effect of this masterplan model is super authentic.

    Additionally, all the structures of this masterplan model were built to a very fine level of detail with every architectural element replicated meticulously. The structures were mostly made of Plexiglas and acrylic, with digitally enhanced facades, and the building color and texture were consistent with the architectural blueprints.

    This high-end real estate marketing masterplan model comprehensively shows the developer’s planning ideas to the prospective investors and housing purchasers, and the viewers are able to have a panoramic view of the entire site while the model is on display.

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    Lamer Marina Master Plan Model

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 5000mm x 4000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This Lamer Marina master plan model was constructed to assist the real estate developer to reveal the new residential development and how this project would influence this constantly evolving district.

    As the client aimed to build a waterfront with an emphasize on a prosperous port with leisure and comfortable atmosphere, low-density villas, private beach and swimming pools, etc, RJ Modelers added hundreds of model yachts and related facilities to this master plan model.

    Luxury real estate properties like resort, hotels, bars and restaurants, the surrounding landscape and water features, and the placid, translucent ocean have been mimicked vividly in this master plan model to give potential housing buyers, visitors and investors a closer look at this elegant holiday paradise.

    Crafted by an excellent team of modelers, the final marketing master plan model is a very sophisticated, eye-catching product and definitely great pieces of art, and it is seen as the centerpiece in the sale centers as the viewers can have a perfect vision of spacious dream living space only by looking at this masterpiece.

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    Bahrain Bay Urban Planning Model by SOM

    Scale:1: 1000 | Size: 1500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 21 days

    With the aim of showing a fully master planned waterfront development of Bahrain Bay, which located in the heart Bahrain’s capital city Manama, RJ Models was appointed by SOM to create this urban planning model, which was required to assist in redefining the city’s future and ensuring a sustainable and balanced development by creating a series of residential blocks and elegant public open spaces, with improved access to grand amenities and public facilities.

    This marketing urban planning model‘s scope of work features an entertainment island including residence, office, piers, commercial and recreational areas, and iconic structures like Four-season hotel, Arcapita headquarters building, and Al Baraka Group Headquarters, which provide the viewers a vision of the future development of the site.

    Scale model makers in Bahrain used simple cream white laser cut acrylic massing with LED lights to showcase new structures, together with miniature plants, this urban planning model offers the viewers an appreciation of the design for both individual buildings and urban planning.

    Served as the central piece of this urban planning model, the Four-season hotel tower which situated in the center of the island, is notable for its spectacular building form, and helps to redefine Bahrain Bay as a top-level resort destination to attract potential resident and visitors.

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    Coast Guard Headquarters Architecture Site Model in US.

    Scale: 1: 750 | Size: 1500mm x 2200mm | Production Time: 21 days

    This architectural site model includes the entire 1.2 million-square-foot design site which located on the National Historic Landmark Campus where the planned U.S. Coast Guard HQ building complex model was constructed as the central piece, and special attention was also paid to create the surrounding areas to demonstrate the existing environment and the landscape design.

    This architectural site model in the U.S. is generally a combination of laser-cut wood and rapid prototype technology, and although this model has no lights, most structures have medium-detail building facades.

    Strong emphasis on the surrounding landscape was echoed by this architectural site model by adding lush landscape materials and life-like water feature

    This architectural site model for US Coast Guard Headquarters is an ideal showpiece for architectural design evaluation and project presentation.

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    West Kowloon Cultural District Urban Planning Model by OMA

    Scale:1: 750 | Size: 6000mm x 4000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This interactive urban planning model of the West Kowloon Cultural District identifies almost all the key characters related to the district’s future urban development, which seeks to build an international-grade arts and culture hub with green open spaces in a 40-hectare area in Hong Kong, and RJ Models has been honored to be involved in this development project competition working with world top architectural company OMA to the competition.

    RJ Modelers used simple rapid prototype white building masses with the soft lighting system to represent new proposed buildings and major structures, which were contrasted quite well with the rest of the models, and made this urban planning model looks relatively simple but pleasant on eyes.

    Other detailing components includes cable-stayed bridge, yacht, viewing platform, etc, along with life-like greeneries making this urban planning model look more attractive and bringing the viewers a rich cultural ambiance of the place.

    The final urban planning model was completed in 30 days by 20 model making specialists, and now it is also served as a showpiece of the OMA's design achievements.

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    Mecca KSA Master Plan Model

    Scale:1: 750 | Size: 3000mm x 2750mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Served as the capital and administrative headquarters of the Makkah, Mecca would be developed into a rapidly growing city where a number of hotels and residential blocks will be built in response to the dense urban development plan, and this master plan model is a conceptual architectural model used for design communication.

    Model makers used acrylic and white or frosted Plexiglas to create the building façade, together with interior LEDs to light them up. Nearly all the new planned structures were emulated with a high level of detail in this master plan model.

    Skillful architectural model makers in KSA highlighted the residential blocks with warm yellow LED lights, while other existing buildings were represented by simple gray massings to further emphasize the proposed architectural design.

    This master plan model was accomplished on a relatively tight schedule and the finished product was shipped off to Mecca to help the designers to explore design ideas and communicate with the clients.

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    Lusail Island Master Plan Model in Doha

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 4500mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Built on an island located at Lusail City, Doha, this mixed-use development will encompass various kinds of residences, hotels, and resorts, commercial and office buildings, a wide range of amenities and facilities, and RJ Models was proudly be invited to fabricate this master plan model for this stunning project.

    After have taken fully account into the design concept, which embodies a strong emphasis on the ‘exclusive property’, model making experts emulated nearly all the architectural elements such as pleasant public space, lush landscaping and other amenities like pools and spas, to depict luxury resort lifestyle as well as to create a warm, comfortable and friendly living atmosphere.

    After installing several dynamic LED lighting, unparalleled structure details can be highlighted, and this master plan model also included a wide variety of vegetation, which not only brings the viewers closer to nature but also supports the environment.

    RJ Molders only spent one month accomplishing this master plan model, and the final master plan model was used as a practical marketing tool to attract both tourists and residents.

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    Jumeirah Hills Urban Plnning Model in UAE

    Scale: 1: 500 | Size: 8000mm x 6500mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Jumeirah Hills master plan is an ambitious real estate development which planned to be constructed in the central area of UM Suqeim 1, Dubai, and RJ Models were very proud to be commissioned to build this urban planning model to deliver such a large development project within a tight timescale

    After have taken full consideration of the site context and design concept, this urban planning model perfectly emulated the new proposed central areas, commercial and leisure space, and other world-class amenities and auxiliary facilities to represent the epitome of elegance, exclusive and comfortable lifestyle.

    One of the eye-catching of this urban planning scale model in Dubai is the replica of the water park. Our model makers in Dubai added various ‘add-on’ items like water slipway and hot-air balloon to the model, and entertainment facilities were displayed in a colorful and playful style.

    With a fine level of detail and comprised a series of luxury and exquisite architectural model components, the final presentation urban planning model is incredibly impressive and it is now served as a marketing tool for the developers to attract future investors and residence as it helps to present some of the interior design ideas as well as the overall massing of the buildings.

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    Meraas JBR Retail Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:350 | Size: 2500mm x 2100mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    With the aim of making a holiday paradise which combines luxurious leisure attractions and distinctive retail, Dubai-based developer Meraas, launched an ambitious beachfront development plan and invited RJ Models to produce a masterplan model to add an investment and sales value to the project.

    The most appealing feature of this masterplan model is the waving sea surface, which was elaborately made from blue-green tinted acrylic with a special texture, and fascinating lights were added to increase the scene of a dynamic water surface.

    As a backdrop of this masterplan model, the skyscrapers complex behind were made monochromic and minimalistic in detail to make the new planned retailing area and existing beaches stand out, while innovatively portrays the surrounding context and gives the overall design a sense of harmony.

    Bustling with well-arranged miniature palm trees, high-quality beach amenities like a tennis court and swimming pools, and outdoor furniture such as sun loungers and beach umbrella, this masterplan model provides the viewers a lifelike visual experience of an unparalleled vocation destination where urban life meets the Seascape beach.

    After the masterplan model was completed, all the model parts were carefully packed and shipped to the exhibition site with customized air packing boxes.

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    Location Map of Shenzhen City Planning Model

    Scale:1: 5000 | Size: 6000mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This city planning model is a combination of digital and physical scale models, and it was displayed in the city exhibition hall to show the public how the new proposed transportation plan will affect the city and what extent these potential will be realized in the future.

    Commissioned by the Shenzhen local authority, RJ Models made this huge city planning model by showing the actual land usage, transportation system and terrain structure and textures in a proper way, and lighting systems were added to the model to highlight the balanced and sophisticated planned road network.

    The finished city planning model comprehensively depicts the city form that the project strives for, and the public saw it as an aesthetic attraction as it provides the audience a panoramic view with its authentic cautious crafted building roofs.

    RJ skilled model experts brought 3D printing, laser cutting, high-density resin casting and stereolithography together to produce this large-scale interactive city planning model, and it is Shenzhen’s only physical manifestation of how the city will turn to be after the new transportation planning is fully implemented.

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    JBR Island Master Plan Model in Dubai

    Scale:1: 150 | Size: 8000mm x 6000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Jumeirah Beach Residence is a waterfront residential district located in Dubai Marina, and this new proposed residential development included 35 elegant residence and 5 luxurious hotels which will appropriate situated in six residential blocks.

    RJ Models cooperated with 3DR Models that completed this master plan model for Dubai for these tourism hotspots where outstanding retail, residential, hospitality, and entertainment were blended together.

    With a scale of 1:150, this master plan model was fabricated thoroughly with intricate details, and RJ Modelers installed a series of lighting units to realistically resemble what the site would look like in reality.

    This master plan model took 1 month by a team of 15 model making experts produce, and this masterpiece was sectioned off into 14 pieces for easier transportation.

    Packed with purpose-built flight box and was airlifted from Shenzhen to Dubai in one week, this highly detailed master plan marketing scale model for luxury JBR Island development is one of the finest creations that RJ Models has created for Dubai.

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    Jumeirah Garden Miniature City Model in Dubai

    Scale:1: 750 | Size: 9000mm x 6000mm | Production Time: 3 months

    With plenty of buildings soaring to the sky, this Jumeirah Garden miniature city model does not only depict the city at present, but it is also a glimpse of the how the city will develop into in the future.

    In order to encompass all the new planned and existing architectural structures including city landmarks like Jumeirah Garden City office tower, RJ Models constructed this extensive mixed-use development program miniature city model in a proper manner.

    This miniature city model is a pretty breathtaking piece of work as model makers in Dubai created twinkling high-detailed building blocks with very durable and high-performance materials to present the new development, while others components were simply made out of a mix of PVC and acrylic Plexiglas to fit the space consideration of the overall layout.

    To ensure the final miniature city model can fully capture the essence of the city development, RJ’s model making the specialist team also added strings of LEDs to emphasize the road network, while newly proposed and notable buildings have blue or white LEDs inside to light them up.

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    West Kowloon Cultural District Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1: 750 | Size: 6000mm x 4000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Designed by Kenzo Tange, the West Kowloon Cultural District urban planning model is a unique and sophisticated project which has a particular emphasis on cultural heritage and production.

    This urban planning model embraces all the design elements like the new proposed sports stadium to help the development process go smoother.

    In order to highlight the fascinating layout and new proposed development of the district, the existing structures were constructed as simple grey volumes, while new structures were constructed in a high level of detail with the assistance of advanced model making techniques like laser engraving and 3D printing.

    This urban planning model also incorporates separated lighting systems to bring the viewers an intuitive sense of this visionary cultural focal point in Hong Kong.

    RJ Models involved 20 model making experts complete the urban planning model within a short time-frame, and the finished product was served for both design communication and public viewing purpose

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    Qatar Petroleum Headquarter Architectural Site Model by SOM

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 1500 x 1500mm | Production Time: 21 days

    The 1:500 large scale architectural site model features a splendid lighting system to highlight the Qatar Petroleum Headquarter, with the surrounding artificial dunes, interspersed landscape and water features represented in a conceptual way.

    In order to provide the viewers a striking visual display, we use grey color scheme in this site model to represent the designed area as a unified space and reflect the arid desert environment.

    This remarkable project was planned to be a dream-come-true for the related authorities to promote the petroleum industry, and keep the environmental aesthetics at the same time.

    We decided to use the metal material to build the model of the headquarter, and the flattened next-door buildings in this architectural site model were represented by simple painted square boxes

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    Brighton Marina Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 6000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 2 months

    Located on the Nehalem Bay, Kelly’s Brighton Marina is one of the largest waterfront complex in London which offers easy access to the open water, and the new proposed development aims to develop this site into a more attractive destination with a range of amenities like fantastic stores, bars, restaurants, yachts, and motorboats, etc.,

    RJ Models provide the model making service in London and constructed this exquisitely detailed master plan model to allow viewers to visualize how this site might turn into in the future.

    In this master plan model, scale model makers placed approximately 100 model boats docked at the pier, together with high detailed housing units and related facilities, this model brings a warm and leisure waterfront living atmosphere such as adding the scale yacht models to attract future residents, visitors, and investors.

    This master plan model emulated nearly all the structures, and along with interactive LED lighting, miniature landscaping, and other incredible entourage elements, this masterpiece offers the viewers a spectacular panoramic view of the site, the marina, and the surrounding areas.

    RJ models involved a group of excellent model making experts worked day and night for 2 months to finish this master plan model to meet the client’s request and the presentation deadline.

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    Mixed Use Miniature City Planning Model Project in Abu Dhabi

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 13000mm x 8000mm | Production Time: 2 Months

    Full of charming views, this sprawling  miniature city planning model depicts the Abu Dhabi as it is planned to be in the future.

    The clients required an astounding level of detail city planning model with the architectural design buildings standing out to bring a larger flow of people from home and abroad, and to attract potential investments as well.

    With this in mind, our team spent one month to complete this city planning model which encompasses an iconic skyline of buildings and structures, and display the center designed port area by creating a diversity of housing types and related facilities.

    This immense city planning model was constructed from separate blocks which comprise the functions of residence and communities, business and commercial, and the way of living and working.

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    Miniature City Model of Port City Colombo

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 1200 x 800mm | Production Time: 7 days

    RJ Models supported the master plan model building of SOM's marina district project of Port City Colombo, Sri Lanka at ease.

    We spend only one week to build the models, the dimension of which is 1200mm x 800mm at 1:1500 scale, with 8 members working and only two days to ship the models from Shenzhen, China to Sri Lanka without any damage using RJ Models' expertise in international model shipping.

    All these have demonstrated the efficiency and the profession of RJ Models in the industry.

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    Global Financial Centre on the Bund Master Planning Model

    Scale:1:750 | Size: 2000 x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Based on the genuine design of OMA, the 1:750 scale master planning model of global financial center on the bund was constructed under an immense amount of effort by 12 professional model makers.

    This master planning model includes a cluster of unique model buildings which were made from painted wood strips to represent the new landmarks feature office, apartments, hotels and shopping malls.

    The miniature roof greeneries are visible in the near distance to reveal the design, and the majority of the model is finished in white plastic as a contrast.

    With considerable model making experience and advanced technologies, our team completed this master planning model in only three weeks.

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    Shekou District Miniature City Planning Model

    Scale:1:2000 | Size: 1500 x 1200mm | Production Time: 14 days

    Located in Nantou Cluster and based on the location advantage of the seaport, the new development of Shekou district comprises a great number of joint ventures with inward investment, and our client committed us to make the city planning model for this project.

    The miniature city planning model of the new planned Shekou industrial area was made from white plastic with eye-catching lighting, while the basic shapes of the surrounding buildings are represented by grey to create a fade-out effect.

    As one of the landmarks of Nanshan District, the China Merchants Tower, which covers 103,000 square meters and has a mixed-use of office and retail, is displayed with featured lighting effects in this small-scale city planning model.

    We used CNC engraving and milling machine and Laser Cutting machine to fabricate the main structure and component, and it only took one week for us to finish this mesmerizing city planning model.

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    Marsa Al Seef Miniature City Planning Model in Bahrain

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 7000 x 6500mm | Production Time: 8 weeks

    With an impressive size and details, the miniature city planning model of Marsa Al Seef depicts the design of the exclusive waterfront city with a leisure and elegance lifestyle.

    A number of miniature buildings in this miniature city model were made from different materials to spotlight the proposed development comprising extensive hospitality, retail, residential, and commercial components.

    We used sprawling rows of yellow LED dots to indicate the main roads and expressways, and the majority of the buildings of this miniature city model have bulbs hidden inside to show a magnificent nighttime scene.

    In order to showcase this massive development project designed by SOM, our team spent 6 weeks and involved 12 experts to complete this miniature city model, and the final presentation model provides the viewers a simulated experience of the most extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.

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    Miniature City Planning Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 5600mm x 2700mm | Production Time: 26 days

    In keeping with the transportation-integrated development which was put forward by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, RJ team accomplished this city planning model to assist in emphasizing sinuous road network across the city by using strings of LEDs of different colors.

    The biggest challenge was that, along with future transportation projects, the client wanted us to incorporate thousands of houses and other facilities around the highway.

    Our team of model makers in UAE conquered this problem by using simple geometric model buildings to simulate the general shape of the buildings along with the road network and using aerial photos that attached to the city planning model on all sides to represent the rest of the area.

    For the new planning area, the existing and planned landmarks and skyscrapers of the city planning model were made with more complex details, and lighted up by white or blue LEDs inside.

    This city planning model was displayed at various venues around the country to get public awareness of the new development plan and educate the public as well.

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    Business Bay miniature city model

    Scale:1: 150 | Size: 10000mm x 9000mm | Production Time: 2 months

    As one of the leading commercial and business center in Dubai, this fascinating site comprises numerous skyscrapers and high-grade infrastructures, and RJ Models has been commissioned to craft this high precision miniature city model to allow the viewers have a better understanding of the development plan as well as to experience the life of future in advance.

    It was a big challenge for RJ Models to illustrate such a large geographic area which included both current and future developments of the Business Bay district in Dubai, and model making specialists ultimately decided to build this real-life miniature city model with a 1:150 scale

    After having separated the entire model into several parts and fabricated them individually, all the model pieces were assembled on completion to form the final miniature city model, and it is hard to tell whether this masterpiece is a high-resolution city map or a digital rendering at first glance.

    It is worth mentioning that the lighting of this miniature city model was done excellently as model makers selected warm light for the street lighting while most buildings’ LED lighting system used cold light, and other entourage elements like a model vehicle, figure and vegetations were also added to provide a sense of leisure and flourish.

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    Hong Kong Miniature City Model

    Scale:1: 2500 | Size: 30000mm x 5000mm x 800mm | Production Time: 4 months

    Based on the real spatial data and commissioned by Hong Kong’s authorities, RJ Models constructed this miniature city model to vividly depict Hong Kong's unique topographic conditions and regional planning to raise public awareness in good planning principles, as well as to the help the related institutions to analyze and discuss city planning scenarios.

    It took RJ modelers considerable time and manual efforts to finish this miniature city model due to thousands of structures along with surrounding mountains, sharp peaks, and hidden valleys were required to be fabricated to identify the key city characters.

    This miniature city model has been divided into several separate sections for easy transportation and handling, and RJ Models arranged a professional team to transport and assemble them after reached the destination.

    The final miniature city model is accommodated in the exhibition area in the ICC tower, which is the tallest building in Hong Kong, and it is quite spectacular as it fully captured the uniqueness and essence of Hong Kong.

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    Morocco Location Map Miniature City Model

    Scale:1: 7500 | Size: 8000mm x 7000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This Morocco Location Map miniature city model was created to represent the recent national development, which aims to transfer Morocco into an ‘international hub’, and to promote urbanization, preserve natural resources and improve the state economy at the same time.

    This miniature city model is more like a topographic model since RJ modelers fabricated the surrounding mountains with a tremendous amount of elevation change in full color and detail to make them look more realistic, and the final product successfully broke the viewers’ usual impression of geographical models.

    One unique feature of this miniature city model is several labels with the city name on it were added to the model and this gives the different individual region its own identity.

    After have fully refined the new proposed national development plan as well as to ensure the client would satisfied with the final product, our professional architectural model maker in Morocco spent nearly 1 month worked day and night to complete this miniature city model, and it was finally used by the government to discuss, optimize and improve the urban strategic planning.

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    Dubai Master Planning Model

    Scale:1:5000 | Size: 3000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a demonstration master planning model of Dubai's coastal development plan.

    RJ Models, has a team of model makers in Dubai,  makes a detailed portrayal of the road system, which is consistent with the development of transport integration proposed by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority.

    The master planning model mainly displays the main traffic lanes of the Dubai city and the general distribution of the building areas.

    Considering the distinction between the traffic­­ lines, LED lights of different colors are used for display.

    To fulfill the client’s willingness, that incorporates thousands of houses and other facilities around the highway to vividly illustrate the real scene, RJ Models makes ink rubbing of satellite maps, and through technical methods, transforming those maps into a three-dimensional image of the city.

    This master planning model is not only used to show the city planning to the government, but also displayed at various venues around the country to get the public awareness of the new development plan and educate the public as well.

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    Palm Jebei Ali Master Plan Model in Dubai

    Scale: 1:500 | Size: 2500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 15 Days

    The Palm Jebel Ali Island is an artificial island built on the coast of Dubai, which consists of an artificial island shaped like a palm trunk, 17 small islands shaped like palm trees, and a circular island around them.

    After communication and inspection, the scale of this master plan model is finally selected at 1:500.

    On the one hand, the viewers can see the whole picture of the design, on the other hand, the details of the master plan model can be displayed well, even a tiny palm tree.

    This is also the embodiment of RJ Models’ exquisite craftsmanship.

    This master plan model presents the viewers with a blueprint for the future, but also attracts the attention and funding of investors to the island.

    The property on the island was sold out at the beginning of the sale, even some properties were still on the map.

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    Istanbul Miniature City Model

    Scale:1:5000 | Size: 3500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 days¬¬¬¬

    This is an overall miniature city model for Istanbul, the political, economic, cultural, financial and transportation center of Turkey.

    This miniature city model provides local government with a complete visual reference for the urban’s development in the future.

    RJ Models relies on satellite maps and relative information from the planning department to obtain detailed landforms and craft fine structural components.

    This miniature city model shows the status quo of Istanbul, and truly restores transportation, greening, water, etc. in the city.

    Miniature city model making team also take photos as reference, produces historical sites, estate and infrastructure projects in Istanbul, making the model perfectly show the true charm of Istanbul.

    To emphasize those landmarks and show the city's outlines and traffic lines, model experts install LED lights at specific places, such as highway and coastline.

    Architectural model makers in Turkey also make 10 tailor-made aviation wooden cases, equipped with professional packing and arranges 8 professional model makers to safely deliver the model from Shenzhen, a city which is 8,000-kilometers away from Turkey, to the destination and install the model precisely and delicately.

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    SPDO kucukcekmece Miniature City Model in Turkey

    Scale:1:1500 | Size: 2000mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a miniature city model of the center area in Kucukcekmece, Turkey.

    Kucukcekmece is a famous tourism city and tens of thousands of people go there for vacation every year.

    The highlight of the miniature city model is the general planning and traffic operations of the city center, which is the great reference for viewers to overview the whole picture.

    Although the size of the entire model is large, the details are still being crafted very delicately

    In the miniature city model, the diagonal gray square building strongly contrasts with the center white building which means the center is an important planning and development zone.

    The RJ's architectural model makers also adopt many high-tech methods in the process of making models, such as CNC engraving and milling machine and Laser Cutting machine.

    Those advanced tools and technology help RJ Models fabricate the main structure and component of each part of the model, so they can finish it with high efficiency and accuracy.

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    Jakarta Mininature City Model by SOM

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2000mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia with a population of 10.18 million.

    It is an important port city and financial center of Indonesia.

    SOM is responsible for the entire design of two 450 hectares reclaimed islands, which are close to the northern coast of Jakarta.

    In the urban design, the integrated functional area is connected to the residential area by a network of boulevards, green spaces, and plazas, and RJ's architectural model making team in Indonesia faithfully reflects the designer's intentions.

    This miniature city model illustrates the urban area in the future.

    The key part of the project is presented in three dimensions, while the rest environment is presented in two dimensions.

    The miniature city model not only highlights the important part but also shows the whole picture of the future city and is very conducive to attract investment.

    The delicately selected model materials reflect the building’s dual-personalities - the sense of energy-efficiency and future as well.

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    Zhanjiang Miniature City Model in China

    Scale:1: 1000 | Size: 32000 mm x 10000mm | Production Time: 3 months

    The new coming Zhanjiang City development plan aims to create an international metropolis with ideal living environment and infrastructure for Zhanjiang's future, which will also provide a myriad of economic opportunities and offer a high quality of city life, and this miniature city model is a perfect replica of this coastal city with rich tourism resources.

    In order to accomplish an ideal portrayal of information at the scale of 1:1000, RJ Modelers represented most structures by massing and blocking, and in this way, this miniature city model provides the viewers a panoramic grand view of the city in real life.

    By showing the sparkling blue rivers and terrain variations, this miniature city model not only depicts the primary features of the present Zhanjiang but also shows the viewers a brilliant future of the city.

    This miniature city model took RJ Modelers approximately 3 months to complete, and it was put on display, during project presentation to attract potential investments and to bring the public awareness of the urban development as well.

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    Heart of Jeddah Master Plan Model

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 9000mm x 7000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Covering an area of 85 hectares and developed by Jeddah Development & Urban Regeneration Company, Heart of Jeddah project is a sustainable and mixed-use development which aims to transfer this old airport site into a primary urban hub in the middle east, and RJ Models and 3DR Models was honored to be appointed to create this master plan model to deliver the planning proposal to the public.

    In order to produce an accurate replica of the planning idea, lots of works were done by RJ modelers to represent the intricate architectural details, while dynamic lighting effects were also added to this master plan model to provide the viewers an intuitive sense of living in this new comfortable, luxurious and pleasure destination.

    RJ Models worked with the client for 1 month constructing this master plan model to best represent the proposed development while remaining aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

    The final master plan model was primarily used to explore how the newly designed stadium fit the surrounding environment, and therefore the designers can better understand, improve and ameliorate the design concept.

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    Goldin Properties Master Plan Model in Tianjin, China

    Scale:1: 150 | Size: 10000mm x 9000mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Developed and invested by Goldin Properties Holdings Limited, RJ Model is very pleased to be invited to construct this detailed master plan model for this real estate development project in Tianjin, which was and planned to raise citizens’ living standard and create a new type of urban lifestyle at the same time.

    The eye-catcher of this master plan model is the central building complex which comprised residential buildings, hotels, office towers, retailing and commercial space, public facilities and a stunning 117-story skyscraper.

    When making this master plan model, RJ modelers used advanced model making techniques like laser cutting to emulate accurate building shapes, and high-performance materials were used to mimic the glazed building facades and other detailed architectural components.

    Composed by 6 pieces, this master plan model was accomplished by 12 modelers in 21 days, and the final products were transported to Tianjin for assembling and presentation, and therefore helped to promote communication and decision making between designers and investors.

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    Cairo New Capital Miniature City Models

    Scale:1: 5000 | Size: 1200mm x 8000mm | Production Time: 45 days

    Commissioned by SOM, RJ Models accomplished this miniature city model 's new capital city –Cairo to represent the planning intention, which emphasizes on the ‘green city’ city planning concept by taking full account of the topography, natural resources, land usage and urban strategic development of the site.

    Consisting of numbers of upscale residential blocks, luxury hotels and resorts, commercial and business districts, public and spaces and facilities, and a modern airport, etc

    This 1:5000 miniature city model is one of the largest city replicas that RJ Models have constructed, and it is considered to be a perfect illustration of this new global city in the desert.

    Based on accurate spatial data and high-resolution aerial photos of the city, RJ Models model making experts fabricated 24 individual model blocks and integrated them into a cohesive graphic layout by assembling them together, and the master plan model was hosted on a substantial hardwood base and was protected by the glass enclosure.

    Controlled by iPad, different areas with various built features can be highlighted, and this interactive master plan model took 50 modelers 2 months to complete, and it was used as the centerpiece in the exhibition center.

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    Canouan, Caribbean Island Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:2500 | Size: 3000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The handcrafted warmth of this island master plan model provides a great perspective on the amazing landscape of the island, and it helps to attract potential populations and investments at the same time.

    Together with the championship famous golf course and stunning seascapes with beautiful beaches, rows of houses and villas of the master plan model were created leaning the hillside to give a super overview of the island.

    As the Caribbean Island a virtually unspoiled character, the promotional purpose of this master plan model is to develop a luxury destination which is expected to be one of the most desirable places to live, learn, work and relax, and to win public support and investments

    In order to meet the clients’ demands of creating an authentic view of the landscape, as well as to duplicate the turquoise sea, the fine presentation model took over 4 weeks industrial work of our team.

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    Rubicon Aqaba Master Plan Model in Jordan

    Scale:1:1500 | Size: 2000mm x 2350mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Our team accomplished this 1:1500 master plan model to present the remarkable 184-acre themed entertainment destination project in Aqaba.

    Served as both an educational model for ‘green energy’ and a milestone of the tourism development in Jordan, this impressive project combines local culture and heritage with natural beauty and local charm.

    This master plan model duplicated the majority of entertainment elements such as theatres and hotels to provide the viewers with an immersive entertainment experience.

    The bright spot of this master plan model in Jordan is that we made lifelike miniature replicas of landscape and water in the desert, and used plain color to indicate the surrounding landform with mountains sanded and finished in gray.

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    Changping Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2500mm x 2100mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ team completed this brightly colored urban planning model to show the new central business district of Changping(a fast-growing district of Chongqing) and to provide a clear picture of how the existing neighborhoods relate to the new planned area.

    The blocky central area of this urban planning model is highlighted by gorgeous color lighting with detailed façade to attract viewing, and the green rows of LEDs on the elevated roadway are lighted up to show the expressways of the city.

    This urban planning model was cut directly into several blocks through highways and streets, and our team used different color lighting to define various parts of the district.

    Although the small scale of this urban planning model only allows for limited details and creates few scenes, it perfectly represents not only a present reality but also how this area will look like in the near future.

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    J. Ali Horse Course Master Plan Model in UAE

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 9000 x 8000mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Our client engaged us to build a master plan model of J. Ali Horse Course to promote the development of the UAE equestrian community as well as to provide a world-class service with the excellent facilities available.

    Almost every building in this twinkling master plan model includes a high level of detail such as texture building facade with translucent windows and multi-colored rooftops.

    Control by computer and portable devices, the lights of this master plan model dim and tiny lights alongside the road the roads twinkle on, which in line with the actual design (install floodlights to enable horse races to be conducted after sunset).

    After one month of hard work by the architectural model makers in U.A.E, this true-to-life master plan model looks incredible spectacular when it is put on public display.

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    Kai Tak Town Planning Model by Cedd

    Scale:1:2500 | Size: 2350 x 2100mm | Production Time: 45 days

    Constructed by our architectural model building team in more than one month, this town plan model encompasses the majority of the city blocks with an emphasis on the central newer construction area.

    After taking into account the statutory Kai Tak Outline Zoning Plan, the harbor and the spaces around were identified as the focal area for public enjoyment and subsequent amendments

    We took care to include a certain amount of details of the new planned district in this town plan model and used blue LEDs to illustrate the placid waters of the lake.

    Capturing the context of the surrounding area, this town plan model includes a number of humorous greys painted miniature model buildings to show far away areas of the designed zone, which also assist in depicting the urban blocks and skyline of the town vividly.

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    Master Planning Model in Malaysia

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 1500 x 1000mm | Production Time: 21 days

    This master planning model encompasses the existing and new proposed buildings, which were indicated by white plastic materials but lighted up by two different colors, to reflect the proposed urban planning enhancement.

    The design vision of this project was to leverage the dramatic natural environments and to set up a retail and commercial core to make sure this site will be one of the focal points of the city’s growth.

    This master planning model is seductive as the magnificent tower with detailed façade features a tiny light-up star at its peak, and it was proposed to serve as a beacon across the design area in the future.

    Strictly to the designed scale, our architectural model making team in Malaysia made completed this master planning model to bring the public a vision of a top livable city, and help to convert this region into one of the most livable and sustainable places in Malaysia.

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    Istanbul Seaport Master Plan Model in Turkey

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 8000mm x 6000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    Overlooking the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul Seaport master plan model incorporated several residential neighborhoods, a certain range of commercial and recreational areas, a modern cruise ship terminal, luxurious yacht harbors, ancillary facilities and amenities, and all these unique characters were perfectly depicted.

    With the scale of 1: 500, this master plan model includes more than 100 yacht models, and together with lifelike water surface and lush landscape materials, this scale model is a perfect visual demonstration of this waterfront destination.

    By switching on and off the LED lights of this master plan model, the viewers can vividly envision how the newly designed site would look like at different times of the day.

    Our architectural model makers provide the service of model making in Turkey, worked very hard over the past month creating this master plan model, and it is impressive to look at, not only in its scale but in its detail.

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    KAUST KSA Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 5000mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This concept urban planning model represented how the new proposed development will harmonize the existing structures, and how the transportation system will support various functions of different areas.

    The design scope of this development and short model manufacturing period has brought a challenge for RJ Models, and model making team overcame it by subdividing the entire urban planning model into several parts and fit them together before the presentation.

    Model making experts used 3D printing and laser cutting techniques to compress the model production time and increase clients’ design development instead.

    This master plan model is rich in detail of a wide range of vegetations, road network, and houses, and together with an interactive iPad controlled lighting system, each model units can be lit up to highlight the features of the design ideas.

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    Meydan Grand Racing Course Master Plan Model

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 12000mm x 8000mm | Production Time: 2 months

    Including the Meydan Racecourse as the centerpiece, this project is a comprehensive city development plan which aims to create an appealing tourist destination where elegant city life, leading entertainment and sporting events can mix together, and this master plan model is an epitome of this development vision.

    At a scale of 1:500, this master plan model perfectly replicated the building facades and other architectural components like iconic roof shapes and realistic finishes to provide a real-world visualization of how this new project would impact inhabitants of the district.

    The Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand, which was planned to drive the standard of horseracing events to a greater height, were fabricated with fine detail and remarkable lighting systems were used to add to the realistic aspect of the model.

    This master plan model was put on display during fundraising events in terms of marketing, as it brings an extravagant and elegant vibe to anyone who wants to live or visit this site.

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    Dubai Urban Planning Park Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 4500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a 1:150 scale masterplan model of the Dubai Urban Planning Park development project, which features residential buildings and all related public facilities like tennis court, waterfront park, winding walkways and other recreation amenities, and, last but not least, multi-leveled natural landscape and well-trimmed vegetation.

    Bearing in mind the ‘eco-friendly’ planning concept, this real estate development includes an iconic park and green roofs, which, for the primary purpose, showcases the best practices in environmental building technologies and innovative architectural typologies of the surrounding environments.

    In this masterplan model, RJ Models used synthetic material and pre-made miniature plants to make the greenings of various scales and details, exactly in line with the detailed landscape plan.

    Meanwhile, external building characters such as recessed windows, balconies and featured architectural appearance, even the external road network, were emulated accurately, with stunning lighting effects added to make this masterplan model as realistic as possible.

    The finished masterplan model was displayed in client's real estate events as it creates a new desire for the potential housing buyers to explore newly sustainable lifestyle pursuits and enjoy ecological living environments, therefore, further emphasize the design concept of an environmental grace public park within a harmonious urban community.

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    Tecom Community Center Master Plan Model

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 5000mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    As part of the master plan of the Tecom Community Center project, which is primarily a commercial-based merchandise street development that would be situated in the Dubai Design District, RJ Models produced this large-scale masterplan model to assist in the client’s design presentation.

    This masterplan model has a privilege in its visual appreciation thanks to the bustling shopping atmosphere that RJ Models created, as in the earlier stage of the model making process, modelers have put plenty of time and effort in researching and collecting related information of each brand to ensure the correct expression of all the coming storefronts.

    RJ Models used transparent or semi-transparent acrylic to fabricate the exterior wall of the monomer buildings.

    Along with multi-color LED lights, the internal layout and decoration of each commercial building were fully represented.

    Other eye-catching features of this masterplan model include an open public plaza, the outdoor stage which is ideal for special events and performances, an art of sculptures, graceful landscaping, together with hundreds of well-chosen figures placed, this model reflects a vibrant street life.

    Considering this masterplan model involves complex lighting systems, our architectural model making team arranged a group of technical personnel come to the site to complete the lighting installation and debugging to make sure the final product can depict the project in the best possible light.

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    Khayyat Coastal Master Plan Models

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2200mm x 2100mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    With the goal of developing a world-class international hu resort, the Khayyat Coastal development will feature leisure, commercial, business, residential and hospitality components, and this meticulously crafted masterplan model is a visual embodiment of the forward-thinking planning proposal.

    Architectural structures of this masterplan model like residential buildings, hotels, shopping malls, etc, were made in tiny detail, mainly using high-quality ABS and different colors of acrylic.

    Even the building glass walls, convex windows were produced and painted in accordance with the architectural drawings provided.

    Most plants and trees were pre-made while bushes and ground covers were fabricated using polyurethane sponge materials to create a multi-level landscape effect.

    As this masterplan model is relative small in scope, the viewers are able to get a comprehensive view of the overall layout and cityscape.

    Notably, this masterplan model has a deck promenade that extended from the bank, with luxury yachts puller pulling up alongside the pier or docked in the marina.

    And the pavilion on the observation deck, right down the pedestrian bridge, is definitely one of the most prominent design features as it echoed the vibe of the coastal infused with the comfort of resort living.

    The finished masterplan model is, in effect, very helpful in testing market potential, attracting potential residents and tourists, or raising capital from investors.

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    Dubai Water Canal Master Planning Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 5000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    RJ Models proudly fabricated a 1:300 scale masterplan model for this Water Canal project, which will connect Business Bay with the Arabian Gulf, and will have an encouraging impact on marine traffic in Dubai.

    RJ Models combined FDM with advanced SLS 3D printing process to deliver the most actual masterplan model.

    Every structure was depicted in great detail.

    The glass building curtain wall and windows were made of high-quality acrylic, and multi-colored rooftops and external facades were painted according to the actual color.

    As an important part of this masterplan model, numerous of model luxury yachts and boats were placed, with specific brand engraved, to demonstrate a unique addition to the district's tourism landscape.

    This masterplan model was equipped with LED lights, in particular, sinuous roads along the canal and waterfront were emphasized by strings of yellow and ocean blue LEDs.

    Also, some of the new planned notable structures have warm tone LEDs installed to illuminated from inside.

    Every component of this masterplan model is an intricate part of what makes this Water Canal development so unique and attractive.

    The finished product is absolutely an impressive work as it gives the viewers a comprehensive idea of the design concept and spread-out nature of the canal.

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    Police Training Center Master Plan Model in Ashgabat for Turkmenistan

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 4000mm x 2800mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    Developed by the The National Company Turkmen gas, the new planned Training Center in Ashgabat will be constructed for in-service training of officers, as well as for recruit training.

    It will feature both educational and residential buildings and outdoor training and entertaining facilities.

    Our architectural model maker in Turkmenistan adapted different model making techniques with the main use of CNC engraving, laser cutting, and 3D printing, to capture the design essence by showing the realistic textures and colors of the buildings with different functions.

    A wide range of training fields and facilities can be clearly seen from this masterplan model to ensure different training courses could be carried out smoothly.

    Windows of the building were made of clear acrylic to show some interior details such as administrative offices, defensive tactics room, and firearms simulation room, etc.

    Other accessories like tress, lamp posts were also added to this masterplan model to provide the viewer a real and vivid scene.

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    Pan Cheng Gang Miniature city model in China

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 4500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Well situated in a prime location in Jinjiang district, Pan Cheng gang site was envisioned to set a new sustainable benchmark for Chengdu by providing plenty of social infrastructures that could enhance citizen’s quality of life.

    This miniature city model was produced to depict a brand new Panchenggang, which is a great place to live, work and visit.

    Based on the real satellite imageries and mainly made of different color acrylic, this miniature city model is rich in detail and large in scope, which covered approximately every corner of the district, both developed and to be developed.

    And it vividly embodies the site characters, more importantly, demonstrates the project features and showcases the unique appeal of the city.

    In order to create a commercial and metropolis atmosphere, this miniature city model features an interaction function and intelligent media display.

    Different colors LED lights were installed to highlight different planning areas.

    RJ Models used high-quality Plexiglas to make the external façade of some landmark buildings and iconic structures, such as the Yanlord Landmark in the center of the district, and equipped them with blue gradient lighting, to give the miniature city model a crystal clear and modern visual effect.

    With high-level model making an experience, RJ Models successfully completed this miniature city model in a related short time, and it was used as a regional planning tool that assisted the city government to consummate the development plan.

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    GAJ Urban Planning Model in Qatar

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 5000mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    RJ Models has been assigned to design, produce and deliver an urban planning model for GAJ’s urban planning project in Qatar, which was expected to convert the planning site into an ideal residential district with extensive amenities at the first place.

    This urban planning model indicates local architectural style, which radically draws from the geographical features and local culture of Qatar.

    Modern and sustainable architectural design elements were presented by red brick white walls that fabricated using incarnadine and creamy white acrylic.

    Most buildings of this urban planning model have soft yellow tone lighting illuminating from the inside to provide the viewers a charming night vision, more important, to highlight the aesthetic principles of the architectural design.

    In the construction of this urban planning model, RJ Models paid particular attention to detail performance and landscape manufacturing.

    In order to capture the essence of this well-designed project, rich types of miniature green planting, combined with hundreds of model vehicles were placed to give the model a dramatic appearance.

    The finished urban planning model helps the developers to seize a new opportunity to sell their real estate as it allows viewers to gain a comprehensive perspective on the project, and therefore, stimulates the purchase desire, and attracts new investments.

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    Al Rayyan Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 4000mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The vibrant residence at Al Rayyan precinct is designed to adopt the ‘transferring the city to a desert city threshold’ development subject and to complement the future development of Qatar in more general terms.

    This 1:500 scale urban planning model is simply the best way to interpret how the new development will integrate with the surroundings and existing structures.

    Considering this residential block will be built leaning the mountains RJ Models meticulously replicated the real topography and landforms of the site.

    Various types of luxurious residential buildings were produced to give the future tenants a general perspective. For the purpose to distinguish between the new planned area and the existing surroundings, RJ Models represented the existing buildings with simple square masses with the material natural finish.

    This urban planning model incorporates gentle and elegant orange LED lights inside the building to provide the viewers an unparalleled sensual experience, and at the same time, fully embodies the exquisite and high-end living atmosphere.

    When fabricating this urban planning model, RJ Models mimicked the free-flowing secluded landscaped roads and expansive desert landscape to offer the viewers a real sense of oscillating between the ‘Desert’ and ‘City’ environments by providing them an ultimate landscape panoramic view.

    Full of vitality, the completed urban planning model is regarded as one of the primary parts of the project and it is an ideal presentation tool to demonstrate the design concept.

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    Dreamland Miniature City Model

    Scale:1:600 | Size: 3600mm x 4000mm | Production Time: 35 Days

    This miniature city model showcases the upcoming Dreamland residential development, which features luxurious residential apartments, premium amenities, comprehensive public facilities and gorgeous landscaping.

    To bring a high-quality living experience to the future residents, this miniature city model encompasses nearly all of the accurate architectural details.

    Even the road paving patterns were replicated completely consistent with the architectural blueprints.

    Designed with nature in mind, RJ Models accomplished this miniature city model with miniature plants lining the roads and paths, along with the areas around the villa model and landscaped with simulated lush vegetation and natural lawn.

    In addition, RJ Models created different sorts of water features. For the lake in the center of this miniature city model, modelers used sky blue tinted acrylic to represent the peaceful water surface, while the wandering stream was fabricated with the special texture to create a dynamic flowing effect.

    In order to cater to both local and global residents, and attract more tourists come to the site, entourage elements like street lamps, fitness facilities, model vehicles were added to bring more vitality to this miniature city model, and it gives the viewers a true sense of how this environmentally sensitive multi-use development will benefits their future life.

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    SMG Urban Planning Model in France

    Scale:1:750 | Size: 2000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a 1:750 scale urban planning model of the SMG luxury residential district, which features detached villas, apartment buildings, entertaining amenities and leisure facilities in graceful green spaces scattered with calm lakes and pools.

    Based on the ‘multi-functionality, integrality and sustainability’ planning ideas, the architectural design of this project is future-oriented and innovative, which would create a cutting edge and upscale venue for valued residents all over the world.

    Encased in white-toned building facades, the newly planned villas seem like the blank canvas, which enable the residents to image their dream homes, depending on their individual preferences.

    RJ Model used high-performance ABS and tinted translucent acrylic to build the houses, and compensated the simplicity with lush tall trees, crisp bush, and blooming flowers.

    The entire urban planning model for France was separated by an arterial road in the middle.

    This scale model beckons the aesthetic principles of the concise and elegant architectural design style and shows the appeal of the ecological beauty of nature.

    Combined with both interior and exterior LED lights, this exquisitely fabricated urban planning model immaculately showcases that there is nowhere better to stay than this neighborhood.

    The finished urban planning model is a fancy come to life, and it was displayed at client’s real estate events to attract potential housing buyers or raise capital from investors.

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    Damac Miniature City Model In Dubai

    Scale:1:750 | Size: 4500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Bustling with a diverse range of pre-made plastic vegetation, various facilities, and amenities, along with minimalist-designed simulation buildings, this miniature city model, in itself, is a high-grade neighborhood in miniature.

    The master plan of this project aims to breathe a brand new life into the desert by creating a natural harmonious environment for the residents to live, rest and explore. In other words, this villa project is a marriage of traditionalism and modernism and will integrate the local culture of this district with the native environment.

    In order to emphasize the finest architectural elements of this project, this miniature city model has installed individual LED lights inside each unit, accompanied by street lamps regularly distributed along the main roads and captivating promenades, to allow the viewers to ‘walk through’ the project.

    Although this miniature city model was not built in high-level detail, as the building windows were depicted as punch-card style grids, it shows the completed scenery and panoramic view of the project and demonstrates a high-quality luxury lifestyle.

    Due to the large size of this miniature city model, RJ Models made a custom wooden model of pedestal to match the model base, and the final product matched the client’s showroom perfectly.

    What’s more, this masterpiece added great value to the project as it helped the developer to generate more sales.

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    Miniature City Model of Shenzhen in China

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 4500mm x 6000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Based on real geographic data plat maps, and aerial photos, this miniature city model is an accurate representation of Shenzhen, which showcases all of the existing and new planned structures in the entire city.

    This miniature city model is simple in design and style. Frosted Plexiglas was used to produce the new designed skyscrapers and road network, together with stunning lighting to grabs the viewers’ attention.

    For the existing structures and urban context, RJ Models selected balsa and basswood to form the simple volumes of the buildings, while shaping significant contrast to the new planned central area.

    The simplicity of the wood texture gives this miniature city model an elegant, unique, and sophisticated look.

    Despite that wood is a harder material to work with, RJ Models triumphed over the challenge and the finished product won high praise from the client.

    This miniature city model allows the public to gain an overall perspective on the larger pattern of the cityscape.

    What’s more, the architectural model helps the planning authorities to spotlight proposed developments to the central district, and to win public support.

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    Cong Hua Racecourse Urban Planning Model by HKJL

    Scale: 1:2000 | Size: 2000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    Cong Hua Racecourse is the top and largest racetrack in China, which can not only accommodate at least 1,500 horses but also has observation towers, horse hospitals, high-level clubs and resort hotels.

    The design of the racecourse is very subtle.

    There are two artificial lakes in the central area of the circular runway.

    The two lakes cover an area of about 40,000 square meters.

    However, in addition to the role of beautifying the environment, they also play a vital role in water storage.

    During the rainy season, rainwater on the runway can be remitted to the lake through the ditch and recycled after treatment.

    This urban planning model not only accurately restores the surrounding terrain but also fully illustrates the designer's ideas.

    RJ's architectural model makers use lots of green materials to show the scenes of the mountain and choose white materials for the building, which results from a strong contrast between the building and the surrounding environment.

    Model making experts make this model in 20 days.

    Although the time is very tight, the final work is still completed with high quality.

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    Wahat Al Zawaya Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 1500mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Al Wahat District is one of the districts in Libya and full of deserts.

    Zawaya is one of the oasis cities in that district.

    After 30 days of fine measurement and production by model experts, this urban planning model was finally completed, which shows both the desert environment and the scene of oasis city.

    RJ Models divides the residence are into different areas through LED lights.

    Lighting is the special point of this model.

    Lights in different areas can be controlled independently without interference.

    When presenting to the audiences, it is a great help to attract the attention of the audience and guide their sight.

    In this desert oasis model, in addition to the LED lighting in the area, model makers also pay great attention to the detail.

    Lights in each building model of the entire building are installed one by one by makers.

    So, when the lights of every house are lit up, it’s just like the real light in the night and the audiences will be shocked by a strong sense of reality.

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    Meyden Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 1500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This urban planning model is used to show the residential area and its surroundings.

    In the construction of this urban planning model, RJ Models paid great attention to detail performance and landscape manufacturing.

    The lights of this urban planning model are composed of two colors, warm yellow and cool white, to distinguish different architectural type.

    There are about two hundred model buildings in total, the façade of each building is carefully crafted by the RJ model makers according to the architectural drawings, by using advanced technics, such as CNC engraving, laser cutting, and 3D printing.

    To capture the design essence and show the realistic textures and colors of the buildings and surroundings, rich types of miniature green planting, combined with hundreds of model lights are installed.

    Particularly, due to its unique landmark meaning and cultural representative role, the mosque was carefully crafted by the RJ model makers.

    The final urban planning model is a very sophisticated, eye-catching product and comprehensively shows the designers’ idea to the prospective investors and housing purchasers, and the viewers can have a panoramic view of the entire site through the model.

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    Morocco Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 3000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This urban planning model shows a villa area located in Morocco, the economic aggregate of which ranks third in North Africa, with phosphate exports, tourism, and remittances as the main economic pillars.

    In the urban planning model, various materials have been used to display beach, sea, and landscape, and even of the relatively small scale, RJ Models does not neglect the details, hundreds of model trees with mere 2-centimeter height.

    RJ Models also installs dynamic lights in the master planning model to illuminate the building and massive landscapes, such as building light, street light, lawn light, and even the water area also equipped with LED light, those sinuous roads along the waterfront are emphasized by strings of yellow and ocean blue LEDs.

    Architectural model making experts create a perfect resort that combines luxury and original ecological experience.

    The model enables viewers to experience the building prior to its completion, which is significant for attracting potential customers.

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    Morocco Urban Planning Model

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 3000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This urban planning model shows a villa area located in Morocco, the economic aggregate of which ranks third in North Africa, with phosphate exports, tourism, and remittances as the main economic pillars.

    In the urban planning model, various materials have been used to display beach, sea, and landscape, and even of the relatively small scale, RJ Models does not neglect the details, hundreds of model trees with mere 2-centimeter height.

    RJ Models also installs dynamic lights in the urban planning model to illuminate the building and massive landscapes, such as building light, street light, lawn light, and even the water area also equipped with LED light, those sinuous roads along the waterfront are emphasized by strings of yellow and ocean blue LEDs.

    Urban planning model experts create a perfect resort that combines luxury and original ecological experience.

    The urban planning model enables viewers to experience the building prior to its completion, which is significant for attracting potential customers.

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