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Examples of Massing Models Work by RJ Models

Introduction of Massing Models

Massing is a term used in architecture. It refers to the perception of the general shape and form as well as the size of a building. Massing models represent those that focus on the massing of architecture, not its structural detail, building material, color, or facade.

Therefore massing model makers usually take raw materials, such as wooden plates or PVC boards. Because their first selection for massing models, which can minimize unnecessary distractions.

Massing influences the space feeling enclosed by buildings and helps define the interior space and exterior shape of the building. Therefore,, besides the buildings themselves, massing models often represents their landscapes, roads, and even terrains to show the entire scene.

1. Massing Model for Kai Tak in Hong Kong

Massing Model

Scale: 1: 2000    Size: 3500mm x 2800mm    Production Time: 2 months

Kai Tak Development is an urban renewal plan in Hong Kong, including government buildings, community facilities, residential, commercial, etc.

Although its scale has reached 1: 2000, the entire model still occupies an area of nearly 10 square meters. In the massing model, we can see that the stone wharf originally built with granite is not only a wharf.

Massing Model

Our model makers use numerous tan blocks to represent the societies around Kai Tak. Kai Tak area, on the other hand, is mainly presented by translucent and brown acrylic, which forms a sharp contrast.

The model experts also install a gorgeous lighting system for the massing model, using white light strips to curve the coastline and docks, and warm yellow lights to express the road system.

2. Massing model for Murray Road by Forster + Partners

Model Maker in Hong Kong

Scale: 1: 500    Size: 1000mm x 800mm    Production Time: 3 weeks

This massing model is Murray Road in Hong Kong, which serves as a boundary between Admiralty and Central. Our architectural model makers complete this 1:500 massing model in a short 3 weeks’ time without any neglect of quality.

In this model, you can see many well-known buildings in the area.For example, the Bank of China headquarters designed by I.M. Pei, and the Murry Building renovated by Forster + Partners.

Model Maker in Hong Kong

Our model makers pre-entered the terrain of this area into the electronic system and engraved it perfectly through 3D printing. There is no need for any subsequent polishing.

Our architectural model experts use the simplest and clearest way to present each building massing. For example, adding rhombic patterns on massing of the Bank of China headquarters to simulate its actual diamond-shaped glass facade.

3. Massing model for TaiPei

Model Maker in Taiwan

Scale: 1: 1000    Size: 1400mm x 800mm    Production Time: 3 weeks

This massing model represents the Taipei 101 Tower and its surrounding area. Our architectural model builders choose timber plates and blocks to produce the buildings in the model.

Even the base is also a thick plank with the same material. The iconic Taipei 101 building’s façade extends like a bamboo Other than that, other buildings are simple cuboid blocks without any decoration.

Model Maker in Taiwan

The eye-catching part of this model is the detachable building in the most central position. Model experts not only strengthen it with white PVC material, but also make two different green landscapes for alternating display.

In front of the central building, model-makers also added greenery to better display the core area that meet customer needs.

4. Massing model for Shek O by Forster + Partners

Massing Model Building

Scale: 1: 100    Size: 900mm x 550mm    Production Time: 3 weeks

“Shek O”, which literally means “rocky bay”.in Cantonese, is a peninsula on the southern coast of Hong Kong Island, facing the South China Sea and surrounded by Shek O Country Park, Big Wave Bay, and Cape D’Aguilar.

Because of its excellent location and unbeatable view, world-renowned design companies have built tremendous villas for it. With many times of successful cooperation experiences, RJ Models’ client Forster + Partners commission this villa massing model to us.

Massing Model Building

This villa is a completely modern style. Therefore, our model experts use straight cut edge blocks for its main body and dramatic swimming pool in the front.

The surrounding mountains are full of plants and grass. We use curves such as contour lines in geography to express changes in the terrain.

5. Massing model for master plan by KPF

Massing Model Maker

Scale: 1: 2000    Size: 3600mm x 2500mm    Production Time: 45 days

Commissioned by KPF Architects, this massing model of the master plan  demonstrates RJ Models’ unique aesthetic in the model-making industry.

Model experts from RJ Models use gray and translucent materials throughout the model making process.

Massing Model Maker

They select gray acrylic blocks to represent the non-core parts and frosted translucent acrylic blocks to display the core area.

The buildings in gray shows only geometric shapes without adding too many details. And the core buildings expressed with translucent materials have the depiction of the facade, not just showing their massing.

The buildings in gray shows only geometric shapes without adding too many details. And the core buildings expressed with translucent materials have the depiction of the facade, not just showing their massing.

6. Massing Model for Nanjing in China

Massing Model Making

Scale: 1: 200    Size: 1100mm x 650mm    Production Time: 20 days

The Shimao G11 project, designed by Woods Bagot, RBS, and Forster, is another new landmark in Nanjing. The project consists of two high-rise buildings for offices and a podium for   a commercial center.

There are abundant curves in the podium part. Therefore model makers combine 3D printing and laser cutting technology to ensure that the model and the drawing are indistinguishable.

Massing Model Making

In addition, since the main model material is timber, which is rigid and easy to break. Therefore, the performance of the façade structure of the office buildings at 1/20 scale poses challenges to the model makers.

Fortunately, RJ Models has experience in making not only large-scale master plan models, but also small architectural facade models. Even though they take weeks to produce, they still manage to complete flawlessly.

7. Massing model for Jakarta by SOM

Model Maker

Scale: 1: 1000    Size: R x 1800mm    Production Time: 3 weeks

This is a transit-oriented development master plan for the Indonesian capital Jakarta, designed by the world-renowned architectural design company, SOM.

RJ Models produces the massing model of the site for SOM.

We used white PVC panels for the base and architectures, and added some pale-green trees along the roads for decoration.

Model Maker in Hong Kong

In order to represent the real scene effectively, our model making experts from RJ Models use a CNC carving machine for the window frame part on the facade of the diamond-shaped buildings and use a 3D printer to make the massing of the arc-shaped building.

The entire massing model is placed on a circular base with a diameter of 1.8 meters.

And decoration parts with Morandi colors, like river and landscape, which endows the entire massing model a very harmonious feeling.

Conclusion of Massing Models

Massing is one of the most important architectural design considerations. Because it creates the most impact on the eye and has a direct relation to the impact a building makes.

Architects’ architectural design usually begins with preliminary estimates of architecture massing, and uses massing models to directly feel the buildings.

Some architectural styles are closely associated with massing, such as Gothic, Prairie School, or Georgian. This requires model makers to have a understanding of architectural style and history, apart from knowing its dimension or scale..

Our architectural model making team has accumulated abundant experiences in making massing models over the past twenty years. Every fine detail shows how different we are from other model makers..

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