Bridge Model

Bridge Model

Generally, a shipyard consists of workshops, warehouses, a transfer area, several slipways and other shipyard facilities.

Before making the shipyard model, the model makers should take the industrial nature and the design concept of the shipyard into full account.

Shipyard model may encompass all the structures with other detailing components includes model ships, lighthouses, and dockyard accessories, etc.

In some cases, entourage elements like shipwrights at work and steam seeps from the pipes, etc, are added to the shipyard model to emulate the shipbuilding activities.

For the reason that the primary purpose of designing and building a shipyard is to make profits, used as a 3D simulation of the entire shipbuilding plants, with an emphasis on and of individual production processes in some cases, shipyard model is an ideal tool to foster viewers understanding and then help to explore new markets.

In addition, sometimes a newly proposed shipyard may not only be constructed as a profitable property but also be developed into a recreation hub for local and international tourists, a high-end shipyard model with a fine level of detail is able to support the future development throughout the region.

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Dan jiang Bridge Model in Tai Wan

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 3200mm x 1700mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

The Danjiang Bridge was designed to be the longest single-tower, asymmetric cable-stayed bridge worldwide with a 920-meter-long span, and RJ Models has been appointed to construct the bridge model which would be displayed in the city exhibition hall in Tai Wan.

For the reason that the Danjiang Bridge is considered to be the primary part of the upgraded infrastructure in the district, public opinions are vitally important, and this 1:500 scale suspension bridge model allows the public to see the detailed structure of the bridge and to get a comprehensive perspective from all angles.

This bridge model was mainly made of high-performance acrylic and metal material, and surrounding buildings and landscaping were also included in this model to ensure its functionality and artistry.

RJ Modelers also created a one-piece wood and aluminum base to display the bridge model properly, and the construction of this new iconic asymmetric cable-stayed bridge will be completed in 2020.

Tajik–Afghan Bridge Model at Tem-Demogan

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 2500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 20 Days

RJ Models was appointed to build the 1:1000 scale model of the 135-meter long and 3.5-metre wide bridge.

The Tajik–Afghan bridge at Tem-Demogan connects the two banks of Darvaz region across the Panj river separating Tajikistan and Afghanistan.

The bridge was built at a cost of USD $400,000 by the Aga Khan Development Network and carries commercial and passenger vehicles.

It was the first of four bridges planned to be constructed in the area.

The single tower in the middle, where cables are connected, is used to bear the load of the bridge and is beautifully lit at night showing all its details.

This modern architectural work plays an important role in the developing infrastructure of the area, so it is vital for interested clients and the public that the designed model stands out.

That is why our bridge model makers use high-performance acrylic and metallic material.

The surrounding landscape is included to further enhance the refined look of the white cable-stayed bridge that spans across the quiet river at night.

Extra effects such as lightning, reflection, landscape design, and colors, are realized on the finished material by our bridge model making experts.


Hong Kong -Shen Zhen, Single Cable-stayed Bridge Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 1500mm x 1400mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

The 1:500 scale cable-stayed bridge model shows a high level of detailed work, further enhanced by good lightning with a smoothly blended background.

The Shenzhen Western Corridor Bridge is a 3.8 km long dual-carriageway 3-lane bridge connecting the Shenzhen portion of the Western Corridor at the Hong Kong SAR boundary with the Deep Bay Link at Ngau Hom Shek, mainland China.

The Hong Kong Section was constructed at a project cost of $3.2 billion and can handle up to 58,600 vehicles and 60,000 cross-boundary tourists per day.

The height of the load bearing tower is 210 meters from sea level.

Every aspect is carefully put together by our professional architectural model makers to give the bridge model a more aesthetic look.

Cars, trucks, taxis, and ship models are also incorporated to make the bridge model more lively.

The value of this elegant and clean model is that it allows you to get a comprehensive 360 perspective of all the intricate bridge components, such as the tower, columns, cables and road lights at perfect proportions.

RJ bridge model makers created a one-piece wood and aluminum blue base to display the bridge properly over the sea.

Bridge Scheme Model by RMJM

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 1300mm x 600mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

The first impression you get from the RMJM Arch Bridge Model is that of a futuristic design.

RJ’s model making experts created a perfectly symmetric scaled down model, put in perfect lighting.

The dark surrounding is a well-thought choice for our bridge model makers.

The contrast makes the eye-catching white bridge stand out and gives it a special irradiance.

This allows the person looking at the elegant and clean bridge model to notice the parallel cable strings evenly connected across the wide open arches.

Although the bridge model looks curved over the water, pedestrians are stepping on a flat walking surface achieved by long sets of stairs connecting both sides.

Reflected in the mirroring surface below is the inverted image of the marvelous arch bridge.

Seen from a flat level angle, the bridge model unfolds its modern beauty.

This site is geometrically pleasing for our visual cortex and attracts attention to details.

Our bridge model making team aims to let people concern the design of the bridge, by offering them a 3D printed high-quality architectural model.

Highway Department Bridge Model

  • Scale: 1:50
  • Size: 1800mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 30 days

Highway Department Bridge Model is designed to help pedestrians cross over to the other side.

So, practicality is the main focus of our architectural model makers work.

This urban bridge model solution uses height to avoid traffic.

People can climb the stairs or take the elevator to rise above the highway.

The road is covered by a metallic structure that supports the glass and plastic, shielding it from weather conditions.

The concrete column in the middle supports the weight of the bridge.

Here at RJ Models, we take great care of lightning in order to make every part appear in full color and detail.

This type of bridge model is highly detailed and the objects in it have perfectly scaled down ratios.

Cars are added to the bridge model together with traffic signs.

You get a sense of the depth of perspective looking at the bridge model from one end, seeing through the tunnel, under the bridge.

Scaled down buildings were also put in the bridge model to ensure its functionality and to make it look real.

3D printing technology allows printing the majority of the structure at once as a single piece.

Hong Kong Stonecutters Bridge Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 2000mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 30 days.

Stonecutters Bridge is a high-level cable-stayed bridge spanning the Rambler Channel in Hong Kong, connecting Nam Wan Kok, Tsing Yi to Stonecutters Island.

This engineering masterpiece was completed in 2009 making the bridge the third-longest cable-stayed span in the world, with a span of 1,018m and an overall length of 1,596m.

RJ Models was contracted to design a 1:500 scale bridge model of this incredible architectural feat.

The concept was for a cable-stayed bridge with a twin aerodynamic deck suspended from two 295m-high single pole towers.

The cable-stayed bridge uses its towers as a focal point with cables going down to the deck on both sides in straight lines.

Unlike a suspension bridge where the main cable is not tight, the cables on a ‘Stayed bridge are very taut.

This scale model bridge took 30 days to be completed by our bridge model makers, in its full complexity and detail.

The shipyard is included to give the bridge model an artistic touch.

The ships anchored on both sides of the river and the cargo on the dock make the model resemble the real-life infrastructure and flux of work.

When looking at the bridge model form different angles you notice that we made cars, trucks, and taxis to make the bridge more lively.

It also gives you an idea of how busy this area actually is.

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