Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in the UK by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

The architectural scale model is considered as a complementary way of exploring design ideas.

Because it perfectly brings design sketches and construction drawings to life, with meticulous details.

Over the past 23 years, RJ Models had the privilege to work closely with many clients in the UK.

Including top architectural firms like Foster & Partners, Zaha Hadid Architect, SOM, etc.

The projects RJ Models get involved with encompass city masterplan, office buildings, real estate development, airport, industry and factory design, landscape plan, etc.

Even miniature sculpture items and decoration models for retailers’ window display are included.

Prior to making miniature replica models as close to perfect as possible, RJ Models has assigned elite teams of model making professionals to the UK.

To refine, assemble, complete and maintain the scale models.

To make sure the finished outcome will 100% meet the clients’ specific requirements.

In addition, the extension of the base of the network enables RJ Models to capture the essence of prestigious projects, no matter how complicated it is.

By adopting the most cutting-edge model manufacturing technologies, and also traditional craftsmanship, RJ Models accomplishes customer-satisfying scale models in a tight deadline.

Considering the international transportation, most of the scale models.

RJ Models has produced for UK customers can be broken down into flight cases.

Along with the site installations and debugging service provided.

Moreover, good after-sales services are also provided by our experienced experts.

1. Swiss Re Tower Model in Scale 1-100

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 30 days
  • Designer: Foster + Partners

The Swiss Reinsurance Building is located at 30 St. Mary’s Axe Street in the “Financial City” of London, England.

It is nicknamed “Gherkin” and designed by Lord Norman Foster.

The official tower looks like a bullet, and the dome at the top of the building is built in the style of the old architecture, which is also a wake-up and review of the previous attack.

In the making process, several CNC engraving machines are used to make the unique façade, which is decomposed into 5,500 flat triangles and diamond-shaped glass and formed a very complicated curtain wall system.

Before starting to make the architectural model, model makers in the U.K. carefully studied the drawings from the client and found that its curtain wall was directly supported on the inclined steel frame, which is on the periphery of the building.

Based on this delicate system, the mechanic’s experts design the structure meticulously and select materials that are tough enough to support the entire model (Because ordinary materials are difficult to achieve the hardness and stiffness of steel) but also have plasticity.

In this 1:100 office building model, Norman’s superb mechanical design is perfectly demonstrated.

RJ’s model makers also carefully craft the interior of the model.

At the bottom of the two-story shopping mall, rich shopping scenes are restored by adding miniature people, brand stores and seats.

People can clearly see these scenes through the highly transparent plexiglass on the facade of the building.

The final product fully demonstrates Norman Forester’s design intent and shows the future of the building to the public.

2. Stansted Airport Model in Scale 1:100

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 3000mm x 2500mm
  • Production Time : 30 days
  • Designer: Fosrter + Parnters

RJ Models, a leading pioneer in architectural model makers in the UK, had the pleasure of working with Foster + Partners.

In association with Fosters, our architectural model makers were able to work together to materialize an Airport Model for the London Stansted Airport.

The final airport model has successfully embodied the airport’s unique design.

Stansted Airport challenged all the rules of conventional airport terminal design and went back to the roots of modern airport design.

The high pavilion roof is dazzling and inspires awe to all commuters passing the terminal day in and day out.

And the natural light pierces the glass walls like thin veil allowing an illuminated interior with little need for electricity.

RJ Models reveres the design of each architectural wonders and complies strictly with all specifications to provide an authentic 3D model.

We leveraged the minuscule details such as 3D people sitting on benches or carrying briefcases, and vehicles parked outside.

All of this combined, in order to represent the daily traveler’s life at London Stansted Airport.

Our architectural model makers worked closely with Fosters + Partners during the project to ensure fast turnaround time and prevent unwanted costs.

As a premier model making company, RJ Models successfully completed the London Stansted Airport Model in record time which gained the praise of the UK clients.

RJ Models completed the airport model in just a span of 30 days with an area size of 3000 mm x 2500 mm.

3. Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 1250mm x 850mm
  • Production Time: 30 days
  • Designer: Sir Terry Farrell

Our architectural model makers were commissioned to work for another wonderful project in the UK.

Straddling Chelsea Creek, the Chelsea Waterfront required 3D Building Model to be used as a statement centerpiece.

Located at the historic Lots Road Power Station and newly constructed building complex, including a striking 37-story tower.

Originally built in 1904 to power London’s underground transport system, the site is now embarking upon the next stage in its remarkable history.

The main goal was to emphasize the spacious, environment-friendly and other functional properties of the building.

Thus showcasing an eco-friendly and well-structured space.

The Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model boasts of dazzling LED lightings that masterfully represents the daylight and nighttime scenery in Chelsea Waterfront.

To provide a visually striking representation of the river Thymes, our expert architectural model makers used different shades of blue.

The luscious green scenery represents the amazing ecosystem residents in Chelsea Waterfront are to expect.

Architectural model makers at RJ Models are proud to have been part of the Chelsea Waterfront project along with having been able to provide competitive price and fast production time.

As a result of continuous excellence in our projects, model builders garnered recognition in the 3D modeling industry, particularly in the UK.

RJ Models completed Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model in just a span of 30 days with an area size of 1250mm x 850mm.

4. Manchester United Stadium Model in Scale 1:100

  • Scale: 1:400
  • Size: 1800mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time: 40 Days


Another exciting project completed by RJ Models, renowned model makers in the UK, is the Old Trafford Stadium.

It is an iconic football stadium, and home to the world-famous home of Manchester United.

Old Trafford is dubbed as the ‘The Theatre of Dreams’ due to its surreal and enchanting atmosphere around the playing field.

Also, the stadium is characterized by the surrounding red seats.

The Old Trafford pitch is surrounded by four covered all-seater stands, connected by closing tiers to create one ring.

The north stand also contains several balconies.

This innovative architectural design and the North Stand contained a large protecting roof, resulted in the stadium to be one of the hosting venues during the 1966 World Cup.

In contrast, the outside part of the stadium hides a more enigmatic design with huge parts of mixed bricks layered with windows made of Plexiglas.

It is then surrounded by a rigid structure made of steel that houses rectangular supporting beams to hold the roof in place.

Our architectural model makers took all of this design specifications in mind during the designing and printing process.

The end product is a marvelous Manchester United Stadium Model.

The Manchester United Stadium Model was completed in just a span of 40 days with a symmetrical area size of 1800mm x 1800mm.


RJ Models always keep the faith that advanced technologies, exquisite handicraft, extensive model making experience, seamless team cooperation, and creative ideas will lead to distinctive and memorable scale model manufacturing.

With unrivaled experience in producing all style scale models of various industry, each model that RJ Models created for clients in the UK, no matter simple concept design models or highly detailed exhibition models, fully meet the clients’ expectations.

Because of that, RJ Models won trust and built long-term cooperation with valued UK clients.

Including famous real estate developers and local government authorities.

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