Section Architectural Model

Section Architectural Model

Section architectural model is a perfect presentation tool to demonstrate building foundation and framework and explain the physical and spatial relationships of a building at the same time.

Section architectural model is best suited at 1:100 or 1:200 as construction details and interior design of the building can be seen clearly with these scales.

Once the structures like layers of facade cladding, staircase construction and supporting beams need to be shown, architectural drawings and other related information can help to avoid modeling errors.

Select appropriate model making materials and approaches to make the section architectural model helps the client to save some time and cost, and it mainly depends on what messages need to be expressed.

In order to give an insight into the internal structural aspects and specific detailing of the architectural design, the lighting system can be added to the section architectural model to further highlight the unique features of the design.

In short, section architectural model is a valuable tool to develop and promote the primary design, and it is also a visual representation that assists the viewers to understand the overall completed design, and therefore stimulate the potential buyers’ purchasing desire.

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Dongbu Building Section Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 1750mm x 600mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

RJ Models built this unique 1:200 section architectural model of Dongbu Building to illustrate SOM’s bold design, especially the underground space, which would encompass the commercial and business function, as well as utilized for car parking and minimize the footprint on the site.

Illuminated by gentle yellow lights, this section architectural model successfully met the client demands as the fairly underground area was vividly emulated and a surprisingly level of details was included, which turned the model into a wonderful masterpiece.

Designers from SOM also commissioned RJ Modelers to reveal the ‘attached’ podium with a well-designed canopy, which was later manufactured using colored wood and translucent acrylic, and together with the added scenery of roof garden beside, this section architectural model offers the viewers various life-like scenes with great charm.

RJ Modelers complete this section architectural model in one month, and it is considered as a great mix of traditional and cutting-edge model making product.

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