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Villa model is a great approach to bring the dream house to life by adding lighting systems and other model accessories like miniature plants.

Villa model is not only used to show the accurate architectural design of the houses but also gives a true sense of the living environment and the entire neighborhood.

In order to provide a realistic view of both the external appearance and interior designs of a villa, the removable roof will be an ideal option. Therefore, the viewers can appreciate the internal room layout.

For most villa models, 1:50 to 1:200 scales are frequently used. With these scales, accurate exterior building forms and facade details can be presented, and so does the floor plans if necessary.

Each villa is carefully framed and crafted to create the identity of each house, and to amplify the overall design features at the same time.

Entourage elements like miniature cars, figures, and vegetation are always added to the villa small model to imitate the realistic environments and provide potential residents a real sense of living conditions.

In most cases, villa architectural model making is required by the developer as a design tool or marketing approach. Because it allows the potential purchasers to fully understand the essence of the architecture.


Simple Steps to Work With Us for Villa Model

Villa Model in Dubai

  • Scale: 1: 20
  • Size: 1200mm x 650mm
  • Production Time : 15 days

In this 1:20 villa model in Dubai, model makers demonstrate the house nobleness through the coordination of lighting, decoration, and furniture.

In addition to the common band lights, model experts add a lot of point light sources. Such as halls, front porches, garages, palm trees, and other locations, making the entire model rich in changes.

Through the floor-to-ceiling glass, you can even see the classic egg chair designed by Arne Jacobsen placed by our model makers in the living room. It shows both the noble of the villa owners and their artistic taste.

In the courtyard part of this model, two model people are enjoying the dinner, and the table is placed with high-end wine and tablewar. All of these details show RJ Models’ pursuit of detail and high quality.

Villa Model in Damac by Dubai

  • Scale: 1: 35
  • Size: 1250mm x 550mm
  • Production Time : 15 days

The villa project developed by Damac Properties has three floors, two floors on the water surface, the other floor is completely submerged.

The two floors above the water have the living room, dining room, reception area, guest room, etc. Meanwhile the master bedroom, private home theater, and spa are set on the underwater floor.

It can be seen from the model that in order to allow the owner to enjoy the sea view, most walls are replaced with high-strength glass.

Our model makers install a lot of coral and shallow water fish models on the seabed to maximize the restoration of the real underwater scenery.

In addition, a delicate yacht model and exquisite speed boat model have also been settled beside the private dock. This thanks to RJ Models’ years of experience in producing all types of models.

Villa Model in Peak Villas House by Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1: 75
  • Size: 1200mm x 1050mm
  • Production Time : 18 days

As can be seen from the model, the main entrance of the luxurious villa is on the second floor. It is guided by a classical, completely symmetrical palace-like large steps.

Although the main part of the villa starts on the second floor, our model makers still meticulously portrayed the first floor of the project and the surrounding environment. It includes the use of mosaic-shaped hard paving to decorate the bottom of the open space, which highlights the villa’s nobility.

At the main entrance and facade of this villa, the designers add some classical elements to this villa. Such as the Doric columns and Ionic columns.

For the columns that semi-embedded in the wall, which makes it impossible to use the existing model decoration accessories. Therefore our model experts customize the proportional model for the Peak Villa, dedicated to providing an excellent model for our clients.

Villa Model in London

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1500mm x 900mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

Typical English county brick red is the main color of this villa project. Our model makers carefully select and adjust the color of the model facade materials. The purpose is to make viewers realize this is a villa located in the UK even at a glance.

The uniqueness of this model is to make the commonly used explosion-type renderings to real.

This villa has three floors above ground and one floor underground. In addition to each floor can be dismantled separately, the roof is another part that can be separated.

Four thin columns of about 30 cm are used to prop up each layer (including the roof, a total of five layers).

Both the external characteristics and internal structure of the villa have been presented in this villa model. It allows customers to directly browse their future residence.

Villa Model by Emperor Group in Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1250mm x 950mm
  • Production Time : 15 days

The Peak Castle project developed by Emperor Group is another luxurious property located in the New Territories of Hong Kong.

Model makers from RJ Models adopt the same façade materials for the eight villas in the plot. And they equipped with the same lighting system, devoted to be consistent with the high standardization in the real design.

Since the project is located on a mountain, the driveway, buildings all have some topographic changes. Therefore we 3D printing the topography and display it without any deviation.

The model experts carefully place a scaled security guard in the small room next to the gate. Thus, the potential customers will have a strong sense of security even if they just see the model, inspiring their desire to buy.

Villa small model in Tania-Tai Tam Road by Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1300mm x 1050mm
  • Production Time : 15 days

Designers of this 45 Tai Tam Road project strive to highlight nobility and luxury of the villas in every aspect. A large number of floor-to-ceiling windows are designed on the side facing the sea, so that the owner can enjoy the charming sea view.

Our model makers not only accurately restored the limestone texture of the main facade, the infinity swimming pool on the roof, the large sea-view balcony of each house. They also carefully engraved the neoclassical stone carvings on the wall and the baroque style door.

This project is located on a mountain by the sea. Thus, except for planting green vegetation on the steep slope, the model experts also simulated the beach and shallow sea at the foot of the mountain. The purpose is to intuitively show the location advantages of the project.

Beacon Hill Villa Model in Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1:50
  • Size: 1300mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 14 Days

This is a semi-detached villa model in the scale of 1:50. RJ Models’ experts pay great attention to details to vividly demonstrate the design.

The surface material of the villa model is specially processed to simulate the texture of the limestone.

The unique water-patterned paper is used in the architectural model building to mimic the small waterfall landscape in front of the villa.

By using a transparent acrylic material for the window, viewers and potential buyers can easily see the internal structure and design.

Since one of the target groups of this villa is the elder and the design concept is concentrated on leisure and relax. RJ Models pays special attention to the layout of the landscape and committed to creating a cozy and natural atmosphere for viewers.

Villa Model in India

  • Scale: 1:10
  • Size: 2500mm x 2500mm
  • Production Time : 40 Days

This is an upscale two-house villa model.

The developer of this luxury villa needs a realistically detailed model to allow potential buyers to fully appreciate the internal design and structures. Thus, the villa scale model in India is made in an astonished 1:10 scale and 2.5*2.5m size, under the request of a client.

This particular villa model is a real challenge because of its scale and the corresponding required level of details.

Realism is the principle when making this villa model.

Scaled people, sofas, make-up mirrors and etc. are installed in the model, demonstrating very rich life scenarios.

RJ Models’ modelers use transparent acrylic to show the underground structure, which is quite different from the ordinary villa models.

Moderated and implicit lights are installed in the model, illuminating the villa model with a luxury feeling.

Moon Island Villa Model in Dubai

  • Scale: 1:50
  • Size: 800mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 15 Days

This is a villa model of a seaside holiday villa.

Located on the beach by the sea, the villa has a square terrace that extends into the sea through the trails, creating a unique experience for the residents.

In order to show the clearness of the sea water, RJ Models puts a layer of sandpaper directly on the glass to represent the water body in the model. Besides, the below that is paved with fine sand to indicate the sea floor.

The same treatment is applied to the swimming pool in front of the villa. However, the tiled sticker is used to represent the pool wall, rather than fine sand.

The villa shows the best way to build a building near the sea without destroying the ecology.

Our model makers in Dubai also ingeniously assemble linear yellow lights on the roof, which creates a noble feeling.

Gough Hill Villa Model in Turkey

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1500mm x 1400mm
  • Production Time : 25 Days

This is a stacked villa model, which is quite technically challenging.

The above part is a modern style villa architecture, the lower part is like a castle building with masonry wall and curve. This added the villa model makers’ difficulty to really demonstrate.

Meanwhile, the backward of the villa is undulating little mountains full of greeneries, scale model trees and model experts faithfully restore those terrains by using many advanced techniques.

For the other surrounding buildings, RJ Models choose to crave them in a simple way, using white plates to simply illustrate the shape.

This combination of retro and modern styles is attractive enough. Meanwhile, RJ Models’ sophisticated villa model for Turkey further deepens the villa’s stunning and impressive, inspiring viewers’ desire to buy.

K Wah Villa Model in Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1:50
  • Size: 800mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 15 Days

This is a refined villa model in the scale of 1:50.

The scale is large enough to show a good level of recognizable detail. Besides, it is small enough to prevent the overall size of the model becoming impractical in terms of the amount of space required in a sales office

Compared to the other villa models, the internal space of the model has also been meticulously produced. And the layout of the interior design has been produced exquisitely.

In addition, the lighting part of the architectural scale model has also been attentively designed and carefully inspected, making a very real atmosphere.

The client is very pleased that the model illustrated so clearly and instantly the different part of the villa.

The model plays an important role in promoting sales.

Park Energy Villa Model in KSA

  • Scale: 1:25
  • Size: 1200mm x1200mm
  • Production Time : 15Days

This is a villa model in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, integrating villas and interior designs.

The scale of this villa model is 1:25, which can show the internal structure and internal design of the villa in a very detailed way.

The modernism style furniture is produced in a correspondent scale.

The back of the model is completely open, without the occlusion of walls and windows, the viewer can clearly see the interior layout.

From a certain perspective, this villa model is also a section model.

Lighting is another key feature of this villa model. Many different types of lights are installed in the model. There are hidden lights under the TV cabinet and sofa, creating a luxurious and noble interior atmosphere.

Model experts in KSA pay great attention to details as usual, and even the texture of handrail is faithfully demonstrated.

Dani’s Villa Model in Lebanon

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1000mm x1500mm
  • Production Time : 15 Days

This is a model of an upscale villa and its vast garden

In this villa model, the designer has designed a rich courtyard landscape for the owners, including ponds, waterfalls, bridges, etc.

It is a fusion of oriental aesthetics and western gardens.

The luxurious villa is located in an area with very high vegetation coverage, both inside and outside the yard has a lot of different plants.

Underneath every single scale, the single light is installed, creating a starry garden scene.

At the request by Dani, the second floor and roof of the villa in the model are detachable for easy observation of the design inside.

The modelers create stunning details for the villa model. The viewers could see that even the pillows on the sofa, the murals on the walls, and the table flags on the table are carefully crafted.

Mr Abdois's House Villa Model in Lebanon

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1500mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time : 25 Days

This is a luxurious single house villa with a vast courtyard and a high density of greenery inside and outside the courtyard.

The villa model is built on a slope with a slight gradient. Thus, the model makers accurately reflect the terrain and simulate the traffic scene by installing model cars.

In the villa model, model making experts from RJ Models install two different kinds of lights. Point LEDs are used for lawn lights and street lights, and warm yellow lights are assembled for indoors.

The villa model is made in 1:100 scale, which is an ideal scale option for modeling private houses because enough details can be displayed while the surroundings can also be fully demonstrated.

This villa model is a good help for clients to sell their real estates. As the potential buyers can have an intuitive feeling about the future of the house and the environment.

India Mahindra Alibaug Villa Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 1600mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time : 21 Days

This villa model is a group of townhouses in Alibaug, India. And it is under the request of Mahindra, one of the leading automakers in India.

Most of the townhouses have a uniform graphic design. Thus, RJ Models is able to mass produce single parts and assemble them with high efficiency.

This villa model is made at 1:250 scale but model makers still pay great patience and achieve a high level of detail.

Rich landscapes are installed in the villa model. Such as low shrubs, tall trees, and colorful flowers, and produce a more realistic life scene.

Due to the small difference between each townhouse, the whole architectural model is mainly used for buyers to choose a preferred location for their future house.

Hong Kong Island Villa Model by PDP

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Size: 1500mm x1500mm
  • Production Time : 15 Days

This is a villa model for a luxury semi-detached villa.

The villa’s geographical environment is unique and terrific, with an extremely wide view and beautiful landscapes.

Model making experts handcraft the undulating terrain by using stacked white PVC plates, creating a strong contrast between the villa and surroundings.

In order to create a more realistic water scene, the villa model added talc, light calcium, brightener, and other chemical materials. The final gray-blue water is special, yet not too eye-catching.

The villa model is made to a higher level of detail than would be typical at 1:150 scale. The scale people, scale model yachts and furniture are installed indoors and outdoors. Particularly, these are using white material, echoing the environment.

RJ Models’ model making experts also keep a continuous dialogue with the client to ensure the colors, textures, and forms of the model clearly demonstrates the ideal villa.

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