Hotel Model

Hotel Model

Hotel Model can help the investor to understand and attract their interest in investing in a development project.

Generally speaking, a hotel is a place that provides lodging as while as nourishment for its guests.

A hotel mainly provides tourists with accommodation and services that fulfill their daily needs.

It also includes food and drinks, games, entertainment, shops, business centers, banquet and conference facilities and so on.

Hotel Model is just like a miniature version of this kind of building.

At the same time, Hotel Model can demonstrate to the client, the architect’s design concept and intention.

It also allows the travelers to understand the hotel’s character and superiority.

Hotel Model can exhibit the hotel’s serene and elegant surroundings, and how the building integrates itself entirely to its neighboring landscape to create a cozy living atmosphere.

It gives hotel guest a visual feel of the hotel’s unique characteristics and superiority.

RJ Models pursues excellence and dedicates to accepting model construction assignments of hotels from around the world.

To this day, RJ Models has produced numerous model for many of the worlds famous hotels.

Hotels are moving in the direction of comprehensiveness and developing as an integrated resort.

Hence, the scale of the hotel model ranges typically between 1:100 and 1:300.

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The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 2800mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 30 Days

The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Model in Macau is owned and run by Venetian Macau Limited and base its architectural design on the Venetian Hotel Resort in Las Vagas.

Venice is the design theme of this hotel model.

The hotel model has many Venetian-like arch bridges, little canals, and cobblestone streets.

The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel in Macau derived its design concept from the Venetian Hotel Resort in Las Vagas.

Often deemed as a copy of the latter, the hotel sits on 1050 square feet of land and is A Asia’s largest hotel.

The exterior design of the hotel model is a dazzling sight in glorious splendor.

Therefore, when considering the match between the surrounding and the model lightings, RJ Models went through the most significant extent of manifesting the hotel model under different lighting conditions to bring out a realistic dazzling exterior of the hotel.

Finally, the great effort of the model maker, a modern and international hotel model presents itself to the public.

Apart from this, the facade of the hotel and the staircases all built of marble.

As such, the model maker uses material that is similar to marble to display the modern design of the hotel correctly.

Paul Steelman Saipan Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Size: 2500mm x 900mm
  • Production Time : 45 Days

The newly open Imperial Pacific Hotel Resort in Saipan is the island’s first super-star hotel.

It is also one of the best and the most luxurious and extravagant hotel on the island.

Steelman Partners from Las Vagas is the hotel architect.

The design is a perfect echo of the amalgamation of the essence of the classical European architectural features, the mysterious elements of the ocean and the island’s Pacific style, resulting in the construction of a gorgeous mansion.

The exterior of the hotel model is elegant, lavish and extravagant.

To bring out the features on the surface of the building in the most realistic form, RJ Models used 3D technology and experimented with various materials to produce the different hotel’s exterior ornamentation.

The arch-shaped entrance to the hotel and the round vaulted rooftop also reflect RJ Models exquisite craftsmanship.

Macau Parisian Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 2000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time : 30 Days

The design of Parisian Macau Hotel Model represents the style and feel of Paris.

Both hotel interior and exterior feature more than 20 world-renowned Parisian landmarks, such as a French-style hotel entrance hall, Arc de Triomphe, the French garden, fountain, maze, and pool.

The interior design of the hotel imitates the style of Paris Opera House with a grand classical ceiling art, a Galeri, and a copper Neptune fountain.

There is also the Eiffel Tower build to one-half of the size of the original structure in Paris.

The challenge faced while making this hotel model is to preserve the originality of all the Parisian landmarks.

That includes the details of the Eiffel Tower, such as the engraved names, the railing, the handrail, the piecing together of the components, the staircase design and the mesh screen surrounding the observation deck.

It requires the model maker’s excellent skills to bring out all of these elegant and gorgeous details.

RJ Models assign a group of 20 model makers who work through the night to discuss the design proposal.

Taking a scientific approach towards work division and co-operation, the model took only 20 days to finish.

City of Dream Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:80
  • Size: 1500mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time : 21 Days

Zaha Hadid Architects design a 40-story luxury hotel in Macau, the City of Dreams hotel.

Upon completion will be Macau’s premier destination for leisure and entertainment.

Its appearance resembles that of a “sculptural element.”

The exterior is a mesh of exposed exoskeleton twisted together, and the inside is a grand atrium.

The tower of hotel model’s exposed exoskeleton reinforces the building expressive power and strength while optimizing the interior space of the building.

The primary challenge in the making of this hotel model is the composition of the exoskeleton mesh structure. The model maker needs to find ways to use a suitable material to flawlessly bring out and stay true to the design features of the original structure.

During the process of making the hotel model, the model maker works with enormous patience to handle all joining parts to guarantee a hotel model of high-grade quality.

Abu Dhabi Jewel Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 3400mm x 2500mm
  • Production Time : 45 Days

RJ Models uses smart lighting system to adjust the interior lighting of this hotel model.

Through Touch Screen and computer calculation, RJ Models can create all varieties of different lighting effects, such as daytime effect, night time effect, festival lighting effects, and so on.

It can also project the part of the hotel model which interest the audience most.

Though the different structures that surround the hotel model are rich in colors, RJ Models, however, very successfully create a hotel model that matches and stays true to the hotel color palette using their meticulous craftsmanship.

At the making of the model landscape, RJ Models go according to the design and plans, using green for the grounds and decorating the model with different model trees, flora.

All the landscape components complement each other and are vibrant in colors.

Through the lightings of the street in the background, it excellently displays the serene and the elegant surrounding of the hotel.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1800mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time : 21 Days

The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel in the cultural and business center of Russia is Moscow’s luxurious five-stars hotel and designed by world-class architecture Capital Partners.

The building is a blend of the city’s rich artistic and cultural history and the vibrant modern atmosphere of a modern city.

Hotel guests will be able to immerse themselves in an elaborated retro ambiance.

The hotel locates itself in the center of the Red Square in Moscow.

It offers a beautiful and enchanting view of the city.

The challenge that comes with the making of this hotel model lies in the handling of the details of the grand entrance and the external wall such as the horizontal sawtooth structure of the hotel model which the model makers rely on both their hands to make.

The entire hotel model displays the handmade features in its most precise form.

True to the original design concept, it manifests RJ Models high professional standard in the field of model making.

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