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Hotel Model can help the investor to understand and attract their interest in investing in a development project.

Generally speaking, a hotel is a place that provides lodging as while as nourishment for its guests.

A hotel mainly provides tourists with accommodation and services that fulfill their daily needs.

It also includes food and drinks, games, entertainment, shops, business centers, banquet and conference facilities and so on.

Hotel Model is just like a miniature version of this kind of building.

At the same time, a hotel model can demonstrate to the client, the architect's design concept and intention.

It also allows the travelers to understand the hotel's character and superiority.

Hotel model can exhibit the hotel's serene and elegant surroundings, and how the building integrates itself entirely to its neighboring landscape to create a cozy living atmosphere.

It gives the guests a visual feel of the hotel's unique characteristics and superiority.

As a professional scale model building company, RJ Models pursues excellence and dedicates to accepting model construction assignments of hotels from around the world.

Nowsdays, RJ Models has produced numerous scale models for many of the worlds famous hotels.

Hotels are moving in the direction of comprehensiveness and developing as an integrated resort.

Hence, the scale of the hotel model building ranges typically between 1:100 and 1:300.

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    The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Scale Model

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2800mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Scale Model in Macau is owned and run by Venetian Macau Limited and base its architectural design on the Venetian Hotel Resort in Las Vagas.

    Venice is the design theme of this hotel model.

    The hotel model has many Venetian-like arch bridges, little canals, and cobblestone streets.

    The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel in Macau derived its design concept from the Venetian Hotel Resort in Las Vagas.

    Often deemed as a copy of the latter, the hotel sits on 1050 square feet of land and is an Asia's largest hotel.

    The exterior design of the hotel model is a dazzling sight in glorious splendor.

    Therefore, when considering the match between the surrounding and the scale model building lightings, RJ Models went through the most significant extent of manifesting the hotel model under different lighting conditions to bring out a realistic dazzling exterior of the hotel.

    Finally, the great effort of the scale model builders, a modern and international hotel model presents itself to the public.

    Apart from this, the facade uses the hotel and the staircases all built of marble.

    As such, the scale model builders use a material that is similar to marble to display the modern design of the hotel correctly.

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    Paul Steelman Saipan Hotel Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2500mm x 900mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    The newly open Imperial Pacific Hotel Resort in Saipan is the island's first super-star hotel.

    It is also one of the best and the most luxurious and extravagant hotel on the island.

    Steelman Partners from Las Vagas is the hotel architect.

    The design is a perfect echo of the amalgamation of the essence of the classical European architectural features, the mysterious elements of the ocean and the island's Pacific style, resulting in the construction of a gorgeous mansion.

    The exterior of the hotel scale model is elegant, lavish and extravagant.

    To bring out the features on the surface of the building in the most realistic form, RJ Models used 3D technology and experimented with various materials to produce the different hotel's exterior ornamentation.

    The arch-shaped entrance to the hotel scale model and the round vaulted rooftop also reflect RJ Models exquisite craftsmanship.

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    Macau Parisian Hotel Scale Model

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 2000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The design of the Parisian Macau Hotel Model represents the style and feel of Paris.

    Both hotel interior and exterior feature more than 20 world-renowned Parisian landmarks, such as a French-style hotel entrance hall, Arc de Triomphe, the French garden, fountain, maze, and pool.

    The interior design of the hotel imitates the style of Paris Opera House with a grand classical ceiling art, a Galeri, and a copper Neptune fountain.

    There is also the Eiffel Tower build to one-half of the size of the original structure in Paris.

    The challenge faced while making this hotel model is to preserve the originality of all the Parisian landmarks.

    That includes the details of the Eiffel Tower, such as the engraved names, the railing, the handrail, the piecing together of the components, the staircase design and the mesh screen surrounding the observation deck.

    It requires the scale model builder's excellent skills to bring out all of these elegant and gorgeous details.

    RJ Models assign a group of 20 model builders who work through the night to discuss the design proposal.

    Taking a scientific approach towards work division and co-operation, the model took only 20 days to finish.

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    Buji Al Arab Hotel Model in Dubai by Atkins

    Scale:1 : 300 | Size: 6500mm x 700mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    This model is for the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai. The hotel is built on an artificial island in the Persian Gulf, 280 meters from the shore of the beach. It is connected to the land by a curved road. It has 56 floors and 321 meters high.

    In this hotel model, the scale model builders use pure white materials, contrasting with its original strong Islamic style and extravagant decorations.

    In the design of the Burj Al Arab hotel, the architect uses a double-layer membrane structure to highlight the light, elegant and modern style.

    However, the tensioned membrane structure adds a lot of difficulty to the model making. After several experiments, our model makers in Dubai finally get satisfactory material and can express their characteristics in the most realistic way.

    The seawater, trees, and roads in the model are shaped with white materials, which weakens the dispersion of colors and makes the viewer's attention be more concentrated on the building structure itself.

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    City of Dream Hotel Model

    Scale:1:80 | Size: 1500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Zaha Hadid Architects design a 40-story luxury hotel in Macau, Morpheus Hotel.

    Upon completion will be Macau's premier destination for leisure and entertainment.

    Its appearance resembles that of a "sculptural element."

    The exterior is a mesh of exposed exoskeleton twisted together, and the inside is a grand atrium.

    The tower of the hotel model's exposed exoskeleton reinforces the building expressive power and strength while optimizing the interior space of the building.

    The primary challenge in the making of this hotel scale model is the composition of the exoskeleton mesh structure. The model builders need to find ways to use suitable material to flawlessly bring out and stay true to the design features of the original structure.

    During the process of making the hotel model, the scale model builders work with enormous patience to handle all joining parts to guarantee a hotel model of high-grade quality.

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    Abu Dhabi Jewel Hotel Model

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 3400mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    RJ Models uses the smart lighting system to adjust the interior lighting of this hotel scale model.

    Through touch screen and computer calculation, RJ Models can create all varieties of different lighting effects, such as daytime effect, night time effect, festival lighting effects, and so on.

    It can also project the part of the hotel scale model which interest the audience most.

    Though the different structures that surround the hotel scale model are rich in colors, RJ Models, however, very successfully create a hotel scale model that matches and stays true to the hotel color palette using their meticulous craftsmanship.

    At the making of the model landscape, our architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi go according to the design and plans, using green for the grounds and decorating the scale model with different model trees, flora.

    All the landscape components complement each other and are vibrant in colors.

    Through the lightings of the street in the background, it excellently displays the serene and the elegant surrounding of the hotel.

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    The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 1800mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    The Ritz-Carlton Moscow Hotel in the cultural and business center of Russia is Moscow's luxurious five-stars hotel and designed by world-class architecture Capital Partners.

    The building is a blend of the city's rich artistic and cultural history and the vibrant modern atmosphere of a modern city.

    Hotel's guests will be able to immerse themselves in an elaborated retro ambiance.

    The hotel locates itself in the center of the Red Square in Moscow.

    It offers a beautiful and enchanting view of the city.

    The challenge that comes with the building of this hotel scale model lies in the handling of the details of the grand entrance and the external wall such as the horizontal sawtooth structure of the hotel scale model which the model builders rely on both their hands to make.

    The entire hotel model displays the handmade features in its most precise form.

    True to the original design concept, it manifests RJ Models high professional standard in the field of a scale model building company in Russia.

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    Madinat Jumeirah Hotel Model

    Scale:1: 400 | Size: 2600mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 3 months

    This hotel scale model is for a luxury Dubai hotel in the scale of 1:400.

    Despite the very small scale used in this hotel model, the exquisite details of the scale model are still very impressive.

    For the architectures in this hotel model, RJ Models maintains its consistently fine, high-quality production level, which is not only accurately reflected in the shape, but even the seams of windows and walls are handled very carefully.

    It is also worth noting that there are a large number of green landscapes, recreational facilities and etc.

    In this hotel model, in order to restore the real scene to the greatest extent, our model makers in Dubai deliberately chose the same model tree as the local tree species.

    Meanwhile, the hotel model lighting experts also play an irreplaceable role.

    The buildings, landscapes, supporting facilities, and private beaches are all decorated with lights, scale model yachts and shrouded in a gorgeous atmosphere.

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    GT Hangzhou Hotel Model in China

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 2000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    This hotel model is for the GT Project in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

    The project is located in the CBD area and designed by SOM, the world's top architectural design company that has designed many international building landmarks.

    The total construction area is more than 410,000 square meters, including the Jumeirah Hotel, office buildings, and a large shopping center.

    The building façade reflects the concept of “Standing West Lake”.

    In this hotel scale model, the lighting experts carefully designed the lighting system for the interior and façade of the building, which creates both the realism of life and the feeling of luxury.

    The hotel model builders in China also carefully made the indoor scenes.

    Through the “glass windows” of the shopping store, viewers can clearly see the logos of many brands such as Gucci.

    In the hotel model building process, the model builders maintain a close connection with the designers from SOM, building the hotel model fully express their design intents.

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    Macao Hotel Model

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 1200mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    This hotel scale model is for a hotel in Macao, including its surrounding buildings and road systems.

    This hotel is a French classicist architecture with a black roof, prominent ankles, exquisite Corinthian columns, and many statues and reliefs.

    Scale model building experts form RJ Models crave every detail precisely.

    In order to accurately reflect the color of the façade of the hotel, the model builders spray several times before finally determining.

    Inside the hotel model, the model builders install blue and white lights to highlight the noble sense of the hotel.

    The model builders spend a lot of efforts on the details, the complex stigma of the Corinthian column, the carved railings on the top of the hotel, and the black tiles on the roof were all precisely made.

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    Baccarat Hotel Model in New York

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 900mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This hotel model is for Baccarat.

    The Baccarat tower is a 605-foot, mixed-use building located on 53rd Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City.

    The Baccarat consists of exclusive condominiums, a luxury hotel, and a public library.

    In this hotel model, our architectural model makers in New York does not use any glue for the floor and roof, instead, modelers use a “buckle design” to fix them and makes the texture of the hotel model fabulous.

    Hotel model builders put lots of efforts in the podium since the Baccarat Hotel exhibits its elegance and luxury in the tower podium where guests and residents have access to a variety of distinct amenities.

    The architectural designers use a solid frame on the east and west elevations, contrasting with the openness and transparency of the north and south facades.

    Thus, hotel scale model builders choose high transparency acrylic plate for the north and south facades and show the outstanding views of Central Park.

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    Hotel Model in Dubai

    Scale: 1 : 400 | Size: 1500mm x 1000mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This hotel scale model is for a luxury hotel in Dubai, which is designed by KPF, one of the world's leading architectural design firms.

    The exterior of the hotel is an undulating elliptical with streamlined elements and that gives a great challenge to the model building process since modelers need to crave each layer of the facades and then assemble them.

    Traditional model building methods are difficult to meet the requirements of this hotel model, so as the professional scale model building company, RJ Models, use CNC technology to crave them, which is more accurate and more efficient.

    For the lighting system of this hotel scale model, experts from RJ carefully design the angle of each light and do not let the light leak from the model gap.

    In order to ensure the consistency and integrity of the entire scale model, the modelers spray some of the model trees with silver-gray materials, echoing the main color of the facade of the hotel.

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    Four Season Hotel Model for Venetian Macao

    Scale: 1 : 400 | Size: 3000mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This hotel scale model is for The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel.

    The theme of the hotel is Venetian waters and is full of Venetian arches, small canals and stone roads. The hotel covers an area of 10.5 million square feet with 3,000 luxurious suites.

    1:400 is an ideal scale option for modeling hotel that occupies such a large area. The scale is large enough to show a good level of recognizable detail but small enough to show the whole picture of that area.

    In the hotel model, model builders use lots of lights for embellishments and decorations of the model. Whether it is the light under the corridor or the dawn light in the green landscapes, all of them create a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

    In addition, the sculptures, street lamps and others that filled with European characteristics and Italian style in this hotel scale model complex have been meticulously portrayed, just the same as Venice.

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    Renesan Kucukyali Hotel Model

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 1400mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    This is a hotel scale model for Renesan Hotel in Kucukyali, Istanbul, Turkey.

    In this hotel model, the model builders choose a number of different materials with high-saturation and strongly contrasting colors, creating a warm, cheerful and exotic atmosphere.

    Hundreds of scale people with different actions are installed in the hotel model for Turkey to increase the richness of the scenes.

    Model lighting experts make different lights with extinguishing luminosities for different parts of the model to differentiate them visualized. Using high brightness lights for the hotel buildings to catch the viewers’ attention.

    As usual, model builders put lots of effort in detail, needless to say, the details of the main buildings, even the scale cars on the roads are installed with white headlights and red taillights.

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    St. Petersbrug Hotel Model

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 950mm x 850mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    This is a hotel model for Klinsia Hotel in Russia.

    The Klinsia Hotel is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, and the building itself is one of the two most historic buildings of the 19th century that were successfully restored on Nevsky Prospekt.

    The difficult part of this hotel model is how to accurately display the historical color of the building.

    The low-saturation ginger façade, the black tiled roof, the shiny golden and pale green domes all need to be displayed without any chromatic aberrations.

    In addition, in the manufacture of the dome, its mechanical structure needs to be accurately calculated.

    The details of the dome also need to be treated very carefully, even in the scale of 1:400, such as rib cages, fascia boards and round windows to restore the real scene precisely.

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    Interior of Macro Sands Hotel Model

    Scale:1 : 200 | Size: 1500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 28 Days

    Macau is an international free port and one of the world's four largest gambling cities. Gaming tourism is a pillar industry in Macau.

    This model is for a hotel-casino in Macau. From the scale model, we can see hundreds of dark green countertops gambling tables.

    The scale model builders pay great attention to the details. Every table, every person around the table, the carpet and lighting of the casino are carefully designed to restore the real scene to the greatest extent.

    The sculptures in the casino and the private gambling rooms are all meticulously portrayed and demonstrate the distinguished identity of these customers.

    In addition, the scale model builders also creatively choose a columnar transparent material hanging from the roof to simulate the crystal chandelier.

    When the lights are on, it looks like real.

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    Four Season Hotel Model in Bahrain

    Scale:1 : 400 | Size: 2500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 2 Months

    This is a model of the Four Seasons Hotel, which is going to be opened in Manama, the capital of Bahrain.

    This Four Seasons Hotel is designed by SOM and Pierre Rosanne is responsible for its interior design. SOM also undertakes the planning task of the Bahrain Bay.

    RJ Models has cooperated with SOM for many times with its high quality and short production time.

    In this model, scale model builders in Bahrain use a sky-blue material to represent the sea, a pure white material to represent the building, and a frosted acrylic sheet to represent the glass in the building. The entire model conveys a very clean and transparent feel.

    Scale model builders not only meticulously portrays the hotel, but also depicts the surrounding environments in a simplified way.

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    Grand Lisboa Casino Hotel Model in Macau

    Scale:1 : 300 | Size: 1000mm x 1000mm | Production Time: 1 month

    This is a hotel model for the Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, which is designed by the famous Hong Kong DLN Architects Limited.

    The Grand Lisboa Hotel is connected with the old one by the pedestrian subway.

    The unique look of this hotel is a great challenge to the craftsmanship of the model makers.

    Whether the egg-shaped diamond podium or the lotus-like hotel building, its structure and shape are very different from traditional buildings, and the scale model builders need to know very clear of the design.

    In this model, the scale model builders also design the lighting carefully, so that the viewers would not be glaring, but they still can have a look of the fabulous night scene of the Grand Lisboa Hotel.

    The scale model builders choose a metallic lustrous brass material as the façade of the building to bring out the noble sense of the building.

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    Viceroy Hotel in Dubai

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2500mm x 2400mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a model for the Viceroy Hotel in Dubai.

    The Dubai Jumeirah Palm Island Viceroy building is designed by the world-renowned architectural firm P&T. The overall design reflects the signature, modern and sensuality of the Viceroy brand.

    Viceroy includes 479 spacious rooms and suites, 222 iconic homes and 6 single villas

    The center of the building is designed in the form of a vaulted gate and the entrance plaza is covered with fully glazed tiles. To reflect this unique design, RJ Models also adopts a glazed material in the model to maximize the vraisemblance.

    The modelers install different tree species in the hotel model, such as palm trees and coconut trees, which can not only enrich the landscape scenes but also reflect local climate.

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    Mini Jewel Hotel

    Scale:1 : 200 | Size: 400mm x 400mm | Production Time: 1 week

    This hotel model is for the Jewel Hotel in the scale of 1:200.

    Even this hotel model is less than 400mm square, but RJ Models still able to show the pattern on the dome and the carved on the arch. Such details show scale model builders’ superb craftsmanship.

    For the highlight of the entire hotel building, the dome, RJ Models gives it enough attention. First, the basic hemisphere is made of glass material, and then the jewel blue pigment is used to paint and decorate.

    Due to the thinner brushing, there is a blur of white leak from the jewel blue when the lights are not lit, and a very warm yellow spew out after lighting; the pale green which usually can't be seen is also revealed.

    The scale model builders also crave of the windows one by one according to the unique pattern of Islam.

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    JLL LA Four Season Hotel Model

    Scale:1 : 200 | Size: 700mm x 700mm | Production Time: 2 Weeks

    This is a hotel model for the Four Season.

    The developer of this luxury hotel feels he needs a realistically detailed marketing model to attract potential guests.

    So, the hotel model is made to a higher level of detail than would be typical at 1:200 scale.

    One of the important requirements for this hotel model was to illustrate the extensively landscaped roof gardens.

    Since the roof garden is one of the important resting places for residents, not only swimming pools, bars, private gardens but also fitness facilities and etc.

    As a scale model building company, RJ Models has made scale people and facilities to show the rich scenarios of the roof garden.

    The hotel model builders for Japan use wood, brick pattern, and cement to make the roof of the building.

    It allows people, when they look down the scale model, to feel the design concept of the hotel and be more willing to live there.

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