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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Japan by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

At present, architects in Japan treat the architectural model making as an indispensable part for it allows spatial verification.

The people who are interested in it also valued it as an artwork that interprets architectural culture to them.

RJ Models produce great architectural miniatures with model making technologies, more important, with exquisite handcraft.

Nowadays, architecture model makers in Japan acquired a new model making knowledge and skills from the continent.

With cohesive, creative team management and close collaboration, RJ Models able to make various types of models with different size.

RJ Models is the industry’s forefront leading architectural model making company with a vast portfolio of projects in Japan.

Our clients come from a wide range of sectors, cultures, and backgrounds.

We have achieved outstanding and world-class architectural models through a highly collaborative, creative working method with our clients in Japan.

Our vision has always been to make the top quality architectural models, it allowed us to propel high profile projects in Japan.

Our model makers believe that Japan is well known for putting a premium on preserving aesthetic along with getting world-class service.

As our numerous dealings with our clients architectural design companies in Japan proved, RJ Models continues to exceed these high expectations.

Ski Kiroro Resort Model in Hokkaido in Scale 1-100.

Located in Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, Ski Kiroro Resort is a well-established family-oriented ski destination.

Tourists can find everything to maximize their relaxation, and easily fall in love with.

Client commissioned RJ Models to produce two resort models, with a different scale, for the public display.

Firstly, we has referred to related architectural drawings, site photographs, and history to ensure the utmost accuracy.

Besides, it can ensure the final showpiece would flawlessly capture the essence of Japanese architecture.

Undoubtedly, the two five-star upscale hotel buildings are the bright spots of this resort model.

We successfully reproduced the real building facades and other unique architectural characters with excellent craftsmanship.

Most notable is the real stone look of the external walls.

And we drew the stone patterns with knives, painted them manually to create natural appearance and shadow effect.

RJ Models spread simulated snow evenly, and fixed them to avoid any fallout, while maintaining the beauty of the snowfield.

Also, we sprayed approximately every plants man-made snow powder, which helps to create a lifelike snow-covered landscape.

And our model makers paid an astonishing level of attention to scale model details.

This resort model features miniature upscale skiing and recreational facilities such as fantastic lift infrastructures.

Model makers used wire fixed on the metal post to simulate the ski lifts.

Gentle ski run is relatively flat and perfect for novices and intermediates to learn skiing and snowboarding.

This resort model included in it to give an overall view amenities and atmosphere of the resort.

Therefore, this resort model encompasses a series of tiny details to increase the realism of the model.

To protect the model from any damage during the exhibition, RJ Models put on clear plastic barriers on each side.

In addition, we assigned a group of model makers traveling to the site to ensure the orderly installation.

Ski Kiroro Resort Model in Hokkaido in scale 1-400

The Kiroro Resort is an all-season resort destination in Japan which help generate sales and attract tourists.

Client invited RJ Models to build a smaller scale resort model to demonstrate the design, add attractions to the project.

RJ model makers made this 1:400 scale resort model ,it is the other demonstration of Ski Kiroro Resort.

Designer planned it to provide the tourists all over the world a very hospitable Japan Ski experience.

An excellent resort model always gives the viewers the ability to instantly understand the project.

RJ Models put all efforts, analyzed every detail provided by the client and then mimicked all the design components.

RJ model makers made the model mainly from wood and acrylic with a stone texture, which embodies the distinguishing features.

With buildings lighted up, miniature cedars, skier figures, vehicles and entourage elements, RJ Models brought the snowy nature to life.

RJ Models decorated the ground and miniature fir and cedar trees with high-quality snow powders.

The overall visual effect like architectural visualization of this resort model is in harmony with its snowy surroundings.

Together with lighting effects, and other ski resort accessories, the finished diorama gives the viewers a warm and welcoming feel.

This 1:400 scale resort model is perfect for display, and is far more engaging and attractive than a flat sitemap.

Shibuya House Model in Scale 1-80

Shibuya House Model in Scale 1-80

Our model makers believe that all details, are of paramount to bring the Shibuya House to life.

Shibuya , is one of our clients in our Shibuya House Model project.

RJ Models aims to truly present a Japanese architectural model with the original community spirit of Shibuya.

For instance, we leverage the spotlight to provide seemingly realistic sunlight shone on the residential building model.

Shibuya House Model in Scale 1-80

Our model makers made cool white acrylic sheets that filter the light and partially reveal the structure's contents.

This endeavor is very effective to show the top quality design typified by concrete wall structures along with mirrors.

Tenants are sure to enjoy the dynamic of fluidity and undulating structural architecture for the whole period of their stay.

The rear facade is of design with the aim of providing an outstanding aerial view for the tenants.

Shibuya House Model in Scale 1-80

In addition, client selected the location strategically for tenants to behold the awe-inspiring sunset day in and day out.

Towering trees on Shibuya House provide more than beauty -- they increase the value of your home.

RJ Models look comprehensively on its landforms and how they integrate seamlessly with features.

RJ Models model making experts constructed the Shibuya House Model in scale of 1-80.

Shibuya House Model in Scale 1-80

The lighting provides an amazing outlook on the nearby properties such as trees, cars, and, most importantly, the people.

We placed life-like models to display tenants in their daily lives and enriching interactions with fellow tenants of Shibuya House.

RJ Models has proven to be an expert in the 3D model making trade hence we spare no expense and displayed an exquisite take on details.

Nagoya Office Building Model by KPF

nagoya office build model

It is an exciting Japanese architectural model icon by RJ Models.

Nagoya Office Tower is a unique concept – with views across the city's prestigious neighborhood and majestic skyline.

Nagoya Office stretching the boundaries of design and challenging the ordinary, with lush amenities and unprecedented lifestyles to offer.

Using the stringent design specifications produced by the client, RJ Models compiled and exceeded all expectations.

RJ Model makers constructed the concrete walls, metal claddings, rooftops, translucent windows from cutting-edge materials and technologies.

nagoya office build model

This office building model represented Nagoya's landmark skyscrapers with top marks.

This office building model represented Nagoya's landmark skyscrapers with top marks.

RJ Models gave importance to the client's goal that will showcase the community spirit of Nagoya through its skyscrapers and designs.

RJ Models model making experts spent only 21 days to construct the model which is well within the proposed timeline.

The Nagoya Office building model has a scale of 1:500 with dimensions size of 1500mm x 1400mm.

The project of New National Stadium Model by Zaha Hadid Architects

Zaha Hadid, an award-winning architect has enlisted our services to produce a 3D printed architectural model of her New National Tokyo Stadium Design in Japan.

A controversial winning piece, which won amidst hundreds of competitors, that showcases her devotion to timeless and curvy architectural designs.

We worked closely with Zaha Hadid on this model to ensure that her functional requirements and standards are met.

RJ Models have a deep respect for Zaha Hadid and Japanese architectural design so we worked tirelessly to understand her goals.

The main goal is to have the new Tokyo National Stadium designed for the highest design specifications and functional requirements.

It is an connector which enhances and modulates people moving through the site from different directions and points of access.

The elevated ground connections govern the flow of people through the site, effectively carving the geometric forms of the building.

The building is articulated as an assembly of the stadium bowl, structural skeleton, cladding membranes, and the museum.

The perimeter of the bowl structure creates a new type of journey for visitors flowing along the project’s North-South axis.

The stadium roof defines an iconic silhouette that integrates gently within the cityscape around it.

It is an intricate assembly of efficient long-spanning structural ribs which are spanned by a system of lightweight, translucent membranes.

This structure is a lightweight solution, where the stadium elevation touches the ground, defining a approach towards the stadium entrances.

The interior of the stadium model is given a clearly identity through the roof structure contrasts with the membrane tensile structures.

We used variously advanced and cutting technologies for this project.

For example, we utilized 3D printing technology to accurately represent a scaled version of the stadium.

Another one is embedding LED light fixtures that brought radiant glow from the inner chamber to boost the visual prowess.

In just 21 days, we were able to complete the project well within the agreed-upon timeline.

With clear and detailed requirements, we were able to produce a 3D printed model which earned her approval and recommendation.

Nihonbashi Office Building Model  by SOM in Scale 1-200

We had the honor of working with Nihonbashi office building model by SOM, constructed it in Nihonbashi business district.

RJ Models always strive to provide top models and we religiously follow our procedures which includes effective communication with client.

Before starting the project we worked with the customer closely to learn their goals to give an accurate depiction.

The office tower sets out to balance tradition and innovation and harmonizes with surrounding buildings.

Traditional Japanese woodworking techniques “inspired” the use of glass and granite cladding.

Some parts clad in glass and steel, a nod to contemporary Japan and the Tokyo skyline.

We set out to give a perfect illustration using multi-coloring techniques to properly represent parts of the building.

Our specialized team construed metal and glass with unique materials that give a metallic and glossy effect.

We constructed the scaled version in only 30 days earning top marks and reviews with SOM.

The highly detailed design and RJ Models well met all their functional requirements  impressed them.

Fukuoka Office Building Model by KPF in Sclae1-200

Fukuoka Office Building Model is one of RJ Models' crowned jewel.

The Fukuoka Office building is particularly striking with its mathematical grids, concrete construction and exposed external wall panels and fenestration.

In addition, lush seasonal greenery covered it on all sides, making it an oasis of tranquility in the metropolis.

The wide space is a display of buildings to create an epic landscape that adds value  to tenants and to environment.

With its minimalist yet impressive take on Japanese architectural style, Fukuoka Office Building is a sight to behold.

RJ Models utilized various cutting-edge technologies to truly capture the essence of Fukuoka Office Building.

Firstly, RJ Models model making experts used 3D Printing with the highest grade of raw materials to constructing the framework.

Secondly, they used intricate color blending for the office facade and landscape.

Finally, they integrated LED lighting into the model to bring it to life with the vibrant and aesthetic lighting system.

RJ Models model making experts spent 21 days to construct the model within the proposed timeline and dispatched to Japan.

The Fukuoka Office building model has a scale of 1:400 with dimensions size of 600mm x 400mm.

Tsukiji Memorial Miniature Exhibition

AIYO Café Scale Model

Tsukiji Market is the largest fish market in the world, lots of fresh fishes is transported to the whole world.

Every day at 3:30am, laborious merchants will fill with coffee shop in Tsukiji Market and take a rest after work.

Japanese Showa style fully restored with this old café in this architecture model.

Model makers tried best to avoid destruction, and made the bar in old woods to mimic the vicissitudes.

At the bar, model makers add tableware, so that the fishmongers can enjoy a classic breakfast combination.

In this model, regular customers are enjoying the coffee and chilling with each other; the café has become a "camp".

Sanji Shop

As one of the world's largest fish markets, the Tsukiji Market has about 750 fish merchants and 1,260 shops.

The Sanji Group is one of the largest wholesalers in the market.

In addition, to providing ingredients for Sen-Ryo, they also supply ingredients for Michelin five-star restaurants in Japan.

Through the model, viewers can see the daily work scene of the Sanji storefronts.

Architectural model makers make a vivid scene for the Sanji and customize scaled people to present their daily life.

Which is also worth noticing is the lights installed; under the lighting, the fish products are more hygienic and shinier.

Experienced architectural model makers presented all the tags faithfully even inside each foam box in the model.

From the model, viewers can see rich and diverse fish products, which are all kept with ice water and particles.


The famous tuna auction in the market usually starts at 5am and architecture model makers actually restore the place.

Model makers make dozens of scale people with different suits to faithfully restore the daily life scene in the market.

Model makers spend lots of time in the decorations and landscapes, and this set of models have abundant lively scenes.

From the model, we can find that professional buyers are involved in the bidding.

Even in this tiny scale, the auctioneer’s high-sounding vocals matching the bidders’ secret price-communication gestures are fully demonstrated.

Transfer vehicle

The daily sales of fish and fruits in Tsukiji Market five times of the world's second-largest fish market.

Merchants usually begin to unload the goods from early morning; after boats loaded with supplies, the porters will transport them.

The transfer vehicle is iconic of Tsukiji Market, which is designed uniquely to fulfill the needs of rapid transit. And architectural model makers restore this vehicle in a tiny scale with the same material and color matching.

Standing worker control this vehicle, fish products filled with foam boxes are neatly laid on the deck.

The vehicle looks fairly realistic, RJ Models’ model makers stain the headstock to mimic the signs of use and aging.

Toyosu Market

The Toyosu Market takes over the functions of the Tsukiji market and provides a venue for the gourmets and fish merchants.

The structure of the signboard, the font printed on it, and the overall color scheme are the same as the real scene.

Architectural model makers add warm yellow lights inside the signboard, symbolizing the rise of the Toyosu Market.

A fish merchant and a chef are standing in front of the signboards, expressing their respect for each other and the hope to begin cooperation.

Architectural model makers displayed this model on a round base, conveying a genial and amiable feeling to everyone.


RJ Models understands the Japanese culture and architectural style more than anyone else in the architecutral model building Industry.

We have a proven track record of high-quality model designs and value-added services provided to thousands of clients in Japan.

Our model makers know the importance of a high-quality model, our ultimate target is to aid you in achieving your goals.

And we make sure that we are always in sync to capture the model that truly represents the spirit of Japan.

We follow strict guidelines in our model making process that are in adherence to the Japanese architectural style and design principles.

In addition, we are a customer-centric and innovative company that works closely with client.

This has allowed us to gain the reputation of a trustworthy and first-class brand as architectural model makers in Japan.


Leader in World Class Model Making

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