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Residential Building Models

Residential building models are effective method to chase the pre-construction approval, building project phasing, design presentation and client approval.

Residential building models can provide the potential housing buyer or investors a good understanding of the design by showing the road and path layout, entrance, building material and the living environment.

Therefore, architectural model is a great tool for the real estate sales office for marketing and sales.

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    Omkar Worli Residential Model

    Scale:1: 75 | Size: 3500mm x 5500mm | Production Time: 45 days

    Developed by Omkar Realtors & Developers, this ultra-luxurious residential project, which is named ‘Sky apartments’, features three residential towers scaling 76-story, 75-story and 60-story with fancy residential accommodation, numerous luxurious and personalized amenities such as meditation room, SPA, private theater, swimming pools, and restaurants, etc.

    In order to match the level of detail requested by the client, this 5.5 meters high and 600 kg weight residential model was created under the supervision of master architectural model builder, Ray Cheung, and the efficient core in each tower was made of aluminum alloy to support the structures.

    Equipped with individual internal and external light systems which include approximately 2000 LED lights, our skilled architectural model makers in India the night-time scene to depict the entire complex will look like at different times of the day.

    The completed residential model was made in full detail with a touch screen controlled lighting system that lit different parts of the architectural model, and it was packed and transited by most well-experienced transport workers of RJ Models to Mumbai for an exhibition.

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    Opus Hong Kong Residential Model

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 1200mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 30 days

    This 12 storey residential building model of Opus Hong Kong residence is another great masterpiece made by a professional team of model artists after have fully understood Frank Gehry's design (inspired by the scenery of reed swaying in the wind)and have visualized the unique helical configuration of the building.

    As the building facade is composed almost entirely of glass and the building structure is supported by glass-encased columns, the material used to make this residential building model were carefully selected and after completely replicated the color and texture of the building, RJ model makers successfully depicted what the actual building looks like.

    After have considered the client’s request, model making experts left all the housing units of this residential building model empty to allow potential residents to image how their dream apartment will be decorated, while other minor details like synthetic grass and miniature trees were added to this residential model to give a real-life picture of this extraordinary design.

    This residential building model was completed in 30 days by a team of model making experts with exquisite technical ability, and it was used to represent this symbol of luxury residential property.

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    Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 1250mm x 850mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Located in the north of River Thames in central London and designed by world-famous architect Sir Terry Farrell, this mixed-use development features two 37- and 25-story luxury glass apartment towers, 3 multi-story residential buildings surrounded by elegantly landscaped gardens, and a refurbished Lots Road Power Station.

    RJ Models is very proud of being involved in presenting this landmark project for London through this remarkable residential model.

    An adequate amount pre-made miniature trees and bushes were added to the outdoor recreational spaces of this residential model and the existing structures were fabricated in low detail to showcase how this landmark development will harmonize with its surroundings.

    RJ model making experts in the UK also installed a series of subtle exterior LED street lighting, together with the other added lights along the riverside to illustrate a tranquil waterside living environment and brought life into the project.

    The Chelsea Waterfront development is expected to be completed in 2019 and it turns to be one of the most desirable waterside residential blocks in London as it blends London’s classic building style with cutting-edge architectural design.

    The final residential model is perfect for the presentation of this glamorous development as well as to show the city’s progression.

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    Bvlgari Island Residential Model in Dubai

    Scale:1: 300 | Size: 8000mm x 4500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ Model was honored to be entrusted to fabricate the residential model of Bvlgari Resort & Residences which is conceived to provide comfort and high-end Mediterranean style living space for people to live, work, travel and relax.

    This residential project comprises one luxury resort, 6 high-end residential buildings, 173 sea view villas, 15 private top-grade mansions, and Bvlgari ’s Marina and Yacht Club, a rich range of recreational facilities and a circular quay.

    RJ Models completed this residential model to show all these uniquely designed structures and other entourage elements like synthetic plants and grass were added to give a more realistic presentation.

    RJ Modelers also installed several subtle interior lights inside each villa and residential building to emulated night-time conditions to create a charming and peaceful mood, as well as to provide a sense of security and home, while other exterior lights were added to a sense of luxury and classiness.

    After having considered the unique character of the site’s coastal location, residential model making experts placed some scale model yachts docked at a pier to attract boating enthusiasts, and the final products took approximately 1 month to complete.

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    Brickell City Centre Model Project by Swire in Miami

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 4500mm x 4200mm | Production Time: 6 Weeks

    This residential model is for the Brickell City Centre in Miami, Florida, United States.

    The sales model is designed by Arquitectonica and developed by Hong Kong-based Swire Properties.

    The Brickell City Centre includes a luxury shopping center two 43-story residential towers.

    It plays an important role in Miami’s development plan of becoming one of the most vibrant shopping destinations in the world.

    At the façade of the mall, our team of architectural model makers in the US adopts a silver-gray material and by using hollow carving, perforating, and rectangular cutting allow lights to pass through the specific holes.

    Therefore, the dignity and luxury of the residential model are properly conveyed.

    For the side façades of the building, the design of one side is preserved and presented faithfully, while the other side is demonstrated in a sectional way and shows the interior structure and design to the viewers without any covers.

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    Residential Model, The Reach in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2000mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This is a display model of a residential community, The Reach in Hong Kong.

    In this residential model, RJ Models adopts a large number of high-transparency acrylic materials and makes the building crystal like a piece of art.

    RJ Models tailors each residential model for each different display scenario.

    In this residential model, considering that the large numbers of dark woods are used in the hall, to echo the environment, model experts also use dark wood for the base of the model.

    In addition, the diameter of the base is the same as the diameter of the crystal chandelier above it, creating a strong sense of consistency.

    LED lights are installed in each house one by one, which cannot only show the selected house precisely but also decorates the entire residential model.

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    Skai Tower Residential Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 1350mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This is a tower residential model for the Skai Tower, which is constructed by China State Construction Engineering Corporation’s Middle East and comprises 254 serviced apartments with private sky gardens and 247 hotel rooms.

    The residential model is made at a scale of 1:200 but still up to 2.5 meters by our model makers in UAE.

    Each unit in the Skai Tower has an open-air balcony and swimming pool, which is as luxury as a villa.

    Since the façade of the residential building consists of spiral-turned balconies and swimming pools, the modelers need to create different landscapes and swimming pools for each unit according to its different location.

    The residential model lighting model makers in Dubai also install blue lights from the bottom side of each pool to create a gorgeous atmosphere but not glaring the viewers.

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    The Master Piece K11 Residential Model in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 900mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The residential model is for the celebrated Master Piece K11 in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, designed by DLN.

    RJ Models has cooperated many famous architects and companies many times, because of its exquisite craftsmanship.

    The Master Piece K11 is a 64-floor, 261-meter-tall skyscraper, housing the six-story K11 shopping center in the lower levels and luxury hotels and residential flats in the upper levels.

    The technology of the Master Piece K11 is quite different from the others.

    The façade of it is composed of multiple layers, and each layer has different bumps, so it cannot be integrally pasted and make a great challenge for residential model makers.

    The 9th and 47th floors of the building are sky gardens, and residential model makers add abundant green landscapes in the gardens to create a real life scene and attract the potential buyers.

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    Residential Model of Mont Vert for sales in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 3500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This residential model is for Mont Vert, a residential area newly developed by Li Ka-Shing's CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, located in Dapu District, Hong Kong.

    The residential building is facing the sea and surrounded by mountains on three sides which has a very high greening rate and an unrivaled view.

    The Mont Vert includes a variety of units, from 177 square feet to 1566 square feet and their target customer group includes both single youngsters and the whole family.

    Thousands of units are quite time-consuming and technically challenging for modelers.

    The height of this residential building is over 2 meters, comparing to the ordinary models, they make a deep impression on viewers and attract the attention of potential buyers.

    In addition, in the selection of the surface material of the booth, the brown material with good reflection properties is chosen by the modelers, which can reflect the residential buildings and give viewers a stronger visual impact.

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    Residential Model - One May Fair in Hong Kong

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 2300mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ model makers completed the residential model of One Mayfair residential project which located at 1st Broadcast Drive in North Kowloon Tong in Hong Kong, and this residential block was planned to be a perfect residential option where modern and conventional architecture meets comfort and luxury urban living.

    The delicate building façade was well represented by using high-quality residential model making materials with excellent technologies and craftsmanship to mimic the details and texture of the actual design.

    In the residential model making process, RJ model making experts emulated the entire residential complex which comprises 6 buildings of 10-storey each and its surrounding amenities, and detailed portrayals such as rooftop gardens overpass and vehicles were also added to make the model more down to earth.

    This residential building model took a total of 30 days to complete and the final products were proved to be a real success as it showcases not only the residential buildings but also the general picture of the whole complex.

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    Residential Model - The Gate

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 4500mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 45 days

    Developed by Abraj Misr and located at the heart of a rapid growing district in Cairo, this sustainable and eco-friendly mixed-use residential building, the gate complex were expected to be a new iconic landmark for the city, and it was a challenging project for RJ Models not only due to its unique designs and intricate details but also because of the time constraints.

    This residential complex is enclosed in a series of rectangular volumes with a steel gridding roof canopy enveloping these 8 buildings, and RJ Models involved a team of model making experts mimic the entire structure of all the residential buildings by sticking 2000 glass sheets one by one very carefully

    One of the most intriguing elements of this residential model is its living green walls that reference the form of a coral reef between two buildings, which is the model making for Egypt, were fabricated by U type ABS material as the mesh framework and decorated with synthetic grass, and with this design, this residential building turns the site into a tourist spot and an attractive place to visit.

    This residential building model was displayed in the exhibition to raise awareness of sustainable architectural design, as well as to express the cutting edge development of the city which citizens and developers would seek to understand and track

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    CRC Silver lake Residential Model

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 1900mm x 1750mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Silver Lake residence is an upcoming residential project in the downtown area of Shenzhen which involves a group of high-rise residential towers with an elegant landscape, and the purpose of constructing such a detailed residential model was to use it at real estate fairs to attract potential buyers and investors

    Both the residential buildings and related amenities were fabricated very carefully to match the level of detail and display effect requested by the client, and RJ model making team spent 30 days racing against the clock to complete this residential model.

    Aside from that, the surrounding landscape was completely imitated in this residential model to amplify the topographic form of the site, as well as to illustrate how the proposed architectural structures harmonize with the environment.

    With a 1:200 scale, the final residential building model achieved its purpose of depicting the architectural structure of buildings and the general landscape of the site with the help of exquisite model making techniques and methods.

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    Residential Model of Gorse

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2500mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This is a model for a residential building group.

    The surrounding environments, transportation system, and business street are the key features of this residential building.

    With the scale of 1:100, details can be craved clearly and precisely.

    Our residential model makers from RJ Models hand craved the façade of each building to demonstrate the design faithfully.

    The main color of the model light is warm yellow, but for artificial waterscapes such as pools, our residential model experts use a dreamy blue color to create a gorgeous feeling.

    Considering the numerous residential buildings in the residential model, modelers install intelligent lighting system and each part of the residential model can be independently controlled through iPad.

    In this residential model, modelers highlight the performance of the surrounding landscapes and the sinking commercial plaza, in which lots of scale people and cars are installed.

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    Residential Building Model Branz Shibuya-Tokiwamatsu-JLL

    Scale:1: 80 | Size: 1500mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Commissioned by JLL as part of the architectural design process and after has taken full consideration of the design, structure, and aesthetics of the redevelopment project, RJ Models completed the residential model of this 13-story residence which would situate in the Higashi area in Shibuya-ku.

    This residential building model shows plenty of recognizable details to represent the combination of modern and traditional architectural design, and the materials used to represent the classic concrete building façade give the model a smooth wall finish.

    With rich model making experience, RJ model makers mimic the landscaping of this residential model very accurately as to the type and sizes of plants to depict a quiet and elegant living environment.

    To add more details, the final product also shows few model cars driving pass by the basement parking lot to make the residential model for Japan look more realistic.

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    Residential Model of Tarlabsi

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 2600mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This is a model of a residential area that includes small shops, living facilities, transportation systems, private homes, and more.

    Very different from other models, this residential model presents the underground part of the residential area in the form of a section and viewers can see clearly how the underground space is utilized in this area.

    The residential buildings in this area are mainly composed of low-rise houses, each building has a different height and different roof forms.

    Therefore, instead of mass production, the modelers need to make these residential buildings one by one and spray different colors on their surfaces.

    Model lighting experts install warm yellow lights both in the overground residential buildings and under a ground parking lot, creating a peaceful life scene.

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    Lumiere, Canning Town Residential Building Model

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 1600mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    As an important part of the Canning Town & Custom House Regeneration Area programme, Lumiere is a sustainable and mixed-use residential project located at the heart of Canning Town, and the residential model of this complex used durable acrylic and wood to represent the grey and silver building concrete façade and the yellow painted balcony and windows.

    The central public area of this residential model features synthetic grass for green areas, and other entourage elements include community facilities were assembled together to show the occupants a modern and convenient lifestyle.

    The residential model of this exquisite senior residence was used as a sales tool for real estate fairs as it can help the developer to negotiate with the investors as well as to attract potential residents.

    In order to meet the client’s requirements, it took RJ model making experts 30 days to craft almost every detail into the final residential model to mimic its designed functions in the real world.

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    Agaoglu Maslak 1453 Residential House Model in Turkey

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 3500mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 50 Days

    This residential model is for Agaoglu, a residential group in Maslak, Istanbul.

    The residential building model is made in a 1:250 scale, which is an ideal scale option for modeling a group of residential buildings; under this scale, the certain level of details can be presented while the whole surrounding environment can be fully expressed.

    The whole building group is built in a unique topography and different height buildings are well distributed.

    With complex landform and distinguish heights, the overall assembly of the residential model is very challenging and requires the scale model makers in Turkey to carefully identify the position of each piece and arrange a reasonable assembly sequence.

    No matter the podium, high-rise building or the water scene are all decorated with fabulous lights and creating a peaceful life scene.

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    India Siddha Sky Residential Building Model

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 1800mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Rising majestically above the city Kolkata, Siddha Sky was designed to be another new iconic landmark in India, and with an unparalleled skywalk on the rooftop, these three 340 feet high residential buildings were designed to be the city’s most coveted residences as it can provide panoramic and spectacular views and unforgettable experiences for the residents and visitors.

    Considering Siddha Sky was designed to be part of Siddha’s affordable housing projects, the primary design intention of this well-crafted project was to offer the future residents a modern and comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price, and RJ Models completed this residential model to represent how the building will be constructed with proposed residential developments in mind.

    RJ modelers replicated the detailed skywalk on the rooftop vividly by adding various amenities like leisure pools and lush greens, and the illumination inside the residential building model can bring the viewers a wonderful sense of warmth and luxury.

    In order to meet the high detail standard requested by the client, our architectural model makers spent approximately one month to execute detailed residential model elements, and the final product was quite appealing when it was put on display during sales events and public exhibition.

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    Damac Tower Lebanon Residential Building Model

    Scale:1: 200 | Size: 1400mm x 1350mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Developed by DAMAC Properties and situated in the elite marina area of Beirut, Lebanon, the 28-story DAMAC Tower is the first VERSACE Home branded luxury residential building which won the award for ‘Best High-Rise Architecture’, and RJ Models were fortunate to be involved in this outstanding project working together with top architects.

    In order to restrict visibility towards the interior of the building, RJ Models cooperated with 3DR Models decided to use the translucent material for all windows while the high-performance metal material was chosen to build the framework of the residential building model to represent the design concept of spectacular flowing curves which inspired by surging waves of the ocean.

    With the goal of architectural model making the entire residential complex look more attractive, several ready-made entourage elements such as vehicles, plants were added to this residential model to bring a sense of realism

    RJ model makers selected cold light for the interior of the residential building while warm and colorful lights were picked for the exterior to complements the overall atmosphere of the site.

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    Residential Model - Leven Wharf

    Scale:1: 75 | Size: 1300mm x 1100mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Covering an area of 0.5 hectares and located adjacent to the Olympic Park in London, Leven Wharf residential project is a mixed-use development which was planned to be a premier residence overlooking a natural lake with a wide range of amenities provided。

    RJ Models completed the residential model of this project to emphasize the elegant building design, green central garden, riverside public space, and a warm living atmosphere

    The building facades of this residential model were coated with reddish brown and white, while roof garden was covered with synthetic grass and pre-made miniature trees to successfully capture what the actual buildings look like realistically

    It can be noticed from this residential building model that there were a lot of life activities going on behind each window, which can provide the potential home buyers an overall realistic feel of how life will be before they decide to purchase or not.

    This residential model was constructed to be served as an indispensable marketing tool for preconstruction sales and for the public to understand the proposed development about how this project will benefit and impact their lives in the future.

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    Palm Trunk Residential Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:125 | Size: 1500mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    This is a residential model of a seaside residential building.

    For the model material, the modelers choose bright colors with high saturation to express the pleasant mood and bright weather on vacation.

    The entire model is consisting of the residential building, seawater, beaches, and numerous scale people, beach chairs and swimming rings, restoring a real holiday scene.

    The designers extend wide balconies to the sea-facing side houses, fully using of the favorable geographical conditions, and residents can enjoy the panoramic view of the sea.

    It is worth noting that in the production of seawater, our model maker in Dubai use a unique blue gradient from shallow to deep, which accurately reflects the process of seawater gradually immersing in the beach.

    The residential model is made to a higher level of detail than others at 1:125 scale.

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    Blacktown First Avenue Residential Model

    Scale:1: 250 | Size: 1200mm x 900mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Located on First Avenue and adjacent to Blacktown railway station, the 16-storey First Ave building involves 160 one-bedroom and two-bedroom residential apartments, commercial space, and a medical center, and RJ Models was pleased to be invited to build the residential building model for this project.

    After having taken the inspiration from modern city lifestyle and referred to the architectural design offered by the client, RJ model makers selected the best fitting materials and simplest color palette to make this residential building model to represent the minimalism and simplicity design of the building facade.

    One impressive feature about the building in this residential scale model is its detailed roof garden, which not only highlights the landscaping design of the project but also creates a comfortable and pleasant living atmosphere to anyone who wants to live in this building.

    As the client requested this residential building model for design concept representation, low-detail representations of the surrounding buildings were included to showcase how an entire block will look realistically.

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    CPR Canterbury House Model

    Scale:1: 50 | Size: 1750mm x 900mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Being constructed atop of a former Victorian signal factory, the Canterbury House was designed to be an entirely new residence which would blend conventional architecture with modern design, and RJ Models was very proud to be commissioned to complete the residential building model of this extraordinary project.

    In the residential building model fabricating process, RJ model makers placed emphasis on the building facade arrangements and details after having studied 10 years history of the former structure and have referred to the classic European architectural style

    This residential building model has a harmonious color combination of grey, orange and white mixed together in a classic and pleasant manner, which perfectly emulated the original architectural design.

    In order to meet the client’s demand, this 1:50 scale residential building model used frosted glass for the windows to restrict the interior view as well as to achieve its purpose of highlighting the design of the architectural appearance

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    JLL LA Four Seasons Residential Building Model

    Scale:1: 100 | Size: 1500mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Developed by Genton Property Group and designed by world-famous architecture firm RTKL, this 12-story Four Season s private residence is an unparalleled and exclusive project in modern day architecture, and RJ Models accomplished this residential building model with the application of most advanced technologies available

    For the material, this 1:100 residential building model used white acrylic for building a frame, translucent Plexiglas for curtain wall and windows, and an adequate number of LEDs were provided in the street lamps and inside the building to make the model look more realistic.

    What makes this residential building model truly spectacular is its detailed landscape on the rooftop of the penthouse, which highlights the design of 9,000-square-foot roof garden where the residents can have a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire complex and surroundings.

    The final residential model comes complete with scenery elements like miniature trees, vehicles, figures, and street lighting poles, etc to bring the viewers an immediate feeling of the extravagant urban and city life.

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    Crescent Lake Homes Residential Model in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 3400mm x 2400mm | Production Time: 45 days

    This residential model is for a modern development residential group Crescent Lake Homes in Chennai, India, which is designed by Carlos Ott Architects in association with Carlos Ponce de León Architects.

    Residential buildings are the main part of this area.

    Nevertheless, the project also includes many amenities such as shopping center, schools, swimming pools, and table tennis & gymnasium.

    Residential model experts from RJ Models faithfully demonstrate the designers’ intentions and concepts; they perfectly depict the various parts of the residential complex through the use and matching of different materials.

    The designers of this project have conducted field visits and detailed background information surveys in the area for better design and RJ Models does the same job in order to present a perfect residential model.

    Even very tiny details of the residential group, such as the arrangement of the solar panels on the building roof, are all made precisely and exquisitely.

    The superior location and the extraordinary landscapes of the residential group are clearly displayed in the residential model, which is conducive to attracting potential buyers.

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    Wish Istanbul Beylikduzu House Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2600mm x 2600mm | Production Time: 40 days

    This residential model is for the Wish Beylikduzu House, located in Esenyurt region of Istanbul.

    The Wish Istanbul project is constructed by Safak Insaat and totally consists of 696 apartments and 44 commercial units.

    The height of this residential model is over 2 meters, even at the scale of 1:150.

    The developers of this luxury project feel they need a realistically detailed marketing model to allow potential buyers to fully appreciate the intricacies and subtleties of the architecture.

    RJ Models fully fulfills their desire and conquers each developer and viewer with a superb residential model.

    Key features of the model includes gorgeous lighting effects and exquisitely craved Middle Eastern arches at the low-rise facades.

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