Professional Maritime Model Making Service

Professional Maritime Model Making Service

During the last 23 years of RJ Models’ passionate journey of Maritime Model Making.

RJ Models dedicated to continuing making the excellent and elegant maritime models for you.

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Maritime Model - Super Yacht Model

The load line of a superyacht stretches for at least 24 meters.

Superyacht can be personally owned, commercially chartered or both. It contains multiple deckers and cabins.

So it is out of the question to accommodate a host of guests and crew members.

RJ’s maritime model team is capable of catching and highlighting the most valuable characteristics of super-sized yachts.

The vivid model takes you to every corner of the yacht, experiencing its styling exterior and luxury interior.

Superyacht owners will find themselves extremely proud of possessing such a brilliant maritime model.

It demonstrates yacht’s essential qualities in an exquisite form.

Despite the superyacht model is a scaled-down product, it doesn’t compromise the grandeur of its prototype.

Thanks to maritime modelers’ talented skills, the model is more than a duplicate. It’s actually a polished miniature.

Maritime Model - Sailing Yacht Model

Sailing Yacht Model displays ship’s impressive shape.

It’s enhanced by many accurate details: vertical mast leads your vision up to the sky; horizontally spreading deck draws a sharp line across the sea, and comfortable cabins create superb cruising experience.

The sailing yacht is the generic name for watercraft which are primarily propelled by sails.

This is a widely admired type for leisure activities and sports.

Sailing Yacht Model carries all qualities which a real sailing yacht is supposed to encompass.

It emerges you in the breeze and sunshine. Your mind is traveling to the sea accompanied by the rippled sails.

Sailing is a romantic voyage to the blue. The sailing yacht is a shining focal point on the horizon.

The sailing yacht model is the source of dreaming about that voyage to the horizon.

Maritime Model - Concept Yacht Model

Concept Yacht Model is commonly used to form, facilitate and upgrade design ideas and schemes. The maritime model brings designers’ minds into reality.

Compared with hand-drawing drafts and 3D computer renderings, designers are inspired and benefited enormously by concept yacht models.

With a vivid representation at hand, maritime model experts readily identify starting points to analyze and modify various boat elements and structures.

Ambitious boat architects endow yachts with characters and uniqueness. Concept Yacht Model visualizes and vitalizes their innovative design plans on paper.

Concepts are transformed into individual one-off maritime models. Concept yacht models just expose simplified spaces with a few beautifully clean lines.

But they materialize designers’ intentions with reference to colors, materials, and forms.

You can easily appreciate those yachts’ distinctive profiles. They are stylish, lovely, elegant or classical.

Maritime Model - Catamaran Model

A catamaran is a type of maritime model with two equal-sized hulls held side by side.

The wide bridging frame connecting two parallel hulls stabilizes the maritime model. It is propelled either by sails or motors.

Catamaran Model shows how the ship is wisely designed and structured.

Not only can you grasp the general shape and appearance of the ship, but you can also look into components, such as hulls, sails, steering wheel, cockpit, etc.

Walking around the catamaran Model, you can simply envision that you are delightfully chatting in the expansive salon space, cooking in the well-equipped galley, or lying down on the fabulous sundeck.

For designers, engineers and builders, Catamaran Model plays an essential role in their processes of work.

They ponder over problems while staring at maritime models and fantastic ideas are born!

Maritime Model - Motor Boat - Flybridge Maritime Model

Flybridge defines a category of the motorboat.

Situated on the top, the flybridge grants boaters nearly 360°panoramic views from the control station.

The motor maritime model can be manufactured to showcase a wide range type of flybridge, characterized by an enclosed room, a bimini top, or a retractable soft top.

A delicately crafted model reflects not only boat’s physical features but also its spirit.

Conscious customer observes ship models, comparing one to another, and picking out the one perfectly suits his taste and personalities.

In three dimensions, the motor maritime model uniquely offers users a visually parallel reference. But it is also touchable.

The maritime model delivers its quality to prospects through their finger-tips.

Maritime Model - Motor Boat – Coupe Model

Motorboat generally refers to all types of motor powered cruisers.

Some boaters prefer enclosed coupe allowing longer enjoyment on board regardless of extreme weather.

Motorboat model typically features a large main deck with luxury interior area accommodating families, friends, and guests.

The protective shade blocks outside heat and freezing air. In the meanwhile, unbeatable vista penetrates through circled glass windows.

A delicately manufactured boat model always attracts conscious customers. Selection of your motorboat starts from screening out your favorite maritime model.

The maritime model is also the source of vital spark from which innovative design comes into being.

Ship engineers have introduced fold-out hard top which allows a coupe and an open switch with each other as users want.

Maritime Model- Vessel Model

RJ’s maritime models not only serves yacht markets but also the nautical industry in general.

Vessels are categorized according to their performed tasks: cargo vessel for transportation of cargo, rescue vessel designed for salvage operations, and subsea vessel performing inspection, maintenance, repair, construction or supply to offshore oil and gas industry.

Although vessel types are varied, vessel models are capable of showcasing a full spectrum of vessels.

The maritime models highlight structural features, key components, and specialized functions.

Vessel models are especially benefiting to vessel companies. A well-built maritime model suggests a wisely designed ship, which is further an iconic sign of the prosperous marine industry.

Vessel models build up your imagination. They are all professionally designed and made with sophisticated craftsmanship, which allows you to enjoy a fantastic world of vessels!

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