3D Printed Architectural Model Service

3D Printed Architectural Model Service

3D printed architectural model is the 3D printing application within architecture and landscaping.

Compared with traditional methods of model making, 3D printed architectural model can be made much easier and faster at quite lower cost.

3D printing frees architects, designers, and modelers from manual work so that they can devote their energies to elaborating on concepts and polishing the final work.

Thanks to the 3D printing technology, the majority of the structure can be printed at once as a single piece.

A 3D printer is also able to produce intricate components, such as colonnades, columns; arcades, arches, as architects and other users require.

3D printing allows you to efficiently create scaled-down architectural models of good quality.

In addition to achieving a high level of details, RJ Model tailors its professional and the best service to your need and design.

Lighting, finishing and other extra effects can be realized on the 3D printed architectural model.

Simple Steps to Work With Us for 3D Architectural Models

Office Building 3D printed model

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 100mm x 350mm
  • Production Time : 3 days

The above image shows a 3D print of 2 concept office architectural models.

An architect often requires some form of direction and inspiration during the design of a building and 3D printing can give that as well as reveal the architect’s design ideas.

A 3D printed architectural model often made up of uneven surfaces. The general appearance can often be less than perfect.

To achieve a pristine model, with as smooth as possible undulation of the 3D printed architectural model surfaces, RJ Models only uses top of the range 3D printer and the highest quality printing material.

The result, after some polishing and smoothening of the model base, is a professionally finished piece of work.

3D Printed Architectural Model of Çamlıca Republic Mosque

  • Scale: 1: 250
  • Size: 1500mm x 1250mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

3D printing technology builds this entire Camlica Republic Mosque architectural model, including the dome, the tall columns, building piers and all other components

Due to the larger size of the architectural model, RJ Models printed the different section of the mosque separately.

The separate components then go through further polishing to attain a perfect finish before painting and assembly.

The 3D printed model makers then installed lights in the model and trees were put in place to bring the entire model to life.

When the client gave their approval to the finished 3D printed architectural model, RJ Models professionally packaged the model in a custom made box before dispatching to ensure the model can deliver to any designated country.

3D Printed Architectural Model of Yenikapi Etnospor

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 100mm x 750mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

The above is a 3D printed architectural model for a festival.

Every May, Istanbul holds the Etnospor Kultur Festivali (Etnospor Cultural Festival), to celebrate the Turkish, Turkic and Central Asia sports and culture.

When RJ Models accepted the job, the project team chose and recorded the busiest and liveliest moments of the celebration and used it as a basis to construct the 3D printed architectural model.

3D printing technology is used to create the festival model.

The model designer used more than 50 carefully selected model people.

The designer then arranged these model people into tourists visiting the festival and participants playing out the games such as oil wrestling, Turkish Jereed, Turkish Archery to successfully create a vivid scene of the celebration.

The team took 15 days to complete and deliver the 3D printed architectural model, which includes the display of all the festival’s sports events.

3D Printed Architectural Model of Tokyo New National Stadium

  • Scale: 1: 1000
  • Size: 750mm x 350mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

RJ models once again have the honor of working with Zaha Hadid Architects in 2012; we are responsible for creating a 3D printed architectural model for Tokyo New National Stadium.

Zaha Hadid designed the Tokyo New National Stadium in her unique futuristic style.

The new Tokyo Stadium resembles a baseball cap, in a defined streamlined design.

The outer skeletal shell of steel beams made up the roof and resembled a futuristic spacecraft.

In order to achieve the accuracy of the component generation, RJ Models designers re-work the 3D model drawing to make it more understandable and to ease production process.

From re-drawing to the output of the components for a 3D printed architectural model, the error tolerance must not be more than a millimeter.

The color used on the 3D printed architectural model plays a decisive role. RJ Models experimented with different colors to use on the model and eventually settles for a metallic gray that will bring out the meaning behind Zaha’s design idea of Tokyo New National Stadium.

Beylerbeyi Sarayı 3D Printed Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 450mm x 380mm
  • Production Time : 18 days

The above is a 3D printed architectural model of Beylerbeyi Palace located on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

The palace was the summer residence of the Sultan and today, is a place to entertain visiting Head of States.

3D printing technology printed the primary building structure of the Beylerbeyi Palace while separately printed the facade and the palace surrounding wall.

3D printing enables a quick but yet detailed construction of the Beylerbeyi Palace, distinctively displaying the Ottoman and Baroque architecture style.

RJ Models also fitted lights in the Beylerbeyi Sarayi 3D printed architectural model and put in some fauna together with lush grounds and water surface.

After painting and decorating the surrounding, Beylerbeyi Sarayi transformed into an impressive work of art.

Dalian International Conference Center 3D Printed Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 600mm x 450m
  • Production Time : 18 days

RJ Models uses 3D printing technology to display the grandeur of Dalian International Conference Center and its unique architectural design.

Situated in Dalian Diamond Bay is the Dalian International Conference Center, a centerpiece of the emerging Dalian Central Business District. Dalian International Conference Center located in the centerpiece of CBD, the Eastport Business District which is known as Diamond Bay.
RJ Models

3D printing technology can also create the conical roof structure of the theater and the conference space at a much faster rate.

The model maker further polish and paint to enhance the look of the 3D printed architectural model.

With the lightings fitted in the interior of the model, it successfully demonstrated the designer’s idea on this instantly recognizable landmark in the City of Dalian.

The 3D printed architectural model also created a strong impression among the public and attracted the attention of international community to this new modern city of Dalian.

WAA Yinchuan Museum 3D Printed Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 750mm x 450m
  • Production Time : 12 days

Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan is the first large-scale contemporary art gallery in Northwest China.

The design concept came from the designer’s understanding of the local geomorphology, his knowledge of the ever-changing and shifting Yellow River and his recognition of the landscape created by the weathering phenomenon.

The facade of MOCA Yinchuan mimics the layers of sediment left by the gradual shifting of the Yellow River.

RJ Models follows through this design concept and created a 3D printed architectural model that brought it to life.

RJ Models sprayed the completed 3D printed architectural model with warm white paint to further display the designer’s intention for a primary natural hue on the building.

When placed on a black base, the 3D printed architectural model displays the concept of the building design even more prominently, creating a strong impression on its audience.

3D Printed Architectural Frame Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 1100mm x 750mm
  • Production Time : 2 days

Using the conventional model manufacturing process to create this 3D printed architectural frame model is laborious and time consuming as it consists of a meshed structure.

With advanced 3D printing technology, architectural models with complex structure can be easily made while the traditional model making methods, to some extent, are limited to straight lines and boxes.

RJ Models used 3D printer created the curved and rounded rooflines of this 3D printed architectural model with a high level of precision in a short time as 3D printing is the fastest and most accurate model making technology at present.

Equally important, using 3D printing to make this architectural model is cost-effective as it can minimize the amount of material needed while the structural integrity wasmaintained very well at the same time.

3D Printed City Conceptual Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1200mm x 450mm x 800mm
  • Production Time : 2 days

Today 3D printing is coming into frequent use of building city conceptual models to examine new proposed urban design and to provide the public a true sense of how the city will be evolved, as 3D printed model can aid the representation of design idea and development planning.

The primary benefit of making 3D printed city conceptual models is it helps the architects to discover several design concepts and iterations quickly in the early architectural design stage since 3D printed city conceptual models is an ideal tool for assessing how the new design will influence its surroundings.

More and more architects enjoy the use of 3D printed city conceptual models because it can save a lot of time and cost while increasing the capacity for exploring architectural design concept, and therefore assist the designers to take decisions on design choices.

RJ Models completed this 3D printed city conceptual architectural model to depict the new proposed city layout and highlight the city skyline by showing the relationship of heights between buildings.

3D Printed Architectural Model in Metal

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 350mm x 350mm
  • Production Time : 3 days

Making metal architectural models is kind of a wasteful process when using traditional model making techniques as plenty of chunky parts is generated and surplus model making material is used, while 3D printed metal architectural model can reduce the material waste to a minimum.

3D printing technology holds great potential for creating metal architectural models since individual parts of models can be 3D printed and spray-painted with a selected metal finish separately before being assembled.

RJ Models aesthetically and efficiently produced the metallic surface of this 3D printed metal architectural model by spraying the acrylic model with a golden metal finish, and the finished product is much lighter than its machined counterpart while the metal look of the model is very lifelike.

Combining the use of 3D printing technology with post-processing techniques to mimic the color and texture of the 3D metal architectural model is an ideal and popular way to turn the models into realistic prototypes.

Art Museum of 3D Printed Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 450mm x 450mm
  • Production Time : 3 days

Generally, plastic and woods are considered the most commonly used materials to build block architectural models, but it is a time-consuming process and a great majority of the model making materials will be cut away.

In contrast, 3D printing technology is more capable of producing architectural models with the specific irregular shape or angled directions that exceed those of traditionally handcrafted models.

When making this 3D printed architectural model, RJ Models used the advanced 3D printer to overcome the difficulties in translating structure complexity into an accurately completed object.

Thanks to rich 3D printing model making the experience of RJ Models and high-performance 3D printers, architectural models with an impossible geometry and gloss or satin finish can be manufactured with outstanding dimensional precision.

China Resources (Holdings) Co.Ltd Headquarter 3D Printed Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 450mm x 500mm x 400mm
  • Production Time : 7 days

Located in the center of Houhai District and designed by KPF, this 67-story China Resources Headquarters building, which is also known as ‘the Spring Bamboo’, was considered to be the 3rd tallest building in Shenzhen, this 3D printed office building model is a conceptual replica of this building structure.

RJ’s 3D printed architectural model making experts used 3D printing and traditional craftsmanship to create the oblique grid building fabric of this office building model as it is not just time-effective but also helps for cost savings.

Although each piece was needed to be assembled accurately and each seam was required to be sealed with patience, it only took 20 days for RJ 3D printed architectural model making team to complete the final office building model.

This 3D printed architectural office model is more like a delicate artwork while it also perfectly reflects the unique architectural character of the real-life structure.

3D Printed Yacht Model

  • Scale: 1:50
  • Size: 550mm x 350mm
  • Production Time : 14 days

This 1:50 3D printed yacht model, which has a high-degree of accuracy and intense detail, perfectly expresses the true essence of 3D printing technology combined with post-processing techniques.

Manufacturing and assembling numbers of individual components is a complicated and time-consuming process by using standard model making methods, while 3D Printing technology RJ Models used to create this accurate 3D printed yacht model offers the possibility to build an integral model with an excellent surface quality.

3D printing cuts the timeline significantly allowing for RJ Models to complete this 3D printed yacht model in a short time period as post-processing techniques like painting and polishing can save plenty of time and cost.

3D printing is getting more and more popular because of the precision afforded, low model, making cost, short producing time and the aesthetic value of the finished products.

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