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Generally, a shipyard consists of workshops, warehouses, transfer areas, several slipways and other shipyard facilities. Before making the shipyard model, the architectural model makers should take the industrial nature and the design concept of the shipyard into full account.

The models may encompass all the structures with other detailing components, including model ships, lighthouses, dockyard accessories, etc. In some cases, entourage elements like shipwrights at work, steam seeps from the pipes, etc., are added to the model to emulate the shipbuilding activities.

For the reason that the primary purpose of designing and building a shipyard is to make profits, use of a 3D simulation of the entire shipbuilding plants, with an emphasis on and of individual production processes in some cases. Shipyard model is an ideal tool to foster viewers understanding and then help to explore new markets.

In addition, sometimes, a newly proposed shipyard may not only be constructed as a profitable property but also be developed into a recreation hub for local and international tourists.

A high-end shipyard model with a fine level of detail is able to support future development throughout the region.

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Baku Shipyard Model in Azerbaijan

  • Scale: 1: 750
  • Size: 2700mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

Baku Shipyard was designed to be one of the representative shipyards located in the Caspian Sea region. And this shipyard model is a perfect reproduction of this shipbuilding plant.

Based on the blueprints and reference photos provided by Baku Shipyard LLC, RJ Models and 3DR Models‘ modelers used laser technology to build the model with a good level of detail.

As the Baku Shipyard was aimed to improve Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry by undertaking the construction of a variety of vessels and merchant ships and to carry on ship repair and conversion work at the same time. And this model was used for the public display to gather citizens and authorities’ opinions.

For the purpose to ensure the model would be durable enough for public interaction, high-quality model making materials and supporting protections are provided by RJ model making specialists.

Following on from the confirmation of the design of the Baku Shipyard project. RJ modelers spend 1 month finish the model and the outcome is very appealing.

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