Architectural Models: The Ultimate Guide

Architectural Models:The Ultimate Guide

The role of architectural model in the architectural design process is irreplaceable.

At present, architectural model is not only a presentation tool in the architect’s toolbox, but also a creative product for everyone.

Make an architectural model of the new house you just purchased, or the interior space the dream house you’ve recently […]

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Beijing’s Daxing International Airport Model with Zaha Hadid’s process and challenges

In the architecture industry, there’s one person who dares to challenge the traditional concepts of architecture.

This innovator created new world-class projects based off of smooth line designs.

In 2004 she earned the Pritzker Architecture Prize and is known as the “Queen of the curve” amongst world-class architects—Zaha Hadid.

Beijing International Airport T4 Model which is designed […]

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British Architect Surprises with a Stunning Dragon-Like Architectural Masterpiece

Buildings carry memories and it is an art form that allows us to step back in time to reminisce the past. Buildings are also a life form in itself and the architecture will evolve over time.

A photograph is able to capture, in 2-Dimension, the beauty of a scene in various angle, a 3-dimensional […]

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