Architectural Model Makers: RJ Models Turns Your Concept into a Masterpiece

Architectural Model Makers:RJ Models Turns Your Concept into a Masterpiece

During the last 26 years of our passionate journey as an architectural model maker, we seldom had much time to look back and re-collected the road that we walked.

A labor of love that architectural model maker all pride in being part of.

The exciting progress of […]

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Tsukiji Memorial Miniature Exhibition – Re-creating the Sights of Tsukiji with a Series of Models Created by RJ Models.

If you were a lover of fine cuisine, you probably would have heard of the Tsukiji Market.

Lonely Planet, a prominent and well-known travel guide had this comment on Tsukiji Market:

“No place in this world is noisier and messier, but at the same time everything about this place is methodological.”


After the Great Fire of Meireki […]

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In Memory of Zaha Hadid: Looking Back on RJ Models’ Cooperation of Architectural Model Making with Her.

The death of Ms. Zaha Hadid is a huge loss to global architecture.
As a model making company who feels much honored to have been invited by Zaha to work with her on architectural design models, RJ Moidels deeply saddened by Zaha’s passing.
Here, some representative architectural models created by RJ Models in cooperation with Zaha […]

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