Examples of Massing Models Work by RJ Models

Introduction of Massing Models
Massing is a term used in architecture that refers to the perception of the general shape and form as well as the size of a building.
The massing model represents those models that focus on the massing of architecture, rather than its structural detail, building material, color, layout, or façade.
Therefore massing […]

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Examples of Scale Product Models Work by RJ Models

The vehicle engine model, at 0.7 meters high when assembled, was built for public demonstrations of the vechicle engine.

The level of detail goes right down to cylinder, spark plug, valves, pistons, piston rings for illumination.

We received a full set of CAD drawings, max files with different perspectives would make our job easy of accuracy.

The […]

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RJ Models Restores to the Highest Standard the Ancient Historical Relics of Göbekli Tepe

The model making of Göbekli Tepe by RJ Models.
This earliest architecture in the west is both mysterious and solemn.

The historic relics of the prehistoric monument where our ancestors gathered to worship, experienced the sunrise and sunset, the changed of seasons and life and death.

Every living thing has a spirit, and history is very often […]

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