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Landscape Model

Landscape models incorporate various scenery elements like vegetation, animals, water features, and other hard landscaping. These include different kinds of structures and settlements, rocks, wind turbines, etc., and specialized topography and landforms.

As a representative work of the natural products, landscape models capture the essence and natural feeling of the sites.

Lush landscape model-making materials and advanced model-making techniques are required when making architectural models.

For example, similar to making topographic models, topo laser cutting technology is wildly used to replace the traditional technique in which sheets of material are layered up by hand.

However, to emulate every nuance of the landscape design or mimic the natural environment, artisan craftsmanship is still irreplaceable.

For instance, when rock faces need to be painted. In addition, currently, there are a lot of companies manufacturing and providing pre-made or semi-finished landscape model components like miniature plants and animals, pavilions and pergolas, revetments and dams, and other customized goods that help to reduce the model-making time and make the fabrication process easier.

The landscape model can be used as a presentation tool for architectural design companies and real estate developers. It can also function as an educational tool to increase public awareness of protecting the natural environments.


Simple Steps to Work With Us for Landscape Model

Residential Landscape Model in Dubai

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 2400mm X 2200mm
  • Production Time : 1 Month

Our model makers spend a month to make this landscape model complemented for a residential project, and add abundant life scenes in it.

As it is in a tropical area, the architects design a large number of water-related scenes in the landscape, including the water park, swimming pool, artificial lake, etc.

Model experts blend different shades of blue paint with epoxy resin to simulate the water in different scenes; artificial mountains and ducks are added in the artificial lake to enhance the sense of reality.

On the lawn, there are three-row unfolded yoga mats with people sitting on and practicing with a teacher, while others stand and admire at the outside; this scene fully demonstrates that RJ Models has been paying attention to the latest lifestyle and making models based on developments in the real world.

Cyprus Hotel Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 3200mm X 2000mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

The vegetation of this landscape model is based on the subtropical Mediterranean climate conditions in Cyprus, so you can see a lot of palm trees and scattered gravel and rocks in the model.

Colorful and precious flowers are planted in different streamline shape flower beds, which enriches the greenery, compromise in the overall natural landscape harmoniously.

Model experts from RJ Models artfully combine the natural characteristics with modern craftsmanship, creating an ecological and exquisite atmosphere for the customers.

One edge of the swimming pool that closes to the rest area is imitating the lake in the desert, instead of using hard materials to enclose, but allowing the water to be naturally blocked by the sand and gravel on the shore and this design also provides customers with richer leisure options.

Residential Landscape Model in Qatar

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 2600mm X 2000mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

In the production of landscape models, model makers generally focus their attention on the objectives in the landscape and use an abstract way to present the surrounding buildings.

Therefore, the ambient architectures are carved the outline with white PVC panels to minimize distraction.

The bridge that hangs over the lake is the highlighted part of the entire landscape and hard white plastic is used to make this modernist bridge; model makers creatively extend one end of the bridge into the jungle as if residents can go hiking in the next second.

Fountains and aquatic plants are set in the slender artificial lake, except for that, model experts also take advantage of the shade of color to simulate the depth of the lake.

Tall palm trees along the lake indicate the local climate condition

Hotel Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 2400mm X 1800mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

Generally, the volume of architectures in the landscape model is small, and its presence will be reduced to the greatest extent, model makers focus their attention on characterizing the landscape design.

This model is slightly different from the pure landscape model, the client wants to have the same accuracy villas on the site.

Therefore, it takes more time than an ordinary landscape model; our model experts spend about a month to complete this product and put a lot of thoughts on increasing the diversity of the scene.

In the model, you can see a lot of vegetation with different heights, pavilions with separate double sofas, and reclining chairs.

There is also an outdoor market on the side of the landscape, where various scaled people stand as if you can hear the bargaining with the peddlers.

Landscape Model - JBR Island in Dubai

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 3200mm X 1600mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

JBR Island has a large number of apartments and hotels that can accommodate tens of thousands of tourists, the villas, marinas, and landscapes on it all created with a surprisingly high degree of standardization.

On the private dock that extends into the sea, you can see people talk in groups, and different models private yachts are moored beside them, at another side anchor a large cruise ship.

Every location is connected by same size wooden planks; the palm trees planted along the arc of the coastline and double rows of neatly arranged beach chairs all reflect the developer’s rigorous geometric aesthetic characteristics.

The seawater is made of epoxy resin with blue pigment in it, and the shore beach is paved with the same fine sand as in Dubai.

Landscape Model - Marina 1

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 4400mm X 4200mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

In this seaside landscape model, the most eye-catching is the bustling hundreds of yachts moored or sailing on the water, immediately creating a lively atmosphere.

At the center of the model is a ring-shaped yacht club with yacht models docked around it.

There is a seaside amusement park at the end of the extended dam. This unique location allows visitors to view the coast in 360 degrees with a high attitude.

On the beach, our model makers ingeniously make the beach color gradually darker along the direction of the city road to the seawater, in line with the natural characteristics completely.

And once again verify that RJ Models is not only reproducing the design but also constructing the scene to help clients demonstrate their design philosophy and present it to customers.

Landscape Model - Marina 2

  • Scale: 1: 350
  • Size: 5600mm X 4600mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

In this coastal landscape model, a variety of vehicles are gathered, including vehicles, vessels, and Dubai’s unique sky trains.

Among transportation facilities, model makers prioritize focus on boats, which is the main leisure and transportation mean on water.

There are abundant collections of yachts in the model, such as sports yachts, flybridge yachts, coupe yachts, and mega yachts with helicopters parked.

Considering the model hierarchy, compared to the maritime ship, model experts use a simplified method in making car models, which does not spend too much time to portray.

The entire model is divided into several parts for production, which can improve efficiency and facilitate transportation.

RJ Models’ customers are distributed on various continents, long-distance transportation is often needed; after disassembly, models can be placed in special boxes and ensure them to be intact.

Landscape Model - Beach

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 4800mm X 3600mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

The major scene in this landscape model is the water paradise, including the sailboat that seems to be dragged into the sea by a giant octopus in the next second, the colorful coaster on the offshore, the inflatable floating toy on the water, and those young guys holding a surfboard.

Lighting is also one of the highlights in this landscape model, architectures are illuminated by indoor lights, and environments are decorated by outdoor ambient lights, including lawn lights and street lights.

The model photography team of RJ Models takes pictures of the model in daylight and black background respectively, simulating the scenes during the day and after sunset.

Under the black curtain, there are people sitting on the coast and chatting, seemed to enjoy the coolness of the night sea breeze.

Landscape model in Dubai of sea side

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 1800mm X 1000mm
  • Production Time : 18 days

Considering the density of this seaside villa project is relatively low, our model makers choose the ratio of 1:500 to produce.

As you can see in the model, except for the main villa in the middle, the length or width of the other villas does not even exceed the length of a utility knife, the yacht is only the length of a finger, not to mention the fingernail size private pools.

Despite each unit is very tiny, our model experts still have a very high pursuit of the model fineness.

For each offshore villa, cold yellow light strips are installed below, and the living scene is arranged indoors, which are illuminated by warm yellow lights; this lighting system gives the model a sense of rhythm.

Mangrove Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 300mm x 3300mm
  • Production Time : 7 days

This landscape model is rather a replica of the babbling lake than an architectural model of a specific project, and it involves final levels of details like meandering gooses and swimming fishes to draw the public attention.

In order to achieve a really dynamic effect, RJ modelers used fiberglass to present unique landscape character especially the vivid lake surface, and other pre-made products like trees and rocks were also added to this landscape model to emulate the natural scenery.

This sectional landscape model is definitely the best presentation tool to demonstrate the lovely lake view, and it was mounted to a portable and stable pedestal for easy transportation and handling.

Our 3d architectural model makingexperts only spent one week to produce this true to nature landscape model, and the client was completely satisfied with this model as it fully represents the calm ambiance of the sites.

Landscape Model of Island of Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1:3000
  • Size: 2200mm x 2200mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

Architectural scale modeling differs from landscape modeling because it is replicating life and nature’s random formation.

Landscape model makers from RJ Models developed their mastery through years of experience.

The white styled Aedas Hengqin Tianhu hotel with remarkable landscaping is created in a 1:1000 scale project.

A blue panel representing the water areas is first laid out before adding the green flannel resembling the land area.

Careful, precise curves for the edges of land were modeled seeing to it that realistic effects are visible.

Wide-open landscapes such as this also feature different levels in terrain which were absolutely modeled by our model makers.

Various species of miniature trees and shrubs were selected, densely covering around sixty percent of the entire area.

A connection of roads from the major highway is included providing a general representation of the layout of site development.

Our architectural model making company delivered this large 2 by 2meter project in just three weeks.

Island Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 2600mm x 1450mm
  • Production Time : 1 month

Spectacular landscape detailing is the best way to describe this creation of the top architectural model-making company, RJ Models.

Set on a 2200 x 2200mm base is a portion of the island of Hong flawlessly modeled to life.

Crystal clear blue waters complete with the ripple effect surround the island model.

Majorly featuring a large harbor accommodating a number of yachts and boats.

The coastline is impeccably detailed with rocks and sandy areas, even the foam as the sea reaches the shore.

The topography is definitely varied in different elevations, highest along with the center parts with rocky portions so realistic.

Most of the area is thoughtfully covered by different shades of scale model trees and shrubs for a more natural effect.

The plant terraces sloping with the land contour are meticulously crafted to detail as a highlight of the hillsides.

There is white massing of structures scattered throughout along with their network of service roads.

Nature and architecture all masterfully recreated in a scale model by our professional model makers.

Ladnscape Model of Mentougou by SOM

  • Scale: 1:3000
  • Size: 2200mm x 2150mm
  • Production Time : 1 Month

Industry giant, Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill commissioned RJ Models for this challenging architectural landscape model.

The Mentougou is a large project which required extra processes and complicated details.

A tiny 1:1000 scale for this huge project is no easy feat, but our architectural model makers delivered with satisfaction.

Laying out the immense mountainous landscape with gypsum was the first part of the process.

The sloping terrain must be accurate to be able to depict the outcome when buildings are put in place.

The lighting system is added giving accent to a highly urbanized zone amid a rural landscape along with lighted river channels.

There is dense massing of towns on one side while the featured new urban project is on the other.

Comprising there are a major number of detailed medium-sized to tall buildings and several residential zones.

The intricacy of this model requires sure-handed precision the architectural model makers of RJ Models professionally offer to any client.

One month is all it took to capture an impressively realistic and accurate model such as this.

Landscape Model of Hatta Mountains

  • Scale: 1:1500
  • Size: 3150mm x 1900mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

There are certain occasions when a 3D model of a mountain range needs to be expressly created.

RJ Models makes it a point to professionally receive each model project regardless of its model making intensity.

Such is the case of the Hatta mountain model depicted in true form from our model making company.

The final product will be used to show the general and detailed formation of the mountains.

Seemingly simple-looking but tediously crafted to conform to the exact contour and slope grade of each peak.

Eagle-eye, meticulous crafting throughout the planning, calculated drawing and cutting; and layering piece by piece.

Edges are well polished achieving a smooth and burr-free finish by our model makers in Dubai.

The Hatta mountains is an astonishing huge sized model 3150 x 1900mm in minute 1:1500 scale proportions.

It is such labor-intensive that our architectural model makers consumed forty-five days in production.

Nevertheless, RJ Models has a dedicated mission to produce indefectible scale models that always impress our worldwide clientele.

Landscape Model of Topography Model

  • Scale: 1:800
  • Size: 1600mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

This architectural topography model simply presents how the group of buildings designed for the area conforms with the terrain.

Model making company leader with worldwide installations, RJ Models exceed architectural model quality expectations however simple.

The landform occupying the entire base of sturdy construction is measured and cut with precision.

Our company’s model makers created contoured lines patterned accordingly from the actual slope of the natural topography.

Each layer is then polished free of rough edges and smooth to the touch upon joinery.

A similar simplistic approach to buildings is the white styled, monochrome models incorporated into the sloping landscape.

These groups of low-rise buildings convey basic design characteristics uniformly unique to them though having minimal details.

A period of twenty-one days is all it took to make this 1:800 scale model production.

This straightforward model making approach is inexpensive to produce and will be used for design consultations and lay-outing.

Golf Club Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1:800
  • Size: 1600mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

This golf club model by model-making company leader, RJ Models is detailed in both the architectural structures and landscaping.

A golf course is a specially made landscape with different surface areas designed to give variety to the sport.

It is a wide expansive area covered in specified areas with putting greens, fairways, roughs, as well as water hazards.

A dense number of trees surround the development while lines of them were well placed inside the golf course itself.

Our architectural model makers made sure each of these vital parts is crafted according to specifications.

Aside from the stunning golf course landscaping, major structures have been added around the vicinity showing their spatial relationship.

These buildings include high details which include hotel, residential and other recreational facilities.

The main highway with vehicles gives extra visual interest.

By aerial view, model-making company, RJ Models achieve the realistic look a project like this aims to portray.

Mountain Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1:800
  • Size: 1600mm x 1200m
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

Copying nature can be a more difficult model to make than replicas of a building or structure.

One is occurring naturally while the other is merely man-made.

We at RJ Models has an extensive architectural model making approach to whatever type of model a client demands.

This mountain model is set on a 1.6 by 1.2meter base with a 1:800 scale and finished within three weeks.

Our team of model makers used gypsum to infuse the mold thereby forming a mountain.

They applied latex to green elements to create a look that the surface of the mountain is covered with vegetation.

However, to give a realistic look, some areas are left bare without greens, directly revealing the mountain soil.

Rivers that traverse the lower portions of the mountains were met according to its natural shape and direction.

Craftsmanship and consistency are essential in achieving the true to life appearance of real mountain landscapes.

Objectives that our architectural model making company accomplish with every model project.

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