Landscape Model

Landscape Model

Landscape model incorporates various scenery elements like vegetations, animals, water features, and other hard landscaping such as different kinds of structures and settlements, rocks, wind turbines, etc and specialized topography and landforms.

As a representative work of the natural products, landscape models capture the essence and the natural feeling of the sites.

Lush landscape model making materials and advanced model making techniques are required when making the models. For example, similar to making topographic models, topo laser cutting technology is wildly used to replace the traditional technique in which sheets of material are layered up by hand.

However, in order to emulate every nuance of the landscape design or mimic the natural environment, artisan craftsmanship is still irreplaceable. For instance, when arock faces need to be painted.

In addition, currently there are a lot of companies manufacturing and providing pre-made or semi-finished landscape model components like miniature plants and animals, pavilions and pergolas, revetments and dams, and other customized goods, which helps to reduce the model making time and make the fabrication process easier.

Landscape model can be used as apresentation tool for architectural design companies and real estate developers, and it can also function as educational tools to increase public awareness of protecting the natural environments.

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Mangrove Landscape Model

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 300mm x 3300mm
  • Production Time : 7 days

This landscape model is rather a replica of the babbling lake than an architectural model of a specific project, and it involves final levels of details like meandering gooses and swimming fishes to draw the public attention.

In order to achieve a realistic dynamic effect, RJ modelers used fiberglass to present unique landscape character especially the vivid lake surface, and other pre-made products like trees and rocks were also added to this landscape model to emulate the natural scenery.

This sectional landscape model is definitely the best presentation tool to demonstrate lovely lake view, and it was mounted to a portable and stable pedestal for easy transportation and handling.

RJ model making experts only spent one week to produce this true to nature landscape model, and the client was completely satisfied with this model as it fully represents the calm ambiance of the sites.

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