Facade Architectural Model

Facade Architectural Model

Façade architectural model is a creative production with a particular emphasis on the intricate architectural appearance details, and usually, it is produced to represent the front of the specific façade of a building.

Before start producing the façade architectural model, make sure information like architectural drawings, digital models, data and measurements gathered are sufficient and in the final version.

What’s more, to make the façade architectural model as authentic as possible, a site visit or related photos and images are equally important.

Although detail is the key to making a successful façade architectural model, colors and textures are other significant features that help to reveal the design idea and thus require certain attention.

Subtle details like greenery and roof foliage can be added to the façade architectural model to fully capture the architectural design as well as to create a realistic atmosphere.

Metal acid etchings, laser cutting, and 3D printing are three most commonly used technologies to fabricate finer façade architectural model that exact to scale. Traditional hand-crafted skills are also in need to show a high level of detail according to clients’ requests.

Sometimes the final product requires protective lacquer for the maintaining purpose because the architectural model is most frequently used for presentation to demonstrate complex design concepts.

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Façade Model for New World Plaza in Hong Kong by LEAD

  • Scale: 1: 50
  • Size: 300mm x 120mm x 450mm
  • Production Time : 14 Days

New World Plaza is one of the most crowded shopping malls in Sha Tin District, New Territories, Hong Kong. It has undergone three varying sizes of renovation projects in recent years.

This façade model shows the main façade along the street of the New World Plaza after its latest renovation.

In this façade model, through the hanging position of the metal logo, we can see the approximate distribution of the anchor stores in the grounded floor.

Our architectural model maker use traditional polyurethane foam board, tough plastic, stainless steel stick, and transparent glass sheet to make the major components of the building, including floor slabs, beams, columns, windows, rain sheds, etc.

Other than that, green simulation turf and brown color of feathers of peacock materials are used to distinguish the highlights part of the façade.

The choice of consummate materials and the connection of meticulous components make the model flawless even when viewed closely and carefully.

Façade Model for Greenland in Nanchang

  • Scale: 1:20
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm x 800mm
  • Production Time : 14 Days

Nanchang Greenland Central Plaza occupies the central axis of Nanchang City and is the core of Honggutan Central Business District.

The total construction area of the Nanchang Greenland is over 420,000 square meters, consisting of shopping malls and office buildings.

Internationally renowned architectural firm SOM is responsible for the design of this project and the architect draw on various natural elements, including blooming roses and molten metal feathers.

In this Greenland project, each panel on the façade has a warpage of up to 1.5% off the plane, creating a harmonious and reflective appearance, which makes the whole building shine.

Since RJ Models has undertaken lots of SOM projects, our model experts have been familiar with their design style and model requirements.

Even in the face of such high-precision façade detail requirements, our model makers were able to complete the façade model within two weeks.

White Façade Model for Plaza 66 in Taiwan

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 600mm x 300mm x 400mm
  • Production Time : 14 Days

With the upgrade and changes in consumer demand, Hang Lung 66 Plaza also ushered in a major renovation.

The renovation project was jointly participated by several well-known designers. KPF was responsible for the façade of the South Tower, Elena Galli Giallini Limited was responsible for the overall interior design of the mall, and Girimun Architects was responsible for the logistics planning and interior design of the office building.

This 1:100 façade model is the main part of the South Tower.

Model experts use pure white materials to diminish unnecessary interference and clearly display the structural features of the façade.

In addition to the white PVC board, our model makers adopt white plastic rods to the highlights part of the curtain wall; and they attach elements such as billboards and the Hang Lung logo to add authenticity of the façade model.

Façade Building Model in Jinan by SOM

  • Scale: 1: 50
  • Size: 500mm x 400mm x 300mm
  • Production Time : 7 Days

The Greenfield Shandong International Financial Center (IFC) 428m super high-rise project is jointly completed by SOM and Benoy, and its function covers office, hotel, and retail.

The dividends of the stacked units on the façade of the tower are like a “mountain” shape, corresponding to the five elements of Jinan: “mountain, spring, lake, river, city”.

This design is also conducive to reducing the wind vortex in the upper part of the tower and reducing the top floor area to suit the hotel’s function.

The façade model made by RJ Models shows the enlarged view of the divided parts of the whole tower to the viewers, and through the glass window, you can even see the furnished desk and swivel chair in the interior, as if you are working in the IFC.

Consistent with SOM’s formalist and rigorous design style, our façade model experts use laser cutting machine to split each part of the window and structural pillar.

Façade Model for a villa by Ronald Lu

  • Scale: 1:25
  • Size: 500mm x 400mm x 300mm
  • Production Time : 7 Days

Ronald Lu & Partners is a design-oriented architectural company with offices in the mainland and Hong Kong.

This façade model is made for a villa model designed by the RLP for a project located in Hong Kong.

Model experts from RJ Models select ABS material as the main material in this façade model, which is characterized by high rigidity and poor toughness; this material can vividly simulate the texture of marble and granite by spraying patterns.

Our model makers not only reproduce the main façade structure and texture, but also present part of the interior designs, such as the marble pavement of the outdoor balcony on the third floor.

In addition, glass plates with a certain thickness instead of thin glass sheets are adopted in the window part, which has the advantage of enhancing the overall luxury of the model and matching the project’s positioning and quality.

Facade Office Building Model by KPF

  • Scale: 1: 30
  • Size: 500mm x 400mm x 300mm
  • Production Time : 7 Days

This 1:30 pure white façade model takes RJ Models’ model making team a week to complete.

In the model, our model specialists add desks and chairs that are scaled down in the same size to increase the realism of the scene.

PVC panels are used to make the floor, beam, and other main structures, whereas PVC panels are used to cover the back of the whole model to prevent dust and increase reflection effect.

During the model making process, model makers adhere to the principle of “less is more” principle in the architectural industry.

Only white and transparent materials are used to make the model, which helps the viewer to clearly see the architectural structure without being disturbed by unnecessary factors.

The whole façade model is placed on an oak board with a thickness of about 4 cm; the dark brown wooden color effectively balances the light feeling created by white materials, making the whole model modern but also stable.

Retaining Wall Façade Model in Hong Kong by RLP

  • Scale: 1: 50
  • Size: 250mm x 80mm x 400mm
  • Production Time : 7 Days

This is a 1:50 building façade model under the requirements from RJ Models’ old customer RLG.

Its 250mm x 80mm size is immensely suitable to be placed on the table or on the exhibition stand for appreciation.

Our model makers use small copper nails to attach the imitated green plant part on the façade model and use textured copper sheets to simulate the real façade.

Model experts also uniquely add 4 scale model trees, which are placed on the top of the model rather than placed on the floor and have a good visual attraction effect.

RJ Models is committed to providing our customers with perfect works and efficient services.

No matter what type of model, our model specialists will always put customer’s needs in the first place, and use various high-tech means throughout the whole process, including model designing, production, and transportation.

Facade Architectural Model in Sydney (Sliver)

  • Scale: 1: 750
  • Size: 2700mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 21 Days

RJ Models has been commissioned to produce a façade architectural model which can present the detailed metal surface of the building, and this 1:750 scale model was first presented for design exchanging, and later was used to support the client in architectural design bidding.

After have confirmed with the designer, our model makers in Sydney mainly used laser cutting technique to replicate the original design of building façade, and after all parts of this façade architectural model have been constructed and assembled, they were repeatedly painted and sprayed to create the metallic surface.

In order to achieve a true representation, exposed elements such as precast concrete structure were fabricated as well, and the final façade architectural model told the whole story of the design concept by 3D architectural rendering without imposing a high expense to the client.

It took RJ Model team approximately one month to complete this façade architectural model as using acrylic to present such a detailed façade is not an easy task, and the client was really satisfied with this unique model.

Balcony Façade Model

  • Scale: 1: 20
  • Size: 200mm x 150mm x 250mm
  • Production Time : 3 Days

The unique feature of this model is that it not only shows the façade materials and detail structure of the balcony, but also shows the cross-sectional structure of the wall and outdoor balcony.

It is both a delicate façade model and a cross-sectional model.

Specifically, this model cuts from the position of the window part, which is beneficial to display the internal structure of the wall, such as the concrete layer, the insulation layer, the wooden keel, and the outer wall decorations.

In this architectural model, our model makers pay special attention to the selection of materials to be as consistent as possible with the real material to improve realism.

However the selection of such material complex poses a certain challenge to the bonding of the components, but our model making team still manages to hide all the glue marks and present an immaculate model to our clients.

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