Facade Architectural Model

Facade Architectural Model

Façade architectural model is a creative production with a particular emphasis on the intricate architectural appearance details, and usually, it is produced to represent the front of the specific façade of a building.

Before start producing the façade architectural model, make sure information like architectural drawings, digital models, data and measurements gathered are sufficient and in the final version.

What’s more, to make the façade architectural model as authentic as possible, a site visit or related photos and images are equally important.

Although detail is the key to making a successful façade architectural model, colors and textures are other significant features that help to reveal the design idea and thus require certain attention.

Subtle details like greenery and roof foliage can be added to the façade architectural model to fully capture the architectural design as well as to create a realistic atmosphere.

Metal acid etchings, laser cutting, and 3D printing are three most commonly used technologies to fabricate finer façade architectural model that exact to scale. Traditional hand-crafted skills are also in need to show a high level of detail according to clients’ requests.

Sometimes the final product requires protective lacquer for the maintaining purpose because the architectural model is most frequently used for presentation to demonstrate complex design concepts.

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Facade Architectural Model in Sydney (Sliver)

  • Scale: 1: 750
  • Size: 2700mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 21 days

RJ Models has been commissioned to produce a façade architectural model which can present the detailed metal surface of the building, and this 1:750 scale model was first presented for design exchanging, and later was used to support the client in architectural design bidding.

After have confirmed with the designer, our model makers in Sydney mainly used laser cutting technique to replicate the original design of building façade, and after all parts of this façade architectural model have been constructed and assembled, they were repeatedly painted and sprayed to create the metallic surface.

In order to achieve a true representation, exposed elements such as precast concrete structure were fabricated as well, and the final façade architectural model told the whole story of the design concept without imposing a high expense to the client.

It took RJ model team approximately one month to complete this façade architectural model as using acrylic to present such a detailed façade is not an easy task, and the client was really satisfied with this unique model.

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