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Mosque models are highly appreciated by the clients especially if they are precise and target each detail with the required accuracy.

RJ Models aimed at giving the clients representation of the traditional mosque models in a modern and lavish structure but still entailing all the features of a mosque.

Both the outlook and interior of the mosque model is designed to the specifications of the clients with some additional features like lighting systems as well the surrounding features and landscape to give the clients a more vivid picture.

All the fundamental parts of the mosque model are included; from the minaret, outer arcade, courtyard and the sanctuary that holds the Mihrab.

The mosque models are normally scaled down to 1:300 on average depending on the features incorporated.

However, not all the mosque models produced by the RJ Models are scaled down to the smaller size; some of them are designed as real-life replicas of the real thing.

Trust the RJ Models with your architectural model project and you will never regret.

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    Grand Mosque Model

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 3000mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    This award-winning mosque models by RJ Models is one of the most spectacular mosque model built to represent the original Grand Mosque that was first designed by Abraham and his son Ishmael.

    To the rest of the world, the Grand Mosque is known as the Kaaba.

    This Mosque is marked by the striking Black Stone that according to tradition was dropped from heaven and is said to have turned black due to the sins of mankind.

    Highly conceptual mosque models do not need to be complex and in this case, RJ Models offers a whole library of CNC accessories that are added to give this mosque model glamour.

    By incorporating a range of modern lighting elements to this project, designers of this mosque model in Abu Dhabi are able to give the viewers a modern aesthetic feel of the Grand Mosque.

    Within a months’ time, RJ Models can deliver the best of Grand Mosque model in a landscape size of 1:300.

    The highly detailed finish that we offer you is just what you need to have a taste of that sleek feel of quality and style.

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    Medina Mosque Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 2000mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 30days

    This breath-taking mosque model by RJ Models is a representation of the ancient mosque built by Muhammad back in the years 622 right after he arrived in the city known as Medina.

    The mosque model comes with a lavish modern look but still has all the essential features of the traditional mosque.

    With a landscape scale of about 1:500, this mosque model is made from strong wooden materials to give you a better view of what to expect from the actual mosque.

    The artistry behind the design is a true meaning of an opportunity for the architects to represent all the basics and principles of designing.

    This is a quality mosque model that is made by trustable hands-on experts in this field.

    We bet you will fall in love with what RJ Models design the architectural model making for you.

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    Makkah Masjid Al-Haram Mosque Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 2000mm x 1220mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Mosques are sacred places that need to be made to the exact specification to suit the worship needs of Muslims.

    This means that you require a reputable model-making company to design the mosque models to precision and this is where the RJ Models come in.

    This mosque model form the RJ Models has been made with a high level of expertise in order to capture the eyes of the clients with it's well laid out design and stone textured walls.

    The mosque model is the modern-day representation for the Great Mosque of Mecca, which happens to be the largest known mosque worldwide.

    The fact this mosque model is designed just like those noble engineering drawings; you are sure of complete accuracy that focuses on showing all the major components of the project even in its model level.

    The mosque model has been scaled down to 1:500 but if you click on the image, you will be able to enlarge them and see the fine details of the mosque model clearly.

    This might be a demanding project but within 30 days, RJ Models delivers your model safely with a suitable transit case.

    With transportation, however, you have the right to suggest the safest means of transport for your mosque models.

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    Istanbul Mosque Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 1800mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The Istanbul mosque model draws its inspiration from Istanbul's skyline screams architectural excellence having magnificent mosques with soaring minarets that pierce the skies.

    The mosque model focuses on giving the full details of the Istanbul Mosque model through real-time features like people and cars which enhances the visual-ability of the clients.

    Green fresh trees model are included as part of the mosque model to indicate the cool environmental setting of the mosque.

    The landscape model scaled down to 1:150 is produced within 30 days which the exact specifications of the clients.

    RJ Models also includes a lighting system, which by now happens to be a common feature of the mosque model.

    RJ Models have the capability of incorporating a wide range of electronic elements into a different type of architectural model project.

    The entire design of this mosque model ensures that you have a clear picture of both the interior and exterior at a glance.

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    Mosque Model

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 350mm x 350mm | Production Time: 5 days

    The mosque model is an amazing model by our model makers in Dubai.

    With this piece, RJ Models have focused on entailing all the details of the mosque and making it as alive and real as possible.

    Besides the well-crafted mosque model, there are additional features that are aimed at bringing life to the model like people in the interior and exterior parts of the mosque.

    In addition to that, RJ Models have incorporated a yellow lighting system in the architectural model building as well as a button that lets the people turn the lighting on and off whenever necessary.

    The blend of color, real-time features like (people and cars) and the lighting system gives whole a fantastic modern look.

    The mosque model is scaled down to 1:50 and within 5 days; your mosque model is ready.

    RJ Models cares about our clients; therefore our main focus is to deliver high-quality mosque models within the set time frame.

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