RJ Models Construction of the God of Dreams Model, Morpheus Hotel Macau, the Posthumous Work of the “Queen of the curve”!

From her design of Vitra Fire Station in Germany in 1993 to the well-known landmark residential building in New York 520 West 28th, world-class architect, Zaha Hadid, also known as the “Queen of the curve” created numerous surrealism architecture with her boundless imagination.

Located in the “Las Vegas” of Asia, one of the world’s top […]

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Professional Architectural Model Maker, Founder of RJ Models, Ray Cheung was interviewed by Hong Kong Online Radio, Star Internet Radio.

As the saying goes, there is a master in every trade.
Who can progress from the professional model maker to a full-blown business and one that is second to none in the industry?
Of course, behind every success, there is dream and determination.

▲Guest: Ray Cheung  (left), radio host: Star Internet Radio, Bryan (right)

Today, in Star Internet […]

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Created by Architectural Model Makers in Dubai, RJ Models’s Latest Global Cruise Terminal and Luxurious AIDA Cruises Models that Stuns the Entire Audience!

Dubai, a little fishing town unknown to the world, has developed into the most populated city in the UAE in a short 20 plus years and is also the wealthiest financial center in the Middle East.

From the construction of the “7-Stars” luxurious sailboat hotel, Burg Al Arab Jumeirah, to the Dubai Palm Jebel Ali, […]

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