Office Building Model, “The Gherkin” by Sir Norman Foster.

The Birth of 30 St. Mary Axe. RJ Models Creates the Model of the Most Ecological Building The Gherkin

The Previous and Present Live of The Gherkin.

▲30 St. Mary Axe stands on the former site of the explosion.
On the 10th April 1992, the Provisional IRA detonated a truck bomb containing 100 pounds of explosive […]

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Architectural Model Building Comapny, RJ Models was interviewed by China Daily.

China’s Biggest Miniatures Model Building Company and Scale Models.

In today’s episode of Design Asia, we’re visiting the biggest architectural model factory in China, and perhaps, the world.
There is no definitive count of the world’s model makers, and while most are limited to cottage-level operations, RJ Models has mated China’s manufacturing scale with a very […]

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RJ Models Construction of the God of Dreams Model, Morpheus Hotel Macau, the Posthumous Work of the “Queen of the curve”!

From her design of Vitra Fire Station in Germany in 1993 to the well-known landmark residential building in New York 520 West 28th, world-class architect, Zaha Hadid, also known as the “Queen of the curve” created numerous surrealism architecture with her boundless imagination.

Located in the “Las Vegas” of Asia, one of the world’s top […]

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