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zaha hadid bridge

The Dancer of Danjiang | Admire Zaha Hadid’s Design Concept through Taiwan’s Danjiang Bridge Model

By Tom Cheng

Professor Jorge Silvetti of Harvard Graduate School of Design, the Department of Architecture once appraised the work of Zaha Hadid, “…architecture as fine art has not run out of steam and is hardly wanting in imagination.” “In 2015, the international team led by Zaha Hadid Architects, Germany’s Leonhardt, Andrä & Partner, Taiwan’s Sinotech Engineering Consultants, […]

City of Dream Hotel Towen by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid’s City of Dreams Hotel Model Project

By Tom Cheng

https://youtu.be/Pl8EKzb0LzA Zaha Hadid, a revolutionary architectural designer in the modern architecture history. She is famous for the streamlined and free-flowing form architectural design style, is well-known in the architectural field. In December 2014, RJ Models receives the cooperation invitation from Zaha Hadid once again. This time is to build a luxury resort hotel model named as the “City […]

Baku Shipyard Model

Infrastructure Model for Baku Shipyard in Azerbaijan by Architectural Model Maker, RJ Models

By Tom Cheng

Having previously made the Baku Shipyard model for, RJ Models is pleased to be selected to create the display of the Shah Deniz gas field in its Stage 2 development. During the architectural model building process, we were concerned with the key feature of the shipyard: the Ship Transfer System. The system transfers the ship […]

architectural model company

RJ Models is interviewed by Wall Street Journal

By Tom Cheng

The model-maker creates intricate designs from its workshop in Shenzhen, China. By Alyssa Abkowitz Capable of crafting everything from pint-size people to expansive city replicas, the company is one of the leading model-makers in the world, producing schematic and marketing models of airports, offices, resorts and luxury residences that often end up in real-estate showrooms […]


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