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Ping An Finance Center

Ping An Finance Center Model by Architectural Guru David Malott.

Ping An Finance Center Model by Architectural Guru David Malott, recreated by RJ Models in a Fine Model of the Extraordinary Work

In order to make sure that David Malott’s drawings be seen in a more intuitive way, and to show to the world more accurately and directly the overall look of the building, RJ Models assigned 8 senior modelers on the task.

Repeatedly, they studied and talked about the design, made meticulous plans, and worked day and night.

The team spent only 25 days and delivered a complete and accurate model of the center to the hands of Mr. David Malott.

The beautiful model was highly praised by the top architectural designer. He said that the office building model shows very well what his design intends to show.

KPF was amazed to find a partner that was able to deliver results with such a high level of quality which is imbued with so much know-how within so limited a time frame.

The proportion between the model and Ping An Finance Center is 1 to 400. The length of the model is 1 meter, and its width 0.7 meters.

Although the building sports a streamlined contour that is simple and elegant, and the tower body is erect and upright, there have still been quite a lot of challenges encountered in the course of making the model.

First, a vast quantity of data was to be collected and then sorted into meaningful collections, which demanded investment in terms of manpower, materials, and tools. Good coordination among team members was also a big challenge.

Next, to avoid any issue that could have surfaced when the architectural model was being made, the core members of the team held meetings with the client on a regular basis, informing them of the latest progress, and receiving their requirements on details, to ensure that every step was error-free.

This meant that the team needs to be professional in every way and be able to conjure up great patience before the task could be called a success.

The last point was about execution.

At the roof of Ping An Finance Center, there are numerous small edges in transitional areas of the tip which are with complicated angles, posting a taxing test on the professionalism and skill level of the team.

For example, some of the parts that were to be cut were impossible to be so processed by using machines directly, and in such cases, RJ Models divided them up and had them separately cut, before manual means were engaged to reassemble these pieces into holes again.

There were areas with the tip of the model that were manually ground very carefully, and with such areas, the slightest deviation in handling could mean the loss of one edge there.

Whenever this happened, RJ Models’ choice was to give it up and restart from scratch, preferring to give it one more day instead of tolerating even the most minor imperfection, until the tip was properly ground and polished.

Ping An Finance Center scale model, China_KPF

Notwithstanding all these difficulties and challenges, RJ Models, with its expertise and coordination abilities well trained in past projects of making large models one after another, and rich hands-on experience accumulated therefrom, coped with confidence.

This is one key reason why the Ping An Finance Center model could be completed with great quality within 25 days.

For easier transportation, RJ Models, while not sacrificing the quality the slightest, adopted lighter materials when making the model, and ensured that the model is not going to be easily damaged over prolonged transportation or display.

At the same time, professionally made packaging crates of wood ensures that the model arrives at its destinations safely for display after long distance travels.

From the initial collection of data, to plan to make, then model making, and in the end packaging and transportation, every detail can tell a full story about the level of competence of a team of architectural model makers in their professional field.

With RJ Models, the high level of competence is not conveyed via words or slogans, but through one-after-another successfully delivered a result of work.

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