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Tsukiji Memorial Miniature Exhibition – Re-creating the Sights of Tsukiji with a Series of Models Created by RJ Models.

By Tom Cheng

If you were a lover of fine cuisine, you probably would have heard of the Tsukiji Market. Lonely Planet, a prominent and well-known travel guide had this comment on Tsukiji Market: “No place in this world is noisier and messier, but at the same time everything about this place is methodological.”    After the […]

In Memory of Zaha Hadid: Looking Back on RJ Models’ Cooperation of Architectural Model Making with Her.

By Tom Cheng

The death of Ms. Zaha Hadid is a huge loss to global architecture. As an architectural model making company who feels much honored to have been invited by Zaha Hadid to work with her on architectural design models, RJ Models deeply saddened by Zaha’s passing. Here, some representative architectural models created by RJ Models in […]

Office Building Model, “The Gherkin” by Sir Norman Foster.

By Tom Cheng

The Birth of 30 St. Mary Axe. RJ Models Creates the Model of the Most Ecological Building The Gherkin The Previous and Present Live of The Gherkin. On April 10, 1992, the Provisional IRA detonated a truck with 100 pounds of explosive near London’s. This killed three people and injured several others. ▲30 St. Mary […]

Architectural Model Building Comapny, RJ Models was interviewed by China Daily.

By Tom Cheng

China’s Biggest Miniatures Model Building Company and Scale Models.   In today’s episode of Design Asia, we’re visiting the biggest architectural model factory in China, and perhaps, the world. There is no definitive count of the world’s model makers, and while most are limited to cottage-level operations, RJ Models has mated China’s manufacturing scale with […]

RJ Models Construction of the God of Dreams Model, Morpheus Hotel Macau, the Posthumous Work of the “Queen of the curve”!

By Tom Cheng

From her design of Vitra Fire Station in Germany in 1993 to the well-known landmark residential building in New York 520 West 28th, world-class architect, Zaha Hadid, also known as the “Queen of the curve” created numerous surrealism architecture with her boundless imagination. Located in the “Las Vegas” of Asia, one of the world’s top […]

Professional Architectural Model Maker, Founder of RJ Models, Ray Cheung was interviewed by Hong Kong Online Radio, Star Internet Radio.

By Tom Cheng

As the saying goes, there is a master in every trade. Who can progress from the professional scale model maker to a full-blown business and one that is second to none in the industry? Of course, behind every success, there is dream and determination. Today, in Star Internet Radio “Toy Spirit” program we invited the […]

Created by Architectural Model Makers in Dubai, RJ Models’s Latest Global Cruise Terminal and Luxurious AIDA Cruises Models that Stuns the Entire Audience!

By Tom Cheng

Dubai, which 20 years ago was a little fishing village unknown to the world. But now it has grown into the UAE’s most populous city and the wealthiest financial center in the Middle East. Duba has built the “7-Stars” luxurious sailboat hotel, Ain Dubai the world’s largest observation wheel, and other mega-city landmarks. It strives to gradually transform the country, known for its […]

Beijing’s Daxing International Airport Model with Zaha Hadid’s process and challenges

By Tom Cheng

In the architecture industry, there’s one person who dares to challenge the traditional concepts of architecture. This innovator created new world-class projects based off of smooth line designs. In 2004 she earned the Pritzker Architecture Prize and is known as the “Queen of the curves” among world-class architects, Zaha Hadid. Beijing International Airport T4 Model […]

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Behind the Making of AED 5 Billion Emirates Towers Business Park Model

By Tom Cheng

Sheikh Zayed Road is a prestigious and renowned road in Dubai. It runs parallel to the coastline connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the capital city of UAE, in the west. On either side of the road is row upon row of hotels, shopping malls, offices and buildings of different architectural style that shows off the […]

Blue Water Ferris Wheels Model – A Masterpiece from RJ Models

By Tom Cheng

Blue waters Island Development Project, one of the major tourism projects in Dubai, of which the total value is 6 billion dirhams, is located on the shore-side of Jumeirah Beach Residence. Since the determination of building the biggest Ferris wheel in the world and several residential and commercial projects, Blue waters Island Development Project has […]


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