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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Mumbai by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

India is a vast Asian subcontinent rich in history and culture.

Their fast-growing economy suggests the need for more modern and efficient structures making model-making services in demand.

Accordingly, RJ Models established its very own model-making company in Mumbai.

Regardless of size, simple or ultra-detailed representations, the architectural model makers in Mumbai will deliver on time every time.

RJ Models carries the distinction worldwide for exceptional artistry that follows international standards.

Decades of experience in model making guarantees the solid commitment to giving you the superior service and quality you deserve.

Omkar Worli Residential Model

Scale: 1:75                                   Size:  3500mm x 5500mm                            Production Time:  45 Days

Omkar Realtors granted RJ Models the honor of executing the model for this staggering 3-tower structure.

Situated in Worli, this residential complex not only exudes a luxurious façade, they are also equipped with customized amenities.

Imposing circular towers with skewed top segments and flowing balconies on every level protrude from an equally sophisticated base structure.

It is a model-making feat with a larger than life height of 5.5m and weighs more than 600 kilograms.

Our model-making team in Mumbai delivered this complete with lighting that can electronically change colors.

Additionally, streetlights and the generous distribution of trees and landscaping give the entire model a strong sense of life.

Omkar Worli Interior Model for Mumbai

Scale: 1:25                                    Size:  1300mm x 1300mm                            Production Time:  30 Days

A physical model to represent spatial aspects of a layout is necessary as an evaluation tool or for marketing displays.

For instance is the equally stunning interior model of the Omkar Worli from RJ Models.

This mixed-used building complex features extravagant residential areas brought to life by our talented model-making team in Mumbai.

Lavish interiors, on point furniture complete with the tiniest accessories, resemble a living atmosphere.

Every little element on the model is skillfully depicted exactly according to the 3D architectural visualization drawings from the client.

Model making company in Mumbai used LED lighting customized with effects to resemble lighting during different times of the day.

Forum Club House Architectural Model in Mumbai

Scale: 1:40                                 Size: 2000mm x 1600mm                            Production Time: 30 Days

RJ Models always makes it a point to exceed your expectations with life-like architectural models.

Take this clubhouse as an example, its realness will make you feel the pleasure of relaxation as it stirs your imagination.

Geometrical patterns in absolute detail flowing into each of the spaces give out a lively vibe throughout the two levels.

Model making company in Mumbai only created this with the right kind of materials, mainly laser-cut ABS and acrylic.

Rows of trees and ample amounts of foliage in detailed landscaping give outstanding appeal.

Our team of model makers impressively highlighted these areas with lighting to provide you with a better perspective.

India Tower Architectural Model

Scale: 1:200                                 Size: 1800mm x 1600mm                            Production Time: 30 Days

Mumbai is not far behind the greatest city skylines of the world with the India Tower model.

Designed as a symbol of the city’s acclaim for innovation and culture, RJ Models delivered the model with meticulous precision.

It offers office spaces, residences, amusement centers, as well as a shopping destination to cater to both locals and foreigners.

The geometrical appearance with triangular protrusions and vertical elements pointing upwards characterizes success and stability.

Professional model makers from our Mumbai facility used high performance acrylic in addition to glass sheets for the curtain wall.

Micro light-emitting diodes were added to punctuate the characteristic of the structural outlines.

Mumbai Airport Model

Scale: 1:500                                 Size: 2000mm x 1200mm                            Production Time: 30 Days

Also called Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport, world-class architectural firm SOM commissioned RJ Models for this airport model.

Similar to the wide-open wingspan of planes as a concept, the overall layout is conducive to aviation activities.

Model making company in Mumbai’s extensive team constructed this with GFRG material, which is a type of reinforced fiberglass.

Using said material, a 3D engraving machine enabled the production of the seamless coffered skylight roof design.

The model projects impressive detailing from the front terminal building façade to the tarmac, complete with light guides for realism.

Through our competent craftsmen with their advanced tools and techniques, RJ Models once again created a stellar airport model masterpiece.

Mumbai Airport Interior Model


Scale: 1:200                                 Size: 1500mm x 900mm                            Production Time: 30 Days

Giving justice to the dramatic coffered skylight ceiling of the Mumbai airport is commissioning this interior model.

3D software printing technology and the use of the right material enabled the model-making company in Mumbai to fabricate such complexity.

Greeting travelers is the massive glass wall in the lobby with columns accented with the same character as the ceiling.

The interior model presents a visual demo of functional airport facilities filled with people going about their business.

Featured are baggage conveyors with tiny luggage and a line of check-in counters with overhead monitors for flight info.

Accordingly, RJ Models’ reputation for accuracy is never amiss in every step of the model making process.


These repeat commissions prove that architectural model makers in Mumbai provide the satisfaction our clients deserve.

RJ Models is equipped with high-tech tools and only the most promising model makers you will find the world over.

Interpreting every architectural model requirement is achieved with the 100% mark, always.

Our model making company in Mumbai is ready to cater to your model needs with individual customer solutions 24/7.

Thus, our esteemed Indian clients have nothing but appreciation and continued trust in RJ Models.


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