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Amazing Architectural Model Makers in China.

Introduction of Architectural Model Makers in China, RJ Models:

Architectural model making is a progressive, challenging industry that helps to turn theidea of architectural design into reality.

As a leading architectural model scale company in China, RJ Models is familiar with key elements in Chinese market trends.

For over twenty years, RJ Models particularly enjoyed working collaboratively with the clients around China.

We discussed design ideas and direct instructions with the Chinese clients to effectively and faultlessly interpret their project.

Using advanced techniques and equipment and professional model making craftsmanship, RJ Models has successfully produced a branch of architectural models.

These architectural models were used for a design competition, sales office, government construction approval, and historic preservation efforts.

And we take great pride that RJ Models has assisted plenty of Chinese clients in gaining approval with funding.

Our architectural model makers in China also help to gain public acceptance once the presentation scale models are displayed.

Even more noteworthy is that RJ Models’ exceptional teams are strictly keeping eye on clients’ budgetary bottom line.

In a timely manner, we are always able to ensure the details consistent and precise for your architectural model.

1. Zhan Jiang Miniature City Planning Model

  • Scale: 1: 1000
  • Size: 32000 mm x 10000mm
  • Production Time: 3 months

This is the city planning model of Zhanjiang City, which is located in the Leizhou Peninsula, southwest of Guangdong Province.

And it costs the architectural model makers, an architectural model making company in China, nearly 100 days to finish it.

In the exhibition, this architectural model occupies a whole layer to show viewers the entire outlook of this region.

Although this city planning model is very large and time-consuming, our architectural model makers do not reduce their high standard of details.

They added trees and scale model yacht in the model.

In the city planning model, they use two different green materials to represent the green landscape.

2. Shen Zhen Shekou District Miniature City Planning Model

  • Scale: 1:2000
  • Size: 1500 x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 14 days

Shekou District is located in the southeast of Nantou Peninsula in Shenzhen.

This site model is a planning model for the Shekou District, with a scale of 1:2000.

On such a scale, RJ Models omitted many details have to show the full picture of the entire region.

RJ Models choose materials with higher color brightness, which conveys a relaxed feeling to the viewers.

In the process of making the planning model, many advanced technologies and machines are used by our architectural model makers.

For example, the base of the model is craved by 3D printing, and the topographical features are accurately reproduced.

3. Shen Zhen Tecent Office Building Model by NBBJ

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 2000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time: 20 days

Tecent building model

NBBJ designed the Tecent office building.

The design of the entire office building is based on the concept of “connection”, which is also in line with the characteristics of Tecent’s characteristic.

NBBJ added two aerial bridges between the two buildings, which also made the architectural model more difficult.

RJ Models not only meticulously portrays every detail of the facade but also pays great attention to the lower streetscapes.

The use of scaled people and trees make the whole office building model more realistic.

In the process of making the office building model, more than 20 architectural model makers are put in.

Finally, RJ Models completed the architectural model in just 20 days with high efficiency and excellent quality.

4. China Resources (Holdings) Co.Ltd Headquarter Office Building by KPF

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 450mm x 500mm x 400mm
  • Production Time: 21 days

China Resources Building is designed by KPF, one of the top-level architectural design firms.

This office building is going to be another landmark with a height of over 300 meters.

The shape of the whole building is like a flourishing bamboo, implying a fast-developing future of the company.

The special shape and façade of this building add great difficulty to the architectural model making.

Architectural model makers in China must crave and install many detailed components one by one.

In addition, architectural model makers in China produce a large-scaled podium model which show rich life scenes to the viewers.

RJ Models made the podium model by wood material.

It not only has a contrast with steel and glass but also gives people a feeling of peace and warmth.

5.  Ping An Finance Center Office Building Model by KPF

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1000mm x 1200mm x 800mm
  • Production Time: 25 days

This is an office model of Ping An Financial Center.

This office building is a super high-rise office building over 600 meters.

In the production of this architectural model, the architectural model makers in China, RJ Models.

We choose the eucalyptus wood, which is easy to cut and has sharp edges and corners.

These characteristics can better reflect the architectural features.

There are 12 architectural model building modelers in the production of this office building model.

It includes the light expert, who shows the viewers how the office building will look like in the night.

Finally, RJ Models completed this office building model very efficiently within 25 days.

6. Artech China Steel Tower Building Model

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1300mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time: 4 weeks

The architectural model is for China Steel Corporation Headquarter Building in Kaohsiung.

It is going to be a new landmark in southern Taiwan.

The architectural design concept of this office building comes from the four-legged bronzes of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties.

The facade of the building is made up of triangles and has a strong geometric character.

RJ Models adopted stainless steel and glass in the architectural scale model.

These two materials give people a sense of distance, which can better show the majesty of the new landmark.

7. Opus Hong Kong Residential Model by Frank Gehry

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This residential building model is for a 12-story residential building called Opus Hong Kong.

The design highlight of the building is that the structural pillars are placed outside the main building.

So the interior space is unobstructed, and residents have a very good view of the fabulous scene.

RJ Models carefully choose the material to fully reflect the design concept of a designer.

They need to use computer technology to master the exact size since the rotation angle of the building’s exterior wall.

8. Beijing Capital International Terminal 3 Airport Model by Foster + Partners

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 2500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 3 Weeks

Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 is designed by Foster + Partners, a world-famous British architect design company.

The design of this new airport model reflects Norman Forster’s high-tech structural aesthetics, full of streamlined.

To demonstrate Forster’s idea precisely, RJ Modelspolish the edges of each piece of material carefully .

RJ Models pays great attention to details, even each scaled airplane is craved very elaborately.

Linear red and yellow LED lights are installed in the airport model, creating a gorgeous scene in the dark background.

This excellent airport model got appreciations from the client and helped them win the bidding.

After the competition, this architectural model was exhibited in many countries, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and China.

9. Beijing Airport Model Terminal 4 by Zaha Hadid

  • Scale: 1:600, 1:2000
  • Size: 2500mm x 2500mm
  • Production Time: 3 Weeks

This airport model is for the new work of Zaha Hadid Architects for Beijing Airport Architecture Competition in 2011.

Zaha Hadid brings her iconic streamline design.

And the transportation connection with the subway and railway system is also fully considered.

RJ Models adopted the CNC engraving machine and 3D printing techniques.

The basement of the architectural model uses the wooden material.

So it gives viewers a sense of nature and contrasts with the modernism airport design.

Finally, RJ Models helped Zaha Hadid win her first airport project in China.

10. Suzhou Center Shopping Mall Model

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 2000mm x 800mm x 800mm
  • Production Time: 60 days

This is a shopping mall model for Suzhou Center Shopping Mall.

The shopping mall is designed by Benoy, a world-famous architecture firm.

The shopping mall including three interconnected buildings and located beside the Jinji Lake.

Upon completion, it will become a landmark construction.

The highlight of the design is its undulating roof, which is called “the wing of the future”.

To precisely present the roof, we use 3D printing techniques and other advanced machines to create the monocoque glass canopy.

Model light experts install LED lights in the model to show viewers what this building will look like at night.

11. Shopping Mall Model of Guang Zhou Hong Chen Plaza by Benoy

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 1650mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

Guangzhou Hong Chen Plaza is a commercial complex designed by world-famous architectural design firm – Benoy.

The complex includes a shopping mall, recreation, and business functions.

The shape of the Hong Chen Plaza is inspired by carp fish, a traditional Chinese symbol.

The roof of this commercial complex is made up of streamlined steel structures.

To accurately present it, architectural model makers from RJ Models used 3D printing machine and techniques.

There are lots of trees and green landscapes around the shopping mall.

Besides, RJ Models make scaled landscapes and other surroundings precisely according to drawings and other related information.

To make the architectural model more impressive and realistic, we also installed the charming LED lights.

Thus, viewers can see the shopping mall’s appearance the night.

Dalian Football Stadium Model in China

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 2500mmx 1700mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

This is the stadium model for Dalian Football Stadium.

The new stadium can accommodate 40,000 spectators at one time.

Our architectural model makers use blocks to represent those seats since the client prefers to highlight the shape of the building rather than details.

The undulating roof in the architectural model is made by 3D printing machines.

RJ Models choose a special translucence acrylic and viewers can see the structure of the building clearly.

And we installed tons of blue LED lights in the stadium.

It not only represent the color of the ocean but also to reflect the color of Dalian football team.

Museum Model of Dalian International Conference Center Model by SOM

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1400mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 21 Days

The world’s top architectural design company-SOM ordered the Dalian’s International Conference center model.

The futuristic-looking museum is one of the most significant infrastructures of the area, merging the port city characteristics.

Sculpting the modern building shape required to use both traditional and high-tech architectural model making techniques.

Then RJ Models sprayed the almost-finished museum model with silver metallic paint to illustrate the aluminum shell curved facade.

Our architectural model makers installed color-changing internal LED lights to create visually impressive effects with lights and shadow.

This points out the uniqueness of ‘the table and the roof’ building design.

Our architectural model makers put great effort and persistence to ship the final museum model to the client on time.

Once it arrived, it can perfectly representing SOM’s courageous and visionary design idea that the architects want.

Yin Chuan Museum Model by WAA

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1200mm x 1100mm
  • Production Time: 21 Days

Our architectural model makers accomplished this model as a vivid reflection of the 4-storey Yin Chuan contemporary art museum.

RJ Models choose the monochrome white color for the museum model making it aesthetically appealing.

The plain surrounding environment creates an ideal 360°view of the structure’s unique ribbon-like shape.

This completed the 1:300 scale museum model provides the viewers with a thorough vision of the building design.

And it also helps to inspire the public to dream about future possibilities.

Some of the key reasons why the government trusted this project to our model making company in China.

Museum Model, Urban Planning Museum in China by 10 Design

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 1500mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

This museum’s primary function would be holding various kinds of exhibitions opened up for the public.

Architectural model makers in China built this 1:500 scale museum model to give the viewers a straightforward visual representation.

RJ Models paid special attention to the building display and appearance.

To achieve excellent quality results, RJ Models fabricated this museum model from high-performance acrylic.

And we also included a few well-chosen miniature green trees to add vitality to the model.

Choosing a dark background, as the perfect layout to show the well-lit shape of the museum.

The finished museum model acted as an engaging tool to gather opinions from the authorities and the public.

It helps local residents precisely understand how this new project will benefit and impact their social life.

Morpheus Hotel Model by Zaha Hadid

  • Scale: 1:80
  • Size: 1500mm x 20 00mm
  • Production Time: 21 Days

Zaha Hadid Architects designed the Morpheus Hotel, a 40-story luxury hotel in Macau as a leading destination for leisure and relaxation.

The futuristic appearance resembles that of a “morphing liquid element.”

The outer part of the hotel is a metallic structure of exposed exoskeleton twisted together.

To reinforce the building’s dynamic design and power, while also optimizing the interior space.

And the exquisite lighting effects give a fluorescent glow to the exterior tower’s exoskeleton.

What was challenging for the team of architectural model makers in China, was the composition of the exoskeleton intertwined structure.

RJ Models found a new ways of material using to flawlessly adjust the design features of the original structure.

During the process of putting together the hotel model, the architects work with enormous patience to handle all joining parts.

Delivering the work on time is the company’s primary focus when it comes to fulfilling our client’s needs.

Macau Parisian Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 2000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

Macau Parisian Hotel Model

Designing the Parisian Macau Hotel Model, with the style and feel of Paris, was an engaging challenge for RJ Model making company in China.

Interior and exterior parts feature more than 20 world-renowned famous French landmarks, such as a Parisian-style hotel entrance hall, Arc of Triumph, a botanical garden, fountains, a maze, and pools.

The interior design of the hotel imitates the style of Paris Opera House with a grand classical ceiling art, a Gallery, and a copper Neptune fountain, which were all crafted with true dedication by RJ Models expert team.

Located in the side part of the hotel is also the Eiffel Tower, build to one-half of the size proportion of the original structure in Paris.

Preserving the originality of the Parisian landmarks was the main challenge faced while making this hotel model.

That includes the details of the Eiffel Tower, such as the engraved names, the railing, the handrail, the piecing together of the components, the staircase design and the mesh screen surrounding the observation deck.

Macau Parisian Hotel Model

Excellent skills were required from the architectural model makers to bring out all of these elegant and outstanding details.

RJ Models assigned a group of 20 people who worked through the night to discuss the design proposal.

Finishing the model is only 30 days required taking a scientific approach towards work division and co-operation, which resulted in a high-quality work of art.

Interior Model of Hutchison Whampoa in Shen Zhen

  • Scale: 1:25
  • Size: 1300mm x 800mm x 250mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

Developed by Hutchison Whampoa Limited Group Companies, the mock-up flats of a grand-A mixed-use building, serve as a high-end residence to provide the occupants with an indulgent and exquisite lifestyle.

This interior model represents a cozy dining room, comfortable bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

Showing the potential purchasers options for their new desired home has proved to be a successful marketing strategy to promote your business.

Great care is taken in adding all the details to ensure a professional service four of our clients in China.

Having the first look of this interior model, the suites may seem sophisticated as the entire model has different lights with different functions.

DHL Hub Industrial Model in Hong Kong

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1500mm x 150mm
  • Production Time: 21 days

Since when the DHL’s company for central and northern Asia decided to move its hub from Manila to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong branch planned to expand their business.

Adding a certain number of architectural model makers and trucks in the working area successfully portrays the real-life working environment.

Architectural model makers intended to display how workers could interact and move inside the factory.

And also the processes of packing and transporting that take place daily.

Our architectural model makers in China painted the floors of this industrial model with cyan to illustrate a clean work environment.

The high-level detail model added significant value in promoting DHL’s marketing events.

A spacious area is more attractive to the naked eye, giving the impression of a better organized and automated work routine.

This industrial model display was put up at different exhibitions in Hong Kong.

And abroad to present the public with professional and adequate company branding.

Dalian Cruise Terminal Model by HOK

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 1900mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time: 1 Month

HOK designed Dalian International Cruise Terminal concept maximizes urban space usage.

Splitting the design into different modules allows for further enhanced connectivity.

Fluttering ribbon-like structures link each of these modular buildings.

Small public squares facilitate the transition from one building to the next by avoiding moving in straight lines through scattered corners.

Simple mathematics gives these public spaces a natural advantage for creating surprises.

The long-distance relationship between a city and its airport is relatively different from the very close connection between a port and a city.

Involvement of small public squares can result in the coastal city brimming with new vitality.

Having a first glance at the port model and ship models of the harbor with a bird’s eye view.

It allows the visitors to envision a real-life interaction with the interesting space and the poetic landscape design.

Architects are able to better explain their design concepts to the design judging panel and the public in a more vivid way.

In addition, RJ Models relies on their wealth of experience in the field of manufacturing models for competition.

Creativity and ingenuity used in their design plans allow the port model to stand out and express its innovative purpose.


RJ Models paid the maximum possible attention to architectural model details, based on the deep insight into the design, architectural visualization.

The accomplished scale model not only showcases the project in precise detail but also becomes a delicate artifact in itself.

In general, RJ Models is striving to produce more stunning and unsurpassed mini world for the top architectural design companies.

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