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    Different Types of Yacht and Ship Models

    Catamaran Model

    A catamaran is a type of ship with two equal-sized hulls held side by side. The wide bridging frame connecting two parallel hulls stabilizes the ship. Either sails or motors propel it. The catamaran Model shows the design and structure of the ship. Not only can you grasp the general shape and appearance of the ship, but you can also look into components.

    You can envision that you are chatting in the salon space, cooking in the galley, or lying down on the sundeck. For designers, engineers and builders, Catamaran Model plays an essential role in their processes of work.

    They ponder over problems while staring at ship models and fantastic ideas are born!

    Super Yacht Model

    The load line of a superyacht stretches for at least 24 meters. People can own the superyacht personally , charter commercially or both. It contains multiple deckers and cabins. RJ’s luxury yacht model team is capable of catching and highlighting the most valuable characteristics of super-sized yachts. The vivid model takes you to every corner of the yacht, experiencing its styling exterior and luxury interior.

    Superyacht owners will find themselves extremely proud of possessing such a brilliant model. It demonstrates the yacht’s essential qualities in an exquisite form.

    Despite the superyacht model is a scaled-down product, it doesn’t compromise the grandeur of its prototype. Thanks to modelers’ talented skills, the model is more than a duplicate. It’s actually a polished miniature.

    Sailing Yacht Model

    Sailing Yacht Model displays the ship’s impressive shape. Vertical mast, horizontally spreading deck and comfortable cabins create superb cruising experience.

    The sailing yacht is the generic name for watercraft which are primarily propelled by sails. Sailing Yacht Model carries all qualities which a real sailing yacht is supposed to encompass. It emerges you in the breeze and sunshine. Your mind is traveling to the sea accompanied by the rippled sails.

    Sailing is a romantic voyage to the blue. The sailing yacht is a shining focal point on the horizon. The sailing yacht model is the source of dreaming about that voyage to the horizon.

    Concept Yacht Model

    The yacht company commonly use Concept Yacht Model to form, facilitate and upgrade design ideas and schemes. The model ship brings designers’ minds into reality. Compared with hand-drawing drafts and 3D computer renderings, concept yacht models inspire and benefit designers enormously.

    With a vivid representation at hand, yacht experts readily identify starting points to analyze and modify various elements and structures. Ambitious boat architects endow yachts with characters & uniqueness. Concept Yacht Model visualizes and vitalizes their innovative design plans on paper.

    Concepts are transformed into individual one-off ship models. Concept yacht models just expose simplified spaces with a few beautifully clean lines. But they materialize designers’ intentions with reference to colors, materials, and forms. You can easily appreciate those yachts’ distinctive profiles. They are stylish, lovely, elegant or classical.

    Motor Boat - Fly Bridge Ship Model

    Flybridge defines a category of a motorboat. Situated on the top, the flybridge grants boaters nearly 360° panoramic views from the control station. The motor yacht model can showcase a wide range type of flybridge. A delicately crafted model reflects not only a boat’s physical features but also its spirit.

    Conscious customer observes ship models, comparing one to another, and picking out the one perfectly suits his taste and personalities. In three dimensions, the motor yacht model uniquely offers users a visually parallel reference. But it is also touchable. The model delivers its quality to prospects through their finger-tips.

    Motor Boat – Coupe Model

    Motorboat generally refers to all types of motor powered cruisers. Some boaters prefer enclosed coupe allowing longer enjoyment on board regardless of extreme weather.

    Motorboat model typically features a large main deck with luxury interior area accommodating families, friends, and guests. The protective shade blocks outside heat and freezing air. In the meanwhile, unbeatable vista penetrates through circled glass windows. A delicately manufactured boat model always attracts conscious customers. Selection of your motorboat starts from screening out your favorite boat model.

    The boat model is also the source of vital spark from which innovative design comes into being. Ship engineers have introduced a fold-out hard top which allows a coupe and an open switch with each other.

    Other Types of Ship Model, Vessel Model

    RJ’s ship models not only serves yacht markets but also the nautical industry in general. Vessels are categorized according to their performed tasks: cargo vessel, rescue vessel, and subsea vessel.

    Although vessel types are varied, vessel models are capable of showcasing a full spectrum of vessels. The models highlight structural features, key components, and specialized functions.

    Vessel models are especially benefiting to vessel companies. A well-built model suggests a wisely designed ship, which is further an iconic sign of the prosperous marine industry.

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    Yacht Model: The Complete Guide

    Chapter 1: The History of Yacht Model

    People use yacht for recreation or sports, which is originated from the Dutch navy’s light speedboats.

    After the promotion of Charles II of England, the yacht became an entertainment boat.

    18th-century Dutch yacht

    An 18th-century Dutch yacht (jacht) owned by the Rotterdam chapter of the Dutch East India Company (VOC).

    A yacht does not have to have luxury accommodations, many racing yachts are stripped out vessels with minimum of accommodations.

    Yacht lengths normally range from 10 meters (33 ft) up to dozens of meters (hundreds of feet).

    yacht model

    C1.1.1: Example of a super yacht

    A super yacht refers to any yacht above 79 ft, a mega yacht refers to any yacht over 164 ft.

    We can trace back the yacht model to the times when the original water transport was developed.

    yacht model

    C1.1.2: Ship models emerged as early as in ancient Greece

    Ship models emerged as early as in ancient Greece, Egypt, and Phoenician.

    Archaeologists have determined that Ancient Greek used ship models as burial or votive offerings and as household articles.

    We can divide the types of ships in ancient Greek into small vessels, merchant ships, and warships.

    The ancient ship model cast from different materials, including wood, bronze, lead, and clay.

    The development of tinplate and improvements in machine tools enabled significant advances in ship models from 1900 onwards.

    Early 20th century models comprised a combination of wooden hulls and cast lead for anchors, deadeyes, and rigging blocks.

    The speed of production for tinplate vessels enabled one 1909 manufacturer to produce speedboats models that had competed that year in Monaco.

    yacht model

    C1.1.3: Example of a speedboat

    Ever since the 20th century, amateur ship model kits became available to the public from companies.

    Today, ship companies have been accustomed to making model for a vessel under construction.

    Unlike other ship models, the yacht model is not only a commercial exhibition object but also becoming an entertainment activity.

    yacht model

    C1.1.4: Design of Modern Yacht Model

    They are operating craft, typically resembling pleasure power craft.

    Although the hobby also includes the construction and operation of models of working ships.

    There have been yacht model clubs in the UK, Ireland, and the US many years ago, lots of competitions are held every season.

    In model yachts, the design and construction of the yacht are as important and interesting as the actual one.

    yacht model

    C1.1.5: Design of Modern Yacht Model

    The traditional yacht model consists of some light, seasoned wood, such as pine, preferably white pine, white cedar or unknotted mahogany.

    The hull can be dug from solid wood blocks or cut from wood planks or laid over keel frames and cross-sections.

    Yacht mode maker glue a number of planks together and then cut down to the exact lines of the design.

    Templates being used to test the precision of the curves.

    For those uncontrolled yacht models, three kinds of steering-gear are used to keep the model on a true course.

    These controls are the traditional methods, for more than 100 years before the advent of radio control.

    People used to hold the yacht model competition within a specialized pond or rectangular pool.

    With the advent of radio control, it has become much more practical to operate the motorized craft.

    Electric power and low-pressure steam engines are popular, with many amateur machinists building engines from casting kits.

    In addition to being used for competitions, yacht models are also commonly used for commercial display.

    yacht model

    C1.2: Yacht models are also commonly used for commercial display.

    These yacht models are often completed by professional model making companies.

    Through the exquisite craftsmanship, each rope, pulley or part of the engine is faithfully reproduced.

    The name, home port and exact color scheme of yacht can also be precisely replicated.

    Manufacturing and programming component methods is a complex and time-consuming process, but 3D printing model technology can produce a excellent quality model.

    Due to the precision of each component, lower model cost, short production time and high aesthetic value, 3D technology is becoming more and more popular.

    yacht model

    Yacht model can be finished within a month with high accuracy and fineness.

    In recent years, widespread internet access has played a major role in promoting yacht modeling.

    For those people who need a yacht model can get their customized one by simply surfing on the internet and choosing a favored company to make it.

    Normally, RJ models can finish an yacht model within a month with high accuracy and fineness by using advanced technologies and machines.

    Chapter 2: Function of Yacht Model

    The yacht model is a miniature vision of the yacht, which is an important carrier to explain the design concept.

    Generally speaking, the yacht model making process includes using 3D software.

    Such as CAD to make a yacht model drawing, using CNC engraving machine to sculpt the initial mold.

    yacht model

    And then manually polishing each component, painting, assembling and packaging.

    Exquisite design, sophisticated materials, and fine details show the identity of the owner of the yacht model.

    The yacht allows people to enjoy, while people can place the yacht model indoors or exhibition to appreciate.

    yacht model

    Whether it is the world-famous yacht, or it is some small, unnamed yacht, different scale yacht models have been made.

    The yacht company makes models for its yachts, which can promote sales on the one hand.

    Since the direct tactile experience is often easier to impress buyers; on the other hand.

    yacht model

    These yacht models are also a proof of their design and production capability.

    Many yacht companies have dedicated showrooms filled with yacht models that the company has produced and sold.

    C2.1: For yacht designers, an excellent yacht model can faithfully reflect their design concept

    In the design process, with the three-dimensional model, the designer can more intuitively review the existing design.

    Therefores, RJ Models can make the adjustments or modifications, and the final yacht can maximize meet the clients’ requirements.

    yacht model

    In addition to exhibiting the ship model, the architect often use it in architectural models.

    When a project contains architectures such as ports, docks, and luxury villas, the presence of a yacht is essential.

    The sophisticated yacht model is not only a testament to the luxury of this project, but also reflects the superb quality.

    yacht model

    A Parallel 3D yacht model is also one of the best sales tools for brokers.

    During the sales activity, there is no thing more convincible than a three-dimensional yacht model.

    yacht model

    Comparing to the yacht model, the proportional albums and drawings are quite unpersuasive.

    For the recent century, yacht model clubs have emerged from Europe to America. Club members are often enthusiasts of yachts.

    They often get together to appreciate yachts, assemble their own yacht models, and then install power facilities in them.

    The club will hold regular competitions and other activities.

    The yacht model is not only an exhibit, but also a medium for fans to communicate, compete and relax.

    Chapter 3: Materials of Yacht Models

    C3.1: Introduction

    Different materials have different characteristics, textures and attributes, and the processing methods are therefore different.

    The model materials are more abundant and modern.

    In addition to wood, materials like plastics, acrylics, and metals that are difficult to cut by hand are commonly used.

    If traditional materials are used, the model makers will usually make a model from clay or plaster (or using an existing model’s hull).

    And then, they will create a negative mold from fiberglass or plaster.

    yacht model

    The experienced yacht model makers can even match the canvas work and upholstery, including deck furniture and toys.

    In order to appropriately use materials, understanding of the type and characteristics of the distinguish material is required.

    Here are several materials can be used in the production of yacht model.

    C3.2: Plastic

    Plastics with different compositions and manufacturing processes may vary greatly in their properties and usages.

    The polystyrene foam board is a hard foam plastic with low density, high performance after polishing and easy to cut.

    yacht model

    It is high efficiency in making the hull of the yacht and usually cut by electrically heated wire.

    Polyhydrogen ester foam board and polymethyl methyl propionate plastic are constantly shown in the yacht model.

    Generally speaking, the yacht model is not made entirely of one material but requires different materials to make different parts.

    yacht model

    Example of the detail of the yacht model.

    For example, the hull of model can be made of fiber reinforced plastics, while using the wooden material to make the interior skeleton.

    C3.2.1: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

    Its high mechanical strength and stiffness, high corrosion resistance and low water absorption make it an excellent material.

    yacht model

    ABS is a popular material for professional model makers since they can make a high quality yacht model.

    Also, it is malleable and easy processing, which is a great advantage in making curved surfaces and rounded corners.

    Therefore, an excellent yacht model can be produced even with only one kind of material.

    For the upper cabin, ABS engineering plastic is used and then electroplates the railings and other small parts.

    The container for the yacht model is usually making with seamless acrylic material, which has high transparency and high strength.

    In the painting process, piano lacquer is essential and used to create the noble and luxurious feeling for the model.

    The so-called piano lacquer is a kind of high-gloss unsaturated polyester lacquer using a baking varnish process.

    yacht model

    The piano lacquer is hard, wear-resistant and has good adhesion; the surface film is extremely shiny and has decorative effect.

    C3.3: Wood

    Wood is a commonly used material in the production and different woods have distinct characteristics.

    The wooden material has the characteristics of beautiful texture, hard to be deformed, easy to process, and certain elasticity.

    yacht model

    Commonly used wood materials including the Paulownia, Pine, Basswood, Birch and Glued board.

    C3.4: Gypsum

    Gypsum is a traditional material for making boat molds.

    The raw gypsum becomes solid after adding water and dry, the amount of water determines the porosity and mechanical strength.

    Gypsum has good plasticity, can be used to make irregular shapes; it is economical, and the processing method is simple.

    yacht model

    Gypsum is a traditional material for making boat molds.

    However, the gypsum material is brittle, which leads a low processing precision and difficult to make fine details.

    Meanwhile, the surface of the gypsum model is rough and difficult to paint, both the organic coating and the inorganic material.

    C3.5: Bamboo

    Bamboo is sometimes used for masts, railings, canopies, etc., adding the different texture to the yacht model.

    Bamboo boat model

    Bamboo boat model

    C3.6: Metal

    Metal material has the characteristics of high strength, the certain degree of plasticity and corrosion resistance.

    The iron piece, copper sheets and the aluminum plate are frequently used metal materials.

    Bamboo boat model

    They are ideal materials for making conductive contacts, switches, battery clips and governors.

    The mental materials can also be used to make mechanical components on the yacht model.

    Chapter 4: 5 Steps to know how to make a yacht model with professional model making company

    Yacht models can display boat design scheme visually and be facilitate to discuss the designing scheme.

    The process of every yacht model made by is different, but usually, it includes the 5 steps.

    Chapter 4.1: Send an enquiry to the yacht model making company

    Basically, if you want to make a custom yacht model and send a quotation, they would need information below:

    1. Model boundary, dimensions and scale.
    2. Final design of drawing of the buildings in PDF,JPD or CAD.
    3. Rendering for reference (if any)
    4. Delivery and installation destinations.
    5. Expected completion date.
    6. You might also select similar architectural model photos from our website below for your expected model detail standard and style.

    Normally, once they received the above information, they will prepare a model diagram to offer the quotation within 48 hours.

    Diagram of yacht model

    Diagram of yacht model

    Chapter 4.2: Receiving the project information

    After the quotation is confirmed, you can to resend the documents to produce according to the latest design.

    Yacht Models:

    1. Elevations, Plan and section of all the buildings in CAD.(if any). Rhino, Sketchup, 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD, model rendering.
    2. Rhino, Sketchup, 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD (if any).
    3. Building material sample or Panton (CU Matte)/RAL Color code.

    Color Scheme:

    1. Select the colored transparent glass code from the sample.
    2. Select the reflective glass code from the sample.

    They will communicate the boat model effect with customers and produce model strictly based on your design drawings.

    yacht model

    Above are the design drawing of Swiss Re Tower and its model made for Foster + Partner.

    Chapter 4.3: Model sample preparation and confirmation

    RJ Models will produce a portion of the sample during the production to determine the display effect of entire model.

    Such as structure details, color match, texture and lighting effect to ensure the sample is consistent with your design philosophy.

    Then continue the overall model production.

    Base of the yacht model

    Base of the yacht model

    Lighting effect for yacht model

    Lighting effect for yacht model

    Chapter 4.4: Model production and progress report

    When starts making model, project manager will provide progress photos at regularly intervals for you to understand the latest situation.

    Therefore, you can make sure the project goes well.

    At the same time, model making company can arrange on-site visits so that you can see and contact model directly.

    yacht model

    Professional yacht model makers can provide excellent quality yacht model to you.

    yacht model

    Professional yacht model makers can provide excellent quality yacht model to you.

    Chapter 4.5: The model completes transportation and installation.

    After get your permission, RJ Models will pack the yacht model and ship to your address as you designated.

    We will confirm with you to the model’s position and direction, install and test it on the spot.

    If you need to ship it in different countries, you can ask us to make a suitable flight case.

    They have a number of cases that confirm the availability of the suitcase.

    Even the size of the yacht model is huge, professional yacht model makers can delivery to you.

    Yacht model with a packing case

    RJ Models has completed more than 3000 boat model and trusted by the world famous boat design companies, the government and so on.

    We provide the high productivity and high-end quality boat model services for you to display, market, sell and so on.

    Our vision is making the top quality yacht models to everywhere in the globe.
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