Architectural Models

Architectural Models

Nowadays, architectural model is been concerned as a bridge between architects’ design philosophy and present design ideas to clients to overview.

It helps to eliminate design flaws before the design being deployed to build.

More important, the architectural model plays an indispensable role in the planning, fundraising, construction, marketing and sales process of construction projects.

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doha city planning model

Master Plan Models

For real estate investment and sales, property developers want the Master Plan Model to reflect the region’s relations to its surroundings’ future development, infrastructure, traffic, and facilities etc. by presenting its future urban planning. Herein, a scale from 1:200-1:500 is often utilized.

Office Building Model

Office building model is created in a high level of detail requested by the clients to provide an impressive and realistic representation of a construction project.

Generally, it is used for marketing or building exhibition.

The office building model brings the architect’s design to life by creating various lighting configuration, detailed building façade especially windows details and textures and other encourage elements like people, cars, and surrounding landscape.

Residential Building Model

Residential building models are invaluable tools in the retail world for pre-construction approval, building project phasing, design presentation and client approval.

Residential building models can provide the potential housing buyer or investors a good understanding of the design by showing the road and path layout, entrance, building material and the living environment.

Therefore, it is a great tool for the real estate sales office for marketing.

T3 beijing airport model

Airport Model

In most instances, airport model is used to represent the design and the operation of the airport to the airport authority.

It is also used for fundraising efforts and community acceptance.

Sometimes, airport model is made for private collection as well. Airport runway, taxiway, control towers, cargo and terminal buildings, airport hotel, passenger bridges and other accurate details like signage on each plane are made to scale to make the model look as realistic as possible.

Stadium Model

At present, new stadiums are popping up since the sport is becoming increasingly popular. The stadium model has two main functions. One is expressing the design concept of the stadium.

The other is displaying the stadium seating plan to the audience. Electric lights and manicured grass are critical when making the stadium models.

Hotel Model

The main purpose of making a hotel model is to show a vivid image of the hotel’s features, thus attract investments and potential hotel guests.

A variation of lighting effect is created to make a distinction between commercial and residential areas as well as to highlight the extraordinary designs.

Almost all the sophisticated details are replicated perfectly by the architectural model makers.
Components like real water gushing system can produce remarkable effects when it is used to make swimming pools and fountains.

Shopping Mall Model

The primary function of shopping mall models is attracting investments and merchants to settle down.

In order to represent commercial atmosphere, the materials used to make retailing architectural models are always matching with the finished design.

Shopping mall model reproduced the interior designs of a shopping mall.

Other components like backlit signage, LED billboards, etc can help to enhance the overall effect of adding to the models.

Interior Model

Interior models are manufactured according to different functions such as industrial, commercial, office and home interior models.

Once the interior model is coupled with the building project model, the roof is removable to show how the interior space is designed, decorated as well as the selection of furniture.

It is extensively used in real estate market to attract potential homebuyers or investments in sales offices.

Villa Model

Villa models are usually made in small scale, for example, 1:25, 1:50.

This model makes used mechanized components for taking the floor levels up and down to show the complete interior design including the furniture, the lighting fixtures, swimming pools and other amenities.

Villa models are widely used by the developers to illustrate the building projects to the potential housing owners and assisting them to sell plots.

Theme Park Model

Theme Park Models are widely used for public display and generate clients’ interest to attract investments.

But most importantly, the model can tell the theme stories which inform and inspire people in an education and entertaining way.

Entertainment facilities like ray speed circuit, startle castle and waterfalls are the key components to make a realistic effect.

Museum Model

The current design of the museum is tending to be modern and abstract especially its shapes.

In order to reflect these bold design ideas, high-tech and effective technologies and skilled architectural model builders are both indispensables.

In many cities, the museum is being concerned as the landmark of the city.

The city government requires elaborate and detailed museum model to attract visitors all over the world

Landscape Model

Generically, a landscape model incorporates a variety of specific features of the area. It includes the topography, the evolutions on the buildings, various types of settlement like farms and parks, and other facilities like wind turbines and solar PV units.

The purpose of the model is to analyze the impact of terrain changes, building layout, and other possible environmental influence.

After scaling down the site to a required small scale, every scenario can be accurately recreated for the relevant departments and authorities to explore new development plans. It can assist public consultation process as well.

In some cases, landscape model is being used to attract investments or give the public an insight into their living conditions.

Factory Model

The factory model demonstrates how the factory operating after it is built. It includes varies facilities of the manufacturing plant and waste treatment process, etc.

Sometimes the factory model requires customized components such as wind turbine and chimney to represent the real conditions.

And adding some landscaping detail, trucks and workers can bring the model to life.

Bridge Model

In most cases, bridge model is made for exhibition purpose. It requires a high level of detail to represent the features and motion of the bridge.

For instance, a suspension bridge model incorporates copper wire and smooth casting premium fishing line to make the model looks as realistic as possible.

Shipyard Model

In reality, a shipyard is divided into several working zones according to different types of work in production.

It includes component fabricating area, preassembling and coating area, assembling area, docking area, etc.

The shipyard model illustrates the whole manufacturing process.

In order to bring the model to life, a variety of buildings types, shipbuilding facilities, a wide range of ships and cranes, as well as lights and other details are required to be produced.

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