Before Making the Models

After Making the Models

1What type of models does RJ models produce?
]We provide high quality scale models of just about anything, at any size. Our models can range from simple architectural designs, to display models which are exhibited at finished construction projects. We pride ourselves in high level of details, so our models may include technical details such as lighting effect and mechanical lifting device.
2Can I afford a model?
There is no definitive answer. Each project is unique, and can range from thousands to millions of dollars. Larger more complicated models will cost more than smaller simpler ones. We will do our best to give you a realistic estimate based off of the information you provide us with regarding detailing, size, etc. If absolutely necessary, we can provide you with a rough guess just based off verbal descriptions, but more specific information would yield a more accurate assessment.
3When can I expect my model to be finished
Because each model is different, it will depend on the scale and complexity of the project. A concept model could take just a few days while a larger interactive model might take several weeks. However, we take pride in maintaining high-quality in tandem with efficiency so if needed, an order could be expedited to meet a certain deadline.
4How can I get a quotation?
To provide a fixed quotation, we would ideally like comprehensive information about:
  1. Master plan with model boundary and dimensions in pdf, jpg or CAD.
  2. Expected scale or model size.
  3. Elevations of the buildings in pdf, jpg or CAD
  4. Renderings for reference (if any)
  5. Delivery and installation destinations
  6. Expected completion date
  7. You might also select similar model photos from our website for your expected model detail standard and style
We will prepare the quote once we have received the above information. If it is early in the construction process and you are unable to provide any of the information above, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
5How should I send in information?
Information can be sent electronically to us in the form of PDFs, JPGs, etc. If files are very large, it may be easier sending the information over in a disc to help organization. If it’s early on in the project and there are only hand-drawn concepts, we are able to work using those too.
6How long is my quotation valid?
The quote is valid for 2-3 months. During this time, assuming the project specs do not change, the only thing that may change during this time is the expected completion date. We operate on a first-come-first-serve basis so any delay in confirming a purchase may allow another project to set back your date.
7 What info do I need to provide for model construction?
To create the most accurate models we would ideally need,
  1. Updated master plan in CAD.
  2. Landscape drawings with level markings.
  3. Landscape drawings with paving material color or material marking.
  4. Landscape plan with tree location.
  5. Landscape material sample or Pantone/RAL color code.
  6. Elevations of all the buildings in CAD.
  7. Plan of all the buildings in CAD.
  8. Cross-sections of the whole structure.
  9. 3D file in Rhino, sketch-up, 3D Max, 3D AutoCAD.
  10. Building material sample or Pantone/RAL color code.
  11. Updated renderings for reference.
Overall, the more information we have, the high quality we are able to make your model. If you are unable to produce any of these materials then we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
8 Are there materials I will need to provide?
No, RJ Models sources all necessary material ourselves, and we have our own specialized teams to carry out all tasks from planning to construction to transportation. This streamlines the flow of the model from us to you, by cutting out third parties.
9What scale should I request?
While we work in scales ranging from 1:1 to 1:10000, the appropriate scale for your unique model will depend on what you need it for. The decision will depend on two factors: how large is the area you need modeled, and how much detail you require. We’d be happy to advice you on the pros and cons of using various scales.
10 How late could I request a change in the schematics?
We hope that the project is in its final state when the appropriate forms are submitted, but we are willing to accommodate changes as they occur. If they are simple changes which do not require significant changes in work that has already been done, then the change will be made free of charge. However, if there is work that has already been done that needs to be scrapped, or if the alteration has a significant effect on construction, there will be an additional charge.
1How can I monitor progress on the project?
You are free to come in to see progress on the project whenever you’d like. We’re willing to provide you with updates on model construction as often as you request.
2 Can I come visit in person?
Yes, we’d be excited to have you visit our offices to walk you through the model making process, show you different models created before, and answer any questions you may have.
3Does it matter if I am not local?
No, RJ models is an international company with a highly respected reputation. Communication can be done electronically, and if there are any concerns, we will do our best to resolve them without requiring you to take up unnecessary burdens such as travel.
4How is my privacy/security ensured?
We take your privacy carefully and all of our employees are held to strict non-disclosure agreements. We do not make any material which we receive public, or use them for any commercial purposes. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
5Do I need to see the final product in person before it is shipped out?
You do not need to come see if it in person, but you may if you’d like. The majority of our clients find photo confirmation sufficient, and we’re willing to take photos at any angles or perspectives to meet your satisfaction.
6How will I receive the model?
Delivery method varies from model to model. A more compact model can be delivered by a dedicated shipping company, which will minimize costs. Larger projects such as display/exhibition models will be delivered by our own staff, especially if the project requires careful set up or has an element of demonstration. Models which are exported will require a special case. Delivery arrangements will be discussed in the process of reaching a final quotation.
7 How will my model be protected during transportation?
Our packaging team has over twenty years of professional experience. They will create a custom-made box to fit the needs of each model, and will use multiple layers of packaging protection if necessary. If installation is necessary, we will send a team to travel along with your models to ensure proper handling. On the extremely low chance that your model is damaged during transportation, we will repair the model for free.
8How should I display the model?
This is up to your discretion, and will depend on the model. A model which is smaller can fit on a surface such as a desk while larger models may require model bases made with various designs and materials which we are able to provide. Our bases range from a solid base to a wheeled stand with protective covering. We are able to offer our advice on how to best display it, using our prior experience.
9Can I get my models repaired/upgraded?
Yes we do! We just need the information that we would require with a regular model as if it were being built from scratch, and will be able to give you a quotation. If the model was somehow damaged while in our custody, we will repair it free of charge.
10What can I expect from RJ Models after the model is set up?
Maintaining long-term product quality is just as important to us as the construction process is. We’re happy to provide you with advice on how to best store/present your model to maximize its lifetime, and can provide you with extra segments/pieces of the model if need be.
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