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Blue Water Ferris Wheels Model – A Masterpiece from RJ Models

Blue waters Island Development Project, one of the major tourism projects in Dubai, of which the total value is 6 billion dirhams, is located on the shore-side of Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Since the determination of building the biggest Ferris wheel in the world and several residential and commercial projects, Blue waters Island Development Project has attracted extensive attention.

RJ Models feels extraordinarily honored, therefore, to have been involved in the early stage of this project.

RJ Models took charge of making a 1:100 scale model of 11 meters length, 8 meters width, and 3 meters height within 1 month for Dubai Cityscape Exhibition in 2013, which aimed to enable exhibitors to acquaint with the planning content and future outlook of the Blue waters Island Development Project.

There is no doubt that the architectural model became a hit of the exhibit, impressed many exhibitors deeply and got numerous compliments.

This paper will outline the challenges and detailed process during the designing and make the period of the Blue Water Ferris Wheels model, also discuss how the team put teamwork spirit to good use and managed to find ways to overcome difficulties, finally completed the project perfectly.

1. Initial Stage:

After received the request of completing a giant regional model under the Blue Water Island Development Project in 1 month, RJ Models’ CEO, Ray Cheung, and Partner, Jeff Lam started to carefully study and measure the company production capacity.

Based on over 23 years’ model making strength and experience, even though it’s the first time for RJ Models to make the biggest Ferris wheels model of a 2.1-meters diameter, RJ has great self-confidence in completing this challenging project.

Because of the great importance of this project, 3DR Models, as one important cooperation partner for RJ, its CEO, Dani and senior manager, Sham came to Hong Kong from Dubai to participate in the supervision of project so as to make the model-making process smoother and ensure completion of the work within the stipulated time successfully.

2. Drawing and Division of Labor

After receiving client’s design drawings, RJ Models arranged more than 20 architectural model drawers to check and redraw the drawings for classifying to different drawers according to three major classifications – drawings for the Ferris wheels, architectural complex of different functions and landscape and model accessories.

When each component was drawn well, the related work would be allocated to different production sectors. All these arrangements made the model-making in a proper order.

3. The process of Ferris Wheels Model Making

When our model makers in Dubai were dealing with a large number of design drawings, RJ Models understood that the core element of the project, the Ain Dubai,  Ferris Wheel Model would be the highlight in the overall project.

As the biggest Ferris wheel model in the architectural models RJ had made, RJ Models must pay a lot of effort to embody each function to the greatest degree, including Ferris wheel’s rotary dynamics, display of lighting and its unique super LED display.

In order to realize the rotating effect of the giant wheel model, RJ’s technology section tested the Ferris wheel model sample for many times to guarantee the 48 sightseeing bins’ internal suspension level by gravity in the rotation process.

As for the two giant pillars, we need to make sure they were strong enough to support the rotating Ferris wheel and install enough wires within limited space to connect with LED lights on the wheel as well, and then through the program driving to present diversified lighting effect, bringing visual enjoyment for the audience.

While in the center of the Ferris wheel, there are 2 big LED screens which could play video on its both sides were designed, made the LED screens become a super excellent promoting site for broadcasting, advertising and other media and impressed deeply the developers in charge of this project on the audience during the exhibition.

4. The process of Building Groups Model Making

For the building groups with different functions, such as the shopping malls, residential areas, commercial areas, since RJ needs to build nearly 100 building groups into 1:100 scale with a high level of details, RJ Models used more than 10 units of CNC engraving and milling machines to make model’s components quickly, and arrange 50 architectural model makers to polish and color the model components one by one, made different shapes of building groups by division.

Also, RJ arranged over 10 electricians to take charge of installing lighting and matching lighting control for different areas such as the office building model, yacht models, to make an audience understand the different functions different groups represent and acquaint with the planning content and future outlook of Blue waters Island Development Project.

5. A process of Landscape and Accessories Making

For the part of the landscape in model making, because of the big size of the whole model. 11 meters length and 8 meters width, company’s production department are not big enough to place the model.

So RJ Models built a temporary canopy in the company parking lot so that the model could be effectively displayed on the ground and RJ could supervise the whole model production and schedule.

Also after completed the landscape model making, the model makers who were responsible for the topography and sea surface could communicate and coordinate effectively about how to put orderly these building groups and accessories on the whole model.

When making the models accessories, RJ Models reached an amazing quantity.

For example, we made nearly 25,000 units of 1:100 scale human and arranged nearly 40 model makers to make the landscape and model accessories.

Our target was the project’s realistic style and fullness of life could be presented through the master planning model.

6. Model Packaging and Delivery

Once RJ Models got the confirmation on the completed model from the client, the model needs to be delivered to Dubai exhibition safely and fast.

At that moment, the packaging and delivery work became very important.

RJ Models has many years’ professional packaging experience; therefore, we made wooden boxes quickly for the 2.1 meters height Ferris wheel and other models.

Within one week, the whole model was delivered from Hong Kong to Dubai and eight RJ Model’s makers arrived in Dubai for the model installation on exhibition site.

RJ Models insists on the criterion – whichever country the model will be delivered, RJ Models must provide efficient and secure delivery service.


So far, Bluewaters Island Development Project is being actively carried out, among which, Ain Dubai, will become the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. Its frame structure has been completed.

It is not difficult to imagine, when the tourists in Ain Dubai, from various angles, overlooking the coastline of Dubai, Burj Al Arab Hotel, the Palm islands and Burj Khalifa Tower. People will feel so amazed for that spectacular scene.

As the developer of this project, Meraas Holding Company’s CEO Habai said:” Dubai eye will dominate the whole Dubai sky in a unique posture.”

For RJ Models, Blue waters Island model is a demonstration of our full enthusiasm. It collected more than 100 model makers’ contribution and showed our high efficient production, high ability to design and team cooperation.

Completing this huge and beautiful Ferris wheel model in 3 weeks is a challenge for us. But when we see the Ferris wheel model rotating we all feel that everything is worth.

This is a key reason for RJ Models to win these amazing design of model making projects from architectural designer companies around the world.

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