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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in the UK by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

The architectural scale model is considered as a complementary way of exploring design ideas.

Because it perfectly brings design sketches and construction drawings to life, with meticulous details.

Over the past 23 years, RJ Models had the privilege to work closely with many clients in the UK.

Including top architectural firms like Foster & Partners, Zaha Hadid Architect, SOM, etc.

The projects RJ Models get involved with encompass city masterplan, real estate development,interior model,industry, bridge and factory design, landscape model, model yacht, etc.

Even miniature sculpture items and decoration models for retailers’ window display are included.

Prior to making miniature replica models as close to perfect as possible, RJ Models has assigned elite teams of model making professionals to the UK.

To refine, assemble, complete and maintain the scale models.

To make sure the finished outcome will 100% meet the clients’ specific requirements.

In addition, the extension of the base of the network enables RJ Models to capture the essence of prestigious projects, no matter how complicated it is.

By adopting the most cutting-edge model manufacturing technologies, and also traditional craftsmanship, RJ Models accomplishes customer-satisfying scale models in a tight deadline.

Considering the international transportation, most of the scale models.

RJ Models has produced for UK customers can be broken down into flight cases.

Along with the site installations and debugging service provided.

Moreover, good after-sales services are also provided by our experienced experts.

1. Swiss Re Tower Model in Scale 1-100

Scale: 1: 100     Size: 500mm x 500mm x 1500mm   Production Time: 30 days     Designer: Foster + Partners

The Swiss Reinsurance Building is located at 30 St. Mary's Axe Street in the “Financial City” of London, England.

It is nicknamed “Gherkin” and designed by Lord Norman Foster.

The official tower looks like a bullet, and the dome at the top of the building is built in the style of the old architecture, which is also wake-up and review of the previous attack.

In the making process, several CNC engraving machines are used to make the unique façade, which is decomposed into 5,500 flat triangles and diamond-shaped glass and formed a very complicated curtain wall system.

Before starting to make the architectural model, model makers in the U.K. carefully studied the drawings from the client and found that its curtain wall was directly supported on the inclined steel frame, which is on the periphery of the building.

Based on this delicate system, the mechanic's experts design the structure meticulously and select materials that are tough enough to support the entire model (Because ordinary materials are difficult to achieve the hardness and stiffness of steel) but also have plasticity.

In this 1:100 office building model, Norman's superb mechanical design is perfectly demonstrated.

RJ's model makers also carefully craft the interior of the model.

At the bottom of the two-story shopping mall, rich shopping scenes are restored by adding miniature people, brand stores and seats.

People can clearly see these scenes through the highly transparent plexiglass on the facade of the building.

The final product fully demonstrates Norman Forester’s design intent and shows the future of the building to the public.

2. Stansted Airport Model in Scale 1:100

Scale: 1: 100     Size: 3000mm x 2500mm    Production Time: 30 days     Designer: Foster + Partners

RJ Models, a leading pioneer in architectural model makers in the UK, had the pleasure of working with Foster + Partners.

In association with Fosters, our architectural model makers were able to work together to materialize an airport model for the London Stansted Airport.

The final airport model has successfully embodied the airport’s unique design.

Stansted airport challenged all the rules of conventional airport terminal design and went back to the roots of modern airport design.

The high pavilion roof is dazzling and inspires awe to all commuters passing the terminal day in and day out.

And the natural light pierces the glass walls like thin veil allowing an illuminated interior with little need for electricity.

RJ Models reveres the design of each architectural wonders and complies strictly with all specifications to provide an authentic 3D model.

We leveraged the minuscule details such as 3D model people sitting on benches or carrying briefcases, and vehicles parked outside.

All of this combined, in order to represent the daily traveler’s life at London Stansted Airport.

Our architectural model makers worked closely with Fosters + Partners during the project to ensure fast turnaround time and prevent unwanted costs.

As a premier model-making company, RJ Models successfully completed the London Stansted airport model in record time which gained the praise of the UK clients.

RJ Models completed the airport model in just a span of 30 days with an area size of 3000 mm x 2500 mm.

3. Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model

Scale: 1: 300     Size: 1250mm x 850mm    Production Time: 30 days     Designer: Sir Terry Farrell

Our architectural model makers were commissioned to work for another wonderful project in the UK.

Straddling Chelsea Creek, the Chelsea Waterfront required 3D Building Model to be used as a statement centerpiece.

Located at the historic Lots Road Power Station and newly constructed building complex, including a striking 37-story tower.

Originally built in 1904 to power London’s underground transport system, the site is now embarking upon the next stage in its remarkable history.

The main goal was to emphasize the spacious, environment-friendly and other functional properties of the building.

Thus showcasing an eco-friendly and well-structured space.

The Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model boasts of dazzling LED lightings that masterfully represents the daylight and nighttime scenery in Chelsea Waterfront.

To provide a visually striking representation of the river Thymes, our expert architectural model makers used different shades of blue.

The luscious green scenery represents the amazing ecosystem residents in Chelsea Waterfront are to expect.

Architectural model makers at RJ Models are proud to have been part of the Chelsea Waterfront project along with having been able to provide competitive price and fast production time.

As a result of continued excellence in our projects, model builders garnered recognition in the 3D modeling industry, particularly in the UK.

RJ Models completed Chelsea Waterfront Residential Building Model in just a span of 30 days with an area size of 1250mm x 850mm.

4. Manchester United Stadium Model in Scale 1:400

Scale: 1: 400       Size: 1800mm x 1800mm      Production Time: 30 days

Another exciting project completed by RJ Models, renowned model makers in the UK, is the Old Trafford Stadium.

It is an iconic football stadium, and home to the world-famous home of Manchester United.

Old Trafford is dubbed as the 'The Theatre of Dreams' due to its surreal and enchanting atmosphere around the playing field.

Also, the stadium model is characterized by the surrounding red seats.

The Old Trafford pitch is surrounded by four covered all-seater stands, connected by closing tiers to create one ring. The north stand also contains several balconies.

This innovative architectural design and the North Stand contained a large protecting roof, resulted in the stadium to be one of the hosting venues during the 1966 World Cup.

In contrast, the outside part of the stadium hides a more enigmatic design with huge parts of mixed bricks layered with windows made of Plexiglas.

It is then surrounded by a rigid structure made of steel that houses rectangular supporting beams to hold the roof in place.

Our architectural model makers took all of these design specifications in mind during the designing and printing process.

The end product is a marvelous Manchester United Stadium Model.

The Manchester United Stadium Model was completed in just a span of 40 days with a symmetrical area size of 1800mm x 1800mm.

5. CPR Canterbury House Model in London

Scale: 1: 50       Size: 1750mm x 900mm      Production Time: 30 days

The CPR Canterbury House is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of Cedar and Taylor roads; it houses 25 apartments and six retail stores on the street level.

New York-based CPR Properties purchased this building in 2013 and renovated it to attract young people to create in this authentic place with robust historical connections and stimulate local economic vitality.

The architectural designer in the U.K. reflects the combination of retro and modern in the design of the façade.

In this architectural model, our architectural model building team carefully select the model material to accurately reflect the designer's philosophy, as usual, they strive to make an architectural model that best fits the future look of the building for London.

To create a noble and cozy feeling, warm yellow lights are installed inside the apartment scale model.

In order to meet the requirements of the owner who does not want to expose the interior decoration of the apartment, for the time being, the window in this architectural model is made of frosted glass, which makes the building have the necessary realism and the mysterious temperament.

6. Architectural Model of the luxury Leven Wharf Apartment in London

Scale: 1: 75       Size: 1300mm x 1100mm      Production Time: 21 days

Covering an area of 0.5 hectares and located adjacent to the Olympic Park in London, the luxury Leven Wharf apartment comprises one, two and three-bedroom apartments including some spectacular penthouses.

This eleven-story waterfront residential building commands a superb position overlooking a wide bend in the river and offering views towards the nearby Olympic Park, the City, and central London and across the new development to the south.

Brown brick stone walls, modernist style windows and Arts and Crafts style carved railings are all precisely demonstrated by the residential model making team from RJ Models.

Meanwhile, the standard configuration of every luxury apartment - the roof garden, is also accurately displayed by the model makers.

In addition, the model making team also researches in the local climate and plant species, selects the vegetation that best reflects the local characteristics, and makes the corresponding miniature landscape to enhance the realism of the architectural residential model.

7. Architectural Model in Birmingham in London, the U.K.

Scale: 1: 100       Size: 1400mm x 1400mm      Production Time: 25 days

Located in England's West Midlands, Birmingham is a large industrial city and the largest city in the UK except for London.

This residential apartment fully reflects the Industrial aesthetics and developed economy of Birmingham.

The main part of the residential building's façade is made of composite aluminum, and the black bricks and iron are used to outline some random lines and patterns as if the outer wall is their canvas.

Whether the fabulous façade, the crystal-clear swimming pool, or the giant pillars and the gray space formed by these pillars, all reflect the luxury and dignity of this residential building.

Therefore the architectural model making team from RJ Models pays a lot of efforts to illustrating the luxury and noble feeling of the residential building model.

Warm yellow lights are randomly installed in the apartments, which gives a more realistic nightlife scenario.

Architectural model makers also adopt 3D print technology in the façade making a process to accurately carve the patterns on it.

8. Architectural Model of ERE Rupert Street in London

Scale: 1: 50       Size: 1500mm x 1500mm      Production Time: 30 days

Rupert Street is a very historical street which was described as “a pretty handsome well-built Street” even in 1720.

In this block, there are traces of early eighteenth-century residential buildings, early nineteenth-century shops, and late nineteenth-century hotels and restaurants.

The protagonist of this architectural model is a four-story apartment on the upper floor of the Snog frozen yogurt.

Architectural model building team uses brick-and-red material which is inherently concave and convex to mimic the bricks and make most of the exterior walls of the residential building, meanwhile uses dark grey lightweight materials to make window sills, cornices, and railings.

Each detail is made with extreme precision, such as the reliefs on the walls, the bulge which imitating traditional columns, and every tiny drop tube that fits close to the wall.

In order to highlight this apartment, the architectural model making companies, RJ Models skillfully use gray and white materials to make other proximate buildings; in this way, it is not only convenient for the viewers to understand the location of the building in the block, but  also  can attract the attention of the audience to the main part.

9. Architectural Model in London for Hamptons

Scale: 1: 50       Size: 1300mm x 1500mm      Production Time: 30 days

Part of the eastern end of Long Island, Hamptons is made up of a group of small villages, such as Southampton and East Hampton.

The pleasant weather and wonderful scenery make Hamptons a popular seaside resort and one of the best choices for many families to travel together.

In this residential model, architectural model makers from RJ Models choose bright and brisk color materials to make the plants, clothes and some bricks, which is consistent with the local relaxed and happy atmosphere.

CNC engraving machine is used to make the window sill, door frame, and chimney; its sharp cutting edges reflect the modernist architectural style precisely.

To illustrate the lively and vibrant feeling, the residential model making team deliberately choose a sunny day to shoot this architectural model outdoors; the carefully made apartment model under the blue sky seems to stand along the road of  Hamptons.

10. Residential Model for Strand in London 

Scale: 1: 150       Size: 1500mm x 1250mm      Production Time: 21 days

Strand Street is a major thoroughfare in the City of Westminster, Central London.

The street was popular with the British upper classes between the 12th and 17th centuries, a great number of luxurious mansions are built the Strand and river.

Therefore, there are lots of traditional middle age building along the street and the whole street looks quite antique and pristine.

To meet the retro temperament of this street, this residential building was also designed in Eclectic style.

Thanks to the abundant experiences in making different style residential buildings, RJ Models clearly knows how to precisely demonstrate the designer’s intention and what kind of material should be adopted.

Warm yellow lights cooperated with frosted glass tactfully and skillfully illustrate the noble and mysterious feeling of the apartment.

Model cars and several scaled people are installed in front of the building, not only shows the lively street scene but also gives viewers a reference to the volume of the building.

11. Architectural Model in Kensington, London

Scale: 1: 75       Size: 2000mm x 900mm      Production Time: 30 days

Kensington is, in general, an extremely affluent area, which has some of London's most expensive streets and garden squares; but it also part of the most densely populated local government district in the United Kingdom.

This high density has come about through the subdivision of large mid-rise Georgian and Victorian terraced houses (generally of four to six floors) into flats.

In this architectural model, viewers can clearly understand local residential situations.

Architectural model makers from RJ Models use lower saturation blue plastic material to make the roof, considering its good ductility.

In addition, a great number of scaled people with different postures and clothes are installed in every yard to restore the lively life scene.

As usual, model making team not only pays great attention to every tiny component of the model but also adopts advanced technologies and machines, such as 3D printing and CNC engraving machine, striving to present a perfect architectural model.

12. Residential Model of IP Greenwich London

Scale: 1: 130       Size: 1700mm x 1100mm      Production Time: 30 days

This residential building model is for the IP in Greenwich, London.

Considering the large volume of the building, model making team chooses the 1:130 scale, which is small enough to present the entire architecture in a proper size but large enough to show the structural and façade details of the building.

Under the requirement of the client, the model making team does not produce the surrounding architectures and landscapes but pay all efforts in manufacturing the main building.

Gray, white and brass thin panels are used in different parts of the building to show the logically organized façade.

The lighting design of this 3d scale model once again demonstrates the superior production level of model makers from RJ Model.

Our architectural model making team not only randomly add warm yellow lights inside the building but also install tiny bulbs for those decorative street lights; even the model cars also have headlights and taillights.

13. Architectural Model for Brighton Marina, the UK

Scale: 1: 300       Size: 1300mm x 1100mm      Production Time: 21 days

The Brighton Marina is the largest artificial Marina in the UK that boasts plenty of commercial, leisure and retail activities.

The module has even captured the intricacies of 127 acres of the plot that has many residential and commercial buildings surrounding it not to mention a huge harbor for water-related activities.

Since the original design was meant to be created in such a way so as to leave a room for expansion in the future the model replica created by RJ Models shows a seamless boundary to portray that.

As per the original design, our architectrural making company for the UK replicated the multiple berths along with their ancillary services like a fuel berth and a boatyard.

To make the architectural model as close to the real place as possible, specially designed printed equipment such as scale yacht models were made to replicate the hues of water on the marina.

The original features of the place are also inculcated strategically in the design as well as the equipment shops, boat trips and lanes along with the traffic.

The originality of the place is maintained by also creating exact replicas of the residential buildings, apartments, and townhouses that sometimes come with their own moorings as well.

The Brighton Marina comes to life in the dark with the exceptional LED lighting systems that are installed in the architectural model for London.

14. Aykon Bondway North Tower Model in London

Scale: 1: 300       Size: 1300mm x 1100mm      Production Time: 21 days

Built at Nine Elms, London, The Bondway North Tower features a two-tower architectural design as a mixed-use development.

RJ Models made a building scale model based on this architecture.

Also known as the Damac Tower, this structure is a two-tower building with 50 stories and 24 stories.

The taller tower, named the North Tower, houses 360 residential spaces featuring interior design by Versace Home.

In addition, the five floors are dedicated to office space.

The smaller tower, connected through a sky bridge from the North Tower, features a roof garden on the 23rd floor.

RJ Models built the architectural model considering the modern atmosphere of the structure.

The looming lighting effect portrays the nightlife of the busy streets of London.

Aside from the glass windows scattered throughout the model, the walls are painted in various colors.

These shades are complementary, which showcases a vibrant and color-coordinated model.

15. Park Crescent in London

Scale: 1: 200       Size: 1800mm x 1800mm      Production Time: 14 days

RJ Models is privileged to create a model the Park Crescent in London during its redevelopment into an ultra-prime residence.

Designed by renowned architect John Nash during the early 19th century, it was originally planned to be a circular development but ended as a crescent, hence the name.

This classical architectural feat consists of terraced houses and is fronted by a private garden and the Regent’s Park, which were considered to be of historic interest.

In recent years, the Park Crescent undergoes a transformation to provide apartments with a 5-star hotel concierge.

Being the lone Royal crescent in London, the rarity of this prime development explains being the most prestigious address.

Our architectural model makers for London, did a magnificent replica of the Park Crescent, not only showcasing the iconic crescent structure, but also the gardens incorporated as part of the landscape.

The model makers for London team of RJ Models prepared the materials using various techniques, from traditional style modeling complemented with high-end machines.

The level of experience with 3D architectural model making has helped the team create this ultra-luxury home to life.

The landscape is given as much importance as the structures during modeling.

The garden elements are made to attend to the three-dimensional sense, creating a realistic look of the park scene.

16. Broadway, Site Model Architecture in London

Scale: 1: 300       Size: 1300mm x 1100mm      Production Time: 21 days

The Broadway, a six-building development in Westminster, will provide residential, office, and retail spaces.

The structures are surrounded by public areas to link the streets around the area.

Also named Ten Broadway, this replaced the existing Metropolitan Police HQ to showcase the creative style of Squire and Partners.

This development will provide 268 residential units and three basement levels within the six buildings.

Each building will have 14 to 20 floors.

A scale model by model makers for UK of these structures will show this contemporary architecture situated along Victoria Street.

As planned, the architectural model for London shows the development in two parts, namely the west side and the east side.

For RJ Models to accurately model this development, the drawing artist spent 36 hours creating calculations and careful drawing.

During production, the team of model makers for London used fine cutting techniques to design the buildings’ facade.

Also, the combination of manual work and equipment complemented each other.

The handcrafting treatment ensured the fine treatment of materials.

On the other hand, the mechanical processes served to produce the accuracy of the site model architecture itself.

17. Holborn Little Mountain 3D House Model in London

Scale: 1: 100       Size: 1200mm x 400mm x 1500mm     Production Time: 14 days

Holborn’s Little Mountain redevelopment will start off with this eight-story residential structure.

One of the architects stated that this building will be one of the gateways into the master plan.

To present this building integrated into the Little Mountain Master Plan, RJ Models remade this project into a scale model featuring its unique architectural design.

The model perfectly embodies the design of the original building with precise proportions and careful structural design.

The structure details are vivid and featured with the use of painting and lighting effects.

The eccentric and unique design is emphasized by the different colors painted in these section-like areas of the building.

Furthermore, RJ Models strived to create the landscape design with completeness and conciseness.

RJ Models finished the project in more than 100 hours due to the complicated design.

With that, no compromises were made in order to deliver the project.

18. Lincoln Square 3D House Model in UK

Scale: 1: 150       Size: 1000mm x 800mm      Production Time: 14 days

A redevelopment project by PLP Architecture, Lincoln Square is a ten-story residential building in Westminster.

From a concrete office building, this notable architecture is being replaced into a 230 apartment structure.

A landscaped courtyard also is featured in this development, providing an attraction for this historic landmark.

Our 3d house model makers made the model of this structure with appropriate materials to produce the actual building features.

The model makers carefully selected these materials to portray the historic style of the building facade.

Based on the historical context, the design is inspired by the institutional buildings and townhouses neighboring Lincoln Square.

To meet the design based on the original structure, RJ Models finished this replica by hand.

Almost 90% of the production is done with manual work, in order to deliver small details.

These minute details, despite their size, enhances the final look of the model.

19. Residential Project for London

Scale: 1: 100       Size: 1800mm x 1800mm      Production Time: 14 days

This massive model is one to showcase how RJ Models provide fine details despite its large size.

With 1.8 meters in length and width, this replica does not fail to show realistic details and the coordinated colors used throughout the design.

Moreover, the modelers took note of the accurate proportions during construction, showcasing the design precisely of the inspired structure.

RJ Models proceeded with careful modeling processes in order to create flat bases of each structure.

With various cutting and grinding processes used by the 3D house model makers.

This ensures that each interface in the model is flat, and will provide a more accurate representation of the structures.

The flat surfaces also help with the easier bonding process after every piece has been cut into their desired shape and dimensions.

The 3D building model is lit by LED and can be controlled by a computer or manually during a presentation.

With the controllable interior lighting, a multi-faceted display of the atmosphere can be done.


RJ Models always keep the faith that advanced technologies, exquisite handicraft, extensive model making experience, seamless team cooperation, and creative ideas that lead to distinctive and memorable 3d scale model manufacturing.

With unrivaled experience in producing all style scale models of various industry, each model that RJ Models created for clients in the UK, no matter simple concept design models or highly detailed exhibition models, fully meet the clients’ expectations.

Because of that, our architectural model building for London, RJ Models won the trust and built long-term cooperation with valued UK architectural designers such as Foster + Partners.

Including famous real estate developers and local government authorities.


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