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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Israel by RJ Models

Israel’s choice for its architectural model-making needs…RJ Models

Israel as a geographically diverse country in the middle eastern Asian region is also regarded as the biblical holy land.

However, these qualities never hindered this Hebrew nation to transform into a modern and industrialized state.

Impressive infrastructures and a booming locality of high technology multi-national establishments require the same high standard for architectural scale models.

Therefore, our architectural model making company in Israel proves worthy to be chosen.

RJ Models in Israel delivers these winning, irreproachable scale models in the country as reputed.

We have an architectural model making team focused on the creation of realistic architectural pieces fully tailored to the client’s requirements.

Our model making objective comes with decades of ensuring client satisfaction that comes with reasonable price ranges in the market.

Complete with professional and convenient services catering not just in Israel but to every part of the world.

1. Office Building Model in Israel

Scale:1:125                          Size:  2800mm x 1300mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

Israel as a high technology hub was chosen to be the first overseas site of research and development facility.

RJ Models as the foremost model making company in Israel took a commission for its office building model.

Only with a production time of twenty days did our team furnished this 1:150 scaled model in full specification.

The awesome building concept takes inspiration from a pixelized graphic very much apt for the technology market.

The façade features two opposite portions with see-through glass paneling making the areas inside visible in detail.

The fascinating open-air design of stairways going to the top deck provides users to enjoy the hanging gardens and model trees on every level.

From the front side to the back of the building, the model projects in full detail all the areas of interest.

The smallest components for full realization are never skipped, and lighting enhances the effects.

Presenting a full entourage of scaled people doing various activities in and around the building, cars, and traffic plus landscaping.

A full visual spectacle was masterfully crafted indeed by our architectural model makers in Israel.

2. Binui Shopping Mall Model in Israel

Scale:1:500                          Size:  3200mm x 1600mm                       Production Time:  4 weeks

The Binui shopping mall is a 1:500 scale white styled model created by renowned architectural model making company in Israel.

This project mainly features how the entire site development will complement its surroundings.

Hence, full detailed buildings need not complicate the process and are reserved for a separate specific model.

However, the buildings on site are presented with their basic and notable characteristic forms.

There are various types of facilities included in their exact details.

Recreational areas with side by side playing courts and a tiled, multi-purpose area with amphitheater ambiance on the center.

Loading and unloading docks for container trucks are specifically added to visualize the everyday processes related to a retail facility.

Adjacent the site is a contoured area exposing the actual topography and the road network around complete with traffic.

The shopping mall model has expansive parking grounds visually softened by thoughtful placement of trees and well-appointed gardens.

Our architectural model makers in Israel meticulously executed this project according to the exact site planning.

3. Industrial Model in Israel

Scale:1:50                          Size:  1800mm x 1100mm                       Production Time:  2 weeks

Architectural industrial models in architecture mainly highlight the different areas and processes involved within the facility.

RJ Models is not new with these model types, being a reputable architecture model-making company in Israel and around.

It is an industrial plant modeled to depict a general overview of the facility in a fascinating see-through style.

The entire model is bounded by transparent walls made with acrylic sheets so everything in between can be seen directly.

Interestingly, these walls are installed with a lighting system with three distinguishing colors to represent the different plant sections.

There are two separate plant divisions along with fully detailed industrial facility components.

Areas with varied functions like office rooms complete with furniture are also created in a similar translucent form.

Even the material of the trees on one corner of the model coordinated with the rest for a streamlined appearance.

Producing a masterfully detailed 1:50 model is what our architectural model makers in Israel thrive on.

4. Villa Model in Israel

Scale:1:150                          Size:  2000mm x 1600mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

The delicate balance of contemporary and traditional style is seen with this villa model by architectural model makers in Israel.

Simple looking is for its cream-colored concrete frame with horizontal linear accents.

This characteristic is featured on all four sides, accentuated with black accents and wooden louvered balcony doors that slide.

It, however, exudes sophistication with the generous use of a modern material like glass.

Our expert model makers in Israel used clear plexiglass for these panels realistically mimicking glass to see interior furnishing.

The furniture inside and outdoors along with the human figures boosts the sense of actually living in the villa.

The entire perimeter is gated in full detail which also features the same design of the building.

Slightly sloping terrain with well-appointed trees, bushes, and manicured lawns adorn the surroundings.

Cars show two-road lanes to maneuver with ample parking units.

Warm lighting within the interiors, as well as accent lights outside, gives additional charm to the 1:50 villa model.

5. Residential Model in Israel

Scale:1:250                          Size:  2600mm x 1500mm                       Production Time:  4 weeks

RJ Models model making company in Israel accomplished this residential complex model in full exact details.

A dynamic zigzag plan consisting of two sections of three identical building components in red, white and grey.

Each vertical structure is portrayed in total detail giving a realistic appearance to each architectural material element.

These six high-rise residences feature balconies on all sides and levels meticulously pieced together in sure-handed, measured cuts.

Wide outdoor relaxation and recreation areas like pocket gardens, a swimming facility, and a children’s playground are present.

All these areas are connected with an impressively crafted network of outdoor pathways covered in realistic finishes.

It is placed in this big site development where trees abound on refreshing greenery and illuminated with warm lights.

Such is the crafting prowess of our model makers in Israel making the entire landscaping looking very much life-like.

Our model making team completed the look with the exact likeness of thoroughfares in the area.

6. Residential Model in Israel

Scale:1:150                          Size:  3300mm x 1600mm                   Production Time:  4 weeks

An advancing nation like Israel continuously needs more habitable spaces for its citizens and visitors.

This high-rise residential model was commissioned to RJ Models for being the professional model making company in Israel.

Residences have a location of uneven terrain bordering on a cliff edge and end into a body of water.

This topographical landscape is perfectly captured with a realistic appearance highly reputed by our architectural model makers in Israel.

Four multi-story buildings compose the residential complex, each varying either in height or in the design.

These buildings, however, are crafted in high detail, in-depth 3D replication from the designer’s 2D drawings.

Intricate assembly of layers and layers of floor levels alternating with windows and glass panels are measured inexactness.

The lighted, wide-open grounds are landscaped with trees and lawns with service roads and cars.

These entourage elements help in portraying a true sense of the residential environment in an architectural scale model.

7. Office Building Model in Israel

Scale:1:75                          Size:  1900mm x 1200mm                       Production Time:  4 weeks

The office building model may be all white, yet comprehensively detailed by our architectural model makers in Israel.

Perfectly proportioned in a 1:75 scale within a production period of just three weeks, RJ Models delivered with satisfaction.

Two adjoined buildings with interestingly opposite formations, one are tall vertical while the other is long horizontal.

The exposed skeletal framework is made with precise measurements ensuring its stability.

PVC which resembles glass is the material that makes up the floor to ceiling windows.

Our architectural model making team in Israel knows their craft in picking up the best options for best representations.

An area beside both buildings serves as an atrium with two sides open and lined with shading trees.

This is charmingly created with a central rectangular pond and trellises complete with climbing vines.

The flooring is finished with diamond-shaped tiles and accentuated with garden lights.

Scaled street scene elements, pavements, foliage, and people are all done in vivid visual representation.

8. Master Plan Model in Israel

Scale:1:50                          Size:  2400mm x 2300mm                       Production Time:  5 weeks

This large 2.40 by 2.30 meter model for the vicinity of richness in a minimalist concept.

Administered by our top architectural model makers in Israel to clearly show the general planning with the surrounding environment.

Its central area contains the prototype models with full details and finishing materials presented per building design type.

Three types, a low-rise, mid-rise, and two ten-story high buildings were fashioned according to the design vision of the architect.

Each having its distinct characteristic which our model makers pointedly executed as realistically as possible.

The rest are made white styled massing just to represent their relationship to the entire hierarchy of the master plan model.

These structures are then connected with the rich appeal of pathways and front yards made with realistic looking stone groundwork.

Highlighting the master plan model’s simplistic charm are well-placed lighting effects.

The overall look with similarly exuberant landscaping is easy on the eyes, the balanced design is straightforward.

9. Residential Model in Israel

Scale:1:100                          Size:  1500mm x 1500mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

Another residential model that graced the RJ Models model making company in Israel’s creative studios is the Lieber building.

It is interesting to note that the building characteristically leans ever so slightly outwards on the way up.

This involves the most accurate and stringent measures to be able to successfully create a subtle leaning appearance.

Protruding balconies on every side and floor level go along and play up the building’s leaning effect.

Our modelers use only the best quality materials to replicate concrete, steel and glass structural finishes.

Additionally, any thorough miniature building model would not be complete without a similarly dressed up site.

A stunning open area relaxation facility adorns one side with a charming vined trelliswork and vivid foliage.

Elaborate site development is also represented, tiled walkways along the sides, even a tree-lined bicycle lane.

Seeing that, our architectural model makers in Israel really outdid themselves to display the residential model to full advantage.

10. Residential Model in Israel

Scale:1:125                          Size:  1800mm x 1500mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

The Residences connotes the unusual form where a towering structure leans outward through the top.

However, only two elevations distinctly display this character while the other is straightly proportioned from bottom up.

RJ Models employ only the most efficient model makers to perform such precise outputs from calculation to assembly.

Wide balconies with glass railings featuring human figures and potted plants add to the lived-in effect of the residential model.

While each act as a viewing deck, they also prevent direct heat from the sun to reflect on the glass windows.

Prominent finishing details in cream, grey and black are very much present in each of the facades.

Lighting up the building emphasizes all the different design elements and creates a mood effect.

Our architectural model makers in Israel need as little as three weeks to ensure quality for this 1:125 scale model.

Completed with entourage elements on the entire site development for visual interest.

11. Office Building Model in Israel

Scale:1:200                          Size:  1800mm x 5100mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

RJ Models delivered this project exactly depicting the promising features translated into a 3D form from the architect’s original rendition.

Fascinating plan and shape along with different geometric elements interjecting with each building component adorn this office building in Israel.

Mostly with clean white exteriors featuring elaborate facades of structurally enhancing geometrical framework.

The appealing factor of the longitudinal component projecting from opposite sides of one building joins them into one coherent structure.

Flowing lines of beige and black horizontal elements alternating with glass-like material accent this subcomponent.

It takes exceptional model making qualities to allow this protrusion to stay in place having such delicate material and design.

A triangular atrium with greenery and seating areas breaks the white monotony on the center ground level.

The lawn landscaping on one side complements the building concept with the use of varied grass types.

The model-making company in Israel completely produced this with entourage elements and finished in three weeks.

12. Residential Model in Israel

Scale:1:200                          Size:  1100mm x 1100mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

The leading model making company in Israel, RJ Models commissioned this residential model according to its distinct specifications.

The residential tower model is a simple white concrete structure with vertical grey louvered accents on one side.

Each window opening is clean without rough edges and comes with perfectly cut corners.

Giving it a design twist will be the topmost segment misaligning from the two below it.

A lower building fronting the main tower comes with a roof deck with a Bridgeway connecting the two together.

The aspects of this model project would not be produced desirable if not for our architectural model makers’ proficiency.

The buildings are erected on higher elevation from the main road giving way to fantastic landscaping on one side.

A rock formation dotted with foliage with a stairway cutting through is superbly realistic.

Trees and more fascinating landscape patterns adorn the exterior ground level.

A lighting system is added for a dramatic night view of the residences model.

13. Model in Israel

Scale:1:100                          Size:  1400mm x 1000mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

The model is like any other project done in professional quality by our architectural model making team in Israel.

This facility is a gated enclosure that is entirely covered with various flooring finishes.

A variety of trees and plants are used throughout.

The building plan conforms with the actual contour of the land which is sloping downwards from the main road.

An interesting arrangement of cubical shapes interlocking with each other must only be done with sure-handed modelers.

Edge to edge realistic glass paneling material covers the entire front and back facades of the larger component.

While the façade of the lower portion has wide panels of windows with walls finished in a tile-like manner.

The featured stairwell placed halfway outdoor is crafted with seamless cuts and joinery.

Architectural model makers in our Israel installation imitated a realistic living condition by adding human figures with different activities.

An outdoor multi-purpose area with children’s play amenities, as well as tables and chairs are provided in great detail.

14. Model with interior in Israel

Scale:1:100                          Size:  1500mm x 1400mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

RJ Models brings architectural models to life with accuracy, be it on exterior aspects or interior lay-outing.

Such is the model making the quality of the 1: 100 scale villa model.

Taking inspiration from Mediterranean architecture’s stylistic charm captured by our talented architectural model makers in Israel.

With key elements like the realistically executed clay tile roofing, ornamental arches on doors and windows.

These windows and doors also feature detailed design elements.

A repetitive blending of colors is done until the specified color of the exterior walls and roofs are perfectly matched.

A top view shows a large courtyard in tile flooring complete with a swimming pool, garden, and various furniture pieces.

The sturdy, richly colored roofing can be detached with ease and the interior layout of the villa comes into view.

Interior finishing and furniture are in white style just so potential residents can be given a sense of living conditions.

Our model making company in Israel certifiably produced a thoughtfully crafted interior model showing the identity of the villa.

15. Office Building Model 

Scale:1:150                          Size:  850mm x 600mm                       Production Time:  3 weeks

This building model’s striking peculiarity is produced in just a couple of weeks by our model making company in Israel.

An irregularly shaped podium with long continuous glass windows on all sides acts as the base of the office building.

The layout of the interior walls can be seen through these long window’s clear glass-like material.

This base has open areas on its lower level and a top deck with swimming amenities.

The upper segment of twenty-nine floors features alternating curving protrusions on the shorter ends of the oval floor plan.

Each floor has impeccable detailing from louvers to windowsills to potted plants.

Completing this 1:150 scaled model is a beautifully landscaped outdoor area with an entourage on fully designed tile grounds.

The careful precision in the meticulous model making process is professionally handled by our architectural model makers in Israel.

Elsewise, the final finish product would not be as impressively neat and comprehensive such as this.


RJ Models conquered the top of Israel’s architectural model making industry.

Our team of model makers is only comprised of masterfully competent craftsmen in the architectural model making the world.

That, along with other exceptional qualities catapulted RJ Models among the top architectural model making companies in the world.

Delivering only the highest quality architectural scale models since 1995.

That is a staggering number of more than 700 scale models and 60 3D architectural rendering each year earning us a distinguished reputation.

Our model making facilities are among the largest of its type worldwide.

So, Israel or other global cities can rely on RJ Models to provide every architectural scale modeling need 24/7.

The biggest names in the architectural and engineering industry are among our regular clients.

These top-class architectural designers and developers, as well as governments around the world, entrust RJ Models.

Whether it is a simple or fully detailed project, our expert model makers regard it as an architectural masterpiece.

Thus, you are ensured that every architectural model and 3D architectural visualization that comes out of our factories is a masterpiece of its own.


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