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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Turkey by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

The architectural model (mimari maket) has always been an inseparable part of architectural projects.

In Turkey, it is one of the most effective and distinguished tools to reveal designs to the customers.

So far, RJ Models has completed a variety of types, sizes, and scales of architectural models.

We have spread our wings from China to Turkey and other countries all over the world.

Our Istanbul based branch company allows us to work closely together with Turkish customers.

Before starting the model making process, RJ Models would frequently refer to local and symbolic architectural elements of Turkey.

And our elite teams discuss every important detail of ongoing projects with Turkish clients to ensure the best result.

Most scale models we produced have lighting or illumination to create some of the aesthetic effects.

These visual treats on the models help our clients to get thumbs up from their target audience.

Full of creativity, models created by RJ Models are surprisingly impressive and photo realistic.

RJ Models’ past glorious achievements proven that we reached a high level of realizing the visual realism of model projects.

It has been real enlightenment for RJ Models to work with the Turkish architecture design institutes.

And we saw the excellent development opportunities in expanding the model making industry in Turkey.

Currently, RJ Models also offer customized solutions to Turkish clients, based on our vast technical model making knowledge.

Combined modelers’ innovative ideas on producing models, RJ Models can handle any coming challenging task for architectural design companies and developers.

Istanbul Urban Planning Models

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 12000mm x 9000mm
  • Production Time : 3 Months
Architectural model makers in Turkey

Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, is a city spanning Asia and Europe.

The Bosphorus (Istanbul Strait, İstanbul Boğazı) and the Golden Horn (Hali) pass through the city.

Architectural model makers in Turkey

In this master planning model, the water area accounts for a large proportion. And RJ Models installed bright white LED strips along the shore, making the shape of the water very clear.

RJ Models also equipped the main traffic trunks and cross-river bridges in the city with different color LED lights. Thus, the audiences can quickly understand the arrangement of the city.

In model making process, our model experts maintain a close relationship with the client and discuss related materials with them. The purpose is to ensure the final product is consistent with their vision.

Architectural model makers in Turkey

RJ Models put nearly ten CNC engraving machines and 3D printed model making technology into production.

The model reproduced all the streets, hillsides, coasts, iconic buildings, yacht model, and sculptures are all reproduced in a faithfully way.

RJ Models also has a dedicated logistics department to transport model to the exact location and assembling it in Turkey.

They create several properly sized aviation wooden model boxes for this model to avoid any accidents in the model transportation.

Architectural model makers in Turkey

The final master planning model is very satisfactory and attracts the attention of many media reporters in Turkey.

After the exhibition in Istanbul, people transported the architectural model to some other cities for exhibitions.

RJ Models continues to be responsible for the subsequent transportation and assembly matters and guarantee the quality of each show.

Istanbul Grand Airport Models

  • Scale: 1:800
  • Size: 2000mm x 1900mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

Co-designers Grimshaw, Nordic Office of Architecture and Haptic Architects are pleased seeing their masterpiece as a scale model.

Grand as its name suggests, the Istanbul Grand Airport covers a million square meters of land.

Leading model making company in Turkey accomplished this huge 1.2 by 2 meter project within a month of production.

Model Making Company in Turkey

Superb detailing is seen entirely, a quality RJ Models is known throughout the years in architectural model making.

The airport model is completed with every facility to cater to its big capacity of 15 million passengers each year.

Model Making Company in Turkey

The small scale never hindered our model making team to fill the necessary lighting and entourage elements for realistic representation.

Our airport model-making company even created a mechanized lifting device which proved indispensable.

Model Making Company in Turkey

This is because RJ Models created the airport model with each floor of the building fully capable of being displayed.

Nevertheless, RJ Models delivered another extraordinary project in flawless execution.

Emlak Konut Mosque in Istanbul

Model Making Company in Turkey

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 1500mm x 1250mm
  • Production Time : 40 Days

Recreating religious edifices into models has been one of RJ Models’ exemplary offerings.

Such is again rendered in the making of Istanbul, Turkey’s Emlak Konut Mosque 1:500 scale model.

Model Making Company in Turkey

The intricacy of this project called for our mosque model makers in Turkey to use 3D printing model making technology.

RJ Models divided it into separate components for printing due to the large size. And then pieced together with great care.

The rest is then handmade, thorough polishing for that smooth finish and then painted according to specifications.

Fully detailed domes and ornamental accents adorn all the tall minarets surrounding the mosque.

Arched latticework windows are on point, while the exterior brick and tile finishing materials are almost lifelike.

Model Making Company in Turkey

RJ Models installed the model with lighting and an assortment of trees and street elements for vibrant appeal.

People see this mosque model as a place worthy of respect and admiration.

And only the professional model makers this side of the continent can establish, RJ Models.

Renesas Kucukyali Hotel

Model Making Company in Turkey

  • Scale: 1:400
  • Size: 1400mm x 2600mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

Undeniable focus is extremely necessary for the scale model creation of the Renesas Kucukyali Hotel in the Turkish capital.

The whole area of 2 by 1.6-meter canvass is teeming with vibrantly detailed structure and entourage pieces.

Model Making Company in Turkey

Structures in different shapes and sizes fill three-fourths of the area, a systematic making process is therefore established.

The hotel with site development has plenty of different attractions which surely provided enough challenges for our architectural model makers.

Model Making Company in Turkey

The transparent roofing accent around the center is even made appealing by the use of lighting.

Landscaping abounds in and around the vicinity, well-appointed gardens whether on the ground or on rooftops are breathtaking.

Model Making Company in Turkey

While thick foliage surrounding the network of roads with traffic reflect the true-to-life scenario of the location.

RJ Models' hotel model makers in Turkey made sure quality is paramount.

Model Making Company in Turkey

Every square inch of the model, from top to bottom is crafted with precision and care.

Model Making Company in Turkey

Unkapani Tunnel Project

  • Scale: 1:800
  • Size: 2000mm x 1900mm
  • Production Time : 3 Weeks

Model Making Company in Turkey


A1 model making company in Turkey is the proud choice to execute the miniaturized version of this urban scene.

RJ models delivered in giving bridge models the full visual demonstration of this cross-harbor tunnel with its environs.

Model Making Company in Turkey

The Unkapani Tunnel is conceived to connect the two highly developed sides of the Marmara Strait.

Both zones are composed of densely populated urban communities that our model makers in Turkey did in white style.

This is just to show the form and spatial arrangement of the buildings in relation to the featured waterscape view.

Nevertheless, each and every component has exact specifications.

Model Making Company in Turkey

People can see irreproachable detailing on the two bridges and along the banks of the realistic water surface.

The array of foliage and landscaping, as well as road networks on both, parts imitate a true sense of environment.

Our architectural model building team have the capable skills to execute every detail as the master planner wants to convey.

13. Bahcesehir Stadium Istanbul

Stadium Model in Istanbul

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 2000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

This colossal structure in Alanya, Turkey is a model reproduction of the venue for the biggest soccer games.

And RJ Models proudly exhibits their masterful craftsmanship in architectural model making known all over the globe.

Stadium Model in Istanbul

Meticulous material selection is of utmost importance to accomplish the most realistic portrayal of the Bahcesehir Stadium.

One can simply be in awe with the craftsmanship of the oval field’s roofing which really captured the actual one.

Adjacent the stadium is open training fields covered with alternating lawn species the way they are done in reality.

Stadium Model in Istanbul

Adding visual interest are the expansive greenery surrounding the entire site, with model cars and human figures where essential.

A sophisticated lighting system further amplifies the overall appeal.

Architectural model makers in Turkey provided the client with the finest representation to boost visitors and potential investors.

A thirty-day production period enabled our professional stadium model makers in Turkey to achieve the highest quality project model.

Istanbul Seaport Renaissance

Istanbul Seaport Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 8000mm x 6000mm
  • Production Time : 4 Weeks

A scenic, lifelike waterscape is mostly the eye-catcher for this large project by our model making company in Turkey.

Made more awesome with the lighting effect on the entire scene as light reflects from the yachts and coast line.

Istanbul Model Making

The circular yacht harbor on one side is made with materials impressively crafted to look real.

A hundred yachts are docked within, while a modern terminal and docking wharf with cruise ships are displayed on another.

Renaissance’s master plan of the Istanbul seaport is located along the Marmara Sea is a luxurious urban complex.

Istanbul Model Making

It comprises of multi-level residential neighborhoods with a wide range of commercial and recreational facilities.

The featured buildings are presented according to the design scheme a with lively lawn finishing on their roof decks.

Istanbul Model Making

A scale of 1:500 is the most convenient option to appropriately capture the seaport’s dynamic sense.

Such is the ideal result of this shipyard model for having the professional architectural model makers of RJ Models.


Regardless of how complicated the project was, RJ Models has helped lots of clients in Turkey clinch architectural contracts.

RJ Models’ qualified professionals are quite firm and conversant the up-to-date design trends and model making skills.

And our 25 years of professional experience in model making given us more opportunities to work with honorable Turkish clients.


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