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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in the US by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Innovative design ideas need expansion and architectrual visualization to bring out their most comprehensive impact.

Physical scale model is the most effective and eye-catching manner to illustrate design details in an efficient and engaging way.

Up to now, RJ Models has produced many architectural models which became major construction projects for various US companies.

Moreover, through close collaboration with US clients, RJ Models has formed dynamic partnerships and are looking for more cooperation possibilities.

Working with a variety of high-quality model making materials, cutting-edge machines, and equipment, excellent lighting design, and interactivity.

RJ Models has completed a great number of customized architectural models, both commercially and entertainingly competitive, for customers in the US.

RJ Models has also accomplished numbers of wonderful works to commemorate memorial US architecture or collected as a personal collection.

Our experienced and skilled architectural model makers are able to come to the US to visit the site.

We discuss detailed schemes, and solve any model making issues. To a large extent, this helps to optimally illustrate and visualize the clients’ intentions.

1. 30 Hudson Yard Office Space Model

Scale: 1: 100                 Size: 1050mm x 1350mm            Production Time: 30 days

As an iconic symbol of Manhattan’s urban development, the new planned Hudson Yard is virtually a mega-city junction.

Covering a total area of 28-acre, this ‘mini-city’ accommodates various city functions like upscale office buildings, etc.

Our architectural model makers were to capture the magic of overall design, with particular emphasis on 30 Hudson Yards skyscraper.

Bill Pedersen KPF in US Designed this 90-story tower, it features a dramatic open-air observation deck.

And this striking glass and steel tower will become the 2nd tallest office building in New York, US.

RJ Models reproduced all the reflective building facades by using laser cut technique and hand-painted to create glittering metal appearances.

RJ Models selected light and smooth model making materials to simplify the working process and facilitate transport.

To follow the master plan design, our model makers in US have communicated back and forth with our clients.

And then accurately RJ Models crafted other stand-out models of new planned and existing structures in the complex.

We made the glazing curtain walls of the art center by Plexiglass to provide you a version of the interior layout.

Initially, the overall scale model has a very strong metal sense.

Our architectural model makers in the US discussed and seek out several ways to soften the effect.

Animated with miniature plants, RJ Models successfully created a distinctive silhouette of new Manhattan.

The leisure park, roof green landscape, and other mimicked scenarios gave vitality to the office model.

The viewers are able to imagine themselves within the model.

And we can get an idea of the spatial relationship between the new development and the existing surroundings.

In a sense, this model that RJ Models made for US clients echoes the elegance and sole of the design.

People use model as an assisted planning tool, it can provide you with a perspective of the new urban block.

Clients are full of much appreciation and satisfaction for the vraisemblance of the office building model.

And our clients were very pleased with the display effect that the finished model generated.

2. Hearst Tower Model

Scale: 1: 150                 Size: 600mm x 465mm            Production Time: 4 weeks           Designer: Foster + Partners

The design intention of Hearst Tower was to integrate US heritage preservation work with modern architecture.

Norman Foster’s brilliant design was expanding the historical relic by constructing a dramatic soaring tower on top of it.

This provokes an interesting dialogue between old and new.

And it won the Gold and Platinum certifications under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

Modelers prudentially measured and photographed the original six-story podium built-in 1928 to fully capture the historical character.

And then our architectural model makers in the US recreated every tiny element. It includes sculpture and painting on the building facade using our in-house digital facilities.

Notably, architectural model makers use transparent Plexiglas for the ground floor windows and punched-out windows above.

This allows the viewers to appreciate the interior design of the historical podium as much as possible.

More importantly, it helps to showcase a marriage between classic architecture and modern arts.

For the structurally triangulated steel and glass tower, RJ Models used high-quality acrylic and ABS.

And painted the semi-finished products repeatedly create an arresting exterior building appearance.

The finished building model precisely matches the color and material specification from the US client.

Rarely has a scale model so successfully portrayed such a unique and unprecedented design.

For RJ Models, being able to complete such a high-quality model is a proud accomplishment.

The finished model not only fulfilled the US clients’ expectation but exceeded them to a great extent.

It adds new blood to the architectural conversation by showcase the historic exterior and modern skyscraper at the same time.

As an iconic replica of US’ contemporary architecture, people considered this model  as a statement of peace and harmony.

3. One World Trade Center Scale Model by SOM

Scale: 1: 500                 Size: 1100mm x 750mm             Production Time: 2 weeks

To focus on the structure, RJ Models created the surrounding buildings, streets, and landscapes in a simplified way.

This 1:500 scale model shows the bold and avant-garde design style of the One World Trade Center in New York.

SOM designed this architecture, it is one of the structures that define the New York skyline.

People considered it as a landmark in the city, and it is known for the simple and clear form.

Moreover, it is an innovative mix of architecture, sustainability, urban design, and safety.

The iconic tower is built from a cubic base, and rises as the edges are chamfered back.

This forms eight triangles as the faces of the structure.

This produces an overall effect similar to a crystal, displaying refracted light in different ties of the day.

The architectural scale model company, RJ Models made this model. It is lit from the inside, simulating the bright and reflective facade of the tower.

This tower is inspired by New York City icons such as the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

This development replaces almost one-fourth of the offices which were lost on September 11, 2001.

However, people considered the One World Trade Center as a bold icon and a vision for the future.

3. Brickell City Center Shopping Mall Model

Scale: 1: 100                 Size: 4000mm x 3000mm x 1800mm            Production Time: 4 weeks

We produced this 1:100 model for Brickell City Center Shopping Mall to depict the forthcoming mixed-use development in Miami, US.

The design intention of this ambitious project was constructing a high-end shopping mall in the dense area of the city.

Miami-based Arquitectonica Design the five-million-square-foot shopping mall, it features three levels of retail shopping.

And it will bring a fresh and modern urban lifestyle and sophistication to downtown Miami, US.

Architectural scale model company used laser-cut sprayed acrylic, textured with laser engraving, to produce most of the structures.

Sculpted in the high level of detail and hand-painted, this shopping mall model also features a lifting function.

Therefore, the viewers can have a glimpse of the interior layout and have a preliminary understanding of the shop arrangements.

The posters, shop brand, interior decoration, recreational facilities, all kinds of goods were mimicked vividly to set off a new wave of purchase.

RJ Models also emulated other structures like the 80-story mixed-use skyscraper, to generate a complete scenario.

The most prominent feature of the model is the ‘Climate Ribbon’ rooftops.

RJ Modelers mimicked the undulating and curvaceous structures using frosted acrylic and light them up with LED lights installed inside.

All the roof canopies have etched texture and sprayed with a metal finish to reveal the unique design at scale.

Lushly landscaped esplanades is another memorable bright spot of this shopping mall model.

RJ Models selected specific tropical plants to represent the local environmental distinctions.

Also, we added figures and model vehicles to act as scale reference and to create a bustling commercial atmosphere.

We made the entire model in sections for easy transportation and display.

Completed with outstanding LED lighting and realistically miniature plants, RJ Models brilliantly brings the design of urban oasis to life.

The finished architectural model building project by RJ Models fully absorbs the soul of design. And it is definitely an artistic expression of the design strategies.

4.  The Venetian and Palazzo Hotel Model

Scale: 1: 150                 Size: 600mm x 465mm x           Production Time: 4 weeks

Inspired by LasVegas’ Venetian Hotel Resort, the Venetian&Palazzo Hotel was designed to be a flagship casino resort in the US.

Aedas and HKS jointly designed the resort, it has a total area of 10,500,000-square-foot.

And it is the largest casino holiday paradise in the world.

The US clients were finding a detail hotel model which gave a comprehensive and sophisticated feel of the proposed project.

To achieve this, our model makers in the US worked seamlessly and overcame numerous model planning and design challenges.

Namely, how to highlight the new proposed hotel while remaining other landmarks standout.

The supreme master of RJ Models decided this model needed a hands-on approach adopting both cutting-edge techniques and hand skills.

RJ Models produced this scale model with an appropriate level of detail and well-selected color pallets.

For the key displaying area, even the smallest details are in place.

We emulated other features like the romantic streets and gondola rides according to the real thing.

These entourage elements together added interest and glamour to the scale model.

People used Perspex and clear acrylic widely to demonstrate the surrounding structures and environments, in correspondence to the blueprints.

Having a range of advanced techniques and creative modelers with exceptional skills, RJ Models achieve the desired display effect breezily.

RJ Models made this model prior to reveal Venice’s classic charming characters and US’s local architectural features.

And the final product is really a vivid effect showing.

It is genuinely attractive and compelling to the public and potential investors.

With added touches of lighting, this model pulls the viewers into the scene as they are walking on the site.

This hotel model is absolutely a masterpiece that came from modern art and architecture of the US.

It associated the US clients in their design process, as well as in the project presentation.

They really appreciated RJ Models’ work and praised that we created an exquisite tiny world than many other US company.

Theme Park Model in the US 

Scale: 1: 250                 Size: 1600mm x 1200mm            Production Time: 4 weeks

This is an exhibition theme park model for an amusement park in the US.

The scale model faithfully restores the various facilities inside the amusement park.

Thus, visitors and viewers can easily locate where they are and choose what to play next.

For different facilities, our architectural model makers install different color LED lights to match the theme in the US.

When the lights are turned on, the scale model shows the fantastic scenes the designers create for the visitors.

The model making experts put lots of efforts into details as usual.

For a different part of the amusement park, RJ Models used different tiles.

At the northwest corner of the theme park model, there are some sands to mimic the desert landscape.

It greatly increases the richness and authenticity of the model.

US Coast Guard Headquarters Architectural Model

Scale: 1: 150                 Size: 1400mm x 1100mm              Production Time: 3 weeks

RJ Models has created a project for government property, a landscape model of the US Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

This plan began construction in 2009, which then serves as a new headquarters for the US Coast Guard.

This building complex unified the previously scattered workforce around Washington, D.C.

RJ Models worked with this architectural scale model under a simple framework.

However, this landscape model has high requirements in terms of complicated and trivial details.

The architectural scale model making company team achieved this scale model with calculations regarding designed and cut materials.

The development is characterized by glass curtain walls and panels that complement the surrounding green landscape.

The modelers created the terrain contours to be accurate to the original landform.

Not only accurate, but the contours provide beauty all over the model as they are placed in consistent grain direction.

One Post Office Square Office Building Model by Gensler

Scale: 1: 400                 Size: 500mm x 500mm              Production Time: 4 weeks

This is an architectural model for an office building with a scale of 1:480.

The minimalist principle is adopted in the production of this model.

And RJ Models omitted unnecessary decorations and sceneries to reduce the interference of attention.

Even though the model is just a present of the building shape, the exquisite craftsmanship does not have any deterioration.

The four-sided curtain wall of the model is produced by CNC.

It can replace the manual production process, speed up the making process, and increase the accuracy of each component.

We use only white and transparent materials in this model and conveys a modern and noble feeling at first glance.

Master Plan Timber City Model in New York by SOM

Scale: 1: 100                 Size: 768mm            Production Time: 3 weeks

This is a New York city planning model under the request of top architectural design firm, SOM.

After cooperating with SOM many times, RJ Models has become its master planning model maker with first-class quality and efficiency.

This scale model is placed on a circular base, and the entire model is made of woods, including the base.

Limited by the scale, buildings do not have too many details, even the world-famous Chrysler Building or the Empire State Building.

Because of the high density of New York, there is a large number of buildings in the timber model.

This is a huge challenge for the modelers, since they need to manually engrave them one by one.

The unique hard and sharp characteristics of wood make the model consistent with SOM’s style.

Broadway Elite LLC Perla Scale Models in Los Angeles

Scale: 1: 100                 Size: 600mm x 400mm x 1800mm            Production Time: 2 weeks

This residential building model is for Perla on Broadway, in the downtown of Los Angeles.

The Perla is another luxury apartment in that area.

Thus, this model’s overall style is inclined to luxury and nobility, striving to create a consistent atmosphere for client.

RJ Models adds abundant landscapes and scenes to restore life scenarios.

There are roof gardens on the roof of the lower floors, which will be the main leisure place for residents.

There are scaled loungers, swimming pools, and green plants put in the roof garden. This shows the life scene to the potential buyers and increasing the sale.

In addition, our architectural model building experts in Los Angeles from RJ Models accurately restore the surroundings of the block.

According to other information, displaying the living facilities, landscapes, and transportations of the block.

New York Bay Master Plan Model  

Scale: 1: 1800                 Size: 600mm x 400mm             Production Time: 2 weeks

This is a wooden model for the New York Harbor and costs RJ Models one month to finish it.

The scale of the wooden model is 1:1800, which means the unnecessary details must be omitted.

Because we need to put the attention on the overall layout of the harbor area.

There are hundreds of buildings in this wooden model, the relatively important buildings, landmarks.

And some transport nodes are made of frosted acrylic sheets; the other buildings and roads are made of wood.

We installed white LED lights in those acrylic building models, catching the viewers’ eyes immediately.

RJ Models also installed striped white LED lights on important traffic lines. With a strong sense of technology and futuristic.

This wooden model, because of its exquisiteness, can be used not only for research, and planning but also for exhibitions.

COT Echelon Seaport Residential Building Model in Boston

Scale: 1: 125                 Size: 1500mm x 1200mm             Production Time: 3 weeks

This is a residential building for the COT Seaport Apartment in Boston.

RJ Models’ experts present the living environment and facilities in that area. It can show the clients and potential buyers of a livable and pleasant scene.

There are different heights in each one residential building, so many roof garden has become a highlight of this apartment.

Buyers can choose a more suitable type of apartment because the model is three dimensional and better than the rendering stereo.

This is more consistent with people's cognitive habits.

What is also worth knowing is that for the façade of each building model.

Transparent acrylic materials are used in large quantities.

It not only demonstrates the designer's intentions but also shows buyers the good view of the house.

2254 Site Model by KPF

Scale: 1: 725                 Size: 600mm x 800mm             Production Time: 3 weeks

This is a planning model for the 2254 Site, which is planned by KPF, one of the top-level design companies in the world.

And it dedicated to the integration of architecture and environment and the improvement of the environment.

RJ Models has cooperated with KPF many times all over the world.

The wooden architectural model’s base is made of wood, using the same material as the other buildings in the model. The darker wood is used for the buildings to distinguish between surroundings and the base.

For the central part of this planning model, RJ Models used white plastic material.

For those buildings, the interior slabs, columns and other structures are still made of wood.

Meanwhile, the façade is highlighted by white mesh structures, which are made by CNC.

Modelers installed scaled trees in the model one by one.

Because of the special characteristic of wood, modelers must be very careful during engraving and installation.

2807 New York Tower Office Building Model by KPF 

Scale: 1: 500                 Size: 200mm x 350mm             Production Time: 2 weeks

This is a white architecture model for the 2807 Office Building tower in New York.

KPF, an old client of RJ Models, designed the office building.

This model is used for the research of KPF’s designers, thus RJ Models omitted unnecessary details to eliminate distractions.

One of the highlights of the design is the irregular undulating façade.

To accurately and precisely reflect the intention, model makers from RJ must paste each piece manually.

In this office building model, modelers only adopted white PVC.

Thus, the client can ignore other tiny factors and observe the design and construction of the building itself.

Rock Beach Club Model

Scale: 1: 100                 Size: 1100mm x 800mm            Production Time: 2 weeks

This model is for the Rock Beach Club in America.

The highlight of this villa model is the irregular twisted ring-shaped ceiling.

To precisely reflect a designer’s creative idea, 3D Printing technique is adopted, which has a great advantage in making such irregular part.

Since the lightweight material is carefully selected in the production, the huge ceiling can be supported by a few thin columns, as if it was a floating ring.

Except for the ring part, buildings and landscapes all cut in the straight angle without any curve or rounded angle.

It conveys a tough sense and responding to its “rock” name.

The small lighthouse, at the edge of the model, indicates the seaside environment.

KPF 2826 Timber City Planning Model

Scale: 1: 500                 Size: 750mm x 450mm             Production Time: 4 weeks

This is a master planning model for the Timber City. KPF, the world well-known architectural company, designed it.

The design highlight of this model is that each part of the model can be taken off independently.

This leaved room to the subsequent planning and design.

Governments or investors can use the model to plan urban development or to find geographical advantages and make an investment.

In this model, RJ Models simplified buildings to cuboid block. This can speed up the making process and show the required content in a clear way.

Except for the several light green spaces, model’s other parts all made of wood and without any color to decorate.

Since the whole model is wood color, it conveys a natural and harmonious feeling by our architectural model maker in the US.

Biscayne Bay Residential Building Model 

Scale: 1: 96                 Size: 1200mm x 950mm            Production Time: 2 weeks

This is a residential model for the apartment located in Biscayne Bay, Miami.

The most unique design of the residential building model is that the façade is wavy, echoing its seaside location.

This design gives a great challenge to the model makers.

It is not possible to simply splicing each part but must be accurately aligned according to the drawings.

In this scale model, yellow lights are used for the streetlights, while white lights are selectively installed in the residential building, which vividly reflects the live scene after the lights are lit at night.

For the apartment, the scale model makers in the US only use white and transparent materials.

Meanwhile, for the streetscape and roof garden, RJ Models adopted more materials to simulate the life scene.

SFO Residential Model

Scale: 1: 960                 Size: 3040mm x 2242mm           Production Time: 4 weeks

This is a residential model of a seaside apartment and its surroundings.

The base of the model is a semicircular, irregularly plane.

On the one hand, it adapts to the curved design of the main building.

Meanswhile, RJ Models omitted unnecessary constructions to reduce interference and saving model making time.

The apartment has an oversized balcony and unrivaled sea view.

Our architectural model makers in the US vividly shows the usage scenarios in the future by adding a lot of scale people, scale maritime models lounge chairs and other sceneries, attracting potential clients to buy the apartment.

Model makers used various materials to create this model and present a very rich usage scenario to the viewers.

The exquisite cutting and craftsmanship convey a sense of luxury, matching the apartment positioning


RJ Models has a proud track record in assisting clients in the US.

We approach in bringing outstanding architectural design into the physical realm with a thoughtful and passionate.

Although RJ Models has won a high reputation in making a site model architecture for clients all over the world.

Our professional modelers will still keep up the pace of the design trends in the US, while upgrading production standards.

And we are fully capable of obtaining the best and optimal value for US customers’ investment.


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