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Maritime Model - Motor Boat – Coupe Model

Motorboat generally refers to all types of motor powered cruisers.
Some boaters prefer enclosed coupe allowing longer enjoyment on board regardless of extreme weather.
Motorboat model typically features a large main deck with luxury interior area accommodating families, friends, and guests.
The protective shade blocks outside heat and freezing air. Meanwhile, unbeatable vista penetrates through circled glass windows.
A delicately manufactured boat model always attracts conscious customers. Selection of your motorboat starts from screening out your favorite maritime model.
The maritime model is also the source of vital spark from which innovative design comes into being. Ship engineers have introduced fold-out hard top. It allows a coupe and an open switch with each other as users want.


Simple Steps to Work with us for Coupe Yacht Model

1. Princess V55 Yacht Model

Princess V55 Yacht Model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 800mm x 300mm | Production Time: 18 days

The striking brand-new V55 features a sleek and dynamic exterior profile. Besides, it coupled with intelligent use of space and all the exceptional performance qualities.
It is the synonymous yacht within the V Class range of Princess Motor Yacht.
V55 yacht accentuated the panoramic knife-shaped hull windows. It draws in natural light and open the interior out to the sea around.
Our model experts use CNC machine and laser cut techniques to tailor the irregular hull windows and its symbolic deep-V hull.
RJ Models used resin to make the model hull. It is the same material as the real yacht, enhancing the sense of reality.
From the yacht model, you can also find that the sunroof is foldable. With this design, V55 is an ideal place for people who want to get in touch with the world around them and truly experience every ray of sunshine.

2. Marquis 500 Sport Coupe boats

Marquis 500 Sport Coupe Boat Model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 600mm x 300mm | Production Time: 16 days

As Nocenli, the Director of Marketing and Communication for Marquis Yachts, said the Marquis 500 was designed with the intent to develop a sports bridge model. They would make the flybridge looks like the original sports coupe.
To achieve that goal, Marquis 500 is designed with radar arch and the sides of the upper bridge have a low profile. So, when you stand, the sides of the flybridge reach just slightly above the knee, same to the coupe.
Our sophisticated model experts use great leather and feature steel wheel with Marquis branding in the center-piece of the well-designed helm part. It is a flawless reproduction of its original design.
Except for the helm on Sport Coupe, there is another interior helm located in the forwarding of the master cabin.  It has an identical design with the Sport Coupe one, enabling owners to steer during bad weather.

3. Azimut Atlantis 34 Coupe yacht

Azimut Atlantis 34 Coupe yacht

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 600mm x 300mm | Production Time: 16 days

The Azimut Atlantis 34 uses smart design to put space and features right where the users want them: on a boat in less than 10 meters.
Neo Design is responsible for its interior design. Plenty of attractive detailing both inside and out add a sense of depth and quality for Atlantis 34.
In its less than 20 square meters of living area, designers astonishingly feature a comfortable sitting area enough for four people. Besides, there is a practical little galley that has a two-burner ceramic cooktop, a fridge and a microwave. While across to starboard there is also a perfectly reasonable shower.
The slogan of Azimut 34 is “sporty: with a touch of class”.
To indicate not only its shape but also its design spirit, model experts from RJ Models pay more time in picking materials. It also dedicating to demonstrate its classy and noble.
White marble is adopted for the pedestal of the coupe yacht model, echoing the flawless white hull of Azimut 34.

4. Azimut Flybridge 80 yacht model

Azimut Flybridge 80 yacht model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 800mm x 300mm | Production Time: 20 days

Stefano Righini responsible for its exterior styling and concept. Salvagni Architetti responsible for its interior design and Pierluigi Ausonio Naval Architecture for its hull. The Azimut 80 has the confidence to “set the new standard for design”, as written on its official website.
The flybridge of Azomut 80 measures 440 square feet, and it is divided into five or six social areas. Righini shows his excellent design in keeping the spaces generous, but still human-sized. This enabling the guests can congregate in separate or in intimate groups.
The blue-mirrored panel is used in this luxurious yacht model for its hull window as its original design. It enhancing its party and social characteristic.
The floor-to-ceiling window incorporated on Azimut even carving out a piece of the bulwark for a full view of the water.
Our yacht model makers exquisitely scale its interior furnishes. Such as the high lounge chairs, grill and jacuzzi tub, showing their meticulous to every detail.

5. Bavaria Sport 400 Coupe Yacht model

Bavaria Sport 400 Coupe Yacht model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 750mm x 300mm | Production Time: 16 days

A Bavaria yacht is the perfect interaction of many elements. Everything is built around the extensive expertise of German engineering.
In this S40 Coupe yacht, designers from Bavaria impute their precision and tradition in it.
No matter its teak-laid deck, or its LED ambient lighting. All presenting their classy craftsmanship and providing an ideal place both in day and night.
In the front of the yacht, there is a large sun deck on the bow. It specially designed for those who prefer to soak up the sun.
At the stern of S40 Coupe, you can find a gigantic bathing platform. You can lowered it to get your jet ski or dinghy on the water with ease.
This S40 Coupe Yacht model is the result of the collaboration between our model experts and light experts. They cooperate from the beginning to the end to fully reproduce S40’s high-class design.

6. Azimut S55 Coupe Yacht

Azimut S55 Coupe Yacht

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 750mm x 300mm | Production Time: 20 days

The length of Azimut S55 is nearly 17 meters. To make it sail as fast as expectations, designers use carbon fiber to build its superstructure. Meanwhile, designers use VTR and GRP for its hull. This combination dramatically decrease its weight. With the compliment of three powerful engines, the Azimut S55 can reach a speed up to 35 knots. Meanwhile, this high power output is not at the cost of space. On the contrary, it takes up three feet less of length space than the equivalent one.
Even there is no upper deck or flybridge, designers still manage to create enough space for social and relaxing by taking advantage of the contiguous area.
In this exquisite coupe yacht model, if you are careful enough, you will figure our that there seems no bathing platform in S55. Aactually, it is folded and served as the door of the tender garage. And when you open it, you will even find our there are tenders hidden beneath the cabin.

7. unknown yacht model

Coupe Yacht Model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 750mm x 300mm | Production Time: 20 days

As a high-end durable consumer commodity for water entertainment, yachts are increasing popularity in recent years, especially after the millennium.
A simple yacht can integrate nautical, sports, entertainment, leisure, and other functions in several meters ’Long. And meet the diverse needs of individuals and family members.
Therefore, more and more people are renting or buying the yacht for relaxing during the holidays.
RJ Models is committed to creating excellent yacht models for you to display indoors. And it is easy to recall the happy time during the sailing.
Our experienced and skilled model experts focus on each tiny part of the model. And they devote their whole heart into this career and fabricating consummate works for every project.
Whether you are requiring a precise replica for your beloved yacht or demanding a model to exhibit your brilliant idea, RJ Models will always be ready to fulfill your needs.

8. Coupe Model

Coupe Model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 750mm x 300mm | Production Time: 20 days

As each yacht lover knew, there are several typical types for yacht, including flybridge yacht, super yacht, motor yacht and sports yacht.
For the different collections of yacht models, our experienced model makers choose different materials and colors for the model. In order to demonstrate distinguished characteristics of the yacht.
In this yacht model, RJ Models used the silver-gray material for hull and black hard plastic for the window. This presents a powerful and progressive motor yacht to everyone.
The brown wood basement neutralizes the cold feeling delivering by the cabin and transmit a stable warming sense. It also encourages you to collect it in your own study. As we always believe that our master model experts. They not only good at architectural model making, but have over 20 years in the model making area, have the capability and craftsmanship to provide museum-quality replica models to you. And you will be proud to display in different situations.

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