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RJ’s maritime models not only serves yacht markets but also the nautical industry in general. Vessels are categorized according to their performed tasks. Cargo vessel for transportation of cargo, rescue vessel designed for salvage operations. And subsea vessel performing inspection, maintenance, repair, construction or supply to offshore oil and gas industry. Although vessel types are varied, vessel models are capable of showcasing a full spectrum of vessels.
The maritime models highlight structural features, key components, and specialized functions.
Vessel models are especially benefiting to vessel companies. A well-built maritime model suggests a wisely designed ship, which is further an iconic sign of the prosperous marine industry.
Vessel models build up your imagination. RJ Models professionally designed and made vessel models with sophisticated craftsmanship, which allows you to enjoy a fantastic world of vessels!

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Bibby Topaz ST-256L Workship Vessel Model

Scale: 1:40 | Size: 800mm x 250mm | Production Time: 21 days

The titanic Bibby Topaz work-ship was produced across countries, Skipsteknisk AS in Norway designed it. Its hull was built at Landskronavarvet AB in Sweden, and finally equipped Fosen Mek in Rissa it. On its deck, there is a 150-ton AHC offshore crane with 2000 meters of wire. This embodies the Bibby Topaz high maneuverability and stationary protection capability even during harsh weather.

RJ Model’s experienced yacht model makers show their high craftsmanship in this unusual vessel type. Model experts not only replica the tremendous hull according to related drawings and models, but also accurately scale its tiny parts. Such as, handrails, antenna wire and the steel cable attached on the offshore crane. For the rescue equipment which consists of three life rafts, our model makers select the real material adopted in the life rafts. They use the fiber-reinforced plastics and paint it into orange, mimicking the real scene to the fullest extent possible.

Vessel Model 1

Hydro 2 of Marine Department

Scale: 1:40   Size: 800mm x 300mm   Production Time: 21 Days 

The Hong Kong Hydrographic Department of the Marine Department was established in 1994. The purpose is to provide seafarers with the latest navigational information for the safety of ships.
Hydro 1, 2, and 3 are responsible to measure the depth of water in the over 300 square kilometers water area, especially in the busy Kwai Chung Container Port. Hydro 2 is a measuring vessel equipped with multi-beam and single-beam sonar sounder to detect the hydrological environment. And differential global positioning system (DGPS) is adopted to precise positioning.An American based shipyard was responsible for the design and build of Hydro 2 and sail to Hong Kong after finishing.
To fulfill the need for hydrographic surveys, designers select a catamaran mode. It has a length of 18 meters and a speed of 12 knots.
In this type of functional vessels, skilled model makers from RJ Models show their capability in handling with all ranges of marine ships.

Vessel Model 2

Vessel Model of Tugboat in Hong Kong

Scale: 1:40   Size: 1000mm x 300mm   Production Time: 21 Days 

This maritime model is a typical tugboat model. A tugboat is a type of vessel that maneuvers other vessels by pushing or pulling them either by direct contact or by means of a tow line.

Comparing with other functional vessels, like scientific research ship or icebreaker, the tug boat is generally smaller. And its width-to-length ratio is often higher to accommodate the condition of harbor or river.
From the ship model you can see that there are old tire fenders hang around the hull. The purpose is to keep it from crash or squash during tugging.

Our model experts pay more attention to make the tiny functional components, including winch, hydraulic pins, masthead lights, and capstan in this tugboat model. That’s because details make the model come reality.

No matter it is less than several meters long little motor yacht, or it is longer than hundreds of meters gigantic cruises. Model experts from RJ Models are always there to help you to complete it in a perfect standard and make the illusion come true.

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