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Sailing Yacht Model

Sailing yacht model displays ship’s impressive shape. Mast leads your vision up to the sky; Deck draws a sharp line across the sea, and cabins create superb cruising experience.

The sailing yacht is the generic name for sails propelled watercraft primarily. This is a widely admired type for leisure activities and sports.
Sailing yacht model carries all qualities which a real sailing yacht is supposed to encompass.
It emerges you in the breeze and sunshine. Rippled sails accompanied your mind traveling to the sea. Sailing is a romantic voyage to the blue. The sailing yacht is a shining focal point on the horizon.
The sailing yacht model is the source of dreaming about that voyage to the horizon.


Simple steps to work with us for maritime models

1. Bavaria Vision 46 Yacht Model (3)

Bavaria Vision 46 Yacht Model

Scale:1:24 | Size:240mm x 460mm x 630mm | Production Time:14 days

Bavaria Yachts is an renowned producer of yachts, a thousand details made up the Vision 46. As said in its slogan “Discover the Blue”, Bavaria yacht can always bring an invigorating day of sailing or relaxing with its unique design, as shown in its electrically retractable cockpit table combines with the L‐shaped bench seat to port to form a special deck area. Model makers use bright yellow for its deck and sunbathing platform, highlight its view with flat deck and sail trim. To present Bruce Farr’s design idea of Vision 46, our model makers choose light materials for most parts of the yacht.

2. Maltese Falcon (1)

Maltese Falcon 1-250 Yacht Model

Scale:1:24 | Size:270mm x 450mm x 500mm | Production Time:14 days

The Maltese Falcon has endless amenities and the revolutionary sailing system known as the Falcon Rig: with in-mast furling systems.Ken Freivoch designed the interior, is nothing less than spectacular. The vessel’s décor blends an industrial edge with a host of stunning materials, showing modern and classy.The most challenging task for RJ yacht model makers is how to faithfully replica its delicate sail system. The system contains three carbon-fiber masts rotate and feature computer-driven sail deployment with fifteen sails.
Our skilled yacht model makers use white plastic membranes, to simulate the canvas in the sailing wind; and use silver-gray metallic ropes to attach them on the masts.
From this yacht model, collectors can fully appreciate Maltese Falcon’s expansive deck spaces, social circular bar, and the fascinating Jacuzzi.

3.Bavaria Cruiser 34

Bavaria Cruiser 34 Yacht Model

Scale:1:24 | Size:280mm x 350mm x 600mm | Production Time:14 days

For Bavaria Yacht, attention to detail always means combining comfort and safety, even smaller yachts can be tremendous fun.
Its two steering wheels cockpit layout ensures that the helmsman can always have an unimpeded view of the sails.
Our sailing yacht model makers use consistent timber for its deck and helm position, subconsciously strength Cruiser 34’s conveniences, and spaciousness.
They selected white thick paper for its sails with triangle brown veins on it, consistent with yacht models.
Our yacht model makers use white and red ropes for lower cables, manifesting the prodigious fun implied in its compact design.

4. Bavaria, Naututeh Open 40 Sailing Yacht Model (1)

Bavaria Nautitech Open 40 Sailing Yacht Model

Scale:1:24 | Size:300mm x 420mm x 650mm | Production Time:14 days

While the current market trend increasingly promotes the catamaran experience as a static mode. Designers from Nautitech believe that navigation must be at the heart of a multihull’s DNA; they designed the open 40 stationary and blue water cruising.
Marc Lombard designed a large aft cockpit directly linked to the helm stations, allows the cruiser to enjoy every moment.
Because of its twin-hull design, model makers from RJ Models design specific applications and mold for this model, showing the responsibility to our clients.
For the past 20 years of model making, RJ Models not only good at architectural model making, we have accumulated plenty of experiences in model making. And it is fully ready to add character and charisma to your home or office with our museum quality replica yacht models.

5. Beneteau ocean 55 (1)

Beneteau Ocean 55 Yacht Model

Scale:1:24 | Size:300mm x 450mm x 650mm | Production Time:14 days

Beneteau designed the Ocean 55 with a hull and high standard of finish, giving its owner sensations and safe sailing.
Berret Racoupeau in charge of the design and production, and they feature great innovation in this sailing yacht.
Model makers from RJ Models not only represent its shape or accessories, but also the design idea and its character.
Our model makers choose the calming blue for its hull, flat timber for deck and clean-cut components for its customizing details.
For the label on the baseboard, model makers deliberately choose a light blue to echo its hull, showing consistency and delicacy.

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