City of Dream Hotel Towen by Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid, a revolutionary architectural designer in the modern architecture history who is famous for the streamlined and free-flowing form architectural design style, is well-known in the architectural field.

In December 2014, RJ Models receives the cooperation invitation from Zaha Hadid once again to build a luxury resort hotel model named as the “City of Dreams” project which belongs to Melco Crown.

Within 40 days time, RJ Models makes a size of 3000mm x 3000mm x2200mm, a scale of 1:80 hotel model used to display the beautiful outline and dreamy sense of the architectural design, guaranteeing that the developer and Melco Crown can fully feel the amazing and unique design before construction of the project.

city of dreams hotel model

The biggest challenge of making the “City of Dreams” hotel model is the production of many streamlined mesh structure components in the primary design.

The outline of the hotel excels nature with sculpture elements and mesh structure on the surface.

The unique design is very strict with the model components.

RJ Models arranges a number of senior draftsmen studying and calculating dimensions of the materials after receiving the 3D drawing from Zaha.

In order to improve the accuracy of components, RJ Models also redrew a more convenient and effective 3D drawing for understanding and production, making components perfectly displayed on the model below one-millimeter error rate from drawing to production.

Another feature of the architectural model is the center of a hotel which is designed as an atrium full of sculpture style with a series of voids.

To extrude the central location, the design needs to achieve the lighting gradient effect within a specified range.

RJ Models well understands the difficulty of installation in streamlined structure, for example, model scales down may cause uneven light and lack of space, so RJ Models arranges a number of senior architectural model makers and electricians discussing how to install and test lights, making the model lights dynamic and show a variety of different color gradient.

Zaha Hadid hotel model by RJ Models

Finally, the model is appreciated and recognized by the customer.

Within three days, the model is delivered from Hong Kong and installed in Macau via RJ’s professional logistics and packaging service, living up Zaha Hadid Team’s delegation.

“City of Dreams” hotel is expected to be completed on June 2018.

It will be the fifth Melco Crown hotel and a unique and powerful Zaha Hadid work in this passionate and fancy Macau city.