Baku Shipyard Model

Infrastructure Model for Baku Shipyard in 1:750 Scale Model

Having previously made the Baku Shipyard model for, RJ Models is pleased to be selected to create the display of the Shah Deniz gas field in its Stage 2 development.

Baku Shipyard Model

During the architectural model building process, we were concerned with the key feature of the shipyard: the Ship Transfer System.

The system transfers the ship from its dry dock into the ocean by using a Trestle-Trolley-Rails system.

This was the most complex part of the architectural model making project because we wanted to show every detail of how the Ship Transfer System operates.

Because the vessels are the soul of the shipyard, we meticulously followed the drawings from Baku shipyard LLC.

This was to not only show off a high-level of detail but also to ensure that the most accurate model possible was created.

Baku Shipyard