zaha hadid bridge

During the model making process, through prudent cooperative study with several experienced model makers, RJ Models managed to find appropriate ways to perfectly present Zaha Hadid’s bridge design concept.

For example, for the purpose of better showing the shape of stayed-cable on the bridge under the scale of 1:500, RJ Models tried out many kinds of materials.

And finally, our architectural model maker found a tough and thin thread–fishing tread in a garment factory, which was used as final material to make the stayed-cable so as to demonstrate how the bridge would perform, and give credence to the feeling of the lightness of the bridge that Zaha intended.

Zaha bridge

Lighting the bridge was another focus since each light was unique.

Each light symbolizes different dance poses the Cloud Gate Dance Theater created, which is a local modern dance group in Taiwan.

The poses they created can’t be mass-produced, so in the process of making the model, RJ Models printed the design sketches out and took it as references for the street lights making.

During the final construction phase, to make sure the wiring under the bridge was perfect street lights, our installed electric wires under the bridge, and connected wires to lights made the model could effectively demonstrate Zaha’s design concept.

Zaha bridge

Finally, our senior packaging team used professional packing and technique and took over logistical management to successfully and securely transport the model from Hong Kong to Taiwan safely and set up the model in competition site and test it for stability for Zaha to present their design concept in the competition, all in the span of one day.

Although Zaha Hadid went on the win the competition, RJ Models felt the same pride.

We were proud of completed this elegant and splendid work by cooperating with Zaha.

RJ Models look forward to the completion of the real Danjiang Bridge and hope that we can appreciate the beauty of a sunset on the bridge in the near future.

zaha hadid bridge taiwan

It is well known that Zaha Hadid is one of the most renowned architects and has achieved lots of impressive architectural works around the world.

In August 2015, RJ Models was honored by cooperating with Zaha Hadid on the Danjiang Bridge Model designing and making.

Within 3 weeks’ time, RJ Models completed a model of scale 1:500, size around the 3.2-meter length and 0.7-meter width, which was used as the demonstration in Danjiang Bridge International Competition.

Eventually, RJ Models were informed that Zaha Hadid won in this competition.

The Danjing Bridge will be completed in 2020, it will become a spectacular charming scenery for Danjiang.

And RJ Models are so proud to create a bridge model making indeed.