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Scale Model Making

Examples of Scale Product Models Work by RJ Models

Scale Product Models

The vehicle engine model, at 0.7 meters high when assembled, was built for public demonstrations of the vehicle engine.

The level of detail goes right down to cylinder, spark plug, valves, pistons, piston rings for illumination.

We received a full set of CAD drawings, max files with different perspectives would make our job easy of accuracy.

The drawings we will edit again for the different model components making.

Then RJ’s architectural model maker will clean up and finish by hand, and carefully to spray-finish of a full-color model, as they would in reality for this structural engineering model.

detailed Vechicle Engine scale model

Based on our architectural model making teams, with a wealth of experience of 25 years for model making.

We pride ourselves on our ability to finish this type of high-detailed model within 4 weeks and deliver model in the shortest amount of time in the market today.

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