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Interior Model

Interior models are essentially a spatial floor plan of an apartment, office, hotel or any structures with various functions.

In general, interior models are fabricated on the basis of the interior design concept, 3D architectural rendering, sketches or other digital drawings like CAD files.

A high-quality interior model may feature appropriate space layout, befitting color scheme, lighting, well-arranged furniture, and even a few figures to mimic the scenes of life.

The lighting system is essential as it can illuminate the entire floor of the interior model and therefore every piece of the interior design elements such as miniature furniture can be showed up.

A combination of different efficient and high-tech model making technologies like laser cutting, stereolithography, 3D printed architectural modeling and high-density resin casting, etc can be utilized to create different parts of the interior models according to the level of details required.

1:10 to 1:50 scales are suggested for making the interior models as with these scales, plenty of recognizable interior details can be displayed vividly.

In most cases, the interior model is used in marketing events or displayed in the real estate sales office to attract potential housing buyers and investors, as the viewers can understand what they are going to purchase once looking at the model.

Sometimes, interior models are coupled with the full building architectural model to depict the overall design.

Also, in the early design stage, interior models may be served as a design tool to help the architects or clients to pick the design which suits their personal preference in the real sense.

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    Interior Model of The Reach in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:5 | Size: 4000mm x 4000mm x 3800mm | Production Time: 4 Months

    Jointly developed by Henderson Land Development and New World Development in Yuen Long, The Reach is a high-end real estate project constructed in Hong Kong, which planned to offer around 516 units to the local and international residents, and RJ Models was invited to create an interior model for a selected flat of The Reach.

    RJ Models makers have selected 1:5 scale to make this interior model as it can perfectly show the specific luxurious interior design, including selective furniture and fittings, which required by the client.

    Considering this interior model would be used for public display, RJ modelers mounted this interior model is on stable plywood based which is half covered by detachable Perspex case to avoid potential artificial damage, as well as keep the dust-out.

    After have taken full account of the client’s specification, RJ Models involved an expert model making team with the assistance of latest and advanced model-making techniques to build this interior model, and it was served as an excellent marketing tool helps to sell this real estate project.

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    Interior Model of Club House in Mumbai

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 2000mm x 1600mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Located in the central area in Mumbai, this new clubhouse building was designed to offer various luxurious recreational facilities such as private swimming pool, mini football field, party lawn, etc, with lush landscaping, and this luxury interior model is a miniature replica of it.

    The design of this clubhouse is outstanding with an intimate appeal to it, and the majority of parts on this interior model were laser cut out of ABS and acrylic, and other decoration components were carefully reproduced and fabricated by RJ’s experienced model makers as well.

    With a lift-up function, this interior model is a perfect tool for fundraising because it fully showcases the interior design of each floor, and the installed LED model lighting highlights the life-like detailing.

    This interior model has a manageable scale which can be taken to various sales events or public display easily, and the client was very satisfied with the final product bu our architectural model makers in India.

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    Interior Model of Office Lobby

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 800mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model is the partial presentation for a new designed high-rise office building entrance area, and this office building is planned to accommodate the growing businesses in the district and provide a desirable working condition to the office clerks.

    Worked collaboratively with the client, our architectural model building team precisely replicated the unique building façade, especially the detailed design of the entrance area, using high-quality Perspex, acrylic strips and wood slats to evoke the unparalleled architectural design, and this interior model is quite straightforward as it did not include any surrounding elements.

    For the reason that the architecture and interior designer of this office building wanted to present a sense of scale, several white figures were added to this interior model to showcase the expression of the canopy height, as well as to mimic the real working environment.

    This interior model was presented in the client’s design meeting as a communication tool that helps to develop better design idea and to make the final decision.

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    Interior Model of Office Lobby

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 600mm x 800mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This interior model is very distinctive and eye-catching for its dome shape structure, and it was requested by the client to show off the new proposed office building to the client for design idea suggestion and confirmation.

    Based on the architectural drawings provided by the client, RJ model building experts mainly used laser cutting technique to create the dome structure of this interior model and painted it with a metal finish to in line with the original architectural design.

    Bearing in mind the dome structure was the key element that the client wanted to present; RJ modelers produced this simple and delicate interior model as an enlarged version of the building model to further demonstrate the detailed interior design.

    It can be seen from this interior model that a few figures were placed on the platform, which was connected to the doom, to make this interior model look vivid, and the viewers could fully understand and visualize the perceptions of this breath-taking structure.

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    Interior Model of Castle Peak Road in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 800mm x 700mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    As one part of the mixed-use development on Castle Peak Road in Hong Kong, this building was designed for both commercial and office uses, which was also in accordance with the ‘Urban Renewal Strategy’ (2011), and this interior model illustrates both the elevation and the interior design of the building lobby.

    The building façade of this interior model was reproduced matching with the actual architectural design, as model maker used similar material to fabricate it and to create an authentic visual effect, and other elements like the building number plate and potted landscape at the building entrance were added to make the interior model more attractive.

    In order to emphasize the relationship between the internal and external environment, in particular, the finely decorated building lobby, this interior model has LED lighting placed on the first two floors of the building lobby including the garage entrance beside.

    This elaborately designed and detailed interior model making was displayed in the developer’s office to communicate with the developers and the citizens about the architectural design and its future impacts.

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    Interior model making of office for Pinnacle One in Chengdu

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 2200mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    This is a super detailed office floor interior model which was requested by the client to facilitate the collaboration between developers and company leaders who is looking to rent office spaces.

    In accordance to the architectural design and clients’ specification, meeting rooms, office area, washrooms, etc were accurately fabricated by RJ experienced model making team according to the blueprints and intention images offered by the clients.

    This interior model was mainly made of wood and PVC, used technologically advanced model making techniques, and a corresponding number of office furniture and supplies were included to make this interior model as realistic looking as possible at a relatively large scale.

    In order to leave a deep impression on the viewers, this interior model features numerous LED lights that help to visualize the workspace, and therefore the potential tenants could make the decision about whether this place is suitable for working and fit their brief.

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    Interior model of lobby for Ping An Finance Centre in Shenzhen

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 1000mm x 800mm x 500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The 115-storey building of Ping An International Finance Centre, designed by world-famous architectural company KPF and located in the Futian district, was planned to be the 2nd tallest building in China, and it features commercial and retail spaces, hotels, etc, more important, it is the headquarters of Ping An Insurance company, and RJ Models has been appointed to build the interior model for the public atrium of the building, which is also functioned as transited connections and the public vestibule.

    Using specifically chosen model making material such as high-performance acrylic and glass plates, our architectural model makers in China replicated the stainless-steel building façade precisely to represent the appealing and unique design of this skyscraper.

    All the extremely detailed elements were fabricated based on the construction drawings that the client has offered, and this interior model has a superior quality which allows it to be stored for a long time.

    Placed in the Ping An company’s board office, this interior model is a perfect physical representation of this iconic building and it has taken much of the credit from the public since it has been put on display.

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    Interior Model of Hutchison Whampoa in Shenzhen

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 1300mm x 800mm x 250mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model represents one of the mock-up flats of a grand-A mixed-use building, which was developed by Hutchison Whampoa Limited Group Companies and served as a high-end residence to provide the occupants an indulgent and exquisite lifestyle.

    Cozying dining room, comfortable bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom of this interior model were all built fully matched the floor plan provided by the client with the specific purpose to show the prospective purchasers options for their new desired home.

    All the well-selected miniature furniture and the accessories including beds, lamps, decorative paintings, etc, were set in this interior model to add a life-like vibe to the interior space, and to make this interior model more engaging and attractive.

    At the first glance of this interior model, the suites look sophisticated as the entire 3D architectural model making has different lights with different functions, and it was displayed in the client’s sales office as a marketing tool for preconstruction sales.

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    Interior Model of Atmosphere in Kolkata India

    Scale:1:20 | Size: 1200mm x 1100mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The atmosphere is a luxury high-class residence built in Kolkata, India, which is also the first residential sky sculpture in the world, and our client selected one mock-up apartments on one typical floor and commissioned RJ Models to make the interior model to promote the property sales of this ultra-luxurious residential project.

    To ensure the interior model could match client’s desire for an impressive representation, and the potential residents would love the place where they could enjoy an extravagant and elegant lifestyle only by looking at the interior model, RJ model making team built every interior design element accurately.

    The majority parts of the interior model making were engraved using CNC Router and laser cutting techniques, and selected miniature furniture, fittings and other decorations were installed to allow the visitors to better understand the interior design as they can easily identify different room functions by viewing this interior model.

    Another prominent feature of this interior architectural model making is its well-set lighting, which further brings the viewers a feeling of sophistication and dignity.

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    Interior Model of Club House for Banyan Garden in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 800mm x 900mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model was built as a sales tool for the housing purchase events of Banyan Garden residence, which was developed Cheung Kong Holdings and completed in 2003 and is well known as one of the ‘Four small dragons of West Kowloon’, and three other members are The Pacifica, Liberte, and Aquamarine.

    Exclusive features of the clubhouse like gym, conference room, private dining lounge, etc were included in this interior model, and other ornamentations and miniature luxury furniture were also fixed in to make this interior model close to reality.

    RJ's architectural model makers installed various lighting to this interior model, especially the lights in the lamps, to lit up different scenes on different occasions, and all these lights are controlled through interactive devices.

    This interior model stimulated sales for the real estate developer as it was used by sales personnel optimally to talk about the amenities that the clubhouse could offer to the prospective residents.

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    11. Interior Model for Worli in Mumbai

    Interior Model for Worli in Mumbai

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 1300mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Rises from a prominent location in Mumbai, Worli was designed to be a mixed-use development project which would feature super luxury residences for distinguished tenants, and this is the interior model of a typical apartment of one of the iconic residential buildings.

    The internal furniture arrangement and selection, and other upscale amenities of this interior model were exactly following the architectural design drawings offered by the client, and it provides a splendid and stylish lifestyle to the future residents.

    This interior model was displayed at a few real estate events after completion, and since it presented abundant details about the project and looked super photorealistic for its life-like detailing, it played a primary role in the dialogue between the developer and potential investors and housing buyers.

    The client couldn’t be more pleased with the final interior model that RJ Models completed, and it has a customized pedestal together with a Plexiglas cover to protect it from human damage.

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    Interior Model of Clubhouse in India

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 2300mm x 2300mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    Designed as a part of a large master plan development in India, this club house was planned to be a dominant community place for the development area that it would be located in, and RJ Models has been honored to construct this interior model for the client to increase the future ownership and attract valued guests.

    This premium quality interior model emulated a range of health and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, sitting lounge, gym, café, and meeting rooms, etc, and a number of 3D figures were placed to this interior model, in particular besides the swimming pool, to optimize the visual effects.

    Taking into account the overall architectural design, together with the traditional Indian architecture and modern design, RJ Modelers selected the furnishings and decorations for both the internal and external space of this interior model elaborately.

    Stunning lighting effects were added to this interior model as well, and this finished product was placed in the client’s sales office for marketing purpose as it could provide the viewers a completed vision of the extravagant club house.

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    Interior Model of HSBC Headquarter, in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 800mm x 900mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model of the building entrance lobby is a partial scale model of the 47-story HSBC Headquarter tower, which is designed by Sir Norman Foster and is now served as one of the magnificent iconic structure in Hong Kong.

    RJ modelers used high-quality model making materials to replicate approximately every architectural elements of the building entrance, and this interior model is more for the public than for the employees who work in the headquarter as it fully showcases how this skyscraper harmonizes the surrounding environment and retains the original outstanding design at the same time.

    For the reason that the actual building includes thousands of intelligent lighting units, RJ modelers installed sophisticated lighting systems to this interior model to light up different architectural elements.

    The final interior model looks quite amazing and gratifying, and it is placed in the company’s board office mainly for the decoration purpose after the building was completed.

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    Interior Model of Coral Bay Crescent in Guang Zhou

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 1300mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Coral Bay Crescent is a 491,000 square meters luxury villa project located in Guang Zhou, which is planned to set a new benchmark for the city’s desirable residence, and has been commissioned by the real estate developer, RJ Models constructed this interior model to depict the finest of the interior design as well as to help the client to promote preconstruction sales.

    Each apartment was designed individually with elegant amenities, and this interior model accurately replicated the unique interior design to provide a sense of luxury living atmosphere to the people who appreciate the finer things in real life.

    After have taken full consideration of the architectural drawings provided by the client, and have referred to plenty of intention images, RJ modelers focused their manufacturing work on every little detail, such as decorative curtain walls, statues and artworks, and even a miniature laptop could be discovered from this architectural model, and it looks incredibly true to life after completed.

    The final interior model was mounted in a high-quality wooden pedestal with a deep-etched note plate to explain the design idea and the developers’ profile.

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    Interior Model of the Atomsphere, Kokata, Culb House

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 2300mm x 1000mm x 800mm | Production Time: 60 Days

    RJ Models completed this interior model for the Atmosphere, Kolkata, Culb House, which was planned to be constructed on the unparalleled iconic bridge that links two skyscrapers together on the rooftop, and this masterpiece is still in use at present to help the client sell their visions and to attract potential guest all over the world.

    This interior model includes a fabulous detailed range of amenities and luxurious accessories such as swimming pools, outdoor sports facilities, cafeteria, pavilions and party lawns, etc, due to the client firmly believed that the more detailed and life-like the interior model is, the better it communicates with the viewers.

    Besides extremely precise details, RJ model making specialist also installed outstanding lighting to this interior model to express that this upper ‘sky bridge’ could be used to hold evening parties and other private events.

    RJ model makers put lots of effort into this project, and the final interior model did an amazing job in demonstrating a unique rooftop space for all sorts of recreational activities.

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    Interior Architectural Model of UV Cinema

    Scale:1:20 | Size: 500mm x 600mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Based on the original functions of a UV cinema and related drawings and information offered by the client, RJ Models built this interior model to represent the design of a new modern UV cinema.

    All the components of this interior model was set according to the actual design ideas, and RJ model making experts used various good quality model making materials including wooden veneers, glass, acrylic, etc, to make this interior model as authentic as the client expected, for example, interior model makers emulated every unique paving pattern and selected specific fabrics to make the carpets for different areas.

    The primary feature of this interior model is the animated miniature LED screens, which perfectly showcase the unique character of a modern UV cinema.

    Working collaboratively with the client, RJ modelers successfully completed this master piece in patience to ensure the clients' demands would prominently feature in the final interior model.

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    Luxury Interior Model in Torondo

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 1500mm x 800mm x 1300mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This 1:50 scale interior model is a miniature replica of a residential and commercial mixed-use building, and it is an ideal representation to provide potential guests with a realistic visual demonstration of the newly designed building,

    Various interior design elements like squash court, gym, private lounges, etc, were photographically mimicked by our architectural model makers in Canada, and other entourage components such as miniature vegetations and vehicles were also added to this interior model to create a sense of real life.

    Controlled by an IPAD, selected floor of this interior model could be lit up individually, while the others either turn off or remain, and each floor could be lifted up to reveal the specific interior floor plans.

    Showing detailed amenities is the key to a successful marketing interior model of a real estate project, the visual effect of this completed interior model far exceeds that of any other 3D drawings and renderings as it comprises a super level of life-like detailing.

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    Azura Duplex Interior Model

    Scale:1:30 | Size: 900mm x 900mm x700mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Azura Duplex stands out as one of the luxury residences in the Mid-levels West in Hong Kong, which provides an idyllic modern lifestyle and evokes the beauty of architecture, and this interior model was built to depict the significant design features by showing the luxurious interior decoration, thoughtfully floor plans, and solidity and transparency building facades.

    RJ Models used grey tones for window frames and building façade to make a minimal expression that defines an elegant and sophisticated architectural design, while the mature interior design of each room was revealed by placing well-selected miniature ancillary facilities and soft outfits.

    Top-of-the-line 3D printing, laser cutting, and engraving machines were utilized to fabricate the main parts of this interior model, and various lighting was applied to add more to the luxurious feel of the duplex.

    This interior model allows the potential discerning housing buyers to experience the splendor of their future urban home, and it was used in clients’ sales presentations to accelerate the house selling.

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    Interior Model of Heng He Qi Shang in China Xiameng

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 1200mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    The Bay of Modern Art residential project, also is known as one of ‘Asia's top 10 Super Mansions’, enjoys close proximity to the Wuyuan Bay waterfront of Xiamen, and it was planned to maximize the unrivaled views of the city and the elegant expansive marinas surroundings.

    This 150,000 square meters residence is an embodiment of waterfront living which features 24 exclusive individual garden villas and 7 luxury residential buildings, and RJ Models has been invited to produce the interior model for one of the mock-up room of these 7 super deluxe apartment towers.

    However, this interior model is primarily about attention to interior design, from the miniature LED TV on playing to the layered textures in the bedding, all room arrangements and details were carefully replicated to take noble and extravagant design to a new level, especially the realistic timber floor made out of rich hardwoods, and smooth tiles of different textures, give the master bedroom a sense of charm.

    With comfortable and peaceful lighting effects, this interior model provides a more realistic look to the viewers as well as reflects a seamless amalgamation of luxury and elegant lifestyle.

    After construction, this interior model was placed in the client’s sales office to make potential investment opportunity, and it brings a desirable world-class exceptional lifestyle design to a new level.

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    Interior Model of the Loft in New York

    Scale:1:30 | Size: 600mm x 400mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    The interior design of this LOFT responds to the fashion-forward young people's lifestyle in different ways, and this interior model involves all the features including a fitness area, bar counter, living and leisure spaces, fire and water features, and reading corner, etc.

    One of the distinctive features of a LOFT is its flexible spatial planning, which allows spacious space to accommodate most home furnishings without feeling too crowd and messy, and this interior model perfectly imply this by fitting in a wooden ladder accessing to the upstairs space.

    Built-in 1:30 scale, this interior model is undoubtedly a vivid subtle mood of the interior impression of a LOFT apartment, which is, in other words, a multifunctional space that could accommodate various functions.

    What makes this interior model quite unique is that this model only represents one room but not the whole suite because the LOFT’s efficient size allowed the designer to create a multifunctional living area that specially designed based on the occupant’s personal taste and delight, and this is the most telling point that the client wanted to present by our architectural model makers in the US.

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    Interior Model of Roof Garden

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 500mm x 500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Simple and well-regulated, this roof garden is graced with understated elegance landscape and it showcases the same design consideration of the apartment from a garden set selection to styling design, and this roof garden model is not only a picturesque interpretation but also a sales tool to increase the value of properties.

    This roof garden model encompasses upscale resort-inspired furnishings like BBQ Station, outdoor sitting areas for eight under a sunshade, multi-platform miniature vegetations, and all these elements give this outdoor terrace a finished off the appeal.

    Also, lots of care and attention were paid to the lighting fixture selection regarding to the size of this roof garden model, and this time, RJ Models picked up the smallest specification modulator tubes to work as the landscape lamps to highlight the pebbled stairs of this roof garden model since it is the most amazing features of this gorgeous design.

    Thanks to years of model making experience, our model makers in Dubai completed this roof garden model with a high degree of realism, and even the knives and forks, fruits on the tables, and venations of leaves can be clearly seen.

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    Meixihu Interior Model

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 2000mm x 1700mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The primary purpose of making this premium quality interior model was to illustrate the interior room layout, the detailed furniture, and fittings of a typical luxurious new apartment of MEI XI HU residence, which located in the suburb area of Yuelu District in Changsha, Hunan.

    This apartment feels spacious and sophisticated with a layout that two bedrooms and a study behind a large shared living area, and cautiously selected miniature carpets are the most eye-catching highlight of this interior model for the reason that these textile fabrics are perfectly blended with the paintings and tiles in the apartments.

    What’s more, miniature modern and retro lighting fixtures were carefully placed to this interior model to make it look as realistic as it gets and to evoke the feeling of European architectural style.

    Gentle and eye-pleasing lighting effects were added to this interior model to create a sense of peaceful calmness, and not surprisingly, with the innovative use of model making materials, careful selection of decoration components, super skilled craftsmanship, RJ Models accomplished this masterpiece outstandingly in a short time frame.

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    Interior Model of Harbour Front Landmark

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Situated in the Hung Hom Bay in the western Kowloon Peninsula, The Harbourfront Landmark is one of the iconic waterfront real estate developments, and constructed by Cheung Kong (Holdings) and Hutchison Whampoa, this project contains three ultra-modern residential skyscrapers of 59, 57 and 55 stories which make it the fourth highest residential development in Hong Kong, and this properly designed double unit interior model reveals two different interior designs of the mocked-up unit on standard floor.

    Considering the tower has a panoramic glass curtain wall runs through the building to offer the residence a fabulous panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, high performance Plexiglas were used to make the window, more importantly, this extremely detailed interior model incorporates all the design elements including costly silver tableware and girandole to give the living room an interesting focus.

    This interior model was equipped with warm-toned lighting to make the apartment into a cozy space that future residents could fall in love with and gives the Illuminated area a touch of playfulness.

    Every design components of this interior model are complementing one another, and the feeling that the viewers have when looking at this interior model is harmony, homelike and luxury since it showcases the brilliant interior design in a most impressive way.

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    India Forum Mumbai Interior Model

    Scale:1:30 | Size: 1300mm x 1500mm x 400mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model making of this luxury contemporary suite complements the overall master plan of the India Forum residential project as it integrates the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Mumbai without any missing of its unique design features.

    Comparing to other fancily decorated residential models, this interior model is relatively simple and neat, and it features a particularly designed baby room and a children's room with some pre-engraved miniature toys fitting in as the ornaments.

    Take a glance at this interior model, the viewers can experience the enthralling feeling of the aesthetics and simplicity, and beautiful contrasts were created by inserting several cherry colors accessories like yellow and red bolsters in the children’s room, while the majority of the wall was painted white.

    This fully detailed photorealistic interior model was initially produced for client’s sales event that helps the real estate developers to sell the units in an efficient and effective way, and it captures the soul of an up-to-date architectural design of a sophisticated styling apartment.

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    India Omkar Interior Model

    Scale:1:30 | Size: 1300mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Although this apartment has an exceptional housing type, the spatial distribution is quite rational since it tactfully satisfies clients’ requirements of style, space, and functionality, and this interior model turns the incredible interior design into a visual expression for the single or a family who looking for a paradise to live and enjoy.

    This interior model used high quality and performance Plexiglas to build the glazing wall between the living area and bedrooms to allow plenty of natural light, and this makes the interior space feel bigger and bright than usual, in the meantime, maximizing the scenery views for the tenement.

    Bedrooms are properly situated at opposite sides of the apartment to ensure spacious living area in the middle allows for daily dining, living, cooking, and entertaining, and to add dynamics effect to this interior model, ample blue lighting were added throughout the entire apartment to illuminate the flat, and to bring the feeling of dreamlike home, as well as to create a romantic and vibrant ambience.

    Although the client has required a super high level of detail interior model for the sales events, it was not a challenge to RJ Models as our model making specialists are super proficient in detail fabrication, and the final product captures the heart of the client and was expected to help boost real estate sales.

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    Interior Model by KPF

    Scale:1:10 | Size: 400mm x 400mm | Production Time: 10 Days

    This interior model is a decent interpretation of part of KPF’s restroom design, which is also very rare model among RJ Models’ finished products.

    The designed restroom features a miniature porcelain hand-wash basin, three wall-mounted mirrors finished with a black hardwood frame, three urinals, a few decorations including mirror lights and decorative paintings, etc, and all these components were emulated in this interior model and work together to create a modern restroom with particular cleanliness and comfort.

    Despite that RJ Models wanted to use a minimal palette of finishes and colors to make the model, details like the texture of the wall were also precisely replicated, and together with a white-scaled figure standing in front of the mirror, this interior model successfully transform a dull restroom into a fantastic relaxation and refreshing sanctuary.

    With a scale of 1:10, this interior model brings the viewers a much understand look and makes a more straightforward demonstration to meet the client’s demand.

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    Interior Model of La Scala in Macau

    Scale:1:40 | Size: 1500mm x 1300mm x 700mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Situated to the north of COTAI district, La Scala project is a top-level residential project developed by Moon Ocean, and this cutaway section interior model demonstrates a 3-level neutral and calm apartment characterized by modern architectural style and delicate detailing.

    This interior model was uniquely crafted in order to ensure a genuine feel of this exclusive apartment, and the timber veneer finish walls, the small crystal chandelier, and other extravagant accessories, along with exquisite yet modernistic furniture, create a very luxurious ambiance while making an appropriate balance between the succinct decorative style and high-end urban life.

    RJ Models put a lot of effort into this interior model making process, for example, the white luminous staircases were pre-made and fixed meticulously to add originality and a modern look to this interior model, and the bedrooms look more intimate and tranquil with the interspersed LED lighting up.

    Opulent and elegant in the same time, with a rich range of miniature home decorations and furnishings, this interior model is a visual treat as it reveals the contemporary architectural design concept and allows for a more warm and cozy atmosphere to the living experience.

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    Interior Model of Moon Island in Dubai

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 1400mm x 500mm x 650mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    There are loads of exciting things to do in Dubai.

    One of them is having a scrumptious meal in the undersea restaurant.

    RJ Models cooperated with 3DR Models placed the lower part of the interior for the restaurant model in a rectangular glass box.

    It not only produces a sense of water flowing but also enables viewers to see the interior of the restaurant.

    The undersea part of the restaurant model features colorful marine creatures, ranging from coral to fish.

    They were all fabricated based on local species, stressing Dubai’s profile.

    Model makers in Dubai also added mini figures around tables and chairs, creating a full picture of the dining scene in the restaurant.

    As the client requested, RJ Models enhanced the overview landscaping surrounding the restaurant.

    Some interior elements are simplified.

    The interior model is shaped as a glaring gem under the sea, allows users to experience the restaurant’s relaxation and comfortability.

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    Interior Model of Oak Hill for Lai Sun Group

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 1800mm x 700mm x 650mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    The Oak Hill is a residential project developed by Lai Sun Group.

    Located in one of Hong Kong’s most vibrant districts, Wan Chai, characterized with recreational facilities and good views, this modern block is rather attractive to potential purchasers.

    The interior model covers apartments with different layout designs.

    RJ’s model builders adopted glass as the material of the external wall. It makes all interior details clearly visible to users.

    Interior elements, from lights, furniture to decorations, are intended to be installed in the model.

    In addition, varied layout types can be observed through glass “windows”.

    Users’ observation is realized through a special way of viewing that shifts between transparent and obscure sight.

    Amazingly, such an indirect observation makes people experience the architecture more authentically.

    The interior model is equipped with a unique lighting system.

    Different colors correspond to different living areas of the apartment.

    Spaces with particular functions are identifiable by various kinds of color.

    These colors play with each other, contrastively but harmoniously.

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    Interior Model of a Beauty Shop

    Scale: 1:25 | Size: 600mm x 600mm x 250mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    BEAUTY SHOP commissioned RJ Models to produce the interior model of its cosmetic store.

    A delicately made store model is very beneficial for the client to promote its brand and image.

    In order to render an authentic representation of the store, RJ’s team equipped the interior retail model with mini-sized cosmetics in different kinds of colors, posters, tables, and chairs.

    Cosmetic products are placed and arranged diversely: on the shelf as the backdrop, next to the tables where people can have free trials, or in the glass display stands to attract passersby.

    Customers are surrounded by these products and can pick out preferred ones at ease.

    The original size of the store is not very big, so is the interior model.

    But the small size is compensated by the enrichment of content.

    Interior model makers from RJ refined details and defined the essence of exquisite craftsmanship.

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    Interior Model for Ridge Hill in New York

    Scale: 1:50 | Size: 1600mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Ridge Hill is a popular mix-use complex in Yonkers, New York.

    It caters for residential, commercial and recreational needs of local people.

    The club of Ridge Hill hosts a variety of activities, providing space for adults’ exercises and playing areas for children.

    RJ Models as an architectural model-making company is invited to produce the interior model of the club - a multilayered building.

    Fitness and entertainment facilities in the interior model are manufactured with CNC printing.

    The sophisticated technology enables fine details to be presented in high quality.

    The cost is even cheaper than purchasing it online.

    The club is composed of places for yoga, gym, indoor-sports, bars, restaurants, etc..

    The interior model is divisible to showcase numbers of areas with different functions, distinct divisions of spaces and the relationships between them.

    Users can better experience the interior space through the interior model making for New York.

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    Interior Model of MTM Shop

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 400mm x 500mm x 400mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    MTM stands out in the industry through its customized skincare management.

    The interior design of its shops strives to display the products while revealing the core value of the brand.

    The interior model of MTM Shop is one more good example of RJ Model’s strength in detail-oriented approach.

    Basic elements, such as floor, wall, and openings, are all manufactured realistically.

    Within the space, there are different functional sub-areas for showcasing, selling and products trials.

    The interior model presents the distinctive arrangement of these areas.

    The interior model makers in London underscore the unique role of skincare products.

    MTM covers a broad range of products, from personalized skincare products, facial treatments to medical aesthetic treatments.

    The interior model is characterized by various products, which meet different needs from customers.

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    Interior Model of Coral Bay Crescent in Guang Zhou

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 1100mm x 1100mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Coral Bay Crescent is an outstanding villa project in Guangzhou Panyu.

    The overall plan is based on the design concept adopted in Australia's Gold Coast.

    Situated by the river, the residents enjoy a unique waterfront living style.

    RJ Models is commissioned to create the interior model of this villa group.

    The interior model shows a simple and elegant design concept.

    Owner’s taste is exemplified by the choice of building model materials and furniture: white marble floor, ceiling crystal lamp, and tasteful furniture.

    The bedroom is lightened with white lights while other spaces are featured with golden yellow, implying distinguish the quality of living.

    The color tone of interior model materials in those spaces is consistent with the lights’ colors.

    Each villa is equipped with a private elevator.

    The elevator divides two houses which are next to each other.

    Layout of houses is the same but with distinctive styles.

    The interior model is aimed to illustrate the living environment, thus attracting potential purchasers.

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    Interior model of shopping mall in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 850mm x 850mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This interior model is built to unfold the interior of a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

    Scaled to 1:25, decorations and exhibits of shops are clearly represented and displayed.

    The interior model is placed in a long glass box.

    Each section of the shopping mall are arranged along the “corridor”.

    When walking along this transparent ribbon, you feel you were wandering in the shopping mall, visiting shops one by one.

    Modelers added mini figures in the interior model.

    These figures vary from one to another.

    They have assorted gestures, revealing the diverse functions of the areas within the shopping mall.

    Coupled with dedicated building parts, people are enabled to experience the real shopping scene.

    The interior model making team made the section model as well.

    It assists observers to look through the shopping mall model and get the better visual understanding of the space.

    The underground parking lot can be captured easily – it is put in another glass box underneath the main part of the interior model.

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    Interior Model of Charity Foundation Hotel by SOM

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 1400mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is the interior model of the Charity Foundation Hotel designed by SOM.

    SOM is the world's leading architectural design firm with many landmark projects around the world.

    This interior model is designed mainly to show customers the internal scene of the hotel.

    However, considering the model needs to depict one entire floor of the hotel model, including standard rooms, suites, elevators, and cleaning rooms, the modelers chose the 1:50 scale to balance the demands of these two aspects.

    And customers could clearly see the differences between different rooms.

    A large number of scale furniture and people are installed in the interior model so that viewers can have a direct feel of the acreage and arrangement of the room.

    Considering that the viewer is usually looking down on the entire interior model, special design is made for the lighting system.

    On the one hand, interior model experts use the frosted material to cover bulbs, on the other hand, lights are installed underneath the furniture it is in furniture, including sofa, tea table, etc.

    Not only satisfy the illume demand, but also not too dazzling to look at.

    To ensure the interior model can satisfy client’s requirement of an impressive representation, and the potential residents would love the hotel where they could enjoy cozy and elegant leisure time, RJ Models builds every tiny element with extreme accuracy.

    For example, the wood decorated walls, knitted carpets, and marble bathtubs are all portrayed elaborately.

    These all help the viewers feel the unparalleled luxury of the hotel by this interior design model.

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    Interior Model of Four Season Hotel

    Scale:1:75 | Size: 1800mm x 1200mm x 500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Four Season is a luxury brand of hotel that has been named one of the best hotel groups in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine and Zagat Guide.

    This interior model is one of those luxury hotels.

    In this interior model, RJ Models choose grey as the main tone of the model, reflecting the cement material on the one hand, and showing the eternal sense of the building just as the Japanese architect Ando Tadao always do.

    In order to give viewers an immersive experience, interior model makers use an impressive depiction of the details in the model.

    The metal carving on the door, the stair handrail that full of design sense and the pattern of marble floor tiles are all clearly portrayed.

    Although some of the partition walls inside the hotel building are cambered, which is not conducive to interior model making, and it is a great challenge for model makers.

    However, modelers from RJ Models are not afraid of such challenge and, with their rich experiences, complete the production of indoor partition wall precisely and elaborately in a very short time

    The designer of this hotel is a genius full of strange ideas.

    Through the choice of building materials and the placement of interior art, a wonderful and harmonious mix of formal and hippie, noble and cynical is formed.

    In this interior model, the designer's unconventional ideas have been faithfully displayed, so that most of the audiences have a desire to stay at the hotel as soon as they see it.

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    Harbor front Landmark Combine Unit Interior Model

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 600mm x 600mm x 250mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This is an interior model of a dwelling unit in a landmark building; to match the building’s important symbolic role in the city, the interior design is also extremely luxurious.

    In order to meet the customer's requirements for displaying this interior model in a limited space in the sales center, the size of this interior model is less than 6oomm square.

    One of the key features of the interior model is the presentation of those distinguish types of furniture in different styles.

    European-style dining tables, wallpapers and floor lamps, modernist decorations, paintings, and exotic carpets and pillows are all faithfully demonstrated.

    In order to more realistically show life scenario in the living unit, modelers glaze the floor of the toilet to simulate the physical phenomenon of tile reflection under the light.

    The lighting system is also a highlight of this interior model.

    The warm yellow light radiates from the floor lamp and the wall lamp, illuminating the surrounding walls; the unevenness on the wall is subtly revealed.

    A peaceful and noble scene shows in front of every viewer.

    With the innovative use of model making materials, carefully selected decoration components, super skilled craftsmanship and meticulously pursue of every detail, RJ Models accomplish this masterpiece flawlessly in a very short time.

    Lighting experts install different shades of lighting in different areas of the living unit, and those lights can be independently controlled by intelligent equipment, which is very convenient for salesman to show specific areas to customers

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    Interior model in Cairo

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 800mm x 400mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This is an interior model of a separate house in Cairo, the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa and the Arab world.

    The city is surrounded by a fabulous natural environment.

    In this interior model, viewers can also find the rich natural landscape around the house, including numerous bushes, tall palm trees, coconut trees, swimming pools, and lawn.

    The interior model makers in Egypt uniquely use a transparent glass plate as a wall to divide the different spaces, providing viewers with a very smooth line of sight and a clear view of the connection between each room.

    Moreover, the interior model makers also bury the blue lights under each glass plate in advance and those lights can be controlled through smart devices.

    While providing a smooth view to the viewers, it also provides a good representation of the enclosure effect of each space.

    The living room of this home is connected to the dining room and has a very good view through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

    The bedroom, children's room, and other living spaces are arranged orderly around the living room, connected to the garden and also have a very good environment condition.

    The final interior model is fully approved and appreciated by the client and is used in the client’s sales activities, greatly promotes the sale of the property.

    High-quality interior models have earned a good reputation for both the developer and RJ Models.

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    Loft interior model design

    Scale:1:20 | Size: 500mm x 400mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This is a loft's interior design model, which is quite different from every model RJ Models has made in the past, but RJ Models still completes it with high quality and has been highly praised by the client.

    Although this is still a residential building essentially,  there is a very strong personal style of its interior design.

    Customers love boxing, so there is a small boxing ring in the corner of the room, and even boxing-style red, white and blue guardrails.

    RJ Models specially tailors a mini version of the platform and boxing gloves and sandbags for the interior model, and also printed a mini version of the boxing champion Ali's poster, making this part of the model far beyond the client’s expectations.

    In addition, black and white comedy and photography are also one of the important elements in the production of this model.

    The interior model maker paints a wall with black and white bars and makes several the Chaplin-style hats as a lampshade for a row of chandeliers in front of the wall.

    Echoing the theme of the interior model of this building.

    Due to the niche design, many of the facilities in this interior model must be specially customized, which is very time consuming and labor intensive.

    But RJ Models still does everything possible to make every detail and polish them again and again.

    In the final, even the diamond-shaped lines on the leather sofa can be seen clearly in the interior model.

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