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The industrial model is a creative tool to express a manufacturing process or just replicates an engineering facility.

The industrial model differs from a simple conceptual demonstration of working principles to high-detail presentation architectural model depends on the model making purpose.

Producing an industrial model is a relatively complicated process.

The model makers need to fully understand the principles in advance and then turn the operating process into a physical object.

Adding interactive elements like rising smoke and rushing water helps the viewers to better understand what the model wants to represent, and installing a lighting system to an industrial model can accentuate the critical courses of work.

Some industrial models feature a dynamic effect which allows the visitors to see the entire process unfolding, and therefore it is an invaluable tool in the trading events to get potential customers to stop and stay.

The industrial model building can be used in a range of occasions, and when it is displayed as a centerpiece in a public exhibition, it is more like an educational toy than an actual showpiece.

Special model protective measures and maintaining approaches are in need due to most industrial models used for marketing will be packed and transported frequently both nationwide and overseas.

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    Industrial Model of Energy Factory Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2000mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Served a popular showpiece in the sales meetings and trade shows, our model makers in Dubai has been pleased to be invited to design and construct this factory model to explain the operation process and to accurately represent the factory layout by showing a vast supply of equipment and structures.

    Using high-quality model making materials and advanced techniques, this factory model was constructed under the supervision of RJ model making experts ensure the structural description of these manufacturing plants would perfectly in line with the original drawings and information provided by the client.

    This factory model encompasses high detailed office buildings and workshops, and complex industrial machinery such as power transmission equipment, tanks and gas turbines, etc, which made the model making process kind of complicated.

    With diligence and enthusiasm, RJ model makers completed this high precision factory model with excellent visual impact, and it was hand-carried as well as air freight to the client in a customized top class scale model shipping case.

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    Seaport Industrial Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:3000 | Size: 4000mm x 3000mm | Production Time: 30 days

    This industrial model is an eye-catching representation of a new proposed seaport industrial project, and it was displayed in the company showroom and corporate offices to educate the customers, students and other social groups.

    This detailed industrial model includes a huge variety of warehouses and buildings, pipes, reservoirs and other types of industrial scenes which perfectly brought the model to life.

    RJ Models made use of high performance PVC and acrylic to create models of structures and infrastructures, while wood and artificial turf grass were used to represent the open space of this industrial model.

    Considering this seaport industrial plant is quite large and it features a series of complicated facilities, and in order to replicate the entire site as realistically as possible, RJ Models involved a group of experienced model making professionals working with the client to produce this industrial model, and the final product gain maximum contentment from the client.

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    Toyota Plaza Industrial Model Building in Bahrain

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 1800mm x 1650mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ Models has been commissioned to produce this industrial model for Toyota Plaza factory, which is designed to be Toyota’s largest hyper-advanced factory in Bahrain, and now it is placed in the factory’s reception room to help the clients to capture new buyers and develop the new market.

    In order to depict a clean and comfortable working environment, a unique building roof with some skylights was created to allow the visitors to have a glimpse of the main factory building both inside and out.

    This industrial model is relatively simple instead of highly-detailed, which brings the visitors a tidy and pleasant feel, and it also includes numbers of model cars parked in the parking lot and in motion to make the industrial model as lively as possible.

    After having referred to the design drawings and digital models offered by the client, this industrial model took our architectural model maker in Bahrain 30 days to complete and was delivered to Bahrain with a stable MDF pedestal for display and carriage.

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    Water Sewage Industrial Model in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2200mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 21 days

    Water sewage treatment covers complex mechanisms and processes which require a series of equipment and infrastructure, and this large-scale water sewage treatment plant comprises both enhanced biological and chemical treatment facilities which were perfectly represented by this industrial model made by RJ Models’ making experts.

    With an emphasis on creating the industrial models of the pumping station and sediment tanks, this 1:200 architectural scale model features almost all the factory’s structures, including the industrial units and the landscape surrounded.

    Other entourage elements like synthetic grass, miniature PVC trees and vehicles were also added to this industrial model to provide the viewers a very realistic looking of this industrial plant as the client has required an appealing model to be displayed in the exhibitions and at trade shows to draw attention.

    RJ modelers completed this industrial model following a good deal of blueprints and pictures provided by the client, and one primary feature of this industrial model is it has a nameplate in the front, which explains different functions of various structures.

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    Water Sewage Industrial Model in Jordan

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2800mm x 2800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    In order to showcase this primary water sewage treatment plants in Jordan, the client invited RJ Models to complete this industrial model to give a comprehensive interpretation of different water sewage treatment facilities with detailed information.

    RJ’s model making experts used optimum quality model making materials and advanced techniques to replicate the actual wastewater treatment facilities like sewage decomposing unit and water purification treatment center, and this industrial model is suitable for viewers to understand the wastewater treatment process as well as for business and commercial use.

    To ensure that the final industrial model in Jordan could perfectly meet the custom made stands, RJ Models employed a group wastewater treatment designers and architects in the model making the process and the final product is highly cherished by the client.

    This industrial model was completed in approximately one month with ongoing dialogue with the client, and it was delivered to the destination faster and undamaged as purpose-built flight case for the shipment was used to protect this masterpiece.

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    Benz Factory Model in Germany

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Mercedes-Benz German subsidiaries have requested a factory model, which could reveal the striking design of their newly designed Benz Factory, to be displayed in an airport shopping center.

    This car factory interior model shows the visitors how fantastic automobiles take shape and are assembled, and it is also an innovative and stunning presentation of the Mercedes-Benz new factory.

    Besides the manufacturing area, this factory model also features meeting rooms and exhibition halls to allow the viewers to get insights into the factory’s work practices, and our scale model maker for Germany put a white long strip that has the words “Mercedes-Benz” painted in dark blue in the entrance to give the factory model a unique identification.

    Factory model makers also placed a few figures and model cars in this factory model, together with LED lighting up most of the rooms to highlight different functions and layouts of the factory while emulating night lighting at the same time, this 1.8-meter long model is an outstanding attraction for the retailing area in the airport.

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    DHL Industrial Model

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 2000mm x 800mm | Production Time: 21days

    The world’s leading logistics company-DHL has appointed RJ Models to produce a industrial model the showcase their new proposed development, which includes the construction of a new building for cargo storage and logistics, several conveyor belts, load docks and other facilities.

    This industrial model perfectly illustrates the relationship between the operational warehouse and the offices building, which were interconnected but outlined and distinguished by grey and white color finish.

    Green sustainable elements were added to this industrial model to depict an efficient and pleasing working environment as well as to make the industrial model visually appealing, and customized model vehicle and airplane with a ‘DHL’ LOGO printed on it were seen as important identification elements.

    RJ’s model making experts spent 21 days to finish this factory model, and as it would be used in the trading activities both domestic and overseas, a purpose-built flight case was offered to avoid any damage in transit.

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    DHL Hub Industrial Model in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 1500mm x 150mm | Production Time: 21 days

    DHL Hong Kong branch has planned to expand their business since the company decided to move its hub for central and northern Asia from Manila to Hong Kong, and this is an industrial interior model of DHL’s new development.

    By adding a certain number of model workers and trucks in the working area, RJ’s model makers successfully portrayed how workers could interact and move inside the factory and the processes of packing and transporting were clearly shown as well.

    RJ’s model making experts painted the floors of this industrial model with cyan to illustrate a clean work environment, and as this model delivered a high level of detail, significant value was added to promote DHL’s marketing events.

    This industrial model was produced for use as an eye-catching display at exhibitions in Hong Kong and abroad, and due to it was destined to do lots of travelling, RJ modelers designed and built a customized protective flight case to hold it during transportation.

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    Steam Factory Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2000mm x 1200mm | Production Time: 30 days

    This stream factory is one of many facilities built on the site to reduce the carbon footprint, and this factory model was fabricated to give an idea about the settlement and the workflow of this new state-of-the-art steam factory.

    RJ modelers designed and produced this factory model with the use of optimum grade materials and advanced techniques, and a team of specialists, who hold extensive knowledge of this domain, were involved in the model making process.

    It can be noticed from this factory model that nicely arranged trees, well-groomed grass and extensive parking space with neatly parked model cars were included to mimic the clean and comfortable working environment, and this factory model is not only built to demonstrate the factory layout but also to provide the viewers a sense of fresh and welcome.

    This provided factory model was considered to be the best showpiece for the brief understanding of functionality in steam plants, and it is now placed in the entrance hall of the company.

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    ENEC Power Plant Industrial Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2200mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    Recently, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation developed a new nuclear power plant which was planned to generate a quarter of the UAE’s energy, and RJ Models has been invited to construct an industrial model to present this iconic milestone in Abu Dhabi.

    Most buildings were made of white PVC, and a number of miniature model palm trees were neatly arranged in rows circling the buildings and the internal roads, together with showing the vehicles and trucks that come and go from the industrial plant, this industrial model imitated the pleasant and clean working conditions realistically.

    The central building has some lighting setup, as well as roads and green areas have lights to provide a feel of the entire sites during nighttime and make this industrial model very appealing.

    This stylized industrial model was jointly created in one month by RJ model making specialists and other skilled experts who have rich knowledge in this domain, and it was sent off to lots of exhibition venues all over the world

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    Power Station Factory Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 200mm x 200mm | Production Time: 14 days

    This factory model represents a newly constructed power station in Dubai, UAE, and it comprises main components of a real-world power station, such as the mini steam generator and cooling tower, to give the viewers a visual technical explanation.

    Based on a huge volume of technical drawings offered by the client, all the working components of the power station were accurately modeled in this factory model using high-quality basic material.

    In order to make sure the functionality and quality of this factory model could perfectly meet client’s requirement, RJ’s model makers cooperated with 3DR Models followed on the drawings provided by the client stringently, and worked with a team of ingenious professionals with relevant background, this factory model took 2 weeks to complete.

    This eye-catching 200mm x 200mm factory model was built mainly for educational purpose, which was used for product demonstration and visual training to workers and it is suitable for exhibitions and seminars as well.

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    Chen Dexcel Industrial Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2000mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ Models has been affianced in manufacturing a high-performance industrial model to show the detailed design of Chen Dexcel Industrial plant, which is a research-funding organization to develop industrial programs.

    The stylized industrial model provides an overview of the entire industrial plant includes buildings of different functions, research facilities, and other entourage components like model cars and trucks, expressways and surrounding landscapes.

    One eye-catching feature of this industrial model is RJ modelers added a removable roof, and together with different colors LED lights to demonstrate different stages of the production process, the excellent visual effect was achieved, and this industrial model was planned to be used as an orientation tool for visitors to the factory.

    Manufactured at 1:150 scales and completed in one month, this industrial model was supplied with a customized shipping case for easy transport to exhibition venues, and the client was particularly pleased with the final outcome.

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    Hong Kong Facility Industrial Model

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2000mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 days

    RJ Models has been invited to make an industrial model with high level of accuracy and authentic detailing to represent a technically demanding project, and this industrial model was built under the guidance of RJ pioneering model making professionals.

    This industrial model comprises workshops, administrative offices, warehouses, tanks, other technical facilities and service areas, but without much landscaping elements, and all the structures in the industrial model were fabricated based on drawings and photos provided by the client.

    An interactive panel which was linked to the lighting system of the model was applied to this industrial model to emphasize the function of each facility, and to provide the viewers a vivid and highly realistic representation of the production process.

    This industrial model was mounted on a wooden base, and RJ Models also offered the client a customized shipping case to allow this industrial model to be air freighted or hand carried to the exhibition sites.

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    Power factory Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    This factory model was made for elaborating the detailed understanding of power production work flow and proper functionality of each facility, and this factory model making process is a high order precision engineering work which required rich experience and professional knowledge.

    The power factory, as shown in this factory model, comprises of several well-arranged buildings colored in yellow, and RJ’s model makers used advanced technologies and finest quality materials to create the accurate building shapes.

    RJ adroit model making team employed a group of engineering design professionals in this factory model manufacturing process to replicate the original design of the power factory, and the final outcome not only kept the intricacies of the factory infrastructure but also perfectly met the clients’ requirements.

    The final factory model was delivered to the client a high-quality stand, and it was displayed in the factory’s entrance hall both for public viewing and for orientation purpose.

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    Water Plant Factory Model

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 2000mm x 800mm | Production Time: 30 days

    The client required an overall representation of this new water plant factory to help illustrate the processes involved in wastewater treatment, and RJ Models completed this task by creating this factory model to provide the viewers the utmost detail about the factory, with a particular emphasis on eight large tanks colored in blue.

    This project was a real challenge to RJ Models as it involves a number of complex and technical facilities, but RJ’s model makers overcame the difficulties by perfectly depicting both the horizontal and vertical layout of all the major industrial components involved in the process using supreme grade quality materials and advanced techniques.

    Elegant greeneries were also imitated to give off a natural feel on the working environment, and this industrial model was highly acknowledged among clients.

    RJ dexterous team of model making experts accomplished this factory model in 30 days, and it not only demonstrates the wastewater treatment progress but also brings potential investments and marketing opportunities to this industrial plant.

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    Macallan New Distillery Industrial Model in Scotland

    Scale:1:120 | Size: 2500mm x 1400mm | Production Time: 14 Days

    One look at this scaled model will leave you in awe. That is because RJ Models was the industrial model-making company of choice to build such masterful work.

    This distillery design by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners will soon grace the Easter Elchies Estate in Scotland. Our company completed this staggering model in just a span of two weeks.

    The major characteristic of the flowing roof was inspired by the landscape of the area which is naturally hilly. It may seem like a very complicated task, but the model making companies like RJ Models faced the challenge.

    The timber roof structure which is one of the few in the world was created with a 3D printer.

    Utilizing not only one but several 3D printers to exactly produce accurately fine details of the plan. It has a massive number of 380,000 individual components. This dramatic roofline is designed to be covered with grass to go with its surroundings.

    The natural sloped topography of the surrounding site also conveys the exact elevations. Complete with trees, people and cars that are well-placed. This offers its viewers a defined perspective of what’s to come. Truly, RJ's architectural models makers live up to its promise of unparalleled precision.

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    Sharjah Dibba Ice Factory Model in UAE

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2200mm x 1100mm | Production Time: 24 Days

    The Sharjah Dibba Ice Factory scale model may look deceptively simple in appearance until you see the inside. As the best architectural model makers around, RJ Models never settle to be just the ordinary.

    It is just the proper design following the concept of ice into the overall look of the structure. Plain concrete white walls which will also serve as good insulation for the product it produces.

    On one of the sides features the intricate workmanship of the evaporator coils area of the factory. They are held up by massive concrete columns that really look like the real deal.

    As an industrial scale model, this project also exhibits the inner aspects of the building’s processes. A detachable roof opens up to the astounding craftsmanship of what is inside. See various types of tanks and pipes; ice molding and holding materials, as well as mechanical engine parts.

    The minute parts of this scaled-down model of just 1:100 are produced in an extremely detailed manner. Images like this would not be enough for its remarkability, you will have to see it in actual. RJ Models making company’s long history in the business never failed to impress.

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    TECOM Warehouse Industrial Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 1200mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 15 Days

    Testament to RJ Model’s worldwide acclaim in the architectural model making is the TECOM Warehouse. Even this highly progressive city in the Arab world trusts our company’s top quality performance. Dubai clients continue to commission our industrial model making company for their design exhibition needs.

    This warehouse will be composed of three identical side by side roofed structures typical of such facility. Each component presents the different management, production and handling processes of a warehouse. Two of such were left open to just expose the structural framework to showcase what is happening inside.

    RJ’s team of professional and dedicated industrial model makers placed each piece in the most strategic fashion. You will witness how each group of an employee does their day to day workload in the warehouse. There are employees moving about and busy on their operations. Presented are also a range of well-placed furniture pieces that the facility will be holding.

    Completing the look is the building’s adjacency to the road surrounding the area. A good number of model cars and street lamp posts adorn the model emulating the real site. Such high-detail visuals will really impact any onlooker. Workmanship with a fast pace turnover which can only come from an excellent architectural model maker, RJ Models.

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