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A theme park model may feature several individual amusement parks like Smurfs' Village and Star Wars lands, dinning and retailing areas, family hotels and resorts, shopping outlets and fist stores, and nicely landscaped areas with various kinds of vegetation.

The theme park is a tourist destination full of fun and adventure, and a place where people can spend quality time with their family members.

Special visual effects can be created by adding miniature recreational facilities like water rides to mimic the real entertainment activities, as well as to make the whole theme park model look more attractive and vibrant as it is in reality.

Interactive lights, sometimes together with types of acoustic equipments help to make the theme park model more alive and provide the viewers a real sense of entertainment experience.

The primary purpose of making a theme park model is to attract more visitors come to the site to maximize the developers’ profit, and to bring a fascinating impression of the city where the actual theme park will be situated.

After the construction of the theme is completed, theme park models can be used as a 3D park map to show the tourists the overall layout and the touring routes of the park, and therefore the tourists can know how to reach the destination.

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    Theme Park Model, Dubai Park

    Scale:1: 400 | Size: 4800mm x 4800mm | Production Time: 45 days

    RJ Models has been honored to be invited to construct this highly detailed theme park model, Dubai Park for the largest entertainment capital in the Middle East, which covers 25 million square feet area, and includes a number of intriguing buildings such as magic fairy hall, and hundreds of  entertainment facilities like rotating carousel.

    Over 100 miniature attractions, from Lego lands to Hollywood theme rides, etc, were replicated, and this theme park model is definitely a mini replica of the finished result rather than a rough structure.

    Running and flashing lights were added to this theme park model to meet the clients’ demand as they want to provide the viewers an experience of being in the park and enjoy the happy hours.

    This 4800mm x 4800mm theme park model is considered to be the most dramatic glimpse of this iconic park which would provide the visitors a brand-new appearance, and the clients gave a very high praise of this masterpiece that RJ Model created in 45 days.

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    Theme Park Model in Abu Dhabi

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 3000mm x 3500mm | Production Time: 45 Days

    Abu Dhabi local government planned to open a new year-round theme park to promote the new national sustainable business development and to stimulate the tourism development, and RJ Models with 3DR Models are very proud to be invited to build this theme park model for the developers to achieve their grand goals.

    Mainly used the laser cutting technique, this theme park model mimicked all the entertainment attractions including boat cruises, water theme park, recreational area with enticing retailing shops, cafe and restaurant, super coasters, etc, to offer the viewers a wide range of lively adventure experience.

    Sophisticated lighting systems were installed to this theme park model to create stunning visualization lighting effects and to create an entertaining atmosphere, and with the assistance of advanced 3D carving processing technology, this model looks incredibly realistic than any other architectural scale models.

    Due to the high construction cost, this new proposed iconic theme park would be constructed and operated by a consortium of private and institutional financier, and therefore, the initial use of this theme park model in Abu Dhabi is for fundraising, and it is now displayed in the city exhibition hall for public viewing.

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    Monkey Kingdom Theme Park Model in China

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 4000mm x 4500mm | Production Time: 2 Months

    Designed by Thinkwell Group and developed by Zhonghong Real Estate, this Monkey Kingdom Theme Park would be located in the west of Honglou Lake tourist area in Huairou District outside Beijing, and it was planned to be a world-class tourist destination which could tell the traditional Chinese ancient folk story-"Journey to the West" to the tourist, and demonstrates Chinese culture at the same time, and this theme park model is a vivid replica of this new attraction.

    One of the eye-catching features of this theme park model is the miniature Mount Huaguo, which features a spectacular waterfall with rip rap indicated, and other detailed theme park model components like Autopia Cars, Jungle Cruise Boats, Haunted House, etc, were also fabricated and fixed in to provide the visitors a comprehensive sense of spectacle and thrill.

    This theme park model has s series of LED lights installed to create a true to life night scene as the actual park will stay open till midnight, and it helps to highlight the treasured attractions of the park as well.

    Set on a large show stand, this theme park model was made by our model makers in China,  unveiled for government approval, public display, and other exhibition activities.

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    Jumeirah Cove Theme Park Model in Dubai

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 5000mm x 4600mm | Production Time: 2 Months

    This theme park model is a wonderful depiction of Jumeirah Cove Theme Park, which was planned to be an idyllic destination for relaxing and adventuring, and as this theme park is situated along the coast, it features authentic local culture and character.

    Most recreation facilities of this theme park model were manufactured in dimension using laser cutting and 3D printed model making technologies, while other pre-made components such as plants, lampposts, figures, etc were purchased directly from the model factory and assembled to the model prudentially.

    This completed detailed and painted theme park model brings a brand-new appearance to the visitors as it comprises both luxury residence and commercial space, in accordance with the mixed-use development plan in the tourism sector, and operated by Jumeirah, this park would also have a boutique hotel.

    This theme park model was displayed in the exhibition gallery to tell the potential travelers and investors how this new host of interactive family-friendly attraction could bring them a joyful mind, and it is now used as a 3D tourist map to show the tourists the theme park layout.

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    Theme Park Model, Ocean Park in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 2000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Located in the Southern District of Hong Kong, Ocean Park Hong Kong is not only a marine mammal park, but also a family-friendly tourist destination as it features a wide range of marine animals, a variety of recreation facilities especially the country’s most hair-raising, and this theme park model depicts all these popular attractions

    Considering the Ocean Park also has an educational role since it helps to promote and support animal conservation, RJ modelers added several signboards to this theme park model to highlight different faunal regions.

    Different from other architectural model building by RJ Models has fabricated, this theme park model used lots of foam, plastic, and styrene to make sure the visual effect would exactly match the original park design.

    This theme park model was used as both the design presentation model and exhibition model to showcase the redevelopment and construction of the project, as well as to attract local and international financier to invest in this new destination.

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    Sahara Hybrid Theme Park Model in India

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 3000mm x 2700mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Manufacturing the theme park model of Sahara Hybrid Theme Park was not an easy task because the client has requested abundant miniature vegetations on the model to depict their design intention- ‘build a sustainable amusement park which contributes to the environment’.

    One unique feature of this theme park model is RJ Models making specialists used resin water and high-performance glass to create the water reflection and waterfall effect, and it looks really like the real water after completed.

    And they added more sacle model yachts and the landscape with scale model trees of the model.

    Model makers also applied interactive lighting systems to make this theme park model look more vibrant and realistic, and the client gave high praise to this theme park model for it exceeded their expectation.

    After the final architectural drawings have been drafted and provided by the client, this theme park model was fabricated to show developers and the public exactly how Sahara Hybrid Theme Park would look once completed, and with interactive display technology, this master piece played a leading role in the exhibition.

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    Sentosa Theme Park Model in Singapore

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 1900mm x 2000mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    RJ Models has been lucky enough to be appointed to produce a theme park model for Sentosa Theme Park in Singapore, which was initially established to served as a new tourist destination where both children and adults can find the recreational activity that they find the most exciting.

    For the reason that the client has wanted to present few lakes and pools along caves and climbing walls vividly, RJ Modelers used high-tech architectural model making technologies to created different water effects painstakingly, and other attractions like the tropical forest, bamboo bridges and fantasy world, etc, were also perfectly emulated in this theme park.

    Internal and external running and flashing lights were added to this theme park model to create an invigorating ambience, and to engage the viewers with the real sense of entertaining experience.

    This theme park model is great for park entry display due to it helps tourists find the destination they are seeking, and it is enjoyed and adored by visitors for it is more like an amazing artwork than a simple presentation tool.

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    Theme Park Model in Islambad

    Scale:1:350 | Size: 2000mm x 2500mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Heralded as one of the best water theme parks in Islamabad, this place was designed to be a new tourist destination to attract a huge influx of visitors to come for entertaining and relaxing, and the client, who is also the developer, has requested a theme park model to portray this new project.

    Two well-selected miniature Ferris wheels, which would be served as iconic recreational facilities in the theme park, and other entertainment riders like magic fairy hall and ray speed circuit, etc, were all replicated in this theme park model, using digital-based model making techniques like rapid prototyping, laser cutting and 3d printed architectural model making, and hand skills.

    This theme park model comprises a range of water features such as wading pools, water slides, and huge swimming pool, etc to inform the visitors that this theme park would provide abundant water play options for all ages.

    Upon completion, this highly detailed theme park model is now on view for public display in the showroom of the park, and even if the visitors look at the model for hours, new subtle details can be picked out.

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    Dubai Old Village Theme Park Model

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 2500mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Dubai Old Village Them Park is one of the most unique parks in Dubai as it tells a story of a traditional old village by creating a place, authentic to age and history, on a large closed site, and this theme park model is the replica of it.

    Besides primary attractions, tiny bits like carriages, rowing boat and yacht, and even flowers in the planter beds, could be noticed from this theme park model, our architectural model maker mimicked the lovely natural surroundings to make this theme park model more attractive.

    And more importantly, our model makers in Dubai makes the model demonstrates the client’s design purpose that they wanted to construct a wonderland not only for experiencing adventure and fun but also for spreading local cultural and natural heritage.

    Dubai Old Village Them Park, however, means more and offers more to tourists and visitors than traditional theme parks and the overall effect of this theme park model is quite appealing as it perfectly reflects the ancient village atmosphere.

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