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Generally, a stadium model consists of inside large flat areas and outside parts with certain en external design details.

Architectural blueprints, construction drawings, and period photographs, it has, are indispensable the basic information to build stadium models.

1:150 and 1:200 are most commonly used scales to build stadium models as details like bustling bleacherites can be clearly shown to make the model look as life-like as possible.

Materials to make the stadium models can be varied, from frosted, translucent to completely clear.

It depends on what features and effect the client want to present.

Making an impressive stadium model requires various advanced model making technologies.

For example, rapid prototyping is an ideal option for constructing stadium terracing and roof supports.

The Lighting system is distinctly critical since it helps to illuminate and ripple through the whole stadium model.

Other accessory elements like miniature advertising board and a large LED screen located around the playing field can be added to make a more realistic representation.

Stadium model can be used as a part of a competitive bid for a new stadium construction project or used as a showpiece when the developer wants to launch a new project to the public.

In some cases, it can be placed in the stadium ticket office to show the audience the seating plan.

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    Tokyo National Stadium by Zaha Hadid

    Scale:1 : 1000 | Size: 500mm x 350mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This 3D printed stadium model is a perfect interpretation to show off the ambitious design of the 80,000-seat Tokyo National Stadium, which was designed by world-famous architect Zaha Hadid and won the design competition for the 2020 Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, although ZAHA's design aspiration is kind of difficult to achieve mainly due to its high £1.3 billion estimated construction cost, it is an unrivalled masterpiece that is worshipped by sport fans and architecture lovers all over the world.

    Tokyo National Stadium is a marvel of design and engineering as it has virtually no straight lines, and with rich experience in making stadium models, RJ modelers accurately depicted the unique bike helmet building shape using the advanced 3D printing technique and painted it with a metallic finish.

    This stadium model has LED lights lit from inside, and this masterpiece illustrates what the stadium will look like in a language that every sports fan understands as it offers an unparalleled visual effect in a way that traditional drawings and digital modeling could not rival.

    Completed in 21 days, this stadium model is a perfect combination of top-ranking modeling craftsmanship and creative architecture design.

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    Kuwait University Stadium Model in Kuwait

    Scale:1 : 500 | Size: 2000mm x 1850mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    This stadium model was a prominent element in the presentation of the 15,000-seat Kuwait University Stadium project, designed by SOM as a center part of the Student Activities and Athletic Facilities at the Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University campus.

    Surrounded by an esplanade level which encompasses banquet and retailing service, the designed grand stadium consists of a large soccer field with two shading roofs, two elegant primary grandstands, several VIP lounges, and athletic support spaces, and all these elements were flawlessly presented by this stadium model.

    RJ Model’s model making team and designers in Kuwait mainly used laser cutting technique to create floor plates and glazing facade of this stadium model while the arched roofs and its supports were manufactured by 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

    Modeling this high detailed stadium model was both a privilege and a challenge to RJ Models, and model making experts accomplished this task and brought the design of the stadium into perspective vividly.


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    Dalian Football Stadium Model in China

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2500mmx 1700mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This 1:1000 scale stadium model demonstrates RMJM’s ‘lighthouse’ design of a 40,000-seat Dalian football stadium by accurately mimicking the undulating roof shape which symbolized the Dalian Sea.

    The exterior building structure of this stadium model was created using high-quality translucence acrylic, which allows the building framework to be viewed clearly through the whole building, and as the client wanted to highlight the design of the building shape instead of details, our architectural model makers in China did not model each individual grandstand seat but represented them by blocks.

    Another significant feature of this stadium model is its distinctive lighting system through tones of white and blue, reflecting the Dalian football team colors as well as the color of the ocean.

    As the final stadium model was displayed for design competition held by the Bureau of Urban Planning of Dalian, the surrounding environment was included simply to show the authorities how the work would affect the district.

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    Abu Dhabi Stadium Model

    Scale:1: 150 | Size: 2300mm x 1600mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This futuristic 1:150 stadium model was built to depict the outstanding design for a 65.000-seat Stadium in Abu Dhabi, which was designed to host sports tournaments especially football games, as well as to attract more local and international visitors to the city.

    Dynamic twinkling lights were embedded in this stadium model to highlight the grandstands by allowing the interior pattern to glow through the whole structure, and therefore bring the model an interactive and functional effect.

    To capture the original architectural design of this stadium, RJ Modelers mainly used 3D printing technology to make the moveable wagon roof, together with laser-engraved details demonstrating the flows of the audience, this stadium model leaves the viewers a breathtaking impression.

    It took RJ's model making team in Abu Dhabi approximately 30 days to complete this high-detail stadium model, and the final stadium model was displayed as a centerpiece during the presentation held by Mubadala, the developer.

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    Qatar Stadium Model

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 1350mm x 850mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    Has been commissioned as the designer, the Arup Associates planned to convert this Qatar stadium into a multi-use venue that would become a part of Qatar’s bid to win the qualification to host the 2022 World Cup, and this stadium model demonstrates all the key design elements with a particular emphasis on the unprecedented rood construction.

    After having considered this stadium would become the first symbolic structure which integrates renewable energies with architecture design and engineering, RJ Models makers built a remote-controlled interactive revolving canopy to reveal the design intention- the roof will be opened to provide natural ventilation during match times and closed to protect the spectators and players from terrible weather conditions.

    As the client has requested this stadium model as one of the bidding products, RJ Model’s model making team in Qatar assembled and placed a number of miniature soccer players and fans into this stadium model to make it look more realistic.

    The final stadium model was completed in 21 days and it was transported to the client flawlessly in a customized shipping case.

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    RTA Stadium Model in 1:500

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 2800mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 1 Month

    Has been commissioned by RTA, RJ Models cooperated with 3DR Models built this stadium model to represent an outstanding design for the competition of a 60,000-seat stadium, which would host the 2019 Asian Cup and other important international sports events for the country.

    Rising from the ground, the half-ball shaped stadium, which will be the first fully air-conditioned and largest stadium in the UAE, was created in the high level of detail, and other facilities like the car park and exercise pitches, etc were also included in this stadium model.

    The lighting systems for both inside the stadium and for the surrounding area were installed separately, which allowed the client to have them turn on for the different purpose at a different stage, and approximately 3000 figures were added to this stadium model to create a lively atmosphere.

    This stadium model took RJ’s model making specialists around one month to finish and it is a perfect interpretation of how the proposed RTA stadium will look like when fully completed.

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    RTA Stadium Dubai in 1:250

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 1500mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Following the 1:500 scale RTA Stadium model that our model makers in UAE built previously, this 1:250 scale model is an enlarged version, as it further reveals the unique design of this landmark stadium without compromising too many intricate details of the surroundings.

    The primary design intention was to build a stadium that would be served as a sustainable global sports destination in Dubai, and this stadium model embraces the essence of the architectural design by showing an incredible flaky building façade with high-level laser-engraved details.

    Designed as one of the central parts of Dubai’s “Sports Innovation Lab” initiative, this stadium would incorporate over 60,000 seats, which can be clearly seen in this stadium model as model makers in UAE placed thousands of figures sitting sit on the bleachers with white LED lights casting on to the court and grandstands.

    Once the stadium model was completed, it was fixed to a stable MDF base and was shipped to Dubai for public display.

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    Bahcesehir Stadium Model

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 2000mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This stadium model is a lifelike replica of the multi-purpose Bahcesehir Stadium in Alanya, Turkey, which is mainly functioned as the home venue of Süper Lig team Alanyaspor and currently is used mainly for soccer games.

    A wide range of model making materials was used to fabricate this stadium model.

    For example, RJ modelers selected different forms of plastic to make stadium roof and finishing surfaces, and expansive greenery, as well as sophisticated lighting system, were also included to accomplish a visually rich stadium model.

    As the client has strongly requested a high-level realistic representation, our architectural model makers in Turkey added almost all the fine details like out-training fields, spacious parking area, surrounding roads and model cars and figures, etc, to this stadium model.

    The final stadium model was initially used for planning presentation, and it was displayed for public visualization and marketing in the later stage to attract potential investments and visitors.

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    Birmingham Stadium Model

    Scale:1:300 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 21 Days

    This Birmingham Stadium was designed as the new home for Birmingham City Football Club and was expected to be a fresh tourist attraction for visitors, especially for football fans, all over the world, and RJ Models has been honored to build this stadium model for this 55,000-seat open-air stadium.

    The roof for this stadium model was a primary feature as it was fabricated patiently using advanced model manufacturing techniques, and other components such as the structures surrounded were also included but without many details.

    With the goal of making the stadium model look more contemporary and futuristic, our architectural model makers in the UK and designers painted the semi-finished stadium model with a metallic color, which looks much the same as the original design, and entourage elements like trees and foliages were add to bring the model to life.

    This stadium model was displayed for public hearing as it comprehensively illustrates how this new stadium will enrich citizens’ lives and promote the local economy, and it was also used to attract investments and sponsorship before the real stadium is completed.

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    Al-Gharafa Stadium Model in Doha

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 1800mm x 1500mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Completed in 30 days, this 1:250 scale stadium model of Al-Gharafa Stadium is a visually impressive representation as well as one of the dominate bid products for Doha to win qualification to host the World Cup 2022.

    With the assistance of full-color 3D printing technique and other experienced model making skills, the colorful building façade of this stadium model, which inspired by the flying ribbons, was emulated after a number of color combination experimentation to achieve the optimal visual effect.

    Dynamic lighting was added to this stadium model for the interactive purposes, such as animating surrounding roads and highlighting the interchangeable playing fields insider the stadium.

    Model making experts commence the modeling process for this stadium model by fully capturing the design ideas especial the façade details, however, because of the time constraints, our architectural model making team represented the grandstands by blocks instead of individual seat as the client has required more attention on the building appearance but not intricate details.

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    Al Khor Stadium Model in Doha

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    RJ Models is very pleased to be appointed to make the stadium model for the innovative Al Khor Stadium located in the coastal town of Al Khor, Qatar, and this stadium would be able to accommodate 45,330 spectators.

    This stadium was planned to be a new benchmark that integrates modern architecture with sustainable development, and in order to provide the viewers a sense of futuristic and modernity,.

    Our architectural model makers constructed this stadium model in a simple and conceptual way by using high-quality white acrylic for the main parts of the model.

    The most striking feature of this stadium model is its seashell building shape which was mainly built by CNC engraving machine, and model designers highlighted this bold design by adding a series of miniature canopies and sunshades with dramatic LED lights.

    This stadium model is an excellent exhibit displaying model that helps to put the city Al Khor on the top level sporting map, as this model brings the new stadium to life and to the future success of this masterpiece.

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    Jockey Club Stadium Model in Hong Kong

    Scale:1:150 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    RJ Models built this sectional stadium model in a 1:150 scale, showing a quarter of the proposed Jockey Club Stadium because the client wanted to focus on one part of the stadium instead of the whole venue

    With excellent model making techniques, the modern external stadium façade with high-level architectural details were replicated, and this monochrome white stadium model was created majorly of high-quality PVC and MDF.

    Manufacturing one stand enabled model makers to work on a big scale, 1:150, which allowed a great level of surrounding details to be included to give the model an actual perspective, this model has no lighting but it looks very true-to-life as it shows few miniature cars driving to mimic the real life.

    The final stadium model was completed in 30 days, and it well captures the essence and the character of the stadium, and now it is displayed in the club receptions to show the stadium in its whole.

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    Al-Shamal Stadium Model in Doha

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This breathtaking stadium model is an outstanding interpretation of the Al-Shamal Stadium, which was inspired by the traditional fishing boats, and the design of this 45,120-seat Shamal stadium is quite unique as compared to most other World Cup stadiums, and it would become an iconic venue for sports events held in Doha.

    With the use of the timber CNC cutting processes, the stadium is mainly constructed of plywood, plastic and cardboard, and the glazed stadium roof made of high-quality foster glass is another eye-catching feature of this stadium model.

    As this 1:400 scale stadium is the central element of this scale model, surrounding environment and facilities were created without much detail, and huge parking space, which could park for 6,000 cars and 350 buses was included as well

    The final stadium model was fixed on a rectangular wood base and it has LED lights lit from within, and it was accomplished in 30 days then transported to Doha for presentation.

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    Al-Wakrah Stadium Model in Doha

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2800mm x 2800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Designed to be one of the main stadiums for 2022 FIFA World Cup as well as the home for the local soccer team Al-Wakrah Sports Club, the design of this 45,000-seat sporting facility integrates Al Wakrah’s local character with the modern architecture, and RJ Models has been selected to make this stadium model for this project.

    With RJ Models rich experience and expertise in model making realm, this stadium model presents a stadium design optimally with minimum material and waste.

    For the reason that the fundamental design intention was to blend the new stadium into the surrounding landscape, model makers created a relatively big size stadium model which measuring 2800mm x 2800mm, and this model emulated the majority of the surrounding environment and facilities to demonstrate Al Wakrah’s innovative nature environment and linked this new construction project to the local maritime traditions.

    The final stadium model was very satisfying although it has presented some challenges for RJ Models, for example, the information of the surrounding area were limited, meant that RJ modelers had to do lots of research work within a relatively short time.

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    Manchester United Stadium Model in UK

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 40 Days

    RJ Models has been assigned to construct this stadium model as a close interpretation of Manchester United Stadium, which is also named ‘Old Trafford’ and well known as the 'Theatre Of Dreams'.

    This stadium model in the U.K. is scaled and fabricated follows the actual 80,000-seat Manchester United Stadium, and with a transparent and clear roof which was made of thin Perspex, this stadium looks simple but best reflect the original structure.

    The grandstands of this stadium model were fabricated by red blocks made of plastic, and some blocks incorporated white painted letters which form ‘Manchester United’ when being put together.

    This stadium model comprises all the main feature of the stadium but was not built in every detail, and the finished size is 1800mm x 1800mm, which is an ideal and workable size for transport and display, and now it is on view at the Manchester United Museum as one of the treasures for the Manchester United fans all over the world.

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    Sadium Scale Model, Dalian Fitness Center

    Scale:1:400 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    This stadium model is a vivid and detailed interpretation of the 3712-Dalian Fitness Center, which was designed according to world class-A sporting event standard requirements.

    The main entrance of the stadium model is a simple and spacious space, and it was made of translucent acrylic to provide a sense of time, together with the laser cut surface and 3D printed building framework, this stadium model helps the client to deliver the project in an efficient and smooth manner.

    Exquisite details were presented by both machined parts and handcrafted components, and soft blue LED light, which is the same color as the team color of Dalian Shide football team, were installed to this stadium model to demonstrate the sports culture and the ocean elements of Dalian.

    RJ molders worked collaboratively with the client to ensure the final outcome would compliance with the building design and special requirements, and the client was very impressed with finished stadium model.

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    Taiwan Stadium Model by HOK

    Scale:1: 500 | Size: 1800mm x 1800mm | Production Time: 30 Days

    Designed by HOK, the design concept of this new Taiwan Stadium was based on an asymmetrical configuration, and RJ Models has been appointed to create this stadium model efficiently as the client wanted to use it for design presentation to gathering critical design opinions.

    RJ modelers used lightweight model making materials like high-quality durable ABS to create the semi spiral-shaped roof of this stadium model, which has a dynamic surface and was planned to simultaneously shade the grandstands and esplanade levels surrounded.

    Superb lighting systems were applied to this highlight the translucent blue roof covering as well as to allow the viewers to visualize how the new stadium model will look like in the night match time.

    It requested lots of work to get the design details perfectly illustrated, and the client was very pleased with the final stadium model that RJ Modelers completed within a short time.

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