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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Abu Dhabi by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Abu Dhabi is one of the most modern capitals in the Persian Gulf trust only the best architectural model maker.

RJ Models do various megastructures in the prosperous city.

We make scale models to fully capture the design element of an architect.

It will, therefore, be crucial to pick a model-making company that can deliver with professionality and precision.

As the top architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi, we provide you with supreme quality within a fair price.

The Arab nation’s structures clearly depict its rich culture and progressive state.

And our architectural model makers always push to deliver the craftsmanship these structures deserved.

Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world can truly profound benefits by choosing RJ Models.

A full detail realization of each architectural scale model project and and 3D architectural rendering like it is the real deal.

Grand Mosque Model

Architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi

Scale: 1:300                               Size: 3000mm x 2500mm x 2000mm                           Production Time: 30 days

RJ Models presents with pride this award-winning representation of the Grand Mosque.

It is made to align in the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, holiest of sites in the Muslim religion.

And the spectacular religious structure model must only be created by an equally spectacular model making company in Abu Dhabi.

This miniature manifestation of the Islamic faith is composed of magnificent domes characteristic of Muslim tradition.

The courtyard’s corners are adorned with four tall minarets rising about 107 meters in actual.

Long lines of tall arcade openings surrounding the holy site are incorporated with lighting.

This illuminated arcade casts a reflection on the pools around it giving that surreal appearance.

Architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi

Dedicated craftsmen from our model making company in Abu Dhabi made consistent of the pristine white color motif.

A well thought out landscaping surrounds the entire perimeter of the mosque model.

Ethereal beauty is apt to describe not only for the real Grand Mosque structure but also the scale mosque model.

A description that RJ Model’s sure-handed talents are sure to present in every model project.

Shaikh Khalifa Medical City Model in Abu Dhabi

Scale: 1:350                               Size: 2300mm x 2300mm x 2300mm                           Production Time: 30 days

The Shaikh Khalifa Medical City is masterfully created as a scale model by top model making company in Abu Dhabi, RJ Models.

It incorporates hospital design in the traditional sense with the sleek modern appeal.

This huge medical city exudes the simplicity of clean lines such facilities have always been presented.

Amid the simplicity is a highly detailed full façade louvered windows with color touches.

Adding some modernity within the complex is a separate structure composed of asymmetrical concave panels surrounding a cubic base.

Lines of trees adorn this 1:350 scaled hospital model completing the entire site development view.

Furthermore, there are landscaped exterior areas, scale model trees, roads with traffic and street lighting.

These street lamps light up, as well as the buildings to realistically give impact to its character.

RJ architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi never scrimps on added model elements to make every project come to life.

No matter the size of a project, a fast one-month production period is just a bonus from us.

Abu Dhabi Jewel Hotel Model

Scale: 1:250                               Size: 1800mm x 1800mm x 800mm                           Production Time: 30 days

Architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi

Our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi really outdid themselves again with the Jewel hotel model.

The intricacy of this 1:250 scaled model project never hindered the team to deliver with just over a month’s time.

Intricate, jaw-dropping details abound with the Jewel Hotel model.

Masterfully crafted stained glass domes, Stone carving design elements all throughout and elegant Arabian inspired windows in latticework fashion.

The color-palette stayed true as the architect designed it.

Architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi

A spectacular sight greets viewers as the site model is teeming with landscape and waterscape in full development perspective.

Adjacent buildings, Pools, roads; varied displays of garden, scale model trees, scale model yachts and trees are essentially put together.

To further amaze clients, we made use of a smart lighting system which is computer programmed to produce lighting effects.

This addition creates dramatic simulations for daytime or nighttime lighting for the architectural model.

The unparalleled craftsmanship of our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi successfully gave life to this meticulous project.

RJ Models astoundingly achieved charm and grace to the hotel model thereby giving justice to the designer’s concept.

Architectural model maker in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Stadium Model

Scale: 1:150      Size: 2300mm x 1600mm      Production Time: 4 weeks

It only took 30 days for our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi to finish developer Mubadala’s modern stadium model.

This stadium for major sporting events can hold up to 65,000 seating capacity intended to draw locals and foreign spectators alike.

Technology is RJ Model’s handy helper, using advanced 3D printing to create the exactness of the roof concept.

Spherical shaped roofing resembling a ball mostly used for sports activities.

Our ingenious team of modelers made it moveable enabling what’s underneath to be displayable.

A laser engraved stadium scene unfolds as the roofing moves to one side.

Full detail rows and rows of seats for the spectators surrounding the green playing field.

Added to that is the dramatic lighting effect highlighting the interior patterns within and around the stadium model.

The world-class RJ model making company in Abu Dhabi completes the stadium model display with site development.

Features a geometrical exterior landscape complementing the dynamic structure and a road busy with cars to complete the overall look.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Model – Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC)

Scale: 1:1000                                 Size: 1800mm x 1300mm                            Production Time: 4 weeks

The Midfield Terminal Complex which serves as Abu Dhabi’s international airport chose RJ Models to create their architectural scale model.

Our client KPF indeed got what they paid for with regards to our top-quality project delivery in 30 days.

Airplanes coming off and landing on the airport strip will instantly recognize it for its X shape.

This makes for maximum use of space to accommodate more airplanes at a time.

Each arm of the X will serve as terminals which is one of the largest in the region.

The roof of the airport structure connotes the naturally wavy formation of the sands of the desert in the country.

This was no ordinary feat for the best model making company in Abu Dhabi.

It features a skylight to present natural lighting and energy conservation on the entire length of the roofing.

RJ's architectural airport models’ exceptional team completed the look with lines of trees along the airport way.

A glow of green light emanates around the whole complex creating a dramatic look from above.

We included several model airplanes to completely realize the facility’s large capacity.

 Vicinity Model – the Midfield Terminal Complex (MTC)

Scale: 1:5000                                 Size: 1600mm x 1500mm                            Production Time: 4 weeks

architectural scale models in Abu Dhabi

KPF’s trust for RJ architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi extended by having us commission their international airport model.

This is to display the facility within its vicinity as to how it will look with its surroundings.

To give their viewers a better insight into the immense airport design concept, RJ Models stepped up to the challenge.

The 1:5000 scale simplified the actual airport in this model, it nevertheless has a fully defined model of its own.

The huge expanse of more than 700,000 square meters covers the Midfield Terminal Complex and provides two runways.

Our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi professionally kept specific details of the architect’s design into the making.

It visually displays the intent to shorten every airplane’s taxiing distance, as well as a large area for plane stowage.

RJ Model’s top-notch model makers presented the project with complete infrastructure details.

Road networks around the facility, zoning layout of the neighboring areas and plots of wide-open spaces as greeneries.

Our airport model-making company undeniably stayed true to the architect’s design integrity all throughout.



Mixed-Use Miniature City Planning Model Project

Scale: 1:1000                                    Size:  13000mm x 8000mm                            Production Time:  2 months

RJ model making company in Abu Dhabi completed this huge 1:1000 scale city planning model in just two months.

This depiction will be the master plan of the Abu Dhabi emirate in the near future.

This sprawling city model covers such an elevated level of detail which amazing features even the natural topography of the islands.

RJ Models constructed separate blocks like puzzle pieces to put together the immense city model.

One can see the masterful zoning plan for each area according to its land use.

Residential areas with distinct types of housing along with the business and commercial zones make up this city planning project.

It displays several of Abu Dhabi’s iconic buildings, as well as the port area.

Our company’s team of highly skilled model making craftsmen brought the future miniature Abu Dhabi to life.

Looking down on it gives a spectacular aerial view too awesome to realize that it is just a master plan model.

This, in turn, will favor our Arab clients with increased investment potential and boost to tourism.

Conclusion: RJ Models will exceed your expectation of scale model making in Abu Dhabi

An architectural model not only reflects an artist’s talent but promotes a clearer understanding of how a structure will be.

It requires some of the most experienced and efficient staff in the industry to create such.

This is just what RJ Model’s is known for in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world.

Even the smallest detail is never a big deal with us.

On point replication of design as conceptualized by the designer is what our architectural model makers in Abu Dhabi aim.

Proof of which is the array of architectural model projects this emirate city has commissioned us to do.

RJ Models boasts of 24/7 services with fast production times within a competitively priced budget.

Decades of expertise complete with professional package make us the best model making company around.

We also have a partner, 3DR Models to support our model making service in Middle East District for ensuring the quaility of model making.

Only the highest quality results that our clients deserve.

Failure to do so will never come out of our architectural model building team anywhere in the world.

We provide professional architectural rendering serivce.

We even offer to ship your architectural scale model to every major location.

The biggest and brightest cities worldwide trust us, let us add you as architectural design companies on the list.


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