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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Indonesia by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Architectural scale models have been an integral part to display the general idea of a designer in the architectural and engineering arena.

Every model has to be created with its own identity, however modest or technical it may be.

Craftsmanship has to be in maximum perfection to give true sense and justification to the design concept.

In this regard, RJ Models continues to bring forth its unmatched reputation in the model making industry.

One of southeast Asia’s largest countries, Indonesia, with its busy capital, Jakarta, noticed our superlative achievements.

As an emerging market economy in the region, they obtained various architectural projects to keep up with the times.

Our architectural model builders’ broad experience in model making techniques and technical skills can handle Jakarta’s projects with ease.

The number of successful architectural model making and 3D architectural rendering projects in Jakarta and anywhere worldwide is confirmation indeed of our professional model making package.

1. Trans City Planning in Jakarta

Scale: 1:1500                                    Size: 5000mm x 2600mm 500mm                            Production Time:  4 weeks

This huge 5 x 2.60-meter master plan model is a futuristic Trans City plan for The bustling Jakarta metropolis.

Set in the center of a dense urban zone will be this scheme which consists of varied geometrical architectural masterpieces.

Most of the building massing around the area are white styled to represent the spatial organization in utilizing the land.

The client, with our model making company in Jakarta, chose white styled model since the design is yet to be finalized.

This kind of model is usually an approach for more design consultations regarding the eventual design and layout of the structures.

However, some of the major eye-catching structure forms were modeled in silver creating a more edgy, modern character.

Our architectural model makers in Jakarta gave the expansive model a lively vibe with entourage elements like greens and roadways.

The final product made of ABS rubber sheets and plexiglass is sturdy enough even when logistical handling must be done.

2. City planning Model in Jakarta by SOM

Scale: 1:400                                 Size: 2300mm x 1400mm x1500mm                           Production Time: 3 weeks

One of the brightest architectural companies around, SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merril) continues to commend RJ Models for their projects.

It is the city planning model in Jakarta this time which highlights the newest architectural gems in the capital city.

Our model making company in Jakarta created an aerodynamic tower that stands around the center projecting modern majestic appeal.

While down below adjacent to the tower are equally distinctly designed structures, modern yet gives a traditional appeal.

The rest of the city model being white monochrome successfully emphasized the intricate design details of the featured buildings.

Trees and other necessary entourage elements of the site development were tailor-crafted for spatial visualization of the surroundings.

For more emphasis is the integration of lighting in the feature structures giving its character a more defined effect.

The architectural model makers in Jakarta adhered to careful monitoring and execution to achieve this detailed workmanship in two weeks.

3. 2432 Tower Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:300      Size: 1500mm x 1300mm x1500mm         Production Time: 3 weeks

This tower model is a full detail version for one of the three selections from the district 2432 urban model.

Unlike its solid massing white style counterpart, this one was masterfully detailed with on-point precision.

It's 1:300 scale never hindered our masterful model makers to precisely conform with the tiniest bit of the architect’s plan.

Characteristic of straight vertical lines with geometrical masses that seem to look attached to the main tower structure.

These features give it the distinguishing trait uniquely its own.

A larger model with high detail visualization of the façade with the interior grand lobby was also created.

Laser-cut acrylic, meticulous finishing, and assembly gave it a realistic appearance our model making company in Jakarta is proud of.

The installation of lighting fixtures like they will be on the physical building itself gives off a realistic ambiance.

And we at RJ Models live up to the mission to specifically target every architect’s drawing into its closest reality.

4. District 2432 Jakarta by KPF

Scale: 1:1000      Size: 1500mm x 1500mm      Production Time: 2 weeks

A balsa wood model building was the choice for KPF’s urban model on district 2432 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Our model making company in Jakarta used fine-grain wood for the base, buildings and other elements.

Each of the biggest to the smallest component, however absent with details were painstakingly sanded to smoothness for presentation.

This model served as a live draft of the actual vicinity in which the 2432 tower will soon rise.

Three tower model styles were created so planners and designers can deliberate with the best choice relative to the surroundings.

These variations were finished in white style, each a bit different with massing design but all with a unified concept.

Lines of trees were added to these models for added visual interest and future projection of appearance with them.

Architectural model makers from our Jakarta base produced the natural topography and scale model trees of the area complete with roads and bridges.

A wooden model is a fast and cheaper option to accomplish the goal to provide a general design vision.

5. Sequis Office Building Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:400      Size: 1500mm x 1200mm      Production Time: 2 weeks

Jakarta’s office structures are not left behind from the other western big city buildings.

RJ Models presents a prime example of this with the Sequis office building in Indonesia’s capital city.

Our sure-handed architectural model makers in Jakarta accurately depicted the tower to show off its theme and design character.

Towering above the cityscape is vertical lined steel and tall curtain glass windows.

It has a layered surface with one-fourth of the lower portions slope outward at an angle breaking the straightforward verticality.

This white and grey monochrome model looks modest, but careful consideration has been brought entirely from the planning to execution.

The model-making company in Jakarta presented this high-end business tower complete with neighboring structures and entourage elements.

An elegant and stylish exterior character with functional amenities in the inside is what this architectural project suggests.

Accordingly, RJ Models delivered with such a depiction of this 1:400 scale model building in as short as two weeks.

6. District Master Plan Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:1500      Size: 1000mm       Production Time: 2 weeks

We can see that the architectural industry is not limited to just presenting a certain building by itself.

Clients call on our model making company in Indonesia to create a 1:500 model with a defined vicinity radius.

This urban model in Jakarta was commissioned to see the atmosphere of their work with the rest of the city.

Presented along the white styled cityscape of the district are the interchangeable single building mass models with different design forms.

These options lock in the same area on the model allowing the planners and designers with a clear visual scene.

They can study how the final form will interact with the rest of the urban scene, roads, accents, and foliage.

It also defines its hierarchy with the rest of the landmark buildings and low-rise zones of the entire radius.

It took our architectural model makers in Indonesia two weeks of production time using quality materials and accurate crafting expertise.

7. District Master Plan Wooden Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:1000                Size: 1100mm              Production Time: 2 weeks

In a grander circumference with a 1:1000 scale, another district master plan model in Jakarta is featured in white massing.

Two urban zones were presented separated by a river stretching from the edges of the model.

The other half is predominant with high-rise structures in which the center portion will contain the project at hand.

Our model making company in Indonesia was delegated to create a couple of proposed building design forms for visualization.

These options can be mounted interchangeably during planning discussions from our client’s board.

This wooden scale model simply depicts how a proposed design will turn out in relation to the structures around it.

The architectural model makers in Indonesia gave it an added visual appeal with lines of trees and grassy areas.

Proper measurements which include roads and bridges were met accordingly producing the exact specification of each urban element.

Thus, RJ Models did what they do best to present the accurate model of one of Jakarta’s city master plans.

8. Thamrin Nine Tower 4 Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:300      Size: 500mm x 250mm  x 800mm     Production Time: 2 weeks

The industrial character of the Thamrin Nine tower in Jakarta was successfully performed by none other than RJ Models.

It is 800 mm tall model with a 1:300 scale provided on a smaller base and finished within two weeks.

The team of office building model makers from the Indonesian base exerted dedication to fabricate each minute detail.

Every element was then assembled meticulously piece by piece conforming to exact specifications.

The podiums and annex buildings are both sleek and high-end in an appeal which our ingenious craftsmen gave justice to.

Adding visual interest is the remarkable plant wall on the podium connecting the two towers.

There is a helicopter on a helipad on top of the annex just to punctuate the grand scale of the model.

Minimal adjacent buildings were included, thus giving focus to the detailed design of the Thamrin Nine.

Hence, our model making company in Indonesia’s exceptional quality renown, the two-tower model was accomplished truly to its plans.

9. Thamrin Nine Tower 4 Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:50              Size: 400mm x 300mm x800mm          Production Time: 2 weeks

This characteristically unique model was another design proposal for Jakarta’s Thamrin Nine tower 4.

The team of architectural model building team depicted the model on a bigger scale of 1:50, thus showing off great details.

Featuring an unusual solid massing with the larger part on top hovering above a third of the multi-story lower portion.

It is not as towering as the previous style modeled but it also connotes the same concept.

Steel and glass construction dominate the structure with such a realistic look of materials thoroughly achieved by RJ Models.

Giving it the true-to-life resemblance of reflective glass for the curtain wall is by the use of plexiglass.

So much has been accomplished by our model makers through the years, hence the expert material selection.

The model is straight to the point and void of any entourage elements.

Nevertheless, our model makers gave it greater visual impact with the addition of light within the see-through interior.

10. Lobby Model for the Sequis in Jakarta

Scale: 1:50      Size: 500mm x 400mm x 200mm      Production Time: 2 weeks

Architecture is not limited to how the facades of structures look; it also plays a major part in the inside.

Efficient space planning is a must and therefore needs an equally efficient model making to give justice to it.

The model-making company in Indonesia, RJ Models, was commissioned to depict the interior lobby of the Sequis in Jakarta.

A recognizably modern characteristic is in clear view using mainly top to bottom glass walls surrounding the lobby.

The vertical members adjoining the glass panels gives the lobby a grand appearance from the inside.

A scale of 1:50 was chosen accordingly providing a larger working model to include the interior space.

To give it a real sense of space utilization conditions, several scaled to size people models were well placed inside.

This lobby model will be used as a design tool to project the spatial organization of spaces inside.

Typically, a removable roof on the model is an ingenious way for the maximum display of interior usable spaces.

11. Thamrin Nine Model in Jakarta

Scale: 1:500      Size: 1600mm x 900mm x 1400mm        Production Time: 2 weeks

Giving a better perspective for the Thamrin Nine Tower’s hierarchy with its surrounding structures in this vicinity model.

RJ Models is always up for the task regardless of how modest or challenging the client’s requests may be.

This white architectural model may look simple, but on-point replication of the minutest detail is in place.

The featured model of the Thamrin Nine towers is the only element on the model with details.

However, only simplistic, direct to the point character of the towers were portrayed to emphasize which to be given focus.

All the other nonrelevant buildings in the vicinity are featured by a solid mass form for layout visualization purposes.

A two-week production period was all our architectural model makers in Indonesia needed to deliver.

This model project is a straightforward representation of the general scheme of the neighborhood once the building is erected.

The achievement of that goal is the result of our architectural model makers’ professional services

12. PT Verde Permai Model

Scale: 1:500      Size: 1600mm x 900mm x 1400mm       Production Time: 3 weeks

The elegant PT Verde Permai is satisfactorily captured into an architectural replica by the unsurpassed model making company in Indonesia.

We at RJ Models understand the very essence of architecture which has also become our craft with miniature building model making.

Careful material selection and crafting took place to ensure the final output would be as good as the real thing.

Every detail requirement of these two-tower Verde project was made according to exact specifications.

The elaborate layers of horizontal and vertical components of each building were meticulously assembled giving a flawless finish.

Full site development was also requested by the client, and RJ Models have always been inclined to satisfy requirements.

Featuring a tiled section in between the towers with abundant trees and landscaping providing a realistically pleasant environment.

The elaborate Verde Permai model has a lighting effect installed thereby visually emphasizing every building detail.

Two weeks was all our architectural model makers in Indonesia needed to provide this expertly crafted, highly detailed model.


The extensive range of model making projects in Jakarta is in corroboration with just how RJ Models thrives with excellence.

Our decades-long history as a model-making company is already trusted by top architects, designers, and developers.

Adding to those are the government institutions worldwide that entrust RJ Models for their meticulous model requirements.

The competent team of architectural model makers in our various installations around the globe can handle just about any model request.

The high-level consistency of model making is manifested through our 9999+ projects experience and continues its expansion to this day.

Ensuring that every model delivered to you will be of the highest quality and have complied with your specified deadline.

RJ Models model making company in Jakarta truly exhibited what a world-renowned A-lister model-making company can do.

Our service team will handle your model making inquiries 24/7, regardless of time zone or region worldwide.

Architectural design companies can rest assured to receive the ultimate professional package in architectural model making services.


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