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White Architecture Model

The white architectural model illustrates a proposed design which aims to emphasize on the design concept or the building structure instead of building material and external finish.

It is commonly used as a concept model to reveal designers’ ideas, and a great starting point for the architects to develop and explore better designs and options.

In the fields of urban planning, the white architectural model is extensively used as a design tool for an urban insertion and developing.

Sometimes the client requires architectural model which can be constructed concurrently with the design, and a white architectural model is a useful approach to text present design ideas, especially before final decisions have been made on colors and textures of external materials.

Generally, the white architectural model has very limited entourage elements as the designers want the viewers to pay more attention to the design itself instead of other insignificant details.

3D printing is the most commonly used techniques to build the white architectural model because it is time-effective and has a low cost, and materials like PVC and acrylic are both ideals for making models as they are cheap and easy to work with.

Overall, clean and straightforward are two appropriate words that can describe the white architectural model.

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    Beijing San Li Tun N8 White Architectural Model

    Scale:1: 50 | Size: 850mm x 850mm | Production Time: 14 days

    For the reason that the client has requested a physical scale model to represent a proposed building located in San Li Tun in Beijing, in just two weeks, RJ Models created this white architectural model, which is mainly made of 3D printed and laser cutting acrylic, to show the overall building structure and to provide a clear illustration of the architectural design concept from the planners.

    Consists of four stories above ground and one basement, this white monochromatic architectural white model features both the building external framework and internal structure such as stairs and ramps

    What’s convenient and make this white model outstanding is that each floor of this white architectural model is removable, which allows the viewers to see the floor plan of each level.

    RJ's white model architecture makers selected 1:50 scale for this white architectural model because with this scale, a great level of details of the building can be shown and the model would be easy to transport.

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    Jeddah Metro Station White Architecture Model by Foster + Partners

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 600mm x 300mm | Production Time: 10 Days

    Foster + Partners has been appointed through an international competition to develop the “architectural vision” for Jeddah’s city-wide public transport plan.

    “The development of the metro system will create a new urban amenity for the city of Jeddah at key locations below the elevated track”, said Foster + Partners.

    As shown in the white architectural model, the main content of this comprehensive plan is the underground part, which includes four floors and extends from the design of the stations to the trains and branding.

    RJ Models simplifies the buildings and landscapes above the ground, using white blocks and white scale trees to represent them; for the up-ground roads, white architecture model makers in Saudi Arabia use mirrors originally, which is not too distractive but adds fun to the white model.

    Through the sectional display, viewers can clearly and intuitively understand the structure and function of this underground architecture.

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    1776 House Architecture Model by KPF

    Scale:1:64 | Size: 500mm x 200mm | Production Time: 10 Days

    Under the request of KPF, one of the world-leading architectural design companies and a regular customer of RJ Models, a white architecture model is made for them to present their design concept.

    As the design concept is the primary role of this model, facade materials and interior decoration are relatively less important, the white model is the most appropriate form for display, and the irrelevant information is properly omitted.

    To maintain the consistency and integrity of the white model, most parts of the architecture are made of polyvinyl chloride, including elevators, floors, columns, beams and etc.; while the other parts are made of acrylic, such as the French windows.

    In the subsequent design process, designers can use this model as the basis to sketch and design, and more directly reflect their design concept to their clients.

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    K11 Haikou White Architecture Model by RTKL

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 500mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    The K11 shopping mall is one of the important projects of Haikou's consumption transformation and upgrading; RTKL is responsible for the design of the mall and delegates RJ Models to make a white architectural model for it.

    Considering the current design is still in the preliminary concept stage which will have inevitably adjustments in the future and after consultation with the responsible personnel of RTKL, the present form is set as a white architectural model, for the convenience of reference and modification in the future.

    Polyvinyl chloride materials are used for most of this white architectural model, including the tensional skeleton at the main entrance.

    Meanwhile, the white scale people and coconut trees are also made of white materials to match the entire model.

    Transparent acrylic plates are used to present the windows; however, there are curvilinear elements in the design of the atrium, it is a challenge for white architectural model makers to install those plates on curved surfaces.

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    Office Building White Model in Shanghai by SOM

    Scale:1:500 | Size: 450mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white architectural model is customized for SOM, which is one of the largest and most influential architectural, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world.

    RJ Models has cooperated with SOM many times around the world, with the super high quality and accuracy models.

    1:500 scale is adopted by white architectural model makers for this model since the client’s requirement is to present the unique façade system of the office building while the interior design is relatively less important and can be omitted.

    The building facade has two sets of grid systems, one is rectangular, and the other is diamond-shaped; to precisely present the design, CNC carving machine is used, which can laser cutting various materials and keep the edges very neat.

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    Retail White Model for Prada

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 450mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 days

    This is a white architectural model of a mall store.

    Unlike previous white models, it has a relatively small size and requires more detail of the facade without the need to display internal structures.

    In the past, this client often commissioned RJ Models to make a large-scale architectural or urban planning model; this time, considering the special design of the mall's facade, the client deliberately commissions RJ to create a white architectural model for it.

    In addition to the wall, the façade is full of rhythmic iron grilles; in order to avoid monotonously, the designers make minor adjustments to the position of each bracket and presents a different horizontal rhythm from the whole.

    To accurately present this unique design, the white architectural model makers use the iron wire to restore it, and after the weaving of whole structure, they spray it with white material to guarantee the consistency of the white architectural model.

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    Section White Architectural Office Building Model

    Scale:1:50 | Size: 450mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This is an internal model of an office building with the exterior walls removed and the viewers can see the interior arrangement of the two-story office very directly.

    In the first floor of the office, through the arrangement of scattered tables and scale people, white architectural model makers show the characteristics of the meeting space; for the second-floor office, viewers can clearly see the structure of the office through a large number of scale hexagonal desks and swivel chairs.

    White model makers also reproduce the truss structure of the roof with white PVC rods and use 3D printing technology to fabricate the tensile structure under the truss structure.

    This simple white architectural office building model plays an important and irreplaceable role in the designers’ subsequent design and shows their unrestrained creativity.

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    Jinan City Planning White Architectural Model by RMJM

    Scale:1:750 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    RMJM is a large group of consultants in architecture, city planning, and landscape design, headquartered in Scotland, UK.

    RMJM is responsible for the city planning of Jinan, Shandong and delegates RJ Models to make the white city planning model and fully present their design ideas.

    Several white model makers take part in the project and after 12 days’ restless hard work, the white model is manufactured perfectly in the end.

    In this project, to show the futuristic designs and planning, a frosted acrylic sheet is adopted as the main material; the obscure and illusion of the material fully demonstrate the character of the design.

    The shape of the center building is vertical irregular streamlined, which is made accurately by 3D printing technology.

    Blue LED lights are installed at the bottom of the center building and catch the viewers’ eyes at their first glance.

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    Hong Kong White Architectural Façade Model by Foster + Partners

    Scale:1:10 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white architectural model is part of a road and Foster + Partner designers will use it to do further research.

    Just as the Palladio motif forms the Villa Vicenza, this part shown in the white architectural model is a topological prototype of the entire road.

    The arched passages and the lattice-shaped tops become the original geometric elements after removing the spectacular arrangement, which has the perfect geometry and proportions as ancient Greek architecture.

    In this white architectural villa model, the white model makers use a single piece of thick PVC block for cutting and engraving, supplemented by two transparent acrylic columns for support.

    The coherence of its vaults and grid ceilings are maintained and even if viewers only look at this small part, can still feel the subtlety of the design.

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    Roof Structure of Hong Kong Airport T2 White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:10 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    Hong Kong Airport T2 has a relatively complex roof structure.

    The top of the white architectural airport model is made up of a combination of multiple spatial surfaces and each surface is controlled by a spatial curve, and the overall shape is smooth and coherent.

    To elaborately and subtly demonstrate the design, the scale is defined as 1:10.

    At the same time, the structure of the roof, steel structure, and ceiling are very complicated which need a very large amount of spatial positioning and shape finding work.

    Therefore, before the white architectural model making process, white model makers carefully study the design drawings and keep every tiny detail in mind.

    The final white model is full of rigorous aesthetics, which is greatly appreciated by clients and leaves a great impression on each viewer.

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    Theater Section White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:10 | Size: 500mm x 400mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This is a white cross-sectional model of a theater.

    This sectional expression could help viewers understand the internal structure of the theater more intuitively and through the arrangement of several rows of seats, a good frame of reference is formed and help viewers understand the scale of the space inside the theater.

    In the second floor of the theater and under the eaves of the first floor, white model makers install two different white lights to enrich the space and create a beautiful arc shape.

    The designer uses transversely-arranged curved cylinders to weave an upwardly constricted conical shape ceiling, which not only meet the acoustic design requirements but also decorate the whole space.

    The white model makers restore the design with hundreds of PVC thin columns and carefully design the position of each groove so that the columns could be accurately pinned.

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    Section White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 500mm x 200mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    Providing reference and inspiration for designers is increasingly becoming one of the key features of a white architectural model, and more and more designers are accustomed to customizing model which adapts to different stages of the design.

    The white architectural model has become a preference for many designers due to its relatively low cost, short production cycle and less tedious information.

    Designers can refer to the white model for more creative designs based on the partially determined model.

    In the case that the appearance remains basically, the white model makers make this model from the sectional perspective, which is more conducive for designers to do the overall consideration of structure and function and subsequent design.

    In this white model, very low saturation green is used for the scale trees to maintain the integrity of the model.

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    City Planning White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:1000 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white planning model is for Xujiahui district which is one of the four sub-centers of Shanghai.

    After a close discussion, the client and RJ Models commonly decide to use a white architectural to present the planning.

    On the one hand, the production cycle of the white model is shorter; on the other hand, it avoids unnecessary interference, so that the viewer can better focus on the planning itself.

    The white office building model makers only use PVC board to outline the shape of each building without any additional craftsmanship, but the smooth curve of the perfect cut hint the noble of the model.

    Since it is a regional planning model, the model makers carry out a certain portrayal of the surrounding scenery, including roads and street trees; but unlike the usual "addition" production principle (that is, the addition of materials for characterization), RJ Models uses the "subtraction" principle to express the road by engraving on an existing white pedestal which is both subtle and low-key.

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    Office Building White Architectural Section Model

    Scale:1:30 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white miniature building model is for an office designed by KPF, an internationally renowned architectural firm dedicated to providing design services to public institutions and individuals, known for their integration of functions, technology, and structure.

    The white model makers choose two-layer office of the entire building to illustrate, with a larger scale and more details, making it more convenient for designers and users to research and watch.

    Transparent plexiglass is used to represent the wall, dividing the space without obstructing the smoothness of sight.

    In the section view, the viewers can clearly see the structural system and spatial distribution of the building.

    A key feature of this building is the support structure with twisted steel, and the white model makers use 3D printing to accurately restore the rotation angle and integrated manufacture it.

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    Theater White Architectural Section Model by Bing Thom Architect

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    Hong Kong West Kowloon Xiqu Centre is based on the theme of "Our Urban Stage" and will become the new landmark.

    The designer integrates traditional culture into modern architectural style and the main body of the building is lantern shaped.

    The egg-shaped theater is located on the top of the Xiqu Center and uses the traditional Chinese moon arch pattern to create the smooth exterior wall.

    The white model makers focus on the opera center and three-dimensional greening.

    In the theater, in addition to the rows of seats and scale people, the interior design is also illustrated; the crystal lamps hanging from the ceiling, the bamboo-like walls, and the pale-yellow lighting all show the fineness and delicacy of the model.

    Model makers also add some green landscapes in the white architectural model to echo the vertical green design concept.

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    Kuwait Metro Station Section White Architectural Model by SOM

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    SOM has won the Kuwait Metro Station Design Competition because of its unique design and SOM commissioned RJ Models to create a white architectural model for this new project.

    The White architectural model makers from RJ Models design a white model for this project particularly and nest the whole model in a white box as if it is excavated from the ground and echoing the metro station is built underground.

    The main part of the metro station is displayed through the sectional perspective, while the rest is outlined on the surface of the white box by ink lines, creating a virtual and real contrast.

    Model makers in Kuwait arrange a number of black and white scale people in the hall of the white model, and the viewers can more directly understand the building scale.

    RJ Models engraves the relevant information of the project and the logo of SOM at the lower part of the white box and install lights inside it; the lights emerge from the hollowed-out place, creating an extraordinarily elegant and noble feeling.

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    Façade of a Section White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white architectural model is for a commercial complex with a continuous undulating roof.

    The continuous undulating roof is one of the design highlights, and there are hundreds of neatly arranged illuminators in the same direction above the grid layer.

    In order to accurately restore this design, the white model makers use 3D technology to print the grid layer according to the three-dimensional drawings; then manually install numerous different angles visors one by one.

    In this section white model, not only the above-ground store parts are displayed, but also the parking lot and column net underneath are clearly displayed to the viewers.

    In the atrium of the building, a layered viewing platform is designed, and the model makers use the transparent acrylic sheets to accurately restore the designers’ concept.

    For integrated green plants, RJ Models uses green scale trees to highlight the design of the indoor garden.

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    Nan Jing International Financial White Architectural Model by KPF

    Scale:1:200 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    Nanjing International Financial Center is headed by KPF, an internationally renowned architectural firm and the design of it is inspired by the crystal cluster.

    The exterior of the building is carefully designed and like a giant crystal column, which is embellished with the dynamic shape of water droplets; as the viewers change their positions, a variety of lights are reflected.

    However, taking the deadline and final effects into account, KPF and RJ Models unanimously decide to use the white architectural model to display the architecture, which is a challenge for the model makers.

    How to use only one type of material and its shading, detail, and cutting to show the designer's sophisticated design is not an easy task.

    White model makers fulfill the production task in a very limited time after days of restless hard work of shopping mall model.

    White architectural model makers not only fully utilize the leisure space on the roof, deliberately arrange green lawns and simulated umbrellas, but also carefully make the interior part and the roof is detachable, so the viewers can see the interior design sufficiently.

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    Chuang's London Plaza White Architectural Model

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 20 Days

    This white architectural model of the building will be used for the designer's subsequent design and the entire model is made of white PVC material, white and flawless.

    Due to the different interior design for model of each floor, the white model makers design a stackable pattern, and the two-layer model can be combined as an entire one but can also be separated for independent display.

    In addition to the fixed room layout and transportation facilities on each floor, there is no extra layout, and the position in the hall is left empty for the designers’ subsequent ideas.

    On the front side of the white architectural model, in order to label some information that must be presented to the viewers, such as the name of the building, our model makers in London engrave them on the white wall and do not destroy the integrity of the model.

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    White Architectural Lobby Façade Model by KPF

    Scale:1:96 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    The combination of two materials, a transparent acrylic sheet, and white PVC board clearly show the overall structure of the architecture in this white lobby model.

    Through the display of the white architectural model, the limitations in the design of the merchant can be reduced, and the store style can be designed according to the characteristics of their products.

    Except for the elevator and window display position, the rest is left empty for the merchants and their imaginations can be fully utilized.

    In addition, the white architectural model makers also glazed the white PVC panel for the external facade to make it more conformable to the shape of the exterior wall and use matte material inside, which is consistent with the commonly used interior design techniques.

    The white model makers also meticulously omit half of the roof, which not only makes it convenient for people to overlook the entire model but also shows the shape of the main entrance of the building.

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    Palace Mall White Architectural Model by KPF

    Scale:1:100 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This white display model is for the uniquely designed entrance of a shopping mall.

    The designer uses plexiglass and white ceilings to create a clean and sacred space; the customer rotates down the spiral staircase and the light shines through the cylindrical glass body into the store below the ground.

    This particular design allows for an unobstructed view of the interior and the largest publicity location for the store.

    The white architectural model is presented in the most basic form and leaves room for the designer to add more subtle designs in the future.

    The difficulty in the white architectural model making process is how to ensure that the curvature of the glass is the same as design, while still achieving sufficient stiffness.

    The final curved glass curtain wall and load-bearing column are integrally formed by 3D printing

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    SHK Shopping Mall White Architectural Model by Lead

    Scale:1:250 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 12 Days

    This is a white model with multiple buildings, most of its parts, including the landscape, road and building, all made of white PVC board, except the windows are displayed with transparent acrylic.

    The model shows the client many different ways the buildings can be connected to each other, either through the bridge or through the outstretched floor.

    The central building of the model is surrounded by pillars and thin acrylic sheets as if it is guarded just like treasures.

    The white model makers stack the PVC plates to show the ups and downs of the terrain, instead of adding fillers, making a purer model.

    Each tiny part of the white architectural model all cut by laser, which makes the whole model look nobler.

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    Unit Interior Design White Architectural Model in Netherlands

    Scale:1:25 | Size: 2000mm x 300mm | Production Time: 14 Days

    This is a white architectural model of a residential unit in a residential building.

    Although the house is made of white materials, there is no lack of due facilities, such as sofa, bed, kitchen, bathroom, and even the texture of the floor tiles are also clearly displayed.

    Each room is divided by transparent acrylic plates, which not only reflects the division between different spaces but also does not block the prospects of potential customers; they can clearly see the internal structure of the room.

    The white architectural model in Netherlands allows developers to list it as a standard configuration and provide buyers with renovation advice.

    The final model greatly promotes the sale of real estate, and many viewers say that they feel a clean and noble feeling from the model, which is one of the reasons that prompt them to buy the house.

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