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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Singapore by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

There is something to reckon with this small country in Southeast Asia that stated in humble beginnings.

Singapore emerged as the most progressive nation in the region because its aim is always for the best.

RJ Models as their model making company of choice lives up to their goals of excellence nonetheless.

Like Singapore, these architectural model makers started out small, but their constant thirst for innovation brought them to top status.

A premiere destination, RJ Models lives up to their name as the best modelers for creating the country’s top architectural sites.

Starting with airport landing to accommodations and leisure, every masterpiece created comes with a single vision to stand out for the architectural design companies.

Singapore Airport Model Terminal 4

  • Scale: 1: 540
  • Size: 4800mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

This airport model is for the Singapore Airport Terminal 4, a major airport in Singapore and an important aviation hub in Asia.

The “visual transparency transit lounge” concept is firstly used in the design of terminal 4 to enhance the overall green coverage and natural illumination of the building.

The airport plane is “I” shaped to provide a longer aircraft docking interface in the limited area.

The airport ceiling is a continuous prefabricated shell which is pre-machined to the appropriate angle and size to ensure rigidity and durability; naturally, an equilateral triangle structural column network is derived from that.

The outwards inclined steel pipe column, the excavated glass curtain wall, and the forth roof give the terminal a beautiful shape and allow the passenger to look out the window without the distribution of images reflected on the glass

In the process of making the model, the model makers use 3D printing model making technology to print the entire roof first, and then manually polish the surface of the ceiling and engrave appropriate texture on it.

The pedestal of the model is grey, having a strong contrast whit the white airport, and the architectural model makers adopt two kinds of grey ingeniously to identify the traffic system and regional segmentation.

Sentosa Theme Park Model in Singapore

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 1900mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Resorts World Sentosa is a new project of Genting Singapore with a cost of 6.59 billion Singaporean dollars, designed by world-famous Michael Graves & Associates and DP Architects of Singapore.

It has the first Universal Studios theme park in Southeast Asia, the Singapore Maritime Museum, the aquarium and a number of different resort hotels.

Theme parks usually use shaped the virtual environment and garden environment as the carrier to fulfill the curiosity of consumers, and the theme plot runs through the entire amusement park; thus, the design is usually full of powerful and unconstrained imagination.

Model making has, therefore, become more difficult since most of the facilities in the theme park are uniquely tailored and full of fantasy.

It is a challenge for architectural model makers to make these facilities and fantastic scenes in such a limited size and time.

Amusement park model makers specially create yellow rock and green algae material for the theme park model to simulate the cave and the ferns covering it; the water-patterned paper is used to represent the dynamic waterfalls.

Even the scale is 1:300, model makers do not give up their pursuit of details and faithfully recreate every subtle design; even the tiles on the stilted dwelling are precisely presented.

Beautiful lights are installed in the amusement park model and add its dreamlike effect, just like a Xanadu.

Yishun Community Hospital Model in Singapore


  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 450mm x 300mm
  • Production Time: 14 Days

Yishun Community Hospital is one of Singapore’s largest community hospitals to provide rehabilitation services.

Situated beside acute-care Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the two hospitals are connected by sky link bridges and bring about an integrated care experience for patients.

Considering the patients’ sunshine and leisure needs, the designer designs open balcony for each ward, and the edges are enclosed by a grille, which keeps the space open but also guarantees the safe.

3d model makers in Singapore use CNC engraving machine to laser cut the numerous grilles and reserve precise grooves for subsequent assembly.

The façade consists of brick red and transparent materials brick red and transparent materials, which convey a warm, clean feeling to the viewers, making the original distant hospitals kinder and closer.

Model makers also show the underground parking lot and structure of the hospital from a cross-sectional perspective, so viewers can see both the intact outlook but also the interior arrangement.

Tender warm yellow lights in each floor, neatly cut edges and carefully decorated roof garden above the podium all illustrate the exquisiteness of the model.

Since the model makers have produced many hospital models of this type and have abundant experiences, the final product is of good quality and high efficiency, and the client is very satisfied at first glance.

Jurong West Gate Model, Singapore.

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 1800mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time: 14 Days

Architectural Model Making in SingaporeThis eco-friendly, stylish commercial area is conveniently located in the modern Jurong Lake area.

It is ideal for both business and leisure travelers as it is close to the famous Resorts World Sentosa and a wide variety of shops, businesses and leisure facilities.

As mentioned before, RJ Models is responsible for the model making of Resorts World Sentosa.

The high-quality and efficient amusement park model has won the appreciation of clients and many developers for RJ Models; therefore, RJ successively undertakes the model making projects of many architectures in the surrounding area.

Model makers in Singapore from RJ are quite experienced in making such modern and commercial architectural scale models.

At the frontage, model makers use a sectional perspective to present the model, allowing viewers to understand the internal structure and functional facilities of the building more directly.

For the high-rise commercial apartment, white lights are installed throughout it, contrasting with the restrained, subtle lighting in the lower-floor commercial block on the other side of the street.

Just a 10-minute drive from the scenic area, convenient transportation, rich commercial facilities, and high-end and comfortable residences allow visitors to enjoy the time spent here and regain peace and quiet after a busy day of work or sightseeing.

In this model, the designer’s design intents are completely revealed, attracting numerous people to visit and invest.

AXA Tower Model Making in Singapore by SOM

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 750mm x 700mm
  • Production Time: 14 Days

AXA is currently the world’s largest insurance group and the third largest international asset management group in the world, while Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP(SOM) is one of the largest and most influential architectures, interior design, engineering, and urban planning firms in the world; cooperating with these two parties fully proves the strength and ability of RJ Models.

Located in the Financial hub of Singapore, with a myriad of facilities in-house and nearby,

AXA Tower is definitely going to be a highly sought-after commercial building.

The model makers adopt a circular base and place the AXA Tower at the center of the circle, fully reflecting its significant position.

Only white PVC material and low saturation-green are used in this model; dozens of surrounding buildings are outlined by finely engraved PVC plates without any redundant decorations, contrasting with the light greenery.

The AXA tower consists of two inward inclined super-high-rise buildings, forming a gradually narrowing outdoor high-altitude atrium from bottom to top, and extending two sky gardens in the middle and upper parts respectively.

The main façade with vertical greening is not only consisting with its environmentally friendly design concept but also subtly fulfill the need for indoor lighting and enrich the appearance.

Model makers in Singapore meticulously make greenery for each floor and precision laser cut out each layer of the gradually shrinking floor slab, creating an exquisite model for SOM and help the designers win the competition.

Singapore high-rise site model by SOM

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1130mm x 600mm
  • Production Time: 30Days

As one of the leading architectural and planning firms in the world, SOM has undertaken many significant projects, such as the development planning of West Manhattan, the master planning of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

SOM is responsible for the planning of this area, a part of the central business district in Singapore, and needs a model to show government officers their design concepts.

RJ Models once again designated by SOM to make the model, because of their consistent high quality and efficiency.

Considering the main purpose of the model is to illustrate the comprehensive planning of that area and the production time is relatively tight, model makers choose to use white models to present this high-rise building site in Singapore.

Most of the architectures in this site are simply engrave the outline and decrease the unnecessary distractions, which is convenient for designers to introduce their ideas and add details subsequently.

For the central building, designed by SOM before, more details are crafted to highlight its central position; model makers use thin iron wires to weave the grille façade of the high-rise building.

In response to the tropical climates and ecological environments, SOM has uniquely designed buildings and landscapes to dramatically reduce energy consumption through green landscapes and sustainable technologies and these elaborate designs have been revealed in the model without any omissions.

South Beach Residential Model

  • Scale: 1:1000
  • Size: 700mm x 700mm
  • Production Time: 20Days

South Beach Residences, which is part of The South Beach development, includes the restoration of four conservation buildings.

Conceived as a sustainable urban quarter, the project combines new construction with the restoration of existing buildings and brings together places to live and work with shops, cafes, restaurants, a hotel, and new public spaces.

A wide landscaped pedestrian avenue – a green spine – weaves through the site and is protected by a large canopy, which shelters the light-filled spaces beneath from the extremes of the tropical climate.

The steel louvered roof squats above the common area and is supported by a series of inconspicuous slender steel columns; thousands of blinds have been carefully designed to promote natural ventilation.

Model makers in Singpaore use both CNC engraving and 3D printing to make this ribbon-like roof and add rich details by handcrafting.

RJ Models also makes particularly metallic scale people to match the steel component.

Every corner of the housing model is covered with exquisite lights, which are shining brightly on the lawn, pool, sidewalk, apartment and shopping mall and create an enviable and elegant environment for every resident.

To make a more elaborate model for this project, a team of model makers was sent to Singapore before the beginning and keep a close communication with the client during the whole making process.

Finbar Aurelia House Model

  • Scale: 1:125
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Production Time: 20Days

Aurelia is a 20-floor luxury apartment complex developed by Finbar Group, a leading apartment developer, committed to providing residents with high-end luxury, elegant and healthy lifestyle.

Abundant facilities are provided in the apartment, such as 25m solar heated pool, sauna bar, private dining room, and fully-equipped gym.

Grand 2 story high entrance lobby creates a noble feeling for the residents.

Model makers pay great attention to every detail of the model and carefully polish each tiny component.

For a better appearance, model makers also try to reduce the use of glue but reserve suitable grooves for each component during the production procedure, which is essentially a traditional mortise and tenon joint structure.

Through the model, the viewers can intuitively understand the building’s appearance in the future and imagine the unparalleled seascape.

In order to present the most perfect product to the client, RJ Models produces three identical models for this apartment in 15 days; but just like every handmade product, there are subtle differences between each model and RJ choose the most beautiful one to deliver to the client.

This exquisite model with other promotional methods, such as promotional videos, and renderings play a significant role during the sales process and the real estates are sold out in a short period of time.

Façade Model of a Shopping Mall in Singapore

  • Scale: 1:125
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Production Time: 20Days

1:75 scale is large enough to show the fine detail of the building.

The façade of this shopping mall is filled with triangular elements and form a rich geometric space through topological transformation.

Designers choose gray masonry and white steel to create this rational aesthetic façade, creating a strong virtual-real comparison with the thick masonry and light steel structure.

The key requirement of this model is how to faithfully and accurately display the structure of the facade.

In addition to carefully studying the drawings sent by a client, the model makers also research the mechanical structure of the candidate model materials again to ensure the stiffness; meanwhile, they re-establish the structural system in the computer and measure the bearing capacity of those materials.

The intersection of many straight lines on the masonry structure is a test of the fineness of the handcraft.

Thin acrylic sheets are used to enclose the architecture and because of the high transparency, it is difficult to find the existence under normal circumstances, but after a specific angle change, the reflection on the acrylic sheet can be seen.

What is more, there is no solid wall on the side and back of the shopping mall model, and the interior structure, such as the floor layer and column beam system, is directly displayed to the audiences.

Finbar Civic Hotel Model

  • Scale: 1:125
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Production Time: 20Days

Finbar Group is one of the leading real estate developers in local and recently has won the bid to build the tallest commercial complex, including a luxurious hotel and a high-end shopping center, in the central business district.

Located on a 7206-square-meter triangular site bounded by Mends Street, Labouchere Road, and Mill Point Road, the hotel customers can enjoy a fabulous and unrivaled river scene.

Designers correspondingly design roomy balcony for each dwelling unit and customers can enjoy the beautiful landscapes with unobstructed views.

Since the façade of the podium is curved, model makers use 3D printing machine to precisely carve out the floor and attach transparent acrylic sheets on it.

RJ Models does plenty of background research before the hotel model making process and faithfully restore the local environment, even the unique tree species and river course are accurately produced.

This hotel model is going to be used for promotion and exhibition, thus model makers put lots of efforts into making a sensational outlook.

White stripped lights, which are installed in each floor, together with the warm yellow streetlamps forms a fabulous night scene, especially under the black background.

RJ Models also provide a professional logistic after the hotel model is finished and the client cannot help praising the high-quality model and this considerate service.


RJ Models’ vision to cater anywhere in the world with its top-quality architectural models is ever present in Singapore.

Settling for the status quo is not an option, especially in the arts of miniature architecture.

Our architectural model makers in Singapore make it a point that every step of the model making process is faithful to its promise.

No project is big or small, however tedious or complex, final delivery will produce praise and accolade no less.

The reputation of more than 20 years of expertise is also one of the largest facilities in the global scale.

Trusted by great nations and top companies worldwide, let us share your aspiration for premium architectural model achievement.


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