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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in the Philippines by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

The Philippines is a country that portrays diversity very well.

From different cultures across its islands, the changes in landscapes, and the difference of lifestyles practiced around the country, the Philippines amazes the world.

Recent developments in the Philippines have been arising for the past years. Developments in the cities and rural areas of the Philippines have been notable.

In the urban areas, the developments for better infrastructure and transportation systems are on the go.

In natural tourist spots, preservation is of main importance.

Filipino architects are behind these developments. But a Filipino architect needs someone who can showcase his or her ideas into a tangible reality.

This is where RJ Models be of significance in the world of the Filipino Architects.

RJ Models has been more than a witness to developments in this country, but rather a forerunner as well.

An architectural model making company of upcoming architectural projects in the Philippines, RJ Models have helped and collaborated with architects to provide a visual discovery and understanding of these projects before they come into existence.

They have created architectural models using various materials and made them with numerous processes, whether traditional practices or innovative techniques. RJ models optimize every project depending on your needs.

For a Filipino architect who desires a professional architectural model building team in the Philippines, RJ Models can work closely with you.

Whether it be a development for a city structure or an environmental landscape, RJ Models’ expertise will always deliver.

1 & 2 Woodside Ave Residential Model

Scale: 1:250        Size: 550mm x 500mm    Production Time: 21 weeks

RJ Models features another developing structure with a 1:250 scale model: the 1&2 Woodside Avenue Residential.

Located along Rodriguez Avenue in Pasig City, this site will be the turf for its two identical office towers.

The building facade is an innovative combination of fritted glass and metal screen on all face.

This concept is executed to address the different solar conditions on the different sides of the buildings, reduce solar glare and heat gain.

Moreover, the pattern generated creates a beautiful visual effect on the towers’ facade.

With RJ Models, the architectural genius of the building facade can be portrayed in detail with their office building model.

Having access to multiple manufacturing processes and various architectural materials, RJ Models effortlessly can create the best visual representation of the physical structures effortlessly and accurately.

Mandani Bay Suites Residential in Mandaue in Scale 1:100

Scale: 1:100      Size: 5000mm x 3000mm       Production Time: 30 Days

The Mandani Bay Suites is a rising development which will transform urban living in Cebu.

Situated in Mandaue City, Cebu, these residential suites is in a strategic location for tourist attractions and commodities, a recommendation for travelers and inhabitants.

RJ Models have created a residential model to feature this residential space that will provide a transforming living experience in the urban areas of Cebu.

The model, at first glance, displays the broad water with scale model yachts of Abu Dhabi frontage complemented by the tree- populated Marina and boardwalk.

Midway through the model are the two towers situated on a podium that houses recreational facilities, residential spaces, as well as community amenities.

Deeper into the model is the glimpse of the Green Promenade, a lushly landscaped strip that encourages an active lifestyle.

In creating this scale model, RJ Models have worked closely with the developers and architects to capture every detail accurately and used various processes to build the model.

The minute details embedded in the model provides more realism into the model and showcase the lifestyle of residents.

RJ Models addition of LED lights portrays interior lighting and street lighting.

Mandani Bay Suites Residential in Mandaue in Scale 1:300

Scale : 1:300       Size: 4500mm x 2500mm  Production Time: 30 Days

A greater scale model of the Mandani Bay has been created by RJ Models, showcasing the brilliance of the Mandani Bay master plan.

This 1:300 scale model is flourished by the 600 m wide waterfront and the tower models lit with LED lighting.

This model of the Mandani Bay provides a better portrayal of the strategic locations of amenities within the property.

The accurate modeling techniques of RJ Models plus their addition of streetlights give a better display of the traffic layout of the landscape and scale model trees.

Mandani Bay Suites Residential in Mandaue in Scale 1:5000

Scale : 1:5000     Size: 7000mm x 2500mm  Production Time: 20 Days.

The Mandani Bay Suites is a development strategically located in Cebu, along the Mactan Channel.

To best showcase its prime location, RJ Models have created a 1:5000 model, giving out landmarks and points of interests.

Utilizing LED lights, RJ Models created the map in a way to show viewers the location of Mandani Bay easily, between Cebu City and the Mactan Island.

Essential landmarks such as tourist destinations, medical facilities, and business districts and establishments, can be easily located with the LED lighting system of this model, which also illuminates the major routes of Cebu City and Mactan Island.

New Manila International Airport in Scale 1:3500

Scale: 1: 15000   Size: 3500mm x 1500mm       Production Time: 30 Days

The New Manila International Airport is expected to alleviate the growing air traffic in the existing Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

This facility is expected to provide for 13 million passengers annually and serve to be a great development for transportation in the Philippines.

This airport model by RJ Models is the visual representation of the development in progress.

The design has been fabricated using 3D printing and became a basis to test its parking capacity for airplanes.

In furnishing the model, RJ Models coated the building rooftop with white paint to achieve the architectural design, as well as to contrast with the grass areas and the pavement.

To furnish the scale model in brilliance and emphasize the innovative design, lighting the buildings were placed as the final touch.

New Manila International Airport in Scale 1:15000

Scale: 1: 3500            Size: 3500mm x 1500mm       Production Time : 20 Days

The integration of the New Manila International Airport can be shown through RJ Model’s airport scale in 1:15000.

The enormous scale allows the model to cover a great area of Manila.

This architectural scale model can portray the traffic network that can lead to and from the airport.

Featuring an interactive high-resolution digital satellite map and architectural rendering, this model can fully showcase all relevant information.

This is manipulated by a touchscreen and can be of assistance for the viewers.

The interactive lighting system illuminates the proposed airport and the traffic network throughout the Manila area.

This is the fundamental feature of the model to provide route options into the proposed airport.

From a designed and generated scale model, this great development grows into reality and will be a giant leap in the transportation system of the country.

Conclusion: RJ Models will exceed your expectations

RJ Models’ strength is their experience, having worked with architects and architecutral model makers globally.

Their collaboration with professionals has built them to be reliable with the accuracy and timeliness of their work.

More than that, RJ Models have a parntership with 3DR Models and  these experiences from a professional model maker does come in an optimal and competitive budget for architectural design companies to present your wonderful design.


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